I Caught Mom Or Did She Catch Me 3


Please read the first 2 installments before reading this one

I Caught Mom Or Did She Catch Me 3

I needed to get mom alone, which was much easier than I thought it would be because my dad locked himself in his room with Lydia. I couldn’t help but feel like she had set me up to get caught because my dad never comes into our room and even though she was saying no she was basically forcing me to keep going. I decided to stow those feelings and figure them out later.

“Vanessa we need to talk about something” I said in a demanding tone

“Don’t talk to me that way I’m your mother” she snapped at me. I raised my hand and grabbed her crotch through her robe and rubbed it roughly for a few seconds. I told her she was nothing more than my bitch if she didn’t want dad to find out what she was doing. She looked at me with a stern face and gasped when I undid her robe and stuck my middle finger all the way inside of her twat. She moaned as I explored her depths for the second time. We both let ourselves get off track for a brief moment, but then I snapped back into reality.

I told her about what had happened with Lydia and my father. She didn’t seem to care when I told her that I had fucked Lydia but she did seem as suspicious as I was when I told her that dad had barged into our room for the first time in years. I continued to finger fuck her with two fingers while she leaned against the couch trying to pay attention. When she told me she would help me I wanted to give her a kiss on the cheek, but she had different ideas. She invaded my mouth with her tongue before I could even react. I started to pound her pussy with my fingers as she worked her tongue in my mouth and massaged mine.

Before I knew it she stopped moving her tongue and her hips tightened their grip around my hand. It almost hurt how much she was clenching as she moaned, screamed and cursed into my mouth. Her juices ran down my fingers to my hand. When she finally came down from her orgasm I was let free from the grasp of her thighs and decided to see what she tasted like. I licked my middle finger and was surprised at how the combination of sweet, sour and sweaty could mix. It wasn’t the best taste but I liked it. I held my hand in front of my mother’s mouth and she took the hint.

“Well your father never asked me to do anything like this but what the hell. You make me feel so dirty Eric. I can’t believe I let it get this far, but I know I don’t want to stop”

“Me either mom, I can’t believe dad would just stop fucking you I mean you’re still so damn hot!” She chuckled at my words and shrugged her kocaeli escort shoulders. We just stood there awkwardly and quiet for a minute. Then she asked me what the plan was.

“I think you should pretend to be against me. Get close to Lydia and find out what she’s planning. I don’t believe everything you’re saying about dad and what I found out about her is mere coincidence. She agreed and I watched her hips swinging back and forth while she walked toward her room. Minutes after she went into the room my dad walked out and gave me a glare like I was in serious trouble. He didn’t do much else though and I doubt he really could. Although he may have been in great shape before, he’s really let himself go and I’ve been running and playing sports since I started Jr high.

Later that night, mom took me out for some ice cream to give me a stern talking to. She said that she didn’t get much out of Lydia. All that she learned was that Lydia and dad had planned for me to be on top of her when he walked in. She was apparently trying to prove that I was violating her. I didn’t quite understand why she wanted me to be caught but I decided to leave that alone as well. When we were on our way home she said we were going to make a quick stop before we went home. She pulled to the side of the road and just stopped randomly. She took off our seat belts and leaned my chair back.

“I think it’s time you got some relief son, since you were such a good boy making mommy cum she’s gonna give you something she hasn’t given in a while.”

I assumed she was talking about a blow job so I barely lowered my pants and out sprang my anticipatory full hard on. She lowered her head like I assumed that she would, but she only spit on my cock and started to moisturize it. Afterward she lifted up her dress, pulled her tiny blue thong to the side, and lowered herself onto my cock. After a few bounces on my cock she lifted herself up and fell slowly back onto it.

This time it felt much different. It felt tighter and harder to fuck. She told me to let her handle it for a couple of seconds. It took me a minute to realize that my cock was almost fully inside of my mom’s tight ass. When she adjusted to my length I was in heaven as she bounced relentlessly on my cock with her tight anal canal. I had thought that I would have done this with my sister eventually since we both seemed to like it, but I doubt it would have been this good. After being a slut for my dad for all these years, my mom really knew some tricks. She began to grind on my cock with her ass and within minutes I was releasing a giant load into her most taboo darıca escort hole.

