Subject: I Kissed my Brother by Mistake – Part 5 Chapter 5: I’m in love with you Rhett didn’t seem to be too affected by the wild stuff that transpired between us. He acted as if nothing had happened, and I was really relieved that he didn’t freak out on me. Although I couldn’t help but notice how he subtly avoided any intimate moments that could lead to us talking about what happened. He would suddenly excuse himself to the bathroom or do anything he obviously didn’t need to do, but I didn’t put too much meaning to it. I just thought he wasn’t ready to talk about something he didn’t understand yet. I always thought Rhett was straight, and I still do, but there has to be at least a little curiosity in him for him to have done those things with me. Sure, he has a girlfriend and he hasn’t had any romantic relationship with guys in the past — heck he even went through a phase during our childhood when he was extremely homophobic, which he apologized and felt remorse for when I eventually came out, but I think you have to be at least a little gay to even consider having sex with a guy, let alone if he’s your brother. Rhett kept on talking about Astrid and it began to piss me off but I didn’t show it. I just thought it was his way of feeling better about himself and forgetting about what happened, so I just rolled with it and feigned interest. For the first time though, he changed in the bathroom and got out fully dressed which made me feel hurt, but I just swallowed the feeling. “Let’s go?” he said as we headed out. He locked the door and we walked to the elevator. The silence was a bit uncomfortable so I fished out my phone to cut the awkward air, noticing a few texts from Johann. He said he was down by the lobby waiting for me a few minutes ago. As soon as the elevator doors open, Johann sees us, his face visibly lighting up as he approaches us. Meanwhile, beside me was Rhett looking coldly at his teammate. “Hey Wyatt.” he smiled. Johann looked incredibly dapper and handsome. His morning face looked so fresh, and his pearly white teeth showed when he smiled; his hair was effortlessly slicked backwards with a few strands tousling in front. “Hi Johann, good morning.” I beamed. He turned over to Rhett and said, “Hey man.” Rhett simply nodded and we headed out. “Do you guys wanna get a ride to class?” I looked over at Rhett who was lazily fiddling with his phone. He looked at us blankly. “Go ahead, Wyatt. I’ll just walk, I have to meet up with Astrid anyway.” Without a moment’s hesitation, he walked away without turning back. I sighed. Johann opened the door to the passenger seat for me, and I felt a little shy when the people walking outside the dorm gave us meaningful looks. He trudged to the driver’s seat and sighed loudly as he looked at me with a smile. “What?” I asked. “You look really cute in the morning.” I felt the familiar heat rush to my cheeks as I struggled to think of a reply but I ended up just looking away and staring at the dashboard instead. He chuckled. He started the engine but when we didn’t move for a while, I looked back at him. He was looking at me with his body slightly leaned towards me. I bit my lip. “You drive me crazy, you know that?…Can I kiss you?” I felt all warm and I embraced the wonderful feeling as I nodded and smiled. He slowly leaned in and locked our lips in a gentle, fleeting kiss. He pulled back for a while to meet my eyes and I was frozen in the moment. He placed a few more tender kisses on my lips before pulling away completely and starting to drive. It didn’t take too long before we arrived outside the building as we got off and he walked me to my class. I could tell that he wanted another kiss before leaving but he knew better with all the other students already looking at him. My day was pretty uneventful like any other Mondays; I just sat through the class, taking notes every now and then and exchanging bored looks with Finn. We had lunch together and just talked about school and org stuff. It wasn’t until we were dismissed from my last class when I saw Johann waiting for me outside the room. My knees felt a bit weak to see such a handsome guy patiently waiting for me like that. “Hey.” he said. “Hi.” I replied, failing miserably to suppress my smile and ending up beaming in the end. We walked out of the building together as he asked about how my day went. We ended up sitting on the stone benches by the field, the same spot where he took me on the day we met. We just talked about nothing in particular before he reached for my hand and intertwined it with his. There weren’t too many people around so no one really noticed but when I looked at him, he was slightly blushing and he was looking away. We were filled with comfortable silence for a while as my heart began to flutter from the things he was doing. After a while, he took my hands and kissed the back of it as he looked at me intimately. “Wyatt, I… I couldn’t stop thinking about you the entire day. I’m fucking screwed.” he chuckled nervously. I was basically afloat the entire time I was with Johann. His words, his actions, and his stares made me feel intense emotions that I didn’t know how to deal with. I’m not entirely sure, but I think I’m beginning to really, really like him. “I thought about you too…” I quietly said. