Subject: Hunter and Buck 2 This story is 100% fictional. Any similarities to people dead or alive is an accident. If you like Nifty, donate to them! They need your money fty/donate.html —- Author’s Note: This one is gonna be raunchy, perverted, and hopefully fun. If you hate father and son sex or sleazy, horny, (older) teens you’ll hate this. —- Once Buck got to a certain age, it wasn’t exactly possible for him to not know what his dad was doing in his bedroom. He noticed around the time he developed the same urges his dad was fulfilling, and he hadn’t really been able to ignore it since. The heavy handed lock of the door, the loud videos he played, his grunts, groans, and moans. Buck could never tell if he thought the walls were thicker than they were in our trailer or if he just didn’t care. It was way more likely to be the latter. His dad, Hunter, was promiscuous and crude, and he had never really shied away from “treatin’ his boy like a man”, as he always said. He was never shy about much in general, so it would’ve made sense he didn’t care if Buck heard him spanking his dick like it owed him money. He probably just figured it if bothered him he could go to his room and turn some music on. But truth be told, Buck had grown to kind of like it. He’d sit on the other side of the door, listening as he’d go through videos an hour or two at a time. Women and men moaning and groaning, all sorts of fantasies playing out. Buck could tell he liked it when they were loud, and based on the dialogue, nasty. He’d grunt and groan like an animal when he busted, which was always Buck’s cue to run back to his room. Honestly, Buck was kind of a pervert like his daddy–if his beating it to his dad beating it didn’t give it away. He’d just always been a bit randy, like his old man. He was an early bloomer and had been into wild shit as long as he could remember. It was Buck who snuck his dad’s nude mags out from under his bed and passed them around with friends down at the quarry, after all. And he was handsome like his daddy too. More than handsome. He was kind of a bonafide young stud. He was 16 now, and it was getting harder and harder to keep the girls, boys, women, and men off his dick and ass. Especially that ass. Buck loved nothing more than getting railed, taking loads, and stretching his hole to its limits. He was nearly able to take fists now and loved to host open hole nights at his and his daddy’s trailer where he took all loads. His record was 13 in one night, which wasn’t too shabby given the rural area. With Hunter as open with his son about sex as any other thing, it was only a matter of time before the two fooled around. Just like any other guy, if he had enough beers in him he’d talk all about his escapades and preferences. So when they started fucking, it really felt like a natural progression of their relationship. From buddies to fuckbuddies, like the men would do with any willing friends. One day, the two men were sharing a MILF from the trailer park. She was trashy and wore a little too much makeup, but she was a mother for a reason. Those lips–mouth and pussy–were like heaven on the teen boy’s raging boner. He was hung like Hunter, sitting right at double digits with 10 inches of length and more than enough girth. It was when both men were balls deep in her stretched open cooter and busting a load that it came to Buck that he should try it himself. He had seen plenty of double penetration in porn, trust that–but he had never stopped and thought to try it himself. So after the lady went home walking funny with tears in her eyes and a grin on her face, Buck asked his dad if he knew anyone off the top of his head who would want to split him open like that. “You just busted a nut, boy! Can you keep your mind clear for 10 minutes?” Hunter said, his sly grin giving away his real feelings of pleasure at the idea and his son’s randyness. But he did know someone, some guy he used to do construction work with he called Rhino. When Buck raised an eyebrow and asked what his real name was, Hunter just shrugged and said everyone on the crew just called him Rhino. So when the time came for them to meet up at a local bar to get some drinks before heading back to the trailer to fuck, Buck was real excited. He was so curious about Rhino it could’ve