Husbands Out of Town Blacken

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Husbands Out of Town BlackenMy husband is a technician for a major company that sends him all over the world to troubleshoot and repair their products. The company has been adding people to meet an increasing work load. They hired another technician for the repair team. Knowing this man had moved to our area for the job, I had my husband invite him to dinner. The day came when we were to have Charles over. As I made preparations for our guest my husband called and said he was going out of town, he had his go bag and was leaving right away. I asked what I should do about our intended guest. He told me that it would be ok Charles was looking forward to the dinner.I finished my preparations and began to get ready. I showered did my hair and since it was going to be a casual dinner I put on a navy blue button up dress. That was fairly full as I did not want the fullness of my pussy showing through my clothes. I had just finished getting ready when the doorbell rang. When I answered the door, I nearly passed out. There stood a very tall very black man. I asked if he was Charles, he said he was as he looked me up and down. I invited him in and explained that Tim went out of town and left straight from work. He stopped and said that maybe he should go. I assured him that I had no problem if he did not. He said he was a little uncomfortable but agreed to stay.After we ate we went to the family room to have coffee and talk. I learned that he was born in South Africa but his parents move to the United States when he was canlı bahis young. He was twenty eight and six foot eight. We talked for some time, When, I noticed a huge bulge in his pants I wondered how big his black cock was and what it would feel like to be speared by his raging glory. I was nearly dripping from my pussy when I got up to take the coffee cups to the kitchen. I dropped a spoon when I bent over to pick it up, from behind me there was moan. I asked if he was ok. He said he had just seen something on the television he had not eaten in a long time. It was then I realized that he got a full shot of my wet thong underwear and bulging wet pussy with my underwear neatly tucked between my pussy lips where it had bunched up.I excused my self and went to the bedroom to dry my pussy. It was then I decided I had to have his black cock deep between my legs and spewing his hot cum in me. I removed my dress and underwear. Laid on the bed and called him to the bedroom. As he entered I spread my legs and asked if I was what he wanted something to eat. In a low moan he said oh yes but what about Tim. I told him I have had black men before and he did not know.He knelt down beside the bed told me he had never seen a mound so full; he began to tease my pussy with his hot breath and long tongue. He made small circles around my hot button I felt it swell till it I thought it was going to explode He flicked it a few times with his tongue then sucked on it with a bouncing motion. He brought me to near climax when he plunged bahis siteleri his tongue deep in my pussy. I felt a shock wave go through me like I had never felt. I began to spew love juice; he took my whole pussy in his mouth to get it all. He was moaning and sucking on me with such intensity that the shock wave lasted as long as he was sucking and inserting his tongue. I believe I came for a good ten minutes.I began to beg him to put his huge black cock in and fuck me, he said that due to our size difference he was afraid he would hurt me. I explained that having fucked three black cocks a couple of months ago, that it may take awhile for me to take it, I wanted him to fuck me. He turned off the light, undressed, and pushed three fingers in me and moved them in and out. I told him no just put your cock in me, he got up on the bed between my legs. With hot anticipation I waited for him to start push his cock deep inside. This is when I realized, when he talked about our size difference he did not mean our height, or weight it was the size of his huge black cock and my small pussy. He was enormous it felt like he was trying push his fist into me. He wet his cock with my juices and began to push. I reached down and spread myself got the head in me. I screamed with pleasure, I tried to wrap my legs around him to help him push but couldn’t because of his length. I knew he was bigger than the other three black cocks that I had fucked.Although he had not gotten his black cock in completely I was overcome by shivering bahis şirketleri pleasure. I was coming like I never had before. I could feel my juices running down my ass and soaking the sheets. I could feel every vein and ripple of his cock. I was screaming fuck me, fuck me like you have never fucked anyone before. After what seemed like an hour his cock finally got to my cervix. I told him I knew I could take it all. To my surprise he said it is not all in, there was another inch or two. The thought and shock of oh my god how big is he shot through me. He said he did not want to push anymore. I told him to roll me over and let me on top. In one move without pulling out I was on top. I leaned forward and began to push. When I had managed to get all of him in he rolled me back over and pumped like I have never felt before. His black balls were also huge and slapped my ass on each stroke, I was screaming again for him to fuck me and I want to feel you’re hot cum.I felt as if I was going to pass out from the pleasure. I could feel his entire cock begin to swell, I felt it start to pump, and each shot of his cum sent a pleasure wave through me. He must have pumped a gallon hot cum, because I never saw so much. When we finished I turned on the light to see the monster that made me scream like I did. His cock was a good three inches thick and about twelve inches long. I knew then and there we were going to do this till Tim came home he was not leaving before then.Over the next two days we fucked like two rabbits on a mission. When Tim got home he asked how the dinner went. I told him that he appreciated what he ate and I appreciated the company, and still do, when Tim goes out of town I go to Charles place and fuck his big black cock.

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