Humiliated By Two Girls


Humiliated By Two GirlsI enjoy camping. Most times I just go to a campsite and pretend to rough it with a hundred or so of other suburbanites. This was one of those times, and once my tent was up, I ventured out for a swim and checked out my surroundings. There were a few families, couples, and a few single people. No one seemed like they would get out of hand and ruin the stay. The beach was fairly packed and the water warm. I surveyed the eye candy once I got out deeper and pretended to tread water as I pulled my trunks down and rubbed my dicklette while checking out a few girls in string bikinis diving near me, their firm little bum cheeks exposed everytime they dove in. I enjoyed the show for several minutes before they were called in for supper. I looked around but didn’t see anything else of interest so I did a few laps and went back to my site. I cooked supper over the fire I lit and made a drink and sat back and relaxed. I was wearing a loose pair of shorts which gave me easy access to my naked crotch, and as I sipped my drink, leisurely played with my ballsack. I was actually on the edge of the campsite so there wasn’t much foot traffic. So when I seen the two girls from earlier walk past and go into the bushes, I was curious what they were up to. I waited for a minute and decided to follow them. After five minutes of sneaking through the bush, I heard laughing and water splashing. They were very loud so I threw caution to the wind and walked faster crushing the twigs and bushes as I went. 30 meters or so up, I saw a clearing and realized the lake we were one went around the campsite. I knew they were swimming again, but once I got to the clearing, I was shocked at what they were doing!They were knee deep in water, splashing one another, running around, and they were completely naked! My eyes bugged out when I realized that and stood there frozen. Finally I pulled my own shorts off and knelt down in the bushes, settling in for a show of naked girls frolicking around in the water! The one had wavy brown hair, b-cup titties, fairly bushy crotch, curvy hips, pot belly and nice firm, round bum. The other had a Chelsie hair cut, blonde, tiny cone shaped, puffy nipple tits, nice flat tummy, just a whisp of fine blonde pubic hair, straight hips, and flat bum. They ran around splashing and trying to spank each other. I was now tugging on my little penis, wishing I had my phone so could catch all the excitement. The blonde tripped and the brunette caught her, and as she helped her up, they just stood there staring at each other. Than the brunette looked around and reached up and fondled her friends puffy tits as she in turn reached out and ran her hands up and down the sides of her friend, her hands finally reaching their goal, covering the firm tits. They stood there playing with each others tits, eyed closed, obviously knowing what they liked. The blonde took the next initiative and leaned her head down and began licking her friend’s hard nipple, still groping the other, but letting her other hand drop in between the brunettes legs and slowly teased her slit by lightly running her fingertips back and forth through her hairy bush. The brunette stopped fondling the blonde and just put her hands on her hips, closed her eyes and enjoyed her friends caresses and kisses. The blonde finally knelt in the water and used her hands tuzla escort to part the brunettes bush before burying her face in it. The brunette moaned loudly as her friend licked her pussy, obviously familiar with it as she had her friend holding the back of her head, grinding her crotch into her face. It only took a few minutes for her to cum. She let out a primal scream as she climaxed and shook until the blonde got up and embraced her, kissing her deeply. I was now jerking off hard and rubbing my nutsack. I slowed as they kissed and when the blonde bent over and the brunette got behind her and began licking her bum crack, it brought me to the edge. I imagined what her sweaty bum must smell and taste like and stared at her little puffy nipple tits and furiously tugged on my cock. I began to cum and was so excited I stood up to shoot all over. Unfortunately the blonde seen the movement and just as I was about to spew, she stood up screaming and pointing and milliseconds later, the brunette was covering herself up and screaming as well. Of course I stopped jerking off and grabbed my shorts and ran back towards the campsite, hoping they didn’t get a good look at me. I almost forgot I was carrying my shorts and not wearing them and stopped to put them on before emerging back onto the campsite. I could still hear the girls screaming and yelling back at the lake and as I got to my site, quickly went into my tent and changed. I hung out in the tent until I heard the girls emerge from the bushes talking. They went right by my site without even looking so I figured I was in the clear. I poured another stiff drink and sat by the fire, gulping my drink.I should explain now what my tent looks like. It’s a three room one, the middle room acting like a dinning room and the two rooms on the sides are bedrooms. I have a king size airmatress in my room. There are screen windows on each wall, and I always just keep the one at the back open for air circulation. So after the sun set, I realized I didn’t finish my orgasm earlier and my dicklette was hard from drinking. I figured I’d jerk off and go to sleep, so I cleaned up outside and headed into my room with my lantern turned up full brightness. I stripped and put on some panties before grabbing my tablet and jumping on the bed. I loaded up some humiliation videos on xhamster and began humiliating myself. As usual, I did everything the princess told me to do on the video which included slapping my cock and balls, fingering my ass and sucking the juice off, pushing my man boobs together and pretending they were girls boobs, and was just getting ready to poke my nutsack with a needle and cum. All of a sudden I heard “wow, this is better than anything we could of imagined!” And than laughter. Thing was, the voices were right outside the back of my tent! I got up and pulled the shade down but the voice told me I was too late and to meet them in the dining room, dressed. As I pulled on some shorts and tshirt I heard the screen door unzip and someone come in. I nervously walked out of the room to find the blonde and brunette from earlier standing there with phone in hand. They told me their friends were parked down the road and if I tried anything they would text them to come. I assured them I was harmless.The first thing they wanted was whatever video I had of them skinny dipping. When I told them tuzla escort bayan I didn’t have any, they wanted to see both my phone and tablet. Embarrassed