I had a dream


I had a dreamI know many of us who are addicted to porn frequently, during our waking hours, relive our favourite porn scenes except with the people we meet in real life being the participants. For me it is unusual to encounter a female colleague or even spot a random woman on the street without her then being the star in whatever porn scene is playing in my head.However, until last night I had never really had an extremely vivid dream, I wonder if it’s the same for others?Anyway,Here’s my dream.Unusually for me I decided to go in to work one weekend, trying to get some stuff done when nobody was around. When I came in on the ground floor the security guard seemed surprised to see me (fair enough) and looked slightly nervous. He was from Eastern Europe, tough looking guy , big and broad, very athletic. As usual I said hi and we exchanged pleasantries before I went up to my desk on the third floor. As expected there was nobody about and I immediately fired up my computer. As that was happening I thought I heard a noise coming from one of the meeting rooms near my desk. Initially, I I ignored them before I became convinced that, yes, I could hear someone grunting.Puzzled I pushed the door open and was astounded by what I saw. Our standard boring meeting room appeared to have converted into a BDSM dungeon. There before me, was a woman completely naked and shackled to the desk. Her feet were connected to the legs of the desk with her body bent over the top of it and her arms connected to the legs on the other side. Initially all I could see was the back of this woman, and I didn’t recognise her (not surprisingly). Due to her position she could not turn her headso I went around the front of the table to see to my astonishment that illegal bahis it was my secretary/assistant Michelle. The grunting was explained by the ball strapped into her mouth, she looked up at me, clearly shocked to see me and it looked like her eyes were pleading for me to take action.I started to try and release her hands, but then stopped. I had always fancied Michelle, and frankly she like every other woman in my life had treated me with disdain. It was well-known that I was a beta male with a micro penis (the result of a fumble with my previous secretary at a Christmas party five years ago). After that everyone knew what I was and treated me according.She looked at me when I stopped and I could see the anger in her eyes. I stepped back, wanting to appreciate the stunning body in front of me. Michelle had long black hair and dressed quite conservatively. Despite that, maybe because of that, her body drove me wild. It was obvious she had a large rack above her slimmed down waist, and finally it was visible to me.So many times I had fantasised about her. Her face was quite plain and she dressed conservatively, not really making the most of what I imagined were beneath her frumpy clothing. Occasionally I would catch a glimpse of her were the size of her chest was obvious. Occasionally during the summer she would wear something which showed off her body a little bit more, and it drove me crazy. I imagined that in her private life she was a complete whore. She wouldn’t get as much attention because of her face and the way she dressed so consequently she would need to be more aggressive in her pursuit of cock. For that reason she was a frequent star in the most extreme porn movie that played in my head day after day. illegal bahis siteleri And now here she was in front of me on display.I walked around the table slowly taking in everything before me. When I stood behind her I could see her long slim legs spread apart showing every inch of her gorgeous cunt (shaven of course) and asshole. I took my phone from my pocket and for the next few minutes circled her taking photos and videos for posterity. By now she was clearly furious, apparently thinking she was in control of the situation. I was going to enjoy this.So what does a beta male with a clit do to a stunningly beautiful woman in this position., I didn’t have to think long. I kneeled behind her, knowing that it was my wildest dream that I could worship the ass and cunt of such a beautiful woman, .As soon as I was behind her I stuck my nose in her ass hole sniffing her gorgeous pungent aroma. I gently lapped at its entrance, lost in my own lust. initially Michelle wriggled and grunted even more loudly as she felt me touch her. That just spurred me on I pulled her ass cheeks apart and just as I had imagined many many times I pushed my tongue past her sphincter. It felt glorious, I was invading her. As I did that I started to rub gently on her clitoris, for the moment avoiding her glorious pink and increasingly wet cunt. After a number of minutes of this Michelle’s resistance broke and to my huge delight I became aware that rather than resist she was trying to help me. I decided to switch my attention, pushing my lips and nose into her now sopping wet cunt. At the same time I pushed two fingers into her ass hole. She pushed back against me (I knew she was a whore). Just then I felt a torrent of liquid hit my face, canlı bahis siteleri initially surprised I paused and then realising that Michelle was pissing on me I pressed my mouth to her and drank and swallowed her gorgeous piss. In my excitement I slipped a third and fourth finger into her ass and again felt her pushback against me. When she stopped pissing I kept some in my mouth and went around to look around the face so she could see me swallow what she had given me. Anger had left her eyes and what I could see was wanton lust.I soon returned to her gorgeous inflamed cunt. Intrigued I decided to slip four fingers between her cunt lips. I giggled as they slipped in easily, almost hungrily trying to devour my hand. While her movement was limited it was obvious that she was flexing her pelvis in encouragement. My hands slick with her gorgeous juices so I decided to simultaneously fist her cunt and ass hole. As both of my hands invaded her she squealed like an a****l. I ignored her, confident that after a few moments her insatiable body would be trying to pull my arm into her. I alternated between pushing my right hand into her ass and my left into her cunt. Within a couple of minutes my suspicions proved correct. She responded to my probing by pushing back, clearly wanting more of me inside her I was determined to give her a simultaneous anal and cunt orgasm. In out, in out my arms to stand into her and to my everlasting wonder she pushed harder and harder demanding more of me inside her soon my arms were a blur, in out in out………. the room smelt of her beautiful bodily fluids, piss, cunt juices and the gorgeous aroma from her ass., Noticing her increasingly furious devouring of me I started to push both hands in at the same time and that pushed her over the edge. I buried my hands up to my wrist, one in her rectum and one in her womb and she squealed like a pig. her headthrashed from side to side and her bladder emptied itself into my waiting mouth. Perfection,

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