killed him. What would he look like, and why did his dad think of him right away? Buck and Hunter went to some place where Hunter knew the bartender and owner and wouldn’t say anything if he ordered a few, or a lot, of drinks for his son. As they went up to the bar and sat down, Buck started looking around. “Well he’s not here yet, Buck,” Hunter said, chuckling. “I’m just excited is all! Been wanting to try this for a while now.” So the father and son knocked back a couple shots and waited, idly talking. Both men stopped when a hulking figure came up behind Buck and gripped his shoulders, jostling him in his stool. Buck jumped as the man laughed low and coarse and side stepped, sliding into the stool next to Buck, who was now in between him and Hunter. “Rhino!” Rhino was scary big. With huge, broad shoulders and a small waist, his upper body naturally bulked out. He had biceps thicker than Hunter’s, and a large healed scar going down his jaw and neck. He was shredded and huge, and a very clear and very long bulge snaked down his pants. şişli travesti The bald man smirked as Buck eye fucked him. He himself loved attention, especially from little hotties like Buck. “And you must be Buck,” he said with a low, gravelly drawl as he reached out to shake Buck’s hand. “Yes sir,” he said, reaching out and shaking Rhino’s hand firmly. Buck was no shortstack, but Rhino dwarfed him in height and with his fist. “Nice ta’ meet ya’,” he said, eyeing the boy over. They sat, talk, and drank for an hour or so, flirting openly as they did. Buck was shocked at just how vulgar and open Rhino was–he made his dad look like a saint! It was during one particular story about this teen girl neighbor he had that he had nearly knocked up that Buck realized he needed a good piss. He had gotten quite a few drinks in him now, so it took him a little more effort than it should but he got himself down and to the bathroom to empty his bladder. However, he didn’t make his way there alone. Not a few seconds after Buck started pissing, Rhino followed in, pulling the door to the wall and striding in. Buck turned his head to him, cocking a brow as he shook his cock at the urinal to get the last beads of piss off. “I’m jus’ in here to empty the tank, too!” The urinal was an open trough style, with space for several men to line up and pee in to. But as Rhino walked up to Buck to pee beside him, he put the space between them at a minimum, their hips almost touching as Rhino undid his belt and dropped his pants to the ground in record time. Buck was caught off guard by the man’s behavior, but in the best way possible. He grinned as he shot his eyes to the man’s crotch. Rhino’s cock was huge. Almost comically so. If Hunter had a near foot of meat Rhino’s had to have been at least right at it when hard, with a thickness to match. It was the biggest dick Buck had ever seen in real life, and his eyes about bugged out of his head when Rhino slipped it out of his pants. Rhino smirked. “I can tell yer’ likin’ it already, ain’t ya’?” Buck just nodded, his grin widening. No wonder his dad thought of him so quick! He was a perv and a fucking hung one! Rhino’s cock was already chubbed and engorged, a tight and thick silicone cockring hugging his meat and balls. His testicles swung low and heavy from his base, looking loose but full. Foreskin hugged the tip of his swollen penis, uncut but not hanging over. As Buck stared his meat down, Rhino began jerking the tip, letting the full length of the fuckrod stiffen up. Buck licked his lips and felt his hip touch the bigger man’s as he instinctively leaned in towards him. “You want it now?” Bucked nodded, grinning at the big man. “Right now?” he said, grinning smugly back and stroking his cock with a twist. “Fuck yeah!” Buck said in a hushed yell, kneeling down to put the cock in his face. It was even more intimidating up close. Buck took the tip into his mouth, already slobbering on the cock as much as he could. He started sucking attentively and sliding more and more down. He tasted like an unshowered working man, the musk of his balls entering Buck’s nose as a drip of salty pre slid on his tongue. Rhino cooed and rubbed the boy’s head, ruffling his hair. “Atta’ boy, work that fuckin’ cock,” he groaned, encouraging Buck further down his