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips, sighing contentedly as he pulled away. I didn’t notice how long we just sat there in silence until the sky began getting a tad darker. “Come on, let me walk you home.” he said. “Hmmm. I wanna watch your football practice for a while…” I lazily said. “You sure? You might get bored there, and coach would chew me off if I slacked around practice with you… on second thought, that’s a great idea.” he chuckled. “It’s alright silly, I’ll just keep myself busy watching you…” I said way too flirtatiously, making me inwardly cringe at myself, but it worked since he bit his lip and smirked. “… besides, Rhett will be there, I can just go with him on our way back to the dorm.” “Alright then.” We walked towards a series of rooms on one of the corners of the field until we reached their locker room where a bunch of topless guys changed. I saw Rhett by the end of the row of lockers in nothing but his shorts. He seemed very puzzled about my sudden appearance and I was about to head towards him when some of the guys asked Johann who I was. “This is Wyatt. He’s Rhett’s brother, he just wanted to watch our practice today.” Some of the guys pooled to istanbul travesti a circle in front of us while the others kept themselves busy with their business. I was suddenly made aware of how I was surrounded by beefy and hunky topless men, and I just tried shrugging it off by putting a smile and saying hi to everyone. “Is he your boyfriend or something?” one guy asked, earning a collective laugh from some of the guys. I felt a bit uncomfortable. Johann wrapped his arms around my neck and held me closer to him. “No, but I’m working on it.” he enthusiastically said. The guys hooted and cheered but the others were visibly irked and disgusted with what he said. I locked eyes with Rhett as he didn’t even do so much as try to hide his annoyance when his eyebrows were permanently creased. I didn’t get to talk to Rhett because after just a few seconds, their coach entered and yelled at them to stop slacking and start changing. Their practice started after a while and I kept myself busy at the stands just watching some sports I didn’t know shit about while occasionally fiddling with my phone when I got too bored. Rhett stood out among all of them. He seemed to have held the ball the longest and he was guarded the most. He was so agile and hot. For a moment, I forgot that I was actually here to watch Johann. I was so caught up watching my brother when I realized that the practice was over and Johann was approaching me. He stopped in front of me as I saw his friends walking back to the locker room. I ogled his sweat covered body openly as he took his shirt off. I bit my lip. “Damn baby… stop looking at me like that. I won’t be able to stop myself…” he said. I chuckled and placed my hand on his chest, recoiling at the warm and wet touch. “Go and have a shower and put on a shirt, Johann, you’ll get yelled at again.” he pecked me on the lips before finally dashing to the locker room. It took them quite a while before they started to disperse from the room. I ran towards Rhett as soon as I saw him leave. “Hey, Rhett.” he looked at me, and then behind me. I saw Johann approaching as he thanked me for being patient and sending me off with Rhett with a kiss. Rhett stared at the ground the whole time. Rhett and I walked towards the dorm in deafening silence. I thought about talking and breaking the silence many times but it just seemed so inappropriate at the moment because Rhett didn’t seem to be in the mood to talk at all. Maybe he’s tired. Once we got in the elevator, I spoke. “I’m sorry, Rhett.” “Why are you apologizing?” he said without bothering to look at me. “I don’t know… I just feel like you’re mad at me…?” He looked at me blankly. “Why would I be mad at you, Wyatt?” He shifted his eyes ahead and looked like he was deep in thought, as if his question was not addressed to me but to himself. I took a long warm bath and lost all sense of time when I went out to Rhett setting up the table and gesturing for me to come and eat. He ordered chicken and salads for a change. I made an effort to talk about his day so we wouldn’t go completely silent during the entire dinner, when I noticed that Rhett would still mention Astrid’s name more than he ever had before even if she didn’t have anything to do with the topic. I felt as if he was establishing to me the fact that he has a girlfriend, which I had no problems with by the way, and that everything that happened last time was nothing more than a product of his horniness and mine. I honestly felt hollow in the chest, but I couldn’t force him or do anything about it anyway. He seemed to notice the flip of my mood so he stopped. He asked me about my day, wincing every time I mentioned Johann, but still he let me talk and it actually made me feel better to be able to talk about my day with my brother like we were normal siblings for once. I disabled my phone alarm because tomorrow would be a holiday and as soon as my head hit the pillows, I was out like a log. I stirred awake muzzily from what