Husband pays a stripper to fuck his wife

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Husband pays a stripper to fuck his wifeFor my wife’s 40th birthday a bunch of friends decided to have a happy hour for her. As a stay-at-home mom with 2 k**s the ladies decided that a “girls night out” was better than a family event.Since I wasn’t invited I did not participate in the planning but at one point one of her friends asked me if I thought a stripper would be in order. I quickly agreed – the thought of that was hilarious.So when the day came my wife got dressed in a nice outfit – button down shirt, unbuttoned way down and tight-fitting jeans with heels. Sexy, racy and just right for a night out with the girls. I told her I hoped she got hit on by good looking men. I kissed her and said good night.Around eleven o’clock I heard a few cars pull up and looked outside. Taxis – It seems the party was on its way here. About 14 women came into my house and went to the bar area in the basement. My wife turned on some music and asked me to get everyone some drinks.I say ask but it was more like commanded. So I obeyed. For the next hour or so I tended bar until the doorbell rang at about midnight. Jodi’s friend said, “Ooh that’s the stripper – I’ll go get it.” Jodi stopped her – no, let Steve go get it. Jodi came over and told me to make sure I paid the stripper so that her friends didn’t have to.So I go upstairs and answer the door to find this 6 foot 4 giant with bulging muscles and a rugged, handsome look. I guess if you’re a woman and you want a stripper, this is the kind you want. I welcomed him in and we went to the kitchen and took care of the payment. I asked if he gets completely naked or is it a PG13 version. He explained that Jodi’s friend ordered a full nude package but no explicit touching. However, for a little extra he could stay after the show and do a special, one-on-one session. It’s something he often does for birthdays and bachelorette parties. Without a seconds hesitation I said – yeah, let’s do that.So I showed him the bathroom to change into his costume and went back downstairs where I set up a round of shots for everyone. After that my wife and two other ladies had a second. After hours of drinking, all the ladies were extremely lit.The stripper show was hilarious and fun. All the ladies laughed and enjoyed themselves. He poured various things on his body – honey, wine, shots, whipped cream – and the women licked or sucked it off him. And at 6’5″ and very well built, his cock was absolutely enormous. Not a single woman could resist grabbing it and stroking it just to feel it. And he maintained a relatively stiff erection for almost the entire show.And sure enough when he got to the birthday girl he whip creamed his penis and stuck it in my wife’s face. She got VERY embarrassed but after getting egged on by her friends, and getting a, “whatever” look from me, she obliged and wrapped her lips around him and ate the whipped cream. He tried tuzla escort to get her to suck on it more but to no avail. I thought she might’ve been afraid of choking because of how well endowed he was.By the time the stripper show was over it was 1:00 in the morning so all the women got their things and made their ways home. After the last woman left, the stripper reappeared in the room to my wife’s great surprise. “Happy Birthday, Honey” I said. I paid a little extra for a special, one-on-one show.I thought my wife would be more nervous but instead she looked extremely pleased. The stripper dimmed the lights, placed a chair in the middle of the room, put on some music and started his show.Unlike the earlier, “fun” show, this one was designed to be more seductive. He started by asking my wife to take off her shoes to get more comfortable. As she took them off, the stark difference between her 5’3″ frame and his 6’4″ frame was so completely evident.For the next 10 minutes he ground into her, massaged her head and neck, and proceeded to remove all of his clothing. From there, his focus on her intensified. He stood her up, threw aside the chair, and started dancing closely with her in his arms.Each time he moved behind her he would wrap his arms all the way around her and grind his erection into the small of her back. And one hand would inch closer to her breasts and the other would be closer to the top of her jeans. Once he started nibbling on her ear, her head tilted back and her arms came up to wrap around his neck.The stripper took this as an approval to move to the next step. Kissing her neck, he slowly unbuttoned her blouse and untucked it. He then reached with both hands down to her jeans and unbuttoned and unzipped them. As he slid them down her thighs he knelt in front of her. She willingly stepped out of them and stood before him wearing only a see-through thong and bra and an unbuttoned blouse.Rather than simply stand up from his kneeling position, he took his time, kissing his way up my wife’s stomach and chest. Stopping at her bra, right between her breasts he reached behind her back and unhooked it.As he stood the rest of the way up, Jodi let her bra and blouse fall to the floor. His enormous penis stood fully erect, starting at the top of my wife’s thong and stretching almost to the bottom of her breasts. She ran her hands up his chest to his shoulders as he leaned over and kissed her on the lips.The kissing intensified and Jodi’s hands wandered down to his dick. As they kissed, she stroked him gently. She took his hand and guided it down her body, which he knew was a request to remove her thong. As my wife and the stripper removed the final piece of clothing between them, I finally noticed that I was hard as a rock. Seeing my petite wife and this enormous hunk of a man, naked and passionately kissing was an incredible turn on for me.Jodi looked at me tuzla escort bayan and said matter-of-factly, “we’re