I Honestly Thought She was my Wife!

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I Honestly Thought She was my Wife!I Honestly Thought She was my Wife!Getting home early after a hard weeks work. I parked my car in the garage and relaxed. On Fridays my attractive wife is normally home way before me, unless she has gone shopping with her older sister; by 18 months.Being horny I fire up our old computer. When it builds up a head of steam I type in Xhamster Stories. After a couple of stories I watch a couple of video clips only stopping when I hear my wife’s car pull onto the drive.I peek out the window to see she is bending over the boot sorting out the shopping. Then I notice ‘THAT’ shirt! I told her to get rid of it or I would rip it off her when I next saw it. Well that’s coming off.Standing behind the kitchen door, my heart beating and dick hardening I wait. The front door opens. I hear her approach the kitchen. Then she’s in front of me still unaware of my presents.Silently I move closer. In one swift movement, my heart in my mouth, I wrap an arm around her chest, a hand clasping her left boob. My other hand is over her mouth. I pull her tight against me; she struggles. I’m too strong. Holding her firmly I whisper, “Stop struggling and I’ll won’t hurt you.” Instantly recognising my voice she stops; her body is still tense.“I told you what I would do if I saw that shirt again.” Still with a hand over her mouth I rip her shit open; her braless boobs exposed. Eagerly I roughly maul one boob. My hand over her mouth feels vibrations from a deep moan. Taking a chance I release her mouth and as she nestles her head into my neck I’m able the maul both boobs; awesome! While teasing her nipples roughly, a deep moan escapes her mouth. bursa escort I freeze. This is not my wife! Seeing me stop I hear, “That’s right Dave. It’s not me.” Looking over my shoulder I see my wife standing in the hall with a bag of groceries in each hand.“I thought it was…..” “Maybe” my wife cuts me off, “but now you know you’re still holding my sister tits!” The imposter wife breathlessly ask, “Please sis don’t stop him. I sooooo horny now.”We’ve talked about spicing up our love life, being married for 7 years, but never acted on it. My hands remain holding my wife’s sisters firm boobs, unmoving. “Please Sis. Please.” I’m still looking at my wife for permission as she thinks. Eventually she smiles and says, “Her major fantasy is being r4ped. You have my permission.”I start mauling her boobs more softly until my pray complains, “My husband only ever makes love to me; gently. If you want to screw me you’ll either r4ape me or let me go?” Well my dicks hard, my hearts beating fast and I really fancy r4ping my wife’s beautiful sister.With the devil on my shoulder, I forcefully sweep her arms behind her back forcing her breasts out. My spare hand viciously squeeze a boob. Twisting and pulling her nipple causes her to scream in pain. When doing the same with her other magnificent boob she starts rubbing her bum hard against my groin. My dick is loving this added stimulation.Stealing kisses along her neck has her purring. Still holding her hands behind her back I roughly push her into the lounge and over to a medium height lounge chair. Releasing her arms I force her to bend over the back of the chair; face in the seat. With one hand on the small bursa escort bayan of her back I can easily hold her down. Pulling her thigh length skirt up she playfully kicks out. Her white knickers come into to view while I tuck the hem of her skirt into its waistband. I receive a painful kick and instantly smacks her bum hard. She tries again. However after six to eight, I didn’t count, hard spanks she ceases her futile kicking.Taking a pair of first aid scissors, which I had earlier hidden in the chair after warming my wife what I would do, and made three cuts. One cutting the knickers waistband above each leg and one across the back. Pulling the material slowing up I maximise the friction against her swollen clit. “Ohhhh, that’s nice,” my wife’s impersonator mummers. I must say that her recent spanking as made her beautiful ass glow a very fetching pink. Wrapping her knickers into a ball I bend over her body and command, “Open wide.” Getting no response I locate a nipple and twist. Her cry is soon muffled by her knickers.Pulling her hands to the small of her back I pin her their helplessly bent over. One handed I release my belt, buttons, zip, allowing my trousers to fall. Lifting my swollen dick and balls over the waistband of my boxers, I kick her feet apart allowing me access.I allow myself the pleasure of checking to see that my wife’s sister is ready to be r4ped. As soon as my finger touches her pussy I know. Her clit is un-hooded and erect. Her pussy-lips are coated in her cream. Gosh she hot and horny.Knowing that she’s ready I line my dick up and r4pe her. My balls swing hitting her clit from the ferocity of my first thrush. She escort bursa must have pushed her knickers out as she arches her back and hollows, “You bastard. Go on r4pe me.” I take this fine beauty just the way she wants. Very hard but not tooooo fast. I’m really enjoying fucking her; especially with my wife watching.All too soon my wife’s sister is wailing over her exploding orgasm. Her pussy is clenching my dick like a strong hand shake! My balls and ready. “Where do you want me to….” Since giving her permission my wife hasn’t said a word throughout the r4ape fantasy. Now at the moment of explosion she commands, “In her un-protected pussy of course.” Hearing this is simply too much and with a hard stabbing action I jab seven or eight squirts of man-juice deep into her womb. Still holding her ass cheeks apart I pant exhausted. As we recover my withering dick slips out.My wife’s sister can really take dick. I wonder if her blowjobs are as good?During our post orgasmic bliss the hall clock sounds 5. “Shit,” the wife’s impersonators cries. “Hubby will be home soon. I must go.” She rolls down her skirt and picks up her buttonless shirt. “I can get away without knickers but not this.” My wife removes her shirt and hands it over. It, by the way is the ‘THAT’ shirt that should have been destroyed. Reminding her sister she says, “Here but remember if you wear it around my husband you know what will happen to you.”My wife’s sister puts it on and stroking my lip dick she kisses me saying, “I hope you r4pe me again some time. As they move to the door to say their goodbyes. I hear my wife say, “I’d planned an early tea but seeing you r4ped has got me so horny I’m going to r4pe my husband. Whether he likes it or not. They both laugh and my dick starts to rise!No relationships were harmed in the making of this adventure.I hope that you have enjoyed this story RegardsJack

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