Husband is Taken Panty Shopping

Double Penetration

This is another chapter in our interesting sex lives, and was inspired by Literotica itself!!


It was a nice afternoon in Leetown, where my wife and I were spending the weekend in the presidential suite of the Hilton; We had been upgraded as a result of my long stays at the Hilton over the past few months. It had been quite a lazy day thus far, what with us getting up really late around ten, followed by a hearty breakfast and a nice, long sauna and shower session interspersed with a good fuck on the bathroom floor.

I was just browsing the net aimlessly on my laptop, checking the news, mail and other random sites. My wife came over, and, sitting on my lap, cooed “Honey, why don’t we check the latest feedback and ratings on our previous stories on Literotica?” She had that naughty look about her, and I could sense that she was upto something.

Not quite knowing what to expect, I quickly browsed over to the members section and logged in

“4.36!!” she exclaimed, “Not bad! Quite an improvement over the first few attempts!”

“Well, looks like people like the thought of you being hired for the night by me!” I grinned, remembering the events of that evening

“Naughty!” she admonished, “We need to do something to fix that. People should not think that I let my hubby get out of hand!!”

“Baby, where’s the question of me getting out of hand? I’ve been a good boy, and why, I’m even wearing the pink panties you told me to wear since morning!”

At that, she quickly got up from my lap and sat on the chair’s arm, and, unzipping my fly with her left hand, dived in with her right hand and grabbed my panty-clad dick and began massaging it thoroughly.

“Naughty boy!” she cooed, “Ohhhhh…..your panty-covered ass….looks so cute, I tell you!!! Why don’t we get you some more panties, eh?”

“Ummm…. Baby don’t you think I’ve enough?” I asked, given that my collection had already crossed over a dozen of various colors and styles.

“Nonsense!! There’s no reason why you can’t do with a few more!!!” She seemed quite ready to pick a fight on this one, and, realizing that it was quite useless to argue with her, I agreed.

“Ok, now then,” she continued, her face brightening with the prospect of going shopping, “Let’s see if there are any stories of men shopping for panties on !!”

She quickly began browsing through the stories using the key word search, and zeroed in on the story she wanted to read within thirty seconds. At this, it slowly dawned on me that she pretty much had the whole thing thought through. At any rate, the prospects of shopping for more panties, and what would follow thereafter was too good for me to bother to delve deeper into her planning

As kayseri escort we read through three-four stories of men being taken to lingerie stores by their wives/girlfriends, two things became apparent — one quite reassuring, and the other left me completely flabbergasted!

The first part, the reassuring one, was that many men do go shopping for panties along with their wives. This was something we had never done before as my collection consisted of panties that either she had bought for me, or those that I had bought myself on the pretext of buying it for her. Somehow, I was more confident of walking into a lingerie store alone, having experience in doing so while buying panties for my wife during our courtship months before we got married.

The second one, the part which made me nervous, was that many women used the opportunity to embarrass the men!! Wives and girlfriends seem to have done lots of things — ranging from holding up the panties near their man’s waist to see how it might look, to engaging the salesgirls in conversation regarding what size and fit would be best!!

“Well?”, she grinned, “What do you think?”

“Isn’t this a bit too much?” I ventured, trying to appear as if I did not find the prospects too appealing. However, my dick was clearly signaling otherwise, and a wet spot had already appeared on my panties. My wife was quick to spot that, and giggled “Oh my poor baby, wants to be embarrassed, no?”

“No!” I resisted

“Aw c’mon,” she chided, “It’s not like I’m gonna let the whole world know that you wear panties….just one or two salesgirls!”

“No!!” I yelped.

“Aw, honey…” she nestled up to me again, grabbing my throbbing dick “Mr. Dicky here likes the idea for sure!!”

“No!!” I replied in a feebler voice, but it was clear that my resistance was waning.

“You’ll like it, I’m sure! Besides, these salesgirls are all used to this, and don’t worry if you feel like backing out even at the last minute, we can do that. Why don’t we go over to the nearby lingerie stores?”

I merely nodded.

“Now that’s a good boy!” she smiled, getting up and moving to grab her purse and shoes, she said “Now quickly zip up and get ready!”

Soon, we were on our way to the malls nearby, and I could feel my heart racing. It was one thing to wear panties for my wife, but letting anyone else know in a face-to-face situation was clearly something else.

At first, we entered a Robinsons. As we entered the store, I was relieved to find it quite empty — only two other customers around, and one of them was already at the billing counter. We walked towards the panty racks, and I was nervously looking around and hoping that none of the salesgirls keçiören escort would come by and help.

My hopes were instantly dashed to the ground, as the very next moment my wife signaled to the nearby salesgirl that she wanted help.