shaft. Buck started working more and more inches of the bullcock down his throat, intentionally pulling from the back and slobbering on as much of the manmeat as possible. His eyes watered as he pulled a good 8 inches of the meat out, then slid back down a few before gagging. “Yeah, wet and sloppy, that’s right. Yer’ daddy taught you right.” And as if on cue, Hunter came into the bathroom. He immediately whistled and tutted. “I knew you fuckers were takin’ too fuckin’ long!” he said, laughing. “Couldn’t wait to get home, you slut?” Buck could only gag in response as he crammed down more cock. He was almost crying at this point, thin mucus forming at his nostrils as he pulled off Rhino’s dick gagging. A trail of slimy spit connected his mouth and the now slobbered up rod before breaking. Rhino swung his baseball bat of meat against Buck’s cheek over and over, slapping the boy with his swollen hog. His slobbered cock was already massive enough, but the cockring just made it that much more bloated and ready to wreck. Buck’s eyes were still watery, nose snotty as Rhino rubbed the spit shined tool on the younger male’s red face. He grinned and huffed down, sucking the reddened tip back into his mouth and nursing it. “Yeah, ya’ like that kid? Ya’ like when Rhino fucks `yer pretty little throat?” Buck nodded, gasping for air as he broke off his cock and licked his spit coated lips, swallowing. And that’s when Rhino started pissing. He grunted, pushing out his boiling hot stream all over Buck’s face. Rhino just smirked and swung his cock against his cheek again as Buck gasped and sputtered on the sudden stream at his lips and in his face. Hunter whooped in approval from the side and grinned. Buck watched as his dad slowly milked his cock watching the sight. His own huge dick was hard as a rock and slicked up, probably from his spit. Or knowing his dad, he had brought lube with him to the bar. Rhino’s piss was hot and reeked, feeling burning hot on Buck’s face as the stud shot like a hose out of his monster beylikdüzü travesti dick. Buck pooled what he could in his mouth, swallowing and savoring the man’s piss. “Atta’ boy!” Hunter half whooped. Rhino finished, slapping Buck in the wet face again with his cock. Buck grunted and looked to his dad. “Y’all gonna fuck me now?” “Not yet, kid, I need ta’ open you up first,” said Rhino, gripping and half dragging Buck over to the doorless disabled stall. Buck stumbled and kept up, grinning as he did. Rhino pushed the boy forward and made him grip the lid of the toilet, bending over. It didn’t take long for Rhino to get into Buck’s hole. Within minutes he was slipping the last few inches in and out, probing the boy deep and wide. Buck moaned, feeling stuffed by easily the biggest cock he’d ever taken. It made his dad’s feel like a walk in the park. It wasn’t so much the extra few inches, but the brutal width of it. His asslips puckered and clamped around the cockring bloated shaft of his slicked up horse dong. As Rhino pumped, his balls slapped into Buck’s taint like wrecking balls–heavy was an understatement. “Fuck yeah, kid, not everyone takes me as easy as you do. You’ve slutted him out good, Hunter,” Rhino said, rubbing Buck’s back as he picked up the pace. Buck groaned as more and more of Rhino’s huge prick pushed in and out faster and faster. He felt his body clench and resist, but that didn’t slow Rhino down at all. Rhino shoved Bucks upper back and neck down, forcing him to lean into the toilet back and thrust his ass up. “Don’t fuckin’ squeeze up on my dick boy, let that hole suck me loose,” Rhino said. Buck groaned and did his best to relax, his legs quivering a bit as his felt his ass push and relax around the huge, sweating, stinking man fuck him easier. Rhino moaned and swatted his ass. “Theeere ya’ go, let me fuck that pussy good.” And he did as much, rapidly picking up that pace and clearly aiming to fuck more of his dick in and out at a faster and harder pace. Buck tried to squeeze the porcelain lid tighter, a moan stuck in his throat as he felt his asslips pull against that holeripper of a penis slamming in and out of him. Right when he felt like he was going to have to tap out, Rhino slid his full length out of Buck’s ass, leaving it gaped open. Hunter gutterly groaned into a whine