i just couldnt help it!!


i just couldnt help it!!Based on a true story….I woke up wet and horny as hell. I knew I needed and wanted some hard dick to take care of my aching pussy. I could have rolled over and fucked the shit outta my hubby, but I wanted the feel and taste and smell of some strange. It had been a while since I had some. I just couldnt help it! After a while of not getting some new dick, I just go stir crazy!Now, I know, many of you might think, “what a slut…blah blah blah”! But, I wont disagree! I love being a slut! The freedom of having sex with who I choose, when I choose and how I want it just does something for me. Granted, I am married to a wonderful guy, nice size cock and a freak himself, but sometimes I just crave others.Anywho…I did end up rolling over and fucking my husband. Riding him and sucking his cock first thing in the morning, makes for an awesome start for him. So, after showering and helping him getting ready for work, I asked “Can I get some dick today, baby?” He looked me dead in my eyes, licked his lips and said, “Your going to be a good slut for daddy today, arent you”? From that moment on, my day was going to be great.He ended up kissing me and getting a little more wet sloppy head from me, before he slipped out the door for work. As soon as he left, I texted my “college guy”. A little back ground… I call him that because he is in college, 21 and the cutest thing I have ever fucked. Nice size cock, great kisser and very very innocent when it comes to sex, which makes it all the more fun to fuck his brains out and do whatever I want to him. Whenver I want to fuck, he comes. Whenver sekabet yeni giriş I want to meet, in the car, just to suck his hard cock, he comes. Whenever I want to tie him up and have my way with him, he comes. MMMMMMMMM, damn righting this is making me want to call him now, but I digress…ha haAnyway, I texted college guy “wanna bring my dick to me?” He instantly replied, “YES!” Damn, i started to get soaked. I text him back to meet me at my place in an hour cause I had to shower and get ready. He was there in exactly an hour. Hes always on time;) To paint the picture, of what college guy looks like. He’s about 6’0, medium build, brown hair and brown eyes. Sounds like normal features, but he was nothing normal. He always had this intense look in his eyes that sent chills down my spin and always got me instantly wet when he looked directly into my eyes. He was always licking his lips…sorta like the LL cool J thing, and it drove me wild. He was also extremely quiet. Except when I was really giving him this wet pussy good, but ill talk more about that later 😉 He was awesome with his hands and tongue and really just a good guy!He knocked on the door and I answered it naked. His eyes widened with surprise and he looked at me from head to toe, before he could even get in the door I could see his cock gettin hard in his basketball shorts. I grabbed him by the hand, pulled him in, shut the door behind him and pushed him into the wall, in the entry way of my apartment. I pressed my naked body against him and started to lick his sexy licks. I ran my tongue the length of his mouth right sekabet giriş before he stuck his tongue out for me to suck on. He knows I love to do that and I didnt hesitate to take his long tongue in my mouth and suck on it nice and gently. While doing that, he started to raise his hands and rub on my big ass, but I didnt let him, I pushed them out away from me and made him put them behing his back. Then, the tongue sucking became intense, passionate, deep kissing. Im moaning because he taste so good and he never makes a sound.I abruptly stop kissing him, reach up with my hand, behind his head and pull his hair forcefully. Then, I whisper in his ear, “did you miss Momma?” He didnt answer, but I knew what he was thinking. In an instant, I dropped down to my knees, pulled down his basketball shorts and boxers. His hard cock, waiting and wanting to feel the warmth and wetness of my mouth. But, I just teased. Licking the sensitive head, sticking my tongue in his piss whole, then running my tongue up and down the entire shaft, head to balls, all the way around. I could feel his body gettin more and more tense, cause he was already ready to shoot his first load. The first load always comes fast, which I love, by the way. I get to taste the hot, sticky, thick cum within the first 15-20 minutes of our meeting. That makes for a great fucking session. I finally swallow his entire cock. I could feel his head tickling my tonsils and making me choke a little. He started to move his hips at a steady rhythm and the rhythm got faster and faster and more of an urgency. I knew he was close to cumming sekabet güvenilirmi deep down my throat, I stopped, looked up into his eyes and said “feed Momma!” Thats all it took. Before I could completely get his cock back in mouth and down my throat, I heard him say, “Im cumming Momma” and he was feeding me his seed, just like i wanted. It felt like a flood gate was open in the back of my tongue and I was able to catch every drop of it and swallow it all.He was trying to catch his breath, but I grabbed his hand, and started pulling him out of the entry way, into the living room. I forget that I didnt completely pull his pants and boxers off. I only pulled them to his ankles, so as I was pullig him, he tripped and started to fall. I sort of caught him and we both fell up against the other wall in the entry way. We laughed and I helped him to completely get naked so I could have more fun with him.I lead him to the couch. Told him to sit down and I would be right back. I came back to find his cock already hard and waiting. He looked at me with those intense eyes again and I just had to touch him. I got on my knees, a couple of feet away from him, with my arms behind my back. I slid my legs open and pulled my arms from behind my back. I was holding a blindfold and one of my favorite toys. I took the toy and put it in my mouth. It was a dildo, about 8 inches long and very thick. I sucked on it and played with my pussy while he watched. He started to sit sit up and come to me, but I told him to stay and just watch. I took my hand from my now drippin wet pussy and put 3 fingers in my mouth and sucked my juices. Then, I took that same hand and rubbed and pinched my very hard and aching big brown nipples. By this time, I really had to feel and taste him again, so I got on all fours and crawled to him on the couch. His cock never got soft…….to be continued……..

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