I FELL UNDER HER SPELL PT 3My mistress Chris was sitting with her hair dresser friend Jackie and I had brought them some wine and standing naked in front of them.Jackie said come over here and let me see the damage she has done to to your cock.She grasped it so my circumcised gland bulged saying it feels nice and hard and the gland is a bit bruised but not too bad. I feel like having some fun with it.Chris said you get carried away and never know when to stop. leave it for another week and you can have your fun then.Jackie said you are no fun as she slapped my cock hard and dug her nails in my shaft and then let go.Jackie got up and said come on there is work to do on your hair and Chris followed her in to the bed room.Chris sat on her stool in front of the mirror and Jackie stood behind her brushing her hair saying how do you want it .Chris said same as before with the pleat at the back and curls on top.Jackie said I wont bother with the rollers today so I will give it a good spray then rat the hell out of it.Chris said yes give it a real good ratting as he will have to comb it out next week and I know that makes him horny.Jackie lifted the hair and sprayed it as it fell so it all got a light spray.She then started at the front taking a small section and combing it up then turning the comb to hold the end of asyabahis yeni giriş the tress lifting it straight up tight.She then got her fine metal comb and starting at the base rapidly back combed the tight hair gradually working up to the end and repeated this several times until the tress stood up on its own.She repeated this to all the head of hair and after about half an hour Chris lovely thick dark hair was a mound of frizz on top of her head.She then very skilfully combed this frizz in to a big pleat at the back with big curls on top finishing with a lot of spray.Chris and Jackie had been chatting and giggling but now Chris said to me I can see this has been a turn on for you so lets have some fun.Jackie said to me what makes you so horny over hair. I said I have a fetish for long hair and now for big hair and would love to push my shaft through a big teased hair do.Jackie laughed and said not now as mine has just been done , but next week you can try it on my hair unless Chris has other plans.Chris said not likely I don’t want a load of spunk in my hair,unless I plug his cock and giggled.Jackie said I could do with a good orgasm as she lay on the bed and Chris said to me Ok you do all the work giving me her big vibrating dildo.I sucked Jackies clit and played with her nipples then asyabahis güvenilirmi put the dildo on her clit and pushed it hard in to her crotch and soon she was breathing heavily and had a loud orgasm saying more, so I continued and she soon had another orgasm saying my I needed that.Chris then said to me come on lie on your back with your legs over the end as usual and then she tied me down with my legs wide apart.Jackie came over with a small bottle and a eye dropper saying to Chris can I start.She grasped my hard shaft and pushed the dropper in to my pee slit then pressed the rubber bulb.I felt a cold liquid go down and then a painful stinging feeling right down in to my crotch.Jackie smiled saying that was a drop of spirit just to warm you up as she used her long nails to press in to my urethra and flick back and forth painfully.She then lubed a long shiny rod and pushed it down in to my urethra pushing the sting further down in to my crotch and then worked the rod up and down as she looked me in the eyes saying this is just some fun to get you going.She then tied my balls up so they were bulging and started to hit them with the edge of a hard ruler lightly then harder and harder.The pain became too much and I cried out please stop, but she looked me in the eyes saying but I have asya bahis giriş only just started and wont stop until they are swollen and bruised.I was out of my mind but she just kept on and on and then Chris said ok that is enough .Jackie said just a few more as she hit very hard and then stopped.She then put some clamps with chains on to my nipples and squeezed them so I cried out in pain, she then pulled them off and repeated the whole several times.She then sat on my stomach with her back to me so my shaft was close to her crotch. She pinched my pee slit closed with her nails then dug her nails in to my urethra and started to masturbate my shaft.It was so painful especially as the sting was made worse but she kept going and soon I felt my spunk build up and shoot to immediately start a pumping spasm which went on and on gradually subsiding leaving a sharp pain in my groin.Jackie then let out my spunk and said that was a good start look at all the spunk he has let out, I bet it would have shot across the room.Chris came over and said you should have let out in to the glass and make him drink it, you know I hate spunk and will always stop it.Jackie got up and Chris started to feel her clit and they went to the other bed and left me tied down.Soon Jackie had another orgasm then it was Chris’turn and she had a lovely slow orgasm.They then went to the lounge and I could hear giggling and Chris came to me and put her mouth to mine passing me some wine saying you have been good today.Next Sunday I have decided to let Jackie have some fun as she let me up saying now go and have a shower.

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