Hugs Pt. 02


Joe E Hartley

September 2017

Rose and I hadn’t talked since I squeezed her boobs the other day. I’m both nervous and excited to see her again. She might think I was too forward and she might tone down or even refuse to hug me anymore. Her hugs have become like a drug to me and one that I am addicted. That’s why I wanted more and maybe went too far.

On the other hand she did say I could do it again when I ask if I had gone too far.

On the way over to her house for what had been our normal get together, my mind went through various ways I could approach her. Should I pretend nothing happened and just go back to the way things were before? Should I grab her boobs and kiss her hard while pressing my groin against her? How about somewhere between those two extremes? But where? How forward should I be? How reserved? If I’m too reserved and she is looking forward to a repeat of what we did before, I’ll be insulting her. If I’m too forward and she wanted to take a step back then I’m forcing her.

Walking up to her door, I still hadn’t decided and I was getting more nervous. I had run out of time when the door opened prior to my knocking and Rose rushed out engulfing me into a hug that was close and intimate.

“I’m so glad you’re here. I was beginning to think you weren’t coming over today.” She rubbed her breasts over my chest giving me no doubt that she wanted more of what happened the other day. She kissed me and moved her hands to my shoulders, but kept her breast firmly planted against my chest. I moved my hand up and under her armpits making my move towards her breasts. Her blouse seemed much thinner today than what she normally wore and as I gained access to her breasts the thinness became much more apparent. We were still standing on the stoop just outside of her door with my hands teasing her nipples and her lips pressed onto mine. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and licked the tip of mine before moving back. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into her house.

For the first time I saw what she was wearing. Her blouse although not completely shear, left very little to the imagination. Her hardened nipples stood prominently at the peak of her fleshy mounds. I felt my pants getting tighter as I stared at her beautiful breasts. She wore a short skirt. It wasn’t as short as some of the younger girls wore, but it was short enough to invite roving hands to explore.

She stood there silently knowing that I was staring at her. “Do you like?” she asked. “I did say I would wear something with a bit more access next time we got together. How is this?” She then spun around allowing her already short skirt to flare.

I stammered a bit but finally got out. “I like it a lot, I never expected to see you like this.”

Rose laughed, then asked if I wanted Escort bayan to chat, play a game, or …”. She smirked a naughty little smile and shifted out her hip in a very provocative way.

My pants were already tight enough to burst and I said, “If we don’t calm this down a little, I won’t last another ten minutes.”

The smile on Rose’s face grew and she stared at my groin, “Well, we can’t have that.” She excused herself to the kitchen to get us a couple of drinks and muffins.

We sat at the table and started a bit of small talk about our respective gardens, then shifted to what we have been reading. Somehow the topic of erotic stories came up. We had never talked about what type of adult material we liked to read. The topics quickly shifted to our favorite parts of the stories and what scenes we liked and why.

We shared our experiences with different authors and the hotness of their writings. Somehow this shifted to us each describing, in detail, about our fantasies. About how we each liked to be touched and how we liked to touch others. We both enjoyed having our nipples played with, teased and sucked. Even a bit of light pinching, but after we were sufficiently turned on, the pinching part could increase.

It turned out that we both enjoyed the oral pleasures and we spent the next half hour turning red with a sexual flush as we told each out where we liked to be licked and sucked and how we liked to lick/suck others.

We spent a lot of time describing our experiences with sixty-nine and what worked well for us and what didn’t. It is a totally different experience with the woman on top as it is when the man is on top. Side to side works okay for a while but after a while you legs either fall asleep or you get a cramp.

I felt, and Rose agreed, that with the woman on top, 69-ing didn’t work so well, It was better if the woman just sat up on the man’s face and tongue, either from the front or from the back. That way the woman was in control of where the man licked.

We were talking so matter-of-factly about our desires. It was obvious to each of us that we were arousing each other, but trying to maintain an outward appearance of control.

Two empty glasses sat on the table, so Rose got up to refill them. I stood as well and as we stood facing each other less than a foot apart, it dawned on us how aroused we were. Rose’s nipples looked to be pushing their way through her thin blouse and I reached up to lightly pinch them. She sighed in pleasure and reached up to touch mine.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt? ” She asked. I pulling my tee shirt over my head and look at her. She had already removed her blouse and our hands immediately found each other’s nipples. The caressing, squeezing, and pinching soon has us both Bayan Escort breathing hard. I lowered my head and took one on her nipples into my mouth. I gently held her nipple with my teeth as I flicked my tongue back and forth over the tip of her nipple. After she started to wobble a bit. I removed her nipple from my mouth and supported her with my hands to prevent her from falling. I allowed her one breath to regain her balance then captured her other nipple with my teeth and repeated the process.