“Yes ma’am, how many I help you?” the salesgirl asked. She was a petite chinese brunette, wearing a red t-shirt and black slacks that flattered her slim trim figure. I gulped as she came closer and pretended to look elsewhere.

“I’m looking for some bikini type panties” my wife said.

“Of course Ma’am; Will that be a size S” she asked, looking at my wife.

“Ummm….I’m looking for something with more space in front, if you know what I mean” my wife replied, hoping that she would get the hint

The girl apparently did not quite get it, and instead started showing the styles to my wife.

“Well, actually we’re looking for something with a nice thick band at the top”, my wife continued, thinking about how to keep my dick in. At this point, I think the girl got it; However, she made no outward sign of it, and merely continued to show other panties to my wife.

Disappointed with the outcome, my wife pretended to look at one or two, and then shrugging her shoulders, beckoned to me to come closer.

“Babe, I don’t think she got it….let’s get out of here!” I pleaded, keeping my voice down to a low whisper.

“I think she does!” my wife continued, “but I don’t think she’s in any mood to play along, so let’s go!”

As we came out, I begged “Ok, we’ve tried, and it’s clear that it doesn’t work. While the stories are great, I doubt if it works in real life!! Let’s get back to the hotel!!”

“Aw c’mon!!” my wife chided, “Don’t give up after one attempt!!! See, here’s another store!” and she dragged me into a store called Intimate Secrets

As we entered, there was no one in the store except for a bored old lady at the cashier’s counter. Again, my wife tried her luck, but this woman was even less enthusiastic than the first one.

By the time we came out, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat, and said “Babe, let’s not waste any more time at this! You’re only making a fool of yourself asking for panties with more space in front!!!”

Not one to give up so easily, my wife said “Ok! One last attempt. If that fails, then we go back to the hotel and you can have your way with me!!”

“Raising the stakes, eh?” I laughed

“You bet your sexy ass I am,” she grinned, and with that we came across another store in the mall called ‘Woman’s secret’

By this time, I was much more relaxed, pretty sure that this was going to be another flop show. There were only two other customers in the store, and both ankara kendi evi olan escort were quite far away from us, as we sauntered to the panty section.

As the salesgirl came up to us, my wife tried a different line. She asked for a netted lace type panty, and as the salesgirl was showing her the various colors, she picked up a green lace one, and looking at me straight in the eye, she asked “You like these, honey?”

At that point I almost wished that the ground would open up and swallow me, but there was no place to run or hide. “Umm….ah….yeah ok” was all I could manage

The salesgirl was taken aback for a moment, but quickly recovering her composure, said “We have many more in this type, all new arrivals”

Picking up a nice dark blue netted panty, my wife grinned “I think these are perfect for you, no?” At this point, the salesgirl clearly understood what was happening, and started grinning at me too.

“Uh…yeah, ok, yeah” I stammered.

“We’ll take these,” my wife nodded to the salesgirl, who gave me another quick grin.

As we followed her to the cash register, my wife asked in a voice loud enough to be heard by the salesgirl “Ohhh, I wonder how these will look on you!”

My poor dick was twitching like crazy at this, and I thought I was going to cum right there, but somehow I held on.

“That’ll be 19 bucks”, the salesgirl said, this time grinning from ear to ear

As my wife paid her, she grinned back at the salesgirl, “Thanks for being so helpful”

“Anytime!” she replied, and as we headed out, the salesgirl looked at me and smiling again, winked, and said “See you again soon!!”

As we walked away from there, my heartbeat seemed to have tripled, and I immediately hastened my walk back towards the hotel.

Laughing, my wife, ran and caught up with me, and said “Poor baby, got embarrassed?”

Merely nodding, I put my head down and redoubled my pace.

“Oh my sexy panty boy, now even the salesgirl knows you’re my panty boy!!” she teased

As we entered our room, my wife pushed me onto the bed, and climbing over me while massaging my dick, she said “Of course, we’re going back there next time, aren’t we?” she cooed.

I could only grunt my assent as my cock throbbed in her hands.

“Now model these for me,” she laughed, throwing the new panties at me.

I quickly undressed, and putting on the new panties as quickly as I could, went up to my wife

“Oooh, what a lovely fit!! Just look at that ass, oooooh” she gasped, as she undressed herself.

We both quickly rolled onto the bed, and within a minute, I was humping her like a wild animal.

“Ohhh my panty boy, now your secret’s out!! We’re gonna take you back there and completely embarrass you again!!!” she teased again.

Not able to control myself any longer, I emptied my load into her wet juicy pussy all at once!


As always, would love to hear from you, dear readers. All feedback, both positive and negative, is welcome!

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