I am whipped naked in public in front of my parent

I am whipped naked in public in front of my parentI am a male sex slave. I am sentenced to whipped in public today, and I look forward to it. I am not being punished. My owners have been training me to become a quality sex slave through the use of farm work and sex work. They arranged this public whipping as a way to display me. I want to do everything possible to increase my value so that they can make a great profit. We sex slaves have a term for these public whippings- Foreplay.My sentence is 12 strokes with the whip and six jolts with the electric prod. This is a light sentence. I was told that a big guard will whip me. He is noted for putting hard strokes on boys like me. I hope I put on a good show.I was led out to the public whipping post. My hands were bound behind me and I was pulled by a leash. Holding a whip and bahis firmaları awaiting me was a petite blond woman. She had a pixie hair style and wore an officers hat. She had sunglasses on. The mistress wore a black velvet bodysuit that accent her curves and large bosoms. She had black elbow length gloves. Her legs were covered by black tights and black high heel shoes. The mistress was smiling. Then I realize why she was smiling. One look at her and I had a full erection. The mistress pulled me forward and showed me to the audience and made comments about me. The audience cheered. Then I noticed in the audience was my mother and father. Sitting next to them was that brunette and her blond friend. I had only a quick glance. I notice mom and the two girls wore mini skirts and no bras. I could see the nipples through perabet the tops.I was then pulled to the whipping post by two guards. The blond whipper held my balls firmly while I was being secured to the post with the my hands above my head. She was also talking into my ear about how much she wants to fuck me. The strokes were placed on me. They were light. I moaned with pain as if they actually hurt. I wished a man was flogging me.Now it was time to use the prod. The prod is use mostly to get sex slaves to dismount. It causes a little sting that goes away in seconds. I was told that this prod is stronger, but I was not afraid. I was tapped and I yelled in pain. I was not faking. This prod was stronger than I thought. The crowd cheered and shouted “one!” I heard my mom shout “That’s my son! He can take it.” perabet giriş There were five more jolts, and the crowd cheered and counted after each one. I could barely stand. After the last one my ankles were unchained and I was turned around to face the audience. They gave me a standing ovation. I also notice that I was still erect. The blond mistress went over to my mother, who gave her some money. She put the money into her top. She walked back to me and stroked my erection. “This is a present from your mother,” She said. I never felt a hand job as good as this one. I let everyone know how much I was enjoying it. I soon popped and everybody cheered. I seemed to have fainted. I remember being unchained and carried over some ones back with the cheers of the crowd in my ears.I remember waking up and finding myself chained on my knees in front of a bed. The blond mistress then appeared, naked. “It is my turn for some fun.” She laid on her back with her legs spread. I knew what to do. I moved forward and started licking her pussy. She moaned with pleasure.

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