She ended up pushing me away before she again lost her balance and lowered her head to suck on my nipples. She subjected me to the same torture I had inflicted on her.

She backed away and we embraced into a hug. I think mainly to help us each to stand.

Her hand found it’s way between my legs and my hand gripped her ass. She gave me a squeeze and moved away grabbing the empty glasses before disappearing into the kitchen.

She returned after a couple of minutes looking much more composed and carrying two glasses of iced tea. We sat down, remaining topless, and continued our conversation.

“Well, that was fun!” Rose offered.

“Yes, it was. I’m glad we are taking a break to catch our breath that way the arousal can last much longer. I read that technique in one of my favorite books.” I responded. “Your breasts are lovely and so tasty.”

She blushed again as she responded about loving have her nipples sucked and sucking mine. “Do you think it might be possible to 69 with sucking each others nipples?”

“I don’t see why not, but wouldn’t you rather go lower?”

That question started a long detailed conversation about tongues and mouths on genitals. Rose energetically relayed her preferences about licking and sucking cocks. She loved to lick starting at that place under the balls and up the underside of the male member very slowly then lick around the head before taking just the head into her mouth and alternate sucking and tucking her tongue into the tiny slit. She then enjoyed taking as much of the cock into her mouth as she could stroking up and down the length with her lips, before she would reverse the process and ending up with her tongue back under the balls licking that small sensitive area for awhile then starting all over again.

Rose’s nipples were getting harder if that were possible as she talked about her desires of licking and sucking cock. I interrupted her saying if you continue talking that way I’ll cum in my pants.

She smiled and suggested a better place for me to cum and licked her lips.

I started to tell her what I liked to do orally to a woman and it starts with her legs spread wide and me on top in a half 69 position. I like to have her legs under my arms and my hands squeezing her butt. I position Escort my tongue on her clitoris and circle the little button several times before flicking my tongue back and forth across it. I then lick downwards with a lot of pressure down to her wet channel. I plunge deep inside and flick my tongue up the back of the channel in and out as if I’m fucking her with my tongue. I then lick back up to her clitoris and suck on it for a while, before going back down in a long probing lick exploring that area between her vaginal opining and her anus. I go lower with each pass. From the clitoris and then down and back up, over and over again my tongue travels lower and lower each time. Her cheeks are spread and my tongue explores all that is exposed including her little hole.

Rose stopped me at this point saying she can’t take this anymore. She stands and pulls me up to her. Her hands are gripping me though my pants and her tongue is in my mouth flicking over my tongue.

One on my hands is between her legs from the front and the other is between her legs from the back. Her skirt is easily moved out of the way. I used my fingers to probe and massage her. She squeezed me and reached low between my legs to feel for my balls.

“I need your pants off now.” She said and I stepped back to remove them as she pulled down her skirt and panties.

We embraced again this time naked. Hands probed everywhere and after a minute or two we separated.

“Do you want to go back into the bedroom or would you rather chat some more? Rose asked.

“I don’t think I can last much longer.” I said as she pulled me towards her bedroom.

I crawled onto the bed saying, “Why don’t you sit on my face first?”

Rose climbed up and placed both of her knees on either side of my head and lowered herself onto my waiting tongue watching my eyes the entire time. My tongue thrust up inside of her and she started her slow bounce then rubbed her groin against me. My tongue went from her clitoris to her vagina and back for several passes until she stopped the motion and asked if I wanted her to turn around.

It was only a moment after I said yes that my tongue was back inside of her vagina. She bent over into a 69 position, but without taking me into her mouth. I had a great view of both her openings; I licked her vagina and up towards her smaller opening. She sat upright and my tongue thrust deep inside of her again. She began her slow bounce for a short while then started the rub. My tongue went from her vagina to her anus and back again for several minutes until she rolled off and lay on her back.

I moved on top of her in the typical 69 position and pumped her mouth with my cock as I pumped her pussy with my tongue. It didn’t take long before we both shivered with orgasm and lay there for a minute to catch our breath.

In a couple of minutes I felt Rose’s tongue licking the underside of my cock again. I gave her a slow gentle lick too. We got up and decided that was enough for one day and next time we might try something different.

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