Subject: Gay incest, Hunting-with-dad Part 4 I want to say thank you to my proofreaders, JG and RG. Without your help, I don’t think I would have enjoyed writing this as much and learning from you has been an experience on its own. This story is fictional to include all names, locations and events. It has been a massive undertaking as I have never written anything like this before. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I have writing it for you. *** The next morning seemed to arrive much earlier than it should have. As everyone awoke, I could see just how tiring last night’s ceremony had been. Everyone was disheveled and moving around like a horde of zombies. “It’s time to shower kiddo. Don’t worry, towels are already in there.” Dad said half asleep. We were the first to shamble through the strip curtain into the restroom. It seemed like one large room, but tile walls divided it into sections. On the right was a six foot trough on the floor We walked over to it and I began peeing, and it wasn’t long before the others were doing the same. We finished pissing and I took in more of this place. Across from us there were four sinks against the wall, and next to the sinks were two stalls with commodes in them. I hadn’t noticed before, but there were two more stalls next to the trough and another strip curtain that led to the gang showers. As we walked in, there were no shower heads on the walls, but pipes crisscrossing the ceiling. “Watch out guys! You know it’s going to be ice cold for a minute.” Red reminded everyone. As he adjusted the pressure and temperature, water began to spray from holes in the pipes. It was like seeing a rain forest monsoon on a nature show, and before long the opposing wall had vanished. Dad and I walked in first, the water was nice and warm. It seemed to hit my body from every direction. “Dad, where is the soap and shampoo?” I inquired. “We don’t use soap or shampoo here. They smell good to us but allow the deer to smell us too. We need to be hidden, and if you smell like a bunch of flowers the deer will know something isn’t right.” It took a while for my eyes to adjust to seeing in the shower, and seeing all of the men and boys naked was making everyone hard again. Red was my favorite Dad to look at after my own. Six foot tall with a slim build, covered in a dense forest of red hair that seemed to draw my eyes to his raging eight and a half inch uncut cock. Sage was showering off next to him and watching father and son showering with each other was a sight to behold! Green and his boy were the next two I saw. Green was solid muscle and had thick brown hair. His body was smooth except for his pubes but his nine inch cut cock was the star of that show. Little gaziantep escort Green was a foot and a half shorter than his father with the same thick brown hair, his pubes were a dead giveaway that they were related/ White was the next man I focused on; he was standing next to Black who towered over him. He stood there running his hands over his chest and chubby stomach before letting the water down to rain off of his nine inch cock. His foreskin was much tighter than my Dad’s and looked like it was choking the head of his cock. Black was a head and chest above White and had a nice bit of curly black chest hair which led down to his uncut cock. He had a slim build mostly due to being the second oldest man after Grandpa. I’m not sure what to say about Brown and Purple; I didn’t know it then, but they were brothers. They were the same height as my Dad, but their bodies were different. Brown had a solid build with a good helping of red fur and a nine inch cut cock. Purple was bigger around than his brother, covered in a coat of brown fur with a seven inch cut cock. I think the flare of their cock heads gave away the fact they were brothers, with very nice curves and shiny when hard. Grey and his boy were tucked away by the back wall, water cascading off their smooth bodies. Little Grey looked like an exact three-quarter scale version of his Dad with great blond locks on their heads. The only difference was who had the most pubes, and I thought the winner was Little Grey with peach fuzz growing around his dick. Orange and his son seemed oblivious to everyone else in the shower and seemed to be having a conversation about Little Orange’s ceremony. He was 15 and next year he would become a man. Both were covered in a fair share of black hair, and their uncut cocks seemed to be dueling as they moved around rinsing themselves off. Once everyone had rinsed off, they stepped out and grabbed a towel to dry themselves before heading into the bunk house. We headed to our bunks, and I unlocked my trunk and took what I needed for the day. Dad and I were both getting dressed when I started smelling food. We hurried to finish getting dressed as I was ravenously hungry and heard Dad’s stomach making the same announcement. We ate as much as we could before it was time to head out and hunt. The day went pretty well, and everyone arrived back at the lodge with their kills. We had two nice bucks; one eight point and the other a six point. The men gathered to field strip and divvy up the meat while us boys were outside fooling around. When we eventually all went inside to clean up and get out of our smelly hunting clothes, all of us boys were naked in mere seconds. I started helping Dad undress as fast suriyeli escort as I could; it was his turn to prepare all of the evening food. Dad already had his boots