probably was the longest sleep of my life. I felt the familiar firm softness and warmth under my hand as I dangled and rested one of my legs on another incredibly warm and cozy pillow. I hadn’t quite woken up completely yet but as I started opening my eyes, I realized that it wasn’t a pillow I was hugging but Rhett! My head rested snugly on one side of his meaty chest as my hand rested on his farther shoulder, my entire arm now sending fuzzy signals to my entire body from the electrocuting contact with his smooth torso. The slow and steady rise and fall of his chest was so therapeutic that I almost fell back asleep. I buried my face in his pits and inhaled the intoxicating smell of his shower gel mixed with his manly musk. All the while letting my hand gently explore the smoothness of his developed midriffs, sliding upwards until I was softly and absentmindedly fondling his man-breasts. I slowly veered down to see that his raging morning wood was pinned down, pointing to his stomach, by my dangling thigh. More than half of his length was exposed as it was just that big. Out of instinct, I slid my thighs up and down. I didn’t exactly have full control over myself at the moment as I was driven mostly by my morning grogginess. Rhett’s breathing started getting heavier until he began softly moaning. I looked up nervously and fell into panic when I saw him wide awake and lazily staring at me. I searched for words but it was as if my brain shut down from the intense embarrassment I felt at the moment. I probably looked like a deer caught in headlights until he pressed my head back against his chest, bucking his hips roughly against my leg and grunting in pleasure from the friction. I collected myself and let myself be engulfed by lust as it seemed like Rhett was fine with what I was doing. I slid my hands that rested on his chest downwards, encapsulating his dickhead which was already damp with his precum. I lifted it off his stomach and released it from the air repeatedly, getting fascinated by the slapping sound it made against his stomach as Rhett grunted in impatience. I chuckled and started pumping his thick shaft, gently at first, until I gradually built speed and force under my hands. I opened my hands and pressed my palms hard against his dick, rubbing aggressively across his length until it reached his low-hanging balls. Rhett’s arm snaked around my body while his hand rested just on top of my butt as he pressed me closer to his body. I begrudgingly tore kadıköy travesti myself away from his torso as I positioned myself in between his legs, memorizing the sight of his huge cock obstructing his face from my view. I kissed the underside of his raging dick, my nose and lips rubbing unabashedly as I slid my face up and down. I let my hands memorize every muscular ripple of his thighs as they ventured upwards, kneading his developed midriffs and finally capturing his chest. “Wyatt, please…” he desperately asked. I peeked at him over his cock as both his hands rested on the back of his head.I retrieved my hands and wrapped them jointly around the base of his dick. “What?” I teased. He bucked his hips forwards. “Come on, why do you like teasing me like this so much?” he frustratedly asked. I grinned. Without tearing my eyes away from his, I slowly wrapped my wet lips around his cock as I gradually took him in. His eyebrows creased upwards from the center in pleasure as he grunted softly. I wanted this blowjob to be slow and sensual so I took my time bobbing my head up and down lazily without breaking our eye contact. Rhett’s breathing became uneven which meant that I was doing a good job. He gently scooped a bunch of hair behind my head as he seemed to want to be in control of the pace. It was more or less the same pace, but he forced me to take him deeper into my throat. Every now and then, he would completely pull out of my mouth and trace my lips hard with his dick. “You like that, huh?” he teased. I stuck my tongue out and nodded. Not too long after, his face twisted into such a lewd expression as his thrusts became faster and faster until he was practically fucking my throat as fast as humanly possible. With one last deep thrust, my nose crashed against his lower stomach as he shot warm ropes of cum down my throat. He was moaning crudely, no longer caring if anyone could hear him. He panted from exhaustion as he cupped my cheeks. “Damn Wyatt… you were fucking born to suck my dick.” he chuckled. He playfully slapped my cheeks as his dick was still lodged deep inside my mouth. I spoke garbledly, the vibration of my throat making him wince because of his sensitivity. I finally pull him out of my mouth and smile. I lay back beside him, careful not to be too close so I didn’t unintentionally upset him. He noticed my apprehension and tugged me closer so that I was back to my initial position where my head was resting comfortably against his chest. “Why am I in your bed, Rhett?” I asked, clueless as to how I ended waking up in his bed with him. “You had a bad dream and you asked me if you could sleep with me. You don’t remember?” he asked. “Oh… Sorry about that.” “It’s alright,” he paused. “What do you wanna do today?” I’m surprised