I Can Make Money With This Thing?


I Can Make Money With This Thing?This happened twenty something years ago, it was the best summer of my life. I had just turned sixteen and was trying to save money to buy a car. I had it made that summer. My breast were up to a “c” cup, my hips and ass were near perfect, my hair had lightened to near blonde. I was having to beat the guys off of me. I had had sex several times with three different boys and really liked it. School was out for summer and i had the smallest bikini I could by on and sitting by the neighborhood pool. I was laying there watching the men and boys walk by staring at me. I watched one man, he was dressed and not in swim trunks. he was talking to Mrs. Wilkensand then he came walking my way. He stopped and sat down next to me. He said his name was Mike and they were going to be a bachlor party and wanted to know if I wanted to make some money. I told him I did but what did I have digitalbahis yeni giriş to do? Mike said they would pay me $300 and all I had to do was have sex with him and five other guys, Mrs. Wilkens is already signed up. I thought about it for a minute and told him yes. He told me when and where and walked away.On the night of the party Mrs Wilkens picked me up and we drove a couple of blocks over to the house. We went in and the six guys in there were already drinking and cutting up. They fixed us some drinks and we all talked and laughed for about thirty minutes and then Mrs Wilkens got up and removed all her clothes. I think she was in her mid thirtys, nice boobs, dark bush, dark hair. Average body and brown eyes. She danced around and soon the guys removed their clothes and danced around also. I figured the guys to all be in their forties. I took off mine also and three digitalbahis giriş of the guys came over to me. As I danced they fondled my boobs and pussy. Soon we all ended up on the floor. A guy was eating me out as one sucked my boobs and the third pushed his cock in my mouth. I sucked his cock for a minute or two then everybody pulled away and let the groom have me all to his self. He mounted me and started to fuck me real good. I found it to be a big charge to be getting fucked by a stranger in front of five other guys and one woman. The more I thought about this the closer I got to a huge orgasim, after another minute I could hold back no longer and my orgasim took over me. At that same time the man fucking me buried his cock as deep as he could and flooded my inside with his hot cum. I swear that I could feel every squirt of sperm spray into me and feel every pulse of digitalbahis güvenilirmi his cock. It was incrediable. He pulled out of me and I got up and Mrs Wilkens got on the bed. Now I got to watch as this man fucked Mrs Wilkens. It made me so horny, watching her boobs shake as he pounded her and then when he came and filled her cunt full of jizz, best part being when he pulled out and jizz was dripping out of her cunt. I went in and started to lick her cunt, the taste of her juice mixed with his cum was increable. As I sucked cum from her cunt the other five men jumped on us. Someone slammed a cock in my pussy and another pushed one in my mouth. Someone started to fuck Mrs Wilkens.This went on for the rest of the night and part of the next day. We fucked those six guys many times over. I had so much spunk in my snatch I thought I would be leaking sperm down my legs for a week. They paid each of us three hundred dollars. We ended up getting several more gigs like that one for the rest of the year. I think I made about five thousand dollars as did Mrs Wilkens. We got real good at eating other out and fucking and turning guys on. We did this for the next several years until I went off to college.

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