as he felt his guts empty themselves. His ass squeezed and closed, flexing open again with a wet slurp before fully relaxing back down into a fucked pucker. Buck groaned and relaxed against the toilet as his legs shook. His ass wasn’t sore yet, but he knew it was gonna be. “Hunter, come get this boy how we need `im,” Rhino said, lighting a cigarette and stepping back. Hunter walked into the stall, stood behind his son, and pulled him up to turn and face him. He slid one hand under the boy’s leg and motioned up, lifting Buck so his front cradled his dad’s and his legs wrapped around him. Hunter flopped down on the toilet, giving Buck the choice to slump against his father’s support or hold the wall. Buck’s ass jutted out, ready to fuck. Hunter slid in to Buck’s ass, his still huge cock sliding in easier than usual. The pervy redneck dad moaned as he did, the slicked up, loosened up hole of his son feeling more like a sopping wet pussy than ever. “Fuuuck, Rhino, I’m gonna need you to open him up like this every fuckin’ night,” Hunter said in a groan, a dumb smile with a twist of ecstasy on his face, eyes closed, as he started sliding his boy down on his huge dick. Rhino smirked and walked up, molesting Buck’s hairy ass as he positioned his cock, crouching a bit to push against the boy’s smooth hole. He was breathing almost entirely in and out of his nose at this point, trying not to grit his teeth. He needed that tight squeeze on his cockring puffed cock. Before Buck could even get used to his father inside him–or before Hunter could get the chance to really fuck his boy good–Rhino started pushing into the father son fuckage and trying to wedge his fat head in to the younger male’s stretched ass. Buck groaned in a mix of pleasure and pressure, his ass not wanting to let his Dad’s sleazy friend enter. “Come on punk, quit bein’ a fuckin’ pussy,” growled Rhino into Buck’s ear as he whined and quivered on the two men, clenching. “Open that ass up.” He blew a cloud of smoke from his cigarette, the haze blowing mostly up above Hunter and Buck’s head. Hunter grunted and squeezed Buck tighter, holding his son’s sweaty body against his own even tighter to grip him in place. “Here, hit this, kid,” Rhino said, raising a huge muscular arm, reaching around Buck, and holding a small vial of poppers to his nose. Buck eagerly pressed a nostril shut and inhaled deeply and for longer than he probably should have. He groaned in a quick blast of euphoria as his uncle pressed against his hole again. He had more give now, and even more after a few more deep huffs from the overeager young stud. His ass began to slowly suck Rhino in, that thick, veiny cock that jutted out from his body sinking into the Johnson boy. “Nnnnnn fuckkkkkk,” droaned out from Buck’s open mouth as his ass stretched wider than it should. He felt utterly stuffed, buzzed, and drained of any desire but to get fucked apart. Slowly but surely, Rhino wedged into Buck’s ass, getting a good majority of his cock istanbul travesti in before Buck needed the poppers again. But once Rhino got in, he didn’t waste a minute getting to really going at it. Rhino took a long a drag on his cigarette and groaned as he slid in and out of the gaping manpussy, the alternating shaft of Hunter rubbing against his. It turned him on something awful to see it all. Hunter squeezed and groped his boy as he slid in and out from the base, pumping just a few inches in and out of his sweaty, muscular son. “Atta boy, that’s my son!” Hunter said as Buck whined, tensed, then relaxed around the two men, his own cock quivering. And it wasn’t long after that the men really got into it, especially Rhino. Full, long, fast strokes that caused his balls to swing, scrape, and slap as he fucked at the pulled apart boyhole. Buck was in fucking heaven. “Ya’ like yer’ hole gettin’ fucked out by yer’ daddy and Rhino? Ya’ like yer’ pussy gettin’ fuckin’ wrecked?” Buck couldn’t even respond past a moan, feeling completely split, stuffed, and half-sore as the two men pounded his loosened hole. The poppers and booze were working overtime to keep him slack around those monster poles. The two men just keep humping away, Rhino doing most of the sliding in and out as Hunter held his boy down and tight. Their monster cocks were wedged in deep