by how willing Rhett was to stay as intimate as we are now. His arm was still snaked around my torso and his hand was ever lightly caressing my hips, seeming almost ghostly and unnoticeable. I couldn’t even stop my heart from fluttering just because of our position, but somehow I managed to reply. “Hmm, well I’m kinda hungry.” “Alright then, let’s grab lunch somewhere.” He intended to get up but I stubbornly held him in place. “Come on, Wy, it’s past 11 already.” Defeated, I let him get off his bed and he went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. We both prepared swiftly and before I knew it, he was driving us away from the university. We pulled over at a parking spot in front of Wingstop, and I couldn’t help but feel overly giddy as I pulled out of the car; in a way, Rhett and I were on a date and I was just so excited. He ordered us food from the menu that I was sure was way more than we could handle, but I was proven wrong yet again when he showed his monstrous appetite. I was already full after only so many bites but Rhett went strong for about 10 more minutes after I finished. I just subtly watched him eating, chuckling occasionally when he had way too much sauce spattered on his cheeks. Here is my brother, frisky but gentle, unreadable but caring, and I loved him so dearly that it went beyond the kind of love allowed between brothers. I closed my eyes shut the moment I felt the warm tears pool behind my eyes to suppress it. On the way home, I noticed a heighting tower, almost like a skyscraper, boasting in the distance. It was a castle from an amusement park, and I couldn’t help but reminisce about the times we went to one when I was a child. Rhett noticed. “Wanna go?” he asked. “Yeah sure.” I jokingly said as if going to an amusement park was a huge blow to my maturity but deep down, I really wanted to go. I was taken aback when he made a turn towards the entrance. I looked at him all surprised as he tried to hide his grin from my reaction. “Oh my god, Rhett, are we actually going in?” I said as he parked our car a couple of spaces away from the entrance. “Sure, why not? We don’t have anything better to do today anyway. Besides, it’s fun to see you get so excited like this.” he casually said. I beamed at him, no longer caring about what he thought about my excitement for amusement parks. I watched his wide back as he talked to a person in the booth. I scoured the area past the entrance and saw that a rather thick crowd was exploring and walking considering it’s a holiday today. After a while, Rhett shows up in front of me with two purple tickets having “Premium” imprinted on top of each. “Bought us premiums, so we don’t have to wait in line for too long.” he said. He gave me one and we finally entered what I thought was the most magical place I’ve ever seen in a while. Forgive me for being too corny but I was really taking my time to absorb the sights of the park. We first rode what seemed to be individual park swings with chains stretching way up to a spherical ceiling which was attached to a cylindrical contraption. The ceiling started to rotate, and we were thrown into the air in concentric motions. When the pace of the rotations were at its peak, I forced myself to look at Rhett even if I was almost pissing my pants from the intense speed, but I forgot it all when I saw him sporting the most genuine smile I’ve ever seen him with. He was having fun as much as I was and it melted my heart right then and there. We tried about four more thrilling rides and I couldn’t just ignore how gentlemanly he acted around me. It’s the little things like him insisting on letting me get ahead in line, holding my back gently when people passed through, bakırköy travesti and other things which I just felt were… different from what he would normally do. We sat by the nicely set table with an overarching umbrella in front of an ice cream stall. He handed me my bubblegum-flavored confection while he held a chocolate flavored one on his other hand. We sat across each other and after a while, he deliberately looked at my lips as he tapped on his own with his finger, communicating something I didn’t quite get. I felt my cheeks burn when I pieced together what he wanted me to do. I swallowed the lump in my throat, stood up partly, and reached forwards as I gave him a quick peck on the lips. His eyes grew wide with surprise as he quickly scoured if anybody we knew saw what I just did. I was suddenly filled with embarrassment as I shrunk in my seat, expecting Rhett to blow up from having done something so stupid and unprecedented. His expression softened and he chuckled. He reached his hand out to swipe some of the ice cream on the side of my mouth, licking it off clean from his thumb afterwards. It was my turn to have my eyes open wide from surprise. “Sorry…” I muttered. “For what?” he asked. “For kissing you like that.” “Why are you sorry? You didn’t like how I tasted?” he smirked. “No. It’s just that… I don’t know.” I looked down at my half eaten ice cream defeatedly. He chuckled and scooted his chair over to my side. “It’s alright, Wy. I’m not mad. Just be a bit careful… uhhh.. next time.” he said as he looked away, slightly