I Fucked My Mommy


It was short after my 18th birthday. My younger sister stayed the night with her best friend, so mom and me were alone at home. It was 9 p.m. – time to sleep for a little boy. I was in my bed reading a book. My mom came in and I thought, that she will give me a good-night-kiss like she did every evening. She had only a bathrobe on her nude body, that was unusual. I could see mom’s wonderful d?llet?I ever had seen mom as a beautiful sexy woman and had often masturbated thinking of her nude body. She closed the door and sat down on my bed. I expected my good-night-kiss, but she pressed her lips on my lips and kissed me deeply. I was very surprised and she said to me with a low voice, “I have to talk to you! You are now in an age you think about girls, having a girl-friend and…” she hesitated, “… And maybe you think about having sex with a girl!” I was surprised again and nervous. “I know that you will be a good, affectionate and passionate lover for a girl and I’m sure that you will satisfy her! And you know that without contraception you can impregnate her. And that is something no girl and no boy of your age wants! And there is a second risk: venereal diseases. Not only… And there is only one method to protect against both risks: you will have to use a condom!” She had a packaged condom in her hand and showed it to me. She smiled and whispered, “Do you know how to use it?” I was nervous, I was insecure how to use a condom, because I had never practiced it! I didn’t know what I should answer mom, she smiled and said, “It is no problem — I know how to use it and I will show you, if you want! Do you want?” I nodded in agreement and she seemed to be very happy about it.

She looked around. “I look for something here, looking like a hard penis…” Suddenly she looked at me and then she smiled and said, “The easiest possibility I didn’t see!” I didn’t know, what she wanted but then she removed the bedcover and said, “Remove your pajama trousers!”I was surprised. “Oh mom, I can’t do this!”She smiled and said, “Oh baby, you are my son, i’ve seen you naked so often, stop making such a fuss!” I removed my pajama trousers and was lying half naked in my bed, alone with my mom. My cock was soft, because I was too nervous for an erection.She looked at it and smiled. She escort izmit said, “To use a condom your penis has to be hard and erected.” I couldn’t look in her eyes, because it was embarrassing for me that my penis wasn’t hard. She noticed it. “It is no problem, baby! Normally you kiss and touch the girl, before you sleep with her. Some boys get an erection only when they see a naked girl, you too?” She looked in my eyes, I didn’t know what to do, she smiled, stood up, opened her bathrobe and let it fall down. My mom stood completely naked at my bed! I looked at her wonderful body, her nice tits and her hairy bush.I couldn’t resist and moaned, “Oh mom, you are so beautiful!”She smiled and said, “Oh thanks, baby! I know you like to see me naked. I know that you sometimes peek at me, when I’m in the bathroom!” I blushed and mom laughed, “Oh baby, no need to be ashamed, I like to feel you looking at me! But you don’t have to hide when you do it next time, ok?” I nodded, she sat down on my bed and looked at my half erected penis. She smiled. “It seems that it isn’t enough, what I did!” I stared at her tits, she noticed and said, “Do you want to touch them?” I was surprised about her question, but I nodded. She took one of my hands and placed it on one of her tits. She pressed my hand together and so massaged her breast. She moaned and asked me, “Do you like the feeling?” Oh it felt so wonderful! She looked at my penis then touched it.”Oh mom!” I groaned.I couldn’t believe my luck, she smiled at me and said, “You like it?”I nodded and she rubbed my penis in her hand. It was hard now for a long time, but she didn’t stop for a while. She grinned, “So it is good baby, so it is hard enough for a Condom!” She showed me how to open the package of the condom and to be careful with it. She put the condom and rolled it over my cock. She smiled, “Now you are perfectly prepared for sex with a girl, do you know what to do after the sex with the condom?” I shook my head and she explained, “After you came your cock will be soft and before it happens you have to hold onto the condom and pull it out of her vagina. Then you take off the condom and clean your penis before you begin the afterplay, OK?” I nodded. “I want to show you how to take off your condom, but your cock has be soft for it again!” She izmit escort waited some seconds and stared at my cock but it was harder than ever. She looked at me and said, “Oh baby, why do you do this?”I felt guilty and stammered, “Oh mom … I’m sorry … I can’t….because you…”She smiled again. “Because of me?! Oh Thomas that’s a great compliment for your mom.” She seemed to think about something. “Ok, then there is no chance to give you a relief. Do you want mommy to do it with you?”I nodded, I couldn’t believe, did she really want to fuck me? She climbed over me and took my hard penis in the condom in her hand. I saw her pussy. The tip of my cock touched her pussy, oh it felt warm. She looked in my eyes, while she took her son’s cock in her pussy. Slowly she took it in her warm, tight cunt!Oh it felt so wonderful with her! She now had my cock with its full length in her pussy. She breathed fast. “Oh I like it Thomas, what do you think?”I didn’t know what to say.