I was still rock hard inside of her tight asshole. It was so tight that my cum couldn’t even get out, it merely provided some lubrication for us so she could bounce even harder on my rock hard penis. I lifted her dress all the way up and started to play with her braless tits. She began to feel pleasure as I alternated between tweaking one and sucking on the other.

“Play with my clit Eric please honey make your mother cum again” she moaned and I obliged. I began to mercilessly rub on her hard clit. It wasn’t long before she was cumming all over my fingers and I was releasing my second load of cum deep inside my mother’s bowels.


She screamed as more and more spurts of cum drenched the depths of her insides. I continued to rub her clit until she finally stopped screaming.

When we cleaned ourselves up with her handy wipes and got ourselves together, we finally headed home. My father, as per usual when he’s mad, acted like I didn’t exist and walked right past me. I walked into my room and had to face Lydia for the first time since she set me up.

“Hey Eric” She said as if nothing had even happened today. I didn’t say anything to her and I just lied down on my bed.

“You know it’s your fault I told you to stop”

“Dad hasn’t come in our room in forever, you set me up! Why?” I asked with my back turned to her.

“Because I don’t want you to dominate me. I’m the dominant one!” She said matter-of-factly.

“What do you mean? You’ve never dominated anyone, you were a virgin until last night” I said quizzically. She had a curious look on her face and I knew now more than ever that she was definitely hiding something, but I decided I would just play along until I found out for sure. “Alright I’m sorry Lyd I didn’t mean to force your or anything I just thought you wanted it that’s all”

She told me it was ok and had that sly grin on her face that I saw last night as well. A few questions remained though. I hadn’t even tried to do anything with her before she told set me up so she was clearly lying. Also she got on the pill almost exactly when dad stopped having sex with mom. I could only reach one obvious conclusion.

“Lyd how many guys have you been with before?” I asked.

“Well only one Eric you just took my virginity yesterday” she said calmly

“You gave me a pretty professional blowjob yesterday, gölcük escort there’s no way that was your first time. Who else have you done that with?” She blushed and said there was only one other person that she did it with. She said he was an older guy but she couldn’t tell me who. I had a hunch and I would either make or break myself with my next question.

“Lydia how long has dad been fucking your mouth” she got scared and tried to deny it quickly. She said that dad would never do that to her and I was the only pervert in the house besides mom. I had to know for sure, Lydia and my dad had been alone earlier, I don’t know why he hadn’t fucked Lydia yet, but I guessed that after seeing me do it he wouldn’t see the need to wait any longer. I jumped onto my sister and held my hand over her mouth. She had nothing but a nightie on at this point so it was easy for me to hold her down and check her young tight pussy. She clearly hadn’t taken a shower as I shoved two fingers up into her cunt and found a warm sticky mixture of male and female cum. I hadn’t finished fucking her earlier, so there was no more denying it. She broke into tears.

She spent the next hour telling me how dad had forced her onto her knees and made her suck his eight inch cock. She told me stories of how she would gag and he throat fucked her relentlessly and poured quarts of cum down into her stomach. I had to hide my erection as she was very graphic in all of her descriptions about how he would force her to cum with his mouth and fingers and he would force her to taste her juices. He also had forced her to get on the pill and told her that her graduation present was going to be his fat cock deep inside of her cunt for the first time. This had been going on for about a year. I was in shock.

I held her for the next hour as she continued to sob. I was hot with anger at my father who had gone the last year acting like everything was ok while he raped his own daughter. I got up eventually and went to confront him.

“Dad I have something to say to you and I don’t care if you don’t like it”

“If you came to complain about Lydia there’s nothing I can really do anymore son, she’s got us both by the balls.” He caught me off guard with this statement but I strengthened my resolve.

“What are you talking about you criminal bastard?” I screamed.

“Criminal? The only crime I’ve committed is having the most sadistic daughter who ever walked the earth”

As those words came out, I realized who really had all the power here. Lydia had dirt on everyone in the family now. Like my dad said, she has us all by the balls. How did she do it? It didn’t matter. All that I know is that my true enemy is clearly my own sister!


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