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We were all laughing, catching up with our lives and drinking wine in the living room. My wife’s friend Jen was staying with us for a week or so after completing a messy divorce. Liv, my wife had reconnected with Jen, a friend from college, after hearing through the grapevine that she was having a rough time. They had fallen right back into the friendship as if they had never lost touch.

Jen had arrived the early Friday evening and we all talked for hours. This was the first time I had met her, but having heard all the stories from my wife, there was a familiarity that had made everything very comfortable. I sat watching the two talk, my wife a raven haired beauty with dark complexion and thick curves in contrast to Jen’s pale skin, red hair and thin body.

“Thank you two so much for letting stay at your place. Visiting with you is the lifeline I needed after all this. It’ll be great to be in the city and just be able blend in anonymously with the rest of humanity. That little suburban town was really getting claustrophobic.” Jen said, a tear leaking out of her eye.

“Oh honey, please, of course. I’m so looking forward to spending some time with you and I’m so glad we can help a little bit.” Liv said as she reached over to her friend sitting next to her on the couch and wrapped her arms around her.

“Jen, you are always welcome here. I’m sure you two have a lot to talk about and I’ve had a long week, so I’ll leave and bid you a good night. Just make yourself at home.” I assumed there were things they wanted to talk about without me hanging around. I got up and kissed my wife, gave Jen a hug and walked to the bedroom in back of the apartment.

Liv joined me about an hour or so later. I put down my book as a she entered to the bedroom.. “Your talk go well? Jen seems like a really great person.”

“Hmmm she is…” She said in a voice silkier than it needed to be. “So me and Jen were talking…” She interrupted herself as she pulled her dress over her head. “You won’t believe this, but she hasn’t had sex in like three years.”

And she unhooked her bra and pulled down her panties, stepped out of them and glided over to the bed naked. Liv would sleep nude sometimes, especially if we just had sex later in the evening, but didn’t often start out that way.

“Really, I can’t believe she has a hard time attracting men!” I said as Liv slide over to me on the bed.

“So you find her pretty, attractive?”

“I love you my wife, but I’m not dead.” I chuckled.

Liv snuggled next to me, her leg crossed over one of mine as a lay on my back. Her naked breast resting against my arm.

“Hm, so, yeah, she says she just doesn’t want to deal with the stress of meeting someone new, even if its for a casual thing and doesn’t want to fuck a friend from where she is living. She says it’s just too complicated.”

“I can see that I guess” And I suddenly noticed Liv was moving her hand under my boxers and began to slowly stroke my dick.

“Hmmm, so your a little hard already. Do you think Jen is hot babe? I think maybe you do”

“Um, yeah, um, I guess…” I stammered, not knowing what the hell I was supposed to say.

“Yeah, so we were talking about her not having sex…” and Liv pulled the front of my boxers down began to stroke my cock in earnest. “And I said I don’t know if I could do that, not be fucked for three years.” Putting an emphasis on the word “fucked. “I swear I would go out of my mind.”

“Ugh, yeah baby, I bet you would, ugh, um, maybe we could help her find someone.” it was getting harder to concentrate on our conversation.

“Someone for what? I want to hear you say it.”

“Ugh. hmmm, for sex, ugh, to, to someone to fuck her,” I staggered out.

“Hmmmm baby, I thought of the same thing, sort of.” And she leaned into my ear, stopped stroking my cock for a moment and whispered. “Baby will you fuck her for me?” And she again began to stroke me again. “I’ve had a little fantasy I’ve kept from you baby, I want to to fuck Jen, mmmmm, I want you to fuck her with this dick in my hand. It’s getting so hard now. I want you to to fuck and, and baby, I…I want to watch you. Watch you fuck her.”

I was close to coming, trying to sort out what Liv had just asked me. I had so many questions, but right now I was having a hard time forming words.

“Ugh, so, ugh babe it’s hard to think straight.”

“Oh, I know, don’t give me your thought out answer, just your lusty answer. Don’t you want to suck on those tits, taste her pussy and then put your cock in it, fuck her from behind…I want to watch you give her orgasms, look in your eyes while you hammer in and out of her and come all over her tits. Just say yes, ok, and I’ll let you come baby, I’ll let you come on my face, I know you like that baby”

“Umm, ugh, yes, ok, ok I’ll fuck her, for you…”

“I’m going to make you come so hard.” She jumped over me onto the floor next to the bed, not letting go of my dick, and had me swing my legs over the side. “She bakırköy escort said she would fuck you too, she liked my idea.” Liv began to diddle her clit with her free hand. “Tell me what I’m going to see while I make you come, tell me.