I handed them over knowing what they were going find. The blonde took my tablet and the brunette my phone. They both had the same reaction almost at the same time, shock. I knew what pictures were on both devices and the look on their faces told me they had found them. There were some of me sucking cock, getting fucked, getting a cum bath at the bath house from a dozen or so guys, my face was so covered my eyes were pasted shut and it was in my nose from breathing. And in all these pics I’m dressed in some kind of sissy lingerie, not unlike what I had on under my shorts. They began showing each other some of the more wierd and disgusting pics and I found myself becoming very aroused, knowing they were looking at what a sissy faggot I was. I started to rub my dick through my shorts and neither seemed to notice. I began checking them out and remembering how each looked naked. Especially the blonde and her cone-shaped boobies, which poke out from her tshirt. Too small for a bra, I could make out the whole shape. I was fully erect as I ogled her and rubbed myself harder through my shorts. The brunette noticed and nudged her friend who seen what I was doing and scolded me for it. She said I was a disgusting pig and they didn’t want to see me play with myself. I was so horny at that point though, I let my little penis do the talking and began begging them to let me cum. Explaining how my orgasm was ruined earlier when they caught me spying on them. I said I would do anything they asked and whatever they wanted to do to me they could. The brunette smiled and took the blonde aside and whispered to her. The blonde got an evil smile as she looked at me and nodded her head. They came back and said I had to strip to my panties right then and there. I did. Then they told me to push my tits together. They laughed and began taking pics. The blonde took her phone out and began recording. She asked me my name and age, how much I weighed and how big my penis was. When I answered her they both burst out laughing and told me to rub my pee pee through my panties until I was hard. I did and finally there was a little tent poking up in them. They asked if I was hard and I said yes and they brought the camera close and said there was barley anything there. This emitted more laughter and made my dicklette throb. They noticed and asked if I was turned on being humiliated by two girls. I admitted I was and the brunette said I needed to be punished so she told me to go outside and get her a switch from a tree for her to use on me. I walked out in just my panties hoping no one came by, and did as I was told. I went back in the tent and they had me bend over and pull my panties down to my knees. Then I heard a whooshing sound and heard and felt the crack of it making contact with my fat ass. I yelped and jumped, surprised at how painful the switch was! I’ve been spanked many many times before, but never with a thin branch from a small tree. Over and over again she swatted my bum with it and each time I yelped and they laughed. They told me what a pervert I was and how I deserved this. The blonde then grabbed the switch and began whipping my ass with it. As fast and as hard as she could she whipped escort tuzla me. The pain was almost unbearable and I found myself begging for her to stop and noticed my voice cracking. One hit made contact lower on my nutsack and my reaction was instant. I cried out as tears filled my eyes. The brunette told the blonde that was the sweet spot and to hit it again. She did, this time bringing the switch up between my legs and right on my little cock and nutsack. I began crying, tears falling down my face. Never before had I been in so much pain. They just laughed and said I was getting what I deserved. They finally stopped and told me to stand. I did and tried looking away from them, trying to discreetly wipe my tears. But they knew and laughed, bringing the camera close to show I was crying. The brunette then pointed at my soft dick and said it inverted inside my crotch like a turtle and they howled in laughter. She then whipped right across my pubic area, my inverted dick in the middle luckily protected. But a nasty red welt formed behind it and when she whipped me again, I wondered what my ass cheeks looked like. They told me to get hard and I said I would try. After a few minutes my dick was fully erect at its 2 inches. The blonde laughed and exclaimed her tits were bigger than my dick and took her top off exposing her wonderful little breasts. They were truly amazing to look at. They were only nipples puffed out from her chest and as I stared at them I jerked myself and moaned how nice they were. They laughed saying what an old pervert I was and how tiny my dick was. They zoomed the camera up to it laughing. They then instructed me to cum as they were curious if I came normally or not. I began dirty talking to them, telling them how they turned me on and what a pervert I was for pulling my wee wee in front of them. That made them laugh hysterically and the one asked how long until I came. I told them if they touched me I would cum quicker. I said I really got turned on from having my balls pinched, flicked, slapped, kicked, anything. The brunette reached down and dug her long nails deep into my shriveled ballsack sending electric shocks through my groin. I moaned and let a copious amount of prejizz drip from my dicklette. Seeing this they both began pinching my balls and when I was close to cumming asked them to punch them as hard as they could. So they took turns landing hard blows to my nuts. That sent me over the edge and I told them to hit harder and faster and not to stop. I then reached down and grabbed the blondes puffy, budding nipple tit and fondled it while she and her friend bludgeoned my balls. My long over due orgasm started as a light stream dribbling out in a stream until one of their fists again made contact and sent me into full orgasm and shooting a large blob out past the girls and landing some 8 feet away. They were impressed with how far I came and as I emptied my load in front of them some got on their hands and arms, and all over my legs. Cum flew everywhere as a huge orgasm spewed from my tiny dicklette. They were quite impressed and when I was done I had to fall to me knees. My penis quickly disappeared into my crotch again and cum leaked out of the hole making the girls laugh harder and again zoomed up on it to record it. They looked at me with pity in their eyes as they turned the camera off and straightened their clothes up. They told me if I did have a video of them making out and I posted it, they would post the video they made of me. I assured them I didn’t take one and the blonde said she hoped not.

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