Humiliated Boyfriend.


Humiliated Boyfriend.This is all true, nothing of it is a lie and I loved every single second. Everyone is 18 in this story btw :3Started back in College, you had those different groups didn’t you? The ones that run around like complete arseholes, the ones that mind their own business and the ones that show off in front of their mates. Now, I was in the group that minded their own business, who went about doing their own thing, not having a major impact on other peoples lives, however, there was this one guy, who decided it funny to try and make an arse out of me because he was with his friends.Now, I was walking through our college ‘courtyard’ and this absolute waster thinks it funny to run up and air hump me in front of his friends, rubbing himself against me and moaning ridiculously loud. Being honest? I wanted to break his face, but I just kept my temper and walked on, already thinking how can I break this guy down? Fast forward to the afternoon, sitting there with some mates discussing nothing, when all of a sudden, I see him go into the toilets without his group of friends. Thinking this would be the best time to go and have a word, I get up and wander off to the loo (You have to note, this guy was one of those people that get worked sahabet güvenilirmi up really easily and have major tantrums, you know the type of people that scream and cry, get really wound up and frustrated), walking into the toilets I see that we’re alone and he has just finished washing his hands, he turns to face me and I am there, blocking the doorway. The conversation went as so:Me: Just what the fuck do you think you are doing, trying to make me look like an absolute cunt in front of your mates?Him: -silent-Me: You got nothing to say?Him: -eyeing me up and down and turning purple- I am sorryMe: Best had be, otherwise I would smear your face over the wallHe runs out of the toilet, and as I am walking out, I see him screaming at his girlfriend and punching the wall. Now, most people would of left it at that, but not me. I thought, y’know what? I am going to truly fuck your life up and humiliate you. So that evening, I add his girlfriend on that social network site that everyone uses, and she accepts. Curious to see how far I could push it within the first hour, I send her a message and get a swift reply. ‘Found it really funny what you did to my boyfriend today, he can be such an arsehole sometimes, I apologise sahabet yeni giriş on behalf of him. Are you okay? xx’You see where this is going?I eventually get her number and we text for a couple of days. Wondering how far again I could push it, I asked her if she wanted to meet up while she was walking her dog and she agrees. Meeting up with her, you could feel the tension and could literally be cut with a knife, we both knew what was going to happen. So we made small talk and walked casually back to her house. There is no-one in the house at this point, seeing as it is the middle of the day and her parents were at work, so we let ourselves in and she asks if I would like a drink, I answer yes and she passes me a beer, while she has one as well. We take this upstairs and I promise you no word of a lie, she threw herself at me. We ended up kissing on her bed, and my hands unbuckled the top of her jeans, she was literally shaking with excitement, and I slid my hand down her panties, past the recently waxed pubic hair and slide a finger into her soaking wet cunt. I mean she was soaking. So I start to finger her slowly, gradually sliding 2 fingers in and getting faster and faster until she begs me to slide down sahabet giriş my jeans. Sliding them down she tells me to stand up, I oblige, and she rips my boxers down exposing my erect cock. She takes it all in her mouth, right down to the base and back up again. Starting to toss me off, she tells me how much bigger than her boyfriend I am, and how she wants to violate her face. I oblige and take a handful of her hair and force her face down on my cock, you could hear her gagging as I slid her head back, leaving my cock slick with her spit, she started to toss me off telling me how she wants me to cum all over her face, all’s I could think of was fucking this guy over and making him feel insignificant. Taking her hair again, I tell her to take me in her mouth and she does, right down to the base and then back again. Tightening my grip on her hair, I force myself into her and I could feel her hands push me further into her face. As I am about to finish, I pull out and she furiously tosses me off and I finish all over her face. She licks me clean and instantly feels regret, telling me that it was a mistake and never happened, how the boyfriend cannot ever know. I wasn’t going to fucking tell him was I? I knew I could control this woman, and she was like all those women you read about on the internet and in books, the fucking nympho. I had found one, and I was going to use her as much as I could…More to come, as this went on over a period of several months. If you like it, let me know? I’ll upload some more!

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