I was so close, she was stroking me hard and licking the head of my cock. “Oh fuck babe, I’ll pound her hard, would you like me to fuck her mouth first, eat her pussy, take her from behind so you can watch her tits swing under her?”

She just shook her head yes with the tip of my cock in her mouth. “Uuuuuugh I’m coming, I’m coming my little vixen!” I shot rope after rope, the first down her throat, the rest painting her face and tits.

When I was done, I looked into her eyes as she came down from her own orgasm.

“Baby, I can’t wait to see you come on her like you just came on me. I’m going to shower, we’ll talk about this more tomorrow. You just go to sleep.” And she padded out of the room.

The next morning I woke to an empty bed and the sound of muffled talking coming from behind the bedroom door. I got out of bed and threw on a robe. I wasn’t sure what to expect, or what to say for that matter. Was last night just a fantasy for Liv, or was my wife serious? Not being sure, I decided to just play it cool. Christ, how was I going to look Jen in the eyes.

“Hey baby, good morning sleepy head!” It was then I realized it was already mid morning. The girls were already dressed and ready to start the day, standing side by side at the counter drinking coffee. “I’m taking Jen for a spa day, so the apartment is all yours for the rest of the afternoon.” And leaned over and pecked me on the cheek.

They were beautiful standing there. Jen in a short skirt with a sheer white cotton button down shirt with her back bra showing through, Liv in black yoga pants and a shape forming white bodysuit. I had to adjust my stance and pull my robe tight so my half erect hard on wouldn’t be noticed. Jen’s words from the night before were ringing in my head.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this wife of your’s.” Jen added. “I’m so looking forward to this Liv, I can’t thank you enough. I don’t know what else you could do that is any better.”

“Well Jen, we better scoot, we don’t want to be late. Bye darling, why don’t you figure out what to cook tonight and get a bottle of wine or two before we get back.” And they both gathered their bags and walked out the door.

“Lock it behind us would you love.” And the door shut.

Nothing. Maybe mixed signals or I just dreamt of last night. It was probably just a just an idea in Liv’s head that she didn’t really act on and now in the light of day thought better of. Hopes dashed I suppose.

I spent the afternoon running errands in the neighborhood. I thought steaks would be a nice meal, something primal for Jen. Or maybe for me. To see past the fantasy that Liv had put in my head. I had to talk to her later, ask what the hell she was thinking. It was a long afternoon.

The girls walked through the door around four, bags in hand, as I sat on the couch.

“Hi baby, we’re back!” Liv sang as she walked into the living room. “We did a little shopping too. What did you get for dinner? We had a late lunch so no rush.”

“How was your spa? And I got steak.”

“Oh my god, that’s perfect! Red meat! That’s what I need. Oooooh the spa was a-mazing, so, so what I needed.” Jen said as she sat down next to me on our L-shaped couch. Her beautiful legs just went on forever ending with her feet in strappy high heeled shoes.

“You like my new red shoes?! I just had to wear them back here.” And she lifted one of her legs to better show off the shoe.

I swallowed hard, having to shift yet again to avoid being embarrassed. “Yeah Jen, really nice.” I said.

“Nice? I was hoping for more than that!” She said in a joking incredulous manner. “You know, sexy, hot…”

“Well I was just trying to be polite.” I smiled “But yes Jen, they are rather hot and sexy.”

Liv sat on the other side of me in the corner of the L. “Tell him about your massage Jen”

“Oh it was so nice, warm oils, really deep, that man knew how to use his hands!” She said as she looked off into space.

“Yeah I was right next to her getting mine. I had the woman, who was good, BUT she had the hunky guy!” Liv added.

“Oh My God he was fucking amazing.”

“Um yeah I guess you thought so, you flashed him like four times…” Liv trailed off.

“Ha, yes, but he didn’t take the hint, god I was so horny.” She and my wife stated laughing.

“Yeah, I thought my masseuse was getting uncomfortable, I cant imagine that guy!.” As they laughed, Jen’s skirt started to ride up her thighs higher and higher. My wife put her hand on my upper thigh and slipped her hand over my now hard cock.

“Hey babe,” Liv said to me “do me a favor.”

I turned to her.

“Hey can you kiss Jen, I think she would love that.”

I just stared at her. “Um, you sure Liv.” beşiktaş escort It had seemingly come out of nowhere. I mean I know we talked, well I’m not sure talked is the right word, but there wasn’t a mention of it until she asked me to kiss her friend. “Yeah, um sure, um…”

Jen got up and walked over to me, grabbed my head and spun it around then planted her lips on mine. It started soft, but grew in intensity until it was all saliva and tongues. I felt the couch shift as Liv got up and could see her out of the corner of my eye sit on the coffee table in front of us. Jen broke the kiss with a lustful smile on her face. We both turned to look at Liv.