off and most of his shirts; he wore a few layers since it was getting cold. I undid the buttons at the waist, unzipped his fly, and I reached my hands around his waist to grab all of those layers. In what was meant to be one quick motion, I was hoping they would all come off. Instead, when I pulled they only came to mid-thigh and my momentum pulled my face right into his crotch. The smell was intoxicating! I don’t know what came over me as I licked the shaft of his limp cock a few times. Dad immediately popped me on top of my head. “There will be enough time for that when you are old enough.” Dad finished getting undressed by himself and we went to wash up before dinner. Dad always knew how to cook great food, but this time it was better. I think it may have been because of all the men and boys just being themselves. It was getting late and I was getting tired. I fell asleep on the floor with Little Green and Little Grey. It wasn’t long until the three of us were just a tangle of flesh on the floor, using each other as pillows. Dad pulled me out of the pile of flesh and held me against him as he carried me into the bunkhouse. He laid me on his bunk and laid down beside me. I nuzzled my face into his hairy chest and slept more soundly than I can even remember. Sunday came and went so fast, it seemed like a blur. We hunted in the morning and by noon everyone was back at the lodge preparing to go home. Everyone helped each other load up the trucks for our convoy back to the main road. Once everything was all loaded up, it was time to put our Dads back in their rightful place. We went back into the lodge, and with everyone naked and relaxed it was time to begin. There was no Grandpa this time, he took off early Saturday to go back to Grandma. The Dads all stood up and handed their asslocks to their sons. I watched as the other boys began pushing their Dads’ balls,then their cocks, through the metal ring. Then each of the boys got behind their fathers and spit on the metal balls. The Dads then bent over and parted their ass cheeks and the boys then spit on their holes as well and rubbed it around with their fingers before inserting the balls. I looked up at Dad and he nodded for me to do the same. As I began to follow suit with the other boys, my head started to fill with odd thoughts. “What does Dad’s cock taste like?” “Would he let me lick his hole after I spit on it?” “Will he let me watch him jerk off at home?” Before I realized it, I was done inserting the ball into Dad’s hole. Everyone rus escort kissed and a hugged before the clothes were put back on. We walked out of the lodge and got into our trucks, and as we drove back to the main road, my head was swimming with the events of this weekend and how I didn’t want it to end. We were about halfway home when I looked at my dad driving. “Dad, can we go back next weekend?” “Yes, kiddo. We will be going back every weekend until the New Year.” Dad said with a smile. “Do you feel like making a quick stop?” “Sure Dad. Where are we going?” I replied. “I just need to pull over and remove the asslock. Do you want to help or watch an old pro do it?” “I want to watch you Dad. Show me how to take it out right.” With that Dad pulled over and stopped the truck. He unbuttoned his pants, pulled them down to his ankles, and slid down in the seat so his ass was hanging over the edge. Reaching between his thighs, he grabbed the metal bar, tightened his grip and pulled it out easily. His cock jumped as the ball slid out of his hole, and he removed the metal ring from around his cock and balls handed it to me. “Put that in my bag on the floorboard.” I did what Dad asked without question. When we arrived home, Mom greeted Dad and I with hugs and kisses. As I carried our laundry in and put them in front of the washer, she whispered something in his ear before slipping her hand down the crotch of his pants and gave his cock a little tug before they slipped off into the bedroom. I went to my room to get out of my clothes, I could hear moans and groans coming from Mom and Dad’s room. When I got the urge to see what they were doing, I snuck naked down the hall and out the back door, carefully walked to their window and peeked inside. Mom was laying on top of Dad while he licked and kissed her pussy. I stood and watched for a minute before I realized Dad had tilted his head back and was staring directly at me. I was overcome by fear and hurried back to my room. When I heard Dad cum, I knew it was a matter of minutes before I was in big trouble. Dad calmly walked into my room and sat on my bed. “Watching me and your mother fuck is not acceptable. If you want to watch me while I am alone or with another man, fine. But my time with you mother is just as special as the time I spend at the lodge.” “Dad, I’m sorry. I was just curious,” I said with sorrow in my voice. Dad got up and walked out of my room closing the door behind him. TO BE CONTINUED!!!! *** I’d like to thank everyone for reading this chapter of my story. This is my first attempt at writing any Gay Erotica. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have any input, please feel free to email me. I’d really love to hear feedback from all my readers!!! My email is ail, and again, please feel free to write me about anything. And please remember that Nifty needs your support to keep offering free hot porn. fty/donate.html Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

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