going to the bedroom now.” And they turned to leave, arm in arm and completely naked.I waited less than a minute and then went upstairs. It was clear that I was not supposed to watch so I sat outside the door and listened. Almost as soon as I got outside the door I could hear him groaning words of approval to indicate that he was thoroughly enjoying my wife’s ability to suck him off. When I listened closely I could hear slurping noises from her tongue and the occasional “God that feels so good.” At some point she stopped because I started to hear moaning from her as it became clear that they were now fucking. This slowly built up with the two of them getting progressively louder and louder with their moaning and groaning. I could tell that for the early part she was riding on top and I’m fairly certain I heard her have her first orgasm there. And then the sounds became more muffled and I suspect he was on top of her, burying his member as far into her as he could shove it. Once again I then realized how hard and turned on I was so I took off my clothes and started to stroke my penis.Soon a light slapping was added to the passionate moans and groans coming from the bedroom. The sounds they made were perfectly in sync as they made love, rapidly approaching their orgasms. Jodi went first, begging him to go deeper followed by an announcement that she was going to cum. Then I heard him whisper that he was about to cum too and without skipping a beat my wife begged him to come inside her. A moment later the stripper let out a series of grunts and my wife screamed as they climaxed together. My wife’s vagina was now filled with her new lovers load of sperm and semen.I listened to the pillow talk that followed. Jodi admitted that she had never been fucked by a man with a cock that large before and could not resist the opportunity. He showered her with affection telling her how beautiful and sexy she was and how much he loved screwing her. The extra special one-on-one session was supposed to end when they started kissing but she was so hot and sexy that he couldn’t stop. Jodi asked him if he was able to stay the night.I didn’t hear his answer but in a few moments I heard her come over to the door. She wasn’t surprised to see me on the floor outside the bedroom. We walked downstairs to the kitchen to get some water for the two of them. She asked me how I was doing and I admitted to her that I was a little bit jealous but deep down the whole thing really made me hot. I asked how she felt and she said a little bit guilty. We went over to the family room and sat down on the couch.I made it simple for her. I asked if she loved me any less than before. Of course not. I asked her if she wanted to leave me for him. Of course not. I asked her if she enjoyed having escort tuzla sex with him. She nodded emphatically. So tomorrow you will be mine again. But tonight, you can go enjoy him some more.This still left her feeling a little bit odd but she latched onto the fact that I said it made me hot and horny. She pressed me on that point, asking me if it turned me on that my wife just got screwed by another man. I said that it was really hot watching the foreplay in the basement and that the thought and the sounds of the two of them making love were completely erotic. And the fact that he came inside you while you were having an orgasm makes me harder than I’ve ever been.I pointed to my own fully erect cock with precum glistening at the top and to my surprise this seemed to please Jodi. She came over to me, opened up the robe she was wearing, straddled me and rubbed her clit up and down the shaft of my penis. She asked if I could feel his cum and I pointed out to her that it was completely dripping out of her. She gave me a kiss and I couldn’t help but think that less than an hour before those very lips were wrapped around another man’s enormous dick. She said that I couldn’t fuck her right then as she wanted to save herself for more of the stripper, but she gave me a little taste. She lifted slightly and impaled herself on me. In an instant my cock was surrounded by the warmth of my wife’s pussy and the wet juices of another mans load of cum. Jodi bounced on me for a few seconds and then told me to go masturbate – she has more fucking to do. And then she left to spend the rest of the night making passionate love to her other man.She walked back upstairs with her two glasses of water. For the second time that night, I waited a minute and followed her up. This time I simply went to the guest room and stroked my own cock, now covered in the strippers cum. It took me only a few seconds to ejaculate and a few minutes to get hard again.Jodi returned to our bed where the naked stripper was waiting, already erect again. The two of them kissed and cuddled and positioned themselves in a 69. Once they were both fully ready, they made love again. This time they branched out and he fucked her doggy style and standing up. Somehow this stripper managed to have a second orgasm, again ejaculating his sperm into my wife.The next morning I awoke and I could hear the two of them downstairs. I looked over the railing and was lucky enough to get an enormous treat. My wife was on her knees servicing this man’s penis. I don’t know how long my wife had been giving him head but as I watched, he held her head gently, groaned softly and came. Jodi did not stop sucking him and I watched as she swallowed his cum.She went to take a shower, I went downstairs. I joked with the stripper about paying for the extra. He assured me that this never happened to him and that he really enjoyed fucking my wife. He told me that he’s never cum three times before and that Jodi was the best lover he’d had in a long time. As he shook my hand and walked out the door he said, “Thank you for letting me make love to your wife.”

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