“Ugh that’s fucking hot you two…” Liv said excitedly and she reached over to caress my hard on through my pants. “Jen you want this cock?” She said as she continued to rub my dick through my pants. “Do you want to sink your mouth on it, your cunt?” And she began to unbuckle my pants. She reached in and pulled out my cock and slowly stroked it with one hand. ” Taste it.” She demanded as she pushed the back of Jen’s head down until her lips touched the bulb of my dick.

Jen’s warm mouth engulfed my cock and Liv helped guide her while holding a fistful of her red hair. The look of shock must have still registered across my face as my wife guided her friend’s face up and down my shaft.

“Oh baby, can you believe Jen’s mouth is on your cock? Do you like me helping her baby? Ugh this is so hot.” She said while transfixed watching Jen’s mouth go lower and lower towards the base.

Liv helped Jen pick up the pace and I matched their rhythm with thrusts upward. I wasn’t going to last long like this. Liv must have sensed this when she buried my cock in Jen’s mouth up to the hilt and held it there. Jen was sputtering with Liv’s forced deepthroating. She then yanked her head back. Saliva dripping from her mouth as Jen sucked in air. She gave Jen a moment to pull more air into her lungs then pulled her mouth to hers in a passionate, wet kiss. Liv, still clinging to the knot of Jen’s hair, pulled her away awkwardly leaned over to me.

“I love the taste of your dick on her lips” She said while leaning over to kiss me. She then lowered her head in my lap and licked my cock down the shaft and over my balls. “And her spit on your cock.”

“Jen, baby, you like my husband’s cock?” Jen still had her grasp on Jen’s hair as she pulled Her head pulled slightly back.

“Hmmm, yes Liv. More?” Was all she could sputter out.

“Let’s get you naked! Baby, take your clothes off while I strip my friend here.” Liv commanded. I rose and began shedding my clothes. Still in a state of awe watching my wife give me over to her girlfriend, who she was now about to strip. Liv released Jen’s hair and moved from the coffee table where she was sitting to the couch behind Jen.

Liv placed her head next to Jen’s ear. “Are you wet after sucking my man’s dick? She whispered in her ear. “Let me check.”

With that Liv reached around slid her hand under Jen’s skirt. “Oh, no panties you little whore. Oh babe, she is soaking” Jen had one foot on the floor and the other leg bent underneath her. Liv pulled back the hem of her skirt to reveal Jen’s glistening cunt. “Look, we got her all smooth for you.” Liv said while moving her fingers through folds of Jen’s pussy. Jen’s eyes began to role back in her head as Liv continued her ministrations on Jen’s cunt. “See how wet she is my love. Here feel her.”

I moved one hand towards her smooth sex. Liv took my hand and guided it to Jen’s wet pussy. She had my fingers find her clit and circle it over and over.

“Hmmmm, ugh, yes. Please, ugh yes.” Jen uttered in a raspy whisper.

“Please what?” Liv asked teasingly. She moved her hand under mine and plunged two fingers into cunt. “This?” She began to rhythmically plunge her fingers in and out.

“Yes, yes!” Jen’s voice began to squeal. “Fuck, ugh, don’t stop, please…”

“Soon enough, you need to be fucking naked first.” Live pulled her fingers from Jen’s cunt, knocking hand away. She took both hands and grasped the two sides of Jen’s shirt and pulled them apart sending buttons flying. She roughly yanked the shirt off her shoulders and down her arms. When the shirt was off Liv reached around and pulled Jen’s breasts from the cups of her black lace bra and began to caress them. Jen at this point was putty in her hands, completely given over to her. She pinched her nipples into hard nubs. “You want to suck on these beauties don’t you baby?”

“Hmm I do my bride. But first finish undressing her.”

“Ummm yes. Definitely. Stand up our little toy let me rip the rest of these clothes off you.” Jen stood up and Liv pulled down the zipper on the back of her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She then pulled at her bra until the clasp snapped and the black lace fell with the skirt. She began to lean over to deal with her shoes.

“Leave those on baby.”

“Dirty boy!” She smiled. “Yes you’re beylikdüzü escort right, that is better.”

Liv stood behind her and started to caress her body. She pulled at one breast while reaching up to Jen’s neck and then softly stroking her cheek before placing her middle finger in her mouth. Jen reflexively began to suck on it as she moved her other hand from Jen’s breast down to her cunt. She wet her fingers and began to circle her clit.