blushing. I felt my heart pounding hard. It was a quarter before six and the sun was just starting to set when I found myself waiting in line with Rhett to a haunted house ride. It wasn’t actually a ride per se, people are supposed to come in and walk a series of rooms and passages, and I didn’t like the idea. I’m not exactly the most fearless person, but Rhett was really into stuff like this so I didn’t bother to complain. We first entered a briefing where a point person lady gave out some house rules for the entirety of the “ride”. We were made to pass through a narrow hallway until we got to the first room which was themed after an eerie carnival. A collective sound of laughter echoed across the room and I swallowed my whole pride when I wrapped my arms around Rhett like a tin foil to a burrito. He didn’t have any trace of fright in his body as he was shaking not from fear but from laughing because of me. I playfully smacked his chest but he didn’t even consider stopping making fun of me. Even when all the nerves of my body were on high alert from danger, I still couldn’t ignore the burning feeling of coming in contact with Rhett’s smoking body. I involuntarily pictured him naked as I clung to him helplessly which somehow alleviated my fright. I detached myself from Rhett after getting past the first room, and I tried so hard to walk on my own but the sinister sounds were just too much for me. Suddenly, Rhett found my hands and intertwined it with his. I looked up at him, and he just stared straight ahead. I looked down at our intertwined hands and everything just felt perfect. The way his big hands completely captured mine, the way that I had to really look up to meet his eyes, and the way that he just made me feel secure wherever we were. I’m in love with my brother. It should gross me out like all hell, but I just couldn’t control myself when I say and feel that I’m completely head over heels in love with my fucking brother. It sucks. It really does. If only I could teach my heart to look at Johann or Xavier instead; to stop overlooking the fact that Rhett was my brother, I’d have done it months ago, but I can’t. And it’s not something that I could just come to terms with easily. The rest of the ride became more bearable as I felt secure and safe with my hand interlocked with Rhett’s. We walked around more with our hands still clasped with each other until a few people gave us stares that lasted a bit longer than necessary. Rhett jerked his hand away and we kept walking outside. The ride home was quite silent as we just ordered from a drive thru and went home. I was happy and content getting the chance to spend the whole day with Rhett like this. Both of us were dead tired from the long day and so as soon as we washed up, we headed straight to bed. Before I climbed up, I hugged him tight. “Thanks for today, Rhett… I had so much fun!” I said, my chin resting just above the center of his chest as I looked him in the eyes, highlighting the stark difference of our height. “It’s nothing, I had fun too.” he said. I buried my face in his chest and embraced him even tighter, feeling his manhood slowly grow against my stomach. I looked at him with a shit eating grin as I stood on my tip toes to give him a wet and sloppy kiss. He licked his lips instinctively. “Good night, Rhett.” I was about to climb up the bed when he hugged and captured me from behind, burying his nose in the crook of my neck. “Where do you think you’re going?” he playfully asked in a dangerously low voice which made all the hairs on my body rise. “Aahh, Rhett… I’m tired. I wanna– aahh” I halted my pretentious protests when he sucked the base of my neck hard, followed with a series of healing kisses. He carried me to his bed as he gently placed me on my back. He hovered above me and stared at me intimately. Rhett looked so handsome and my heart fluttered wildly as he just smugly stared me down like a lion that’s about to feast on an impala. He captured the back of my neck easily with one of his hands as he leaned down and kissed me fervently. His soft lips were desperately pressed hard against mine as he captured me with playful bites and smooches. His tongue penetrated my mouth and danced as soon as it met mine, swirling vehemently and sliding against the inner walls of my cheeks. I was gasping for air but I didn’t want to let go of the feeling oh a hot and heavy Rhett kissing me like this. He pulled away and he looked at me dearly. My heart melted. He then showered me with a barrage of wet kisses, making me long for more. “R-Rhett… please…” He smirked as he continued giving me kisses. “What?” It was now his turn to tease, and I obviously didn’t like the taste of my own medicine. “Rhett… please, I’m begging you!” The desperation behind my voice was foreign, even to me, as I wrapped my hands around his broad back. “You’re begging me to…” he continued. He smirked smugly. “Please f– Rhett… Please…. please fuck me!” In the spur of the moment, his eyes were colonized with intense lust as he kissed me hard for the last time before flipping me on my stomach. ————– What do you think about this chapter? Let me know! ail

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