I finally got to fuck the midget girl


I finally got to fuck the midget girlNeighborhood guy was dating and married a tiny girl he called midge. She was one and not the fat ones, but a tiny miniature woman. I had no chance with her, at that time being 14 and she was probably 20. They moved away and I did not see them for many years. Guys in the neighborhood talked about her and how good she looked in a bikini. She was a mixed asian looking girl with black hair tan skin and cute little tits. but a double hand full of ass. In a bar over ten years later I saw her walk in and knew who she was. She looked the same as she did before. She sat at a table and her friend arrived a minute later. The band started at 9 and I ask her to dance. She said it might be a problem, due to my height and her being so short. If i would wait for a faster song, she would dance with me. I came back later and we did dance. at the table her friend was slow dancing so i sat and talked with her. I told her i remembered her being around years before, did she ever get married? She had married but he left her when they found she could not have c***dren. She came back home to be closer to her grand parents. She wanted to know who i knew her, I told her I had seen her with her Ex husband at the ball park. She told me most of the guys on his team tried to fuck her. One tried ot **** her in the womans room. The team kicked the hell out of him. He nearly had his dick in her when her husband came in. She sucked down long island iced teas and kept dancing with me. Then a slow song, buy now she was totally fucked up. I told her we could slow dance, she just needed to trust canlı bahis me. She allowed me to bend over and she wrapper her arms around my neck. The her legs around my waist. I danced around with her as she laughed and talked with me.This was the first time out since her divorce three years before. The last dance was a slow one and when I set her down, she nearly fall on the floor. I got her to the table and she pulled out her keys. I told her she could not drive this fucked up. She insisted i follow her home. I insisted she let me drive her home, and bring her back in the morning to get her car. She said that i could not spend the night, I could drop her off and then leave. She would get her car the next day. She suggested I just wanted to fuck her. I picked her up and carried her to my car. Got her in and drove her home. She fell out in her yard and lost her keys. It took me almost an hour to find her keys. When i found them I helped her in the house and started to leave. She ask me where i was going, I said home. She offered me a drink, and tried to get her boots off. It was no use, she could not get them off. So i pulled them off for her. I ask if she needed help with her clothes? Yes, take my pants off and my socks. I got them off and then pulled her shirt over her head, then Picked her up and carried her to her bed. Laid her on the bed and hovered over her. I told her that I was going to fuck her hard. “I thought you were going to fuck me, thats ok I need it, do you have a condoms?” I said yes I have some. I pulled one out and un rolled it on the head. She wrapped her hand around my cock. bahis siteleri It looked strange with her hands so small. Her fingers could not wrap the shaft and left a large space. Both hands wrapped around and still had enough left for her to choke on. I wish I had a camera back then. Pulled her bra and undies off. She had a well groomed hair patch and tiny tits. She had puffy nipples that looked like tiny tits. I spread her legs and sucked her pussy. I jammed my tongue deep inside of her and licked her tiny ass hole. I had her moaning and thrashing her arms around. She popped her fist one and fell limp in my hands. I piled her pillows on the bed and put her on top of them. Then I looked at those little feet and legs. I laid her foot on my cock and my cock hung over the end of her toes. I ask her if she could have k**s? she told me no. I then pulled the condom off and threw it in the floor. I was going to enjoy her pussy with out a glove. I did enjoy it for sure. I got about half of my cock in her and knew I had hit the bottom. she yelled out “Fuck you are killing me””Get it out some, SHIT!” I did back off and she calmly told me i could enjoy and fuck her, but please be kind and so not blow out her pussy. She did not want to be hurt, she just wanted a nice fuck. It had been a long time since she was married. I tried to put her on top, but she did not have the energy to ride me. So back on the pillows she went with me on top of her. I watched the head of my cock going in and out of her tiny pussy lips. she moaned and told me that feels real good. keep doing that for me. So thats how i fucked güvenilir bahis her for her second third and fourth orgasm. She told me I needed to finish, she wanted to get some sleep. So I sped the stroke up and hit her cervix a few times by accident. She was nice about it and took it. Then the big moment when i splashed a major load in her small pussy. juice ran every where and she knew it. she ask if the condom broke, I lied and told her she must have pulled it off when she was jerking my cock. She ask if I had anything? I told her no, I was clean. She laughed and said she bets I do not knock her up. She went to pee and came back. I pulled her in my arms and let her have the cum soaked pillow. (so kind of me) but i did put the wet side under for her. I laid there holding her and thought of her with the bikini on. I got hard and just pulled her ass apart and slid my cock in her. I did not fuck her, but just moved it in and out, feeling just how tight her pussy was. by now she was passed out sleeping. I left my cock in he and went to sleep my self. The next morning she ask where her car was, I told her. I got her a beer to help with her hand over. I drank one and got back in bed with her. She did not really want to fuck, but I got her in the mood.Including telling her that she promised me sex this morning if I would let her get some sleep the night before. This morning hang over and all for her, she managed to ride my cock. She did not hit her cervix, she did not pull my cock out of her. She did have two nice nuts as she moaned while riding me. She told me i needed to hurry up and cum, she was getting tired, her pussy was a bit sore from the night before. I did as she ask. I could see the cum running down my cock as she was riding me. That tiny pussy of hers sliding over my cock was one of the sights of a life time.

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