“Oh mom!” She began to ride slow and I saw my cock disappearing in her cunt and coming out of it again, oh it felt wonderful! But after some strikes of her I couldn’t resist. I came, and squirted all of my cum in the condom. “Oh mom! Oh mom!”She stopped and smiled, “Oh baby, so fast?” I tried to excuse me, but she said, “Oh no, all boys have this problem when it is their first sex! You were wonderful! And now look what I do with the condom!” She held onto the rubber and moved up, my cock slipped out of her wet pussy. The condom was from the outer part full of her cunt juice and from the inner part full of my cum. She took the condom off my penis and then put it away. She stood before my bed and said, “Sit down here on the edge of your bed!” I did what she said and she kneeled down in front of me. She put her hand on my legs. “Now before you begin the after play you have to clean your cock and there is a good method, which is very joyful for the man. I want to show you, if you want!” I nodded, mom smiled and lowered her head and took my cock in her wonderful, wet and warm mouth. I felt her tongue pressed against my cock and against the head of my cock. I couldn’t believe it!One moment she stopped and looked at me. “Oh Thomas, you taste so good!” She took my cock in her mouth again and after izmit kendi evi olan escort some seconds it was rock hard again. She smiled and said, “Oh you are such a good boy, I like your hard penis!” She took my cock in her mouth again and sucked it! Oh it was wonderful. I saw her mouth going up and down, she pressed her lips on my shaft and pressed her tongue against my glands.I could take it some minutes, but then I lost control. “Oh mom, I’m coming, I’m cum!”She now had my cock with it full length in her mouth and took all my cum. She sucked my cock like a baby sucks his mother’s breast, but it felt wonderful! She swallowed it all and after she had finished she smiled and said, “Oh you are a good boy, you taste so good!” She laid down and I placed my head on her breast. She covered both of us with the bedcover. Her hand caressed my head. She whispered, “Would you do your mommy a favor?” I nodded. “Please suck my tits like you did short after your birth!” I did what she wanted, her wonderful tits tasted excellent. She whispered, “Oh yes Thomas, that is good. You are such a good son. I want you to promise me, that you will never jack off again, ok? If you are horny you can fuck me if we have time And your sister isn’t at home. I think you have to train it. And if we are not alone or there isn’t enough time I can suck your cock fast in the bathroom to give you a relief. OK?” I looked at her and said, “OK mommy and sorry that I wasn’t good.”She was surprised. “Oh no baby you were wonderful, but a little bit too fast for an old woman like me!”I responded, “Oh no mom you are not old, you are a wonderful sexy woman!”She smiled and said, “Thanks baby, but now it is time to sleep, OK?” I nodded, placed my head on her breast and after some minutes I was in the world of dreams.In the next morning I woke up and thought I had had a wonderful dream. But the I saw my mom’s bathrobe on the floor. It was true! My mom had seduced me! Oh I felt wonderful. I heard the shower. It could only be mom. I joined her, she was surprised, but then gave me a deep kiss on my mouth. It wasn’t a mother-son kiss, it was a deep kiss between lovers. We did it again, I fucked her hard and fast. But I never used a condom fucking her pussy again.Now I’m 26 years old and still do it with mom. She never had another lover again. Nobody knows of our relationship – except my sister. She is now 31 years old and for years ago she found out our mother-son-secret, but that is another story……

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