“Oh baby, I can’t wait to watch you suck on these tits, they’re so amazing. Ugh, her cunt feels so good and she’s sucking my finger like a pro. How do you want her? She said she’d do anything baby. She’s so fucking horny, she told me baby. when i told her i wanted to watch, she said I was a, what did you call me Jen, what was that word?” And she took her finger out of her mouth.

“Hmmmm, ummm, fuck…cuckquean…a cuckquean.” And Liv put her finger back in her mouth.

“Oooh yes, I’m a fucking cuckquean. I like watching my man pleasure other women. Now, how do you want her?”

“Right now, just like that. Keep fingering her clit.” And I moved down the couch closer to Jen until I was sitting right in front of her pussy. “Let’s make her cum.”

Jen let out an audible sigh, followed by a quick intake of air when I buried my face and tongue in her cunt. She was so wet. Her juices were flowing down her thigh before I even started. I placed my hands on either side of her ass for leverage. Liv was diddling her clit furiously.

“Go ahead baby, cum for us. Let it go baby…” Liv began whispering in Jen’s ear over and over. Cum for us…cum for us…”

“Fuuuuuuuuck yes, yes, don’t stop! Uuuuuuuuuuggghh…fuck. Yes, yes yes…” Jen squealed as she fell over the edge, orgasming hard, legs shaking uncontrollably. Her pussy juice drenching my face.

Liv was holding her up. I stood and Liv more or less threw Jen onto the couch in a heap breathing hard.

“Taste her cunt!” And I kissed Liv deeply. She licked the remnants of Jen’s juice from my face.

“I’m tasting another woman’s cum on you baby. It’s so fucking dirty.”

Liv moved back one step. She was still fully clothed. “I going to rip my clothes off right now!”

“No, no, not until I’m done!” I cautioned.

“Ok…ok. Fuck. How do you want our little fuck toy?”

“All fours on the couch.”

“Hum yes, ok baby. Come on Jen, you heard him. All fours.” And Liv coached Jen onto all fours. “Ok baby, she’s ready. What do you want me to do?”

“Sit right there in the coffee table and watch.” And I reach over to gently kiss her on the cheek. “Just sit there baby.”

“Ok, yes I will.” She sat down, wide eyed. “You’re so fucking hard. How are you going to give it to her baby?” I began to move toward one end of the couch. “Oh baby, you’re got to fuck her mouth! Oh Jen, he’s going to let you suck his cock again! I’m so excited to watch…Jen aren’t you excited?”

Jen had been relatively silent throughout this whole experience. As I knelt in front of her, she raised her head and looked me straight in the eyes.

“Oh yes, yes Liv. I’ll suck him. I’ll do anything, you’re right, that’s what I said.” She reached up with one of her hands, balancing herself and stoked my cock. “Liv I’ll take your man anyway I can get him, just make sure you’re watching.”

“Oh Jen, I wouldn’t miss this. Fuck, suck on him, now our little slut. My love give it to her good, Fuck that mouth!”

Jen replaced her hand with her mouth, rocking her body to move her mouth farther down my shaft. I pick up Jen’s pace and started thrusting my cock into her mouth. Her tongue was working wonders and I was getting close to coming.

“Look at you, look at you! Fuck that face baby. Wow, ugh, she’s a mess already.” Jen was drooling, spit seeping from her mouth. Liv was rubbing her pussy through her clothes, her nipples straining at the material of her bodysuit, as she watched. “Cum down her throat, no, no, come on her! Like you did to me last night.

“Sit up, sit up!” I commanded Jen.

Jen moved to a sitting position on the couch and I moved to standing on the floor, somehow without her mouth breaking contact with my cock or her eyes with mine. She quickened her pace as Liv moved to her knees on the floor in front of us to get a closer look.

I grabbed Jen by the back of her head and pushed my cock in to the hilt and held it there until the first rope of come shot down her throat. I pulled out, come raking across her face. Jen grabbed my dick and pumped it furiously.

“Yes, oh fuck yes!” Liv shouted.

The last few spurts hit her chin and fell onto her tits. Liv knelt there awestruck. “That… that was better than I ever could have imagined.” Jen slumped to the back of the couch. “Look at her, she’s just… beautiful…”

Jen lay there panting, thoughtlessly stroking her clit, face streaked with my come.

“Baby.” I said as I reached out to cup Liv’s chin and gently pull her around to face me. “It’s time for you to clean her up.”

With that Liv nearly leapt onto the couch and straddled her friend. She leaned over and seductively kissed her. She then began her job in earnest, methodically licking the come from Jen’s face, working down her neck and finishing with her tits, making sure to suck on each nipple.

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