as Buck’s assed stretched wide to its limit. “Hit em’ again, baby,” Hunter said, holding the poppers bottle up to Buck’s nose. He inhaled deeply, moaning with eyes almost rolling back as his hole unclenched more around the two horsecocks splitting his guts. Hunter and Rhino kept at Buck as they defiled his hole and kept him poppered up. Rhino finished his cigarette and tossed it to the floor, snuffing it out as he took a brief break from fucking open the smaller stud. Then, right back to fucking him like his daddy’s monster meat wasn’t already wedging him wide open. Buck just let his hole get used as he laid nearly limp against his Dad’s carrying, squeezing bodybuilder arms and chest. His dad’s sweaty scent filled his nose as he got split apart by the two huge horny bastards. “I’m about to bust,” Rhino said matter of factly with a quiet hint of urgency. “Please!” Buck whimpered out softly. That was all Rhino needed. He slammed and humped into the boy, shooting shot after shot of thick, ropey cum. Hunter groaned, squeezed Buck tighter, and came too. Buck whined and relaxed against the orgasming men, blissed out. When Rhino pulled out, there was almost no hope of keeping the two men’s loads in for long, even with their huge gutstabbing cocks. Buck laid against the toilet recovering, farting and groaning every so often as his ass squirted out fucked in air and cum. “Well thanks for getting me and my boy off, man,” Hunter said, reaching for a shake from Rhino. “I’m not done yet, Johnson,” Rhino said, stepping towards Buck. Buck lifted his head tiredly to the huge man strutting towards him before he was gripped and repositioned again, still on his side but to facing Rhino kneeling on the bathroom floor. Rhino wasted no time. He dug his tug in and started slurping and sucking Buck’s gaping, fucked out ass, even as Buck groaned and loudly pushed a fart out. “Feed me your daddy and me’s fuckin’ seed, kid, push it out!” he roared before slapping Buck’s ass and sucking down hard again. Buck did as he said, grunting and moaning as he pushed and felt his ass piss out the seed on to Rhino’s tongue in a few huge bursts. And before he could react, Rhino had him grabbed and flipped to sit on the toilet seat. Rhino, with his tongue out and covered in thick jizz, began sucking on Buck’s raging meat. The smaller male, groaned and bucked, Rhino grunting and holding the boy down by his thick thighs. Rhino swiveled and bobbed his head, using the goopy cum as lube as he also spittled and slobbed on the younger Johnson’s beefy cock. Buck tilted his head back and cried out as he shot, humping at Rhino’s shoved down head. Rhino took the full fat and long length down the throat, hardly gagging as he sucked down and swallowed Buck’s load. It wasn’t until the young breeder’s sausage slid out of his throat and mouth to a warm and sticky slobber web did Rhino gasp and sputter, his lips glazed. He grinned cockily up at the kid, not even a hint of a tear in his eye as Buck’s thick meat and balls twitched in an afterglow. “That’s how a real man sucks dick, punk.” The men wiped themselves down with paper towels, redressed, and went back out to the bar for a few more shots before a trip back home and another fuck before Rhino crashed at their place for the night. Buck didn’t take the two together again, simply from being too worn out in the back. So instead, Hunter got the same treatment and same result. A fucked open, cum soaked, redneck pervert roughed up cunt. —- Hope everyone enjoys this chapter! It’s been wonderful receiving the feedback I have for the first one. Glad this is getting some love and some bate session usage! For part 3, I was hoping to actually feature a reader’s idea as the basis! It’ll be a Hunter focused chapter, but just like this one was Buck focused and still featured Hunter, the idea can include Buck too–he just won’t be the focus of the action. So send ideas to me via email, newtumbl, or Twitter! Username is jghast31 for the latter two. Always appreciate emails giving comments, critiques, and proof of loads. Down to talk dirty with like-minded guys. You can find some hot pictures with accompanying blurbs and short stories from me over at Newtumbl and Twitter. Username is jghast31 for both!

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