I know it could happen


I know it could happenI shoud have never tried my sister cute frilly panty one night , going out of the shower my sister cute panty in the dryeri tried the first . feeling the small piece of cloth enveloping my balls and cock in such a smooth way , i endup trying em all over the next few daysshe had some realy cute panty , i was stealing em from the washing room each night starting to want cute panty for myselfi knew it was wrong, when i endup at wallmart buying the pack of 5 pinkish pantythe women at the cashier smilling at me has she made me paidfor a full month i kept my new undie hiddenwearing one under my boxer when i got back from schoolway too scared to wear one all daybut all evening walking my dog wearing themfeeling so good walking in my smooth panty i endup wearing only it under my sweat pants after dinnerwhen its dark and colder outsidei had my white panty with stamped pink hearts all around em he was walking his labradorfrom the start i felt shy meeting this tall black daddy late in the parkhis big smile as her shook my small hand made me unconfortable”hi there , iam Frank ””hi im Alex”we let our dog play and i felt scared he woud see my panty so i cut it short and walk away from the dog parkwalking home not knowing the white pickup truck of the daddy i met was following meit was scarred when i got to my door and saw him get out of his trucki got ther dog inside quick trying to be quiet my mom and sister sleepingand got back outsidelooking at him walking toward mei wasnt wanting anyone to see anytingi bursa escort walk to the house sidethe empty side of the house , my mom and sister sleeping at the north sideand he looked around making sure no one was looking before joining me in the pitch black alleyhe didnt way a wordi was pushed ahaisnt the house my sweatpant pull downmy pantied ass rub by the black daddy who kept whispering he had to see themputting 2 of his finger in my mouth digging them inside like a cock woud dogropping my ass until his hand went inside rubbing on my cherry feeling the wet finger full of saliva pushing inside1 finger sliding inkeeping it inside my panty , fingering me , his jean zipper got down the sound timed with him bending me down on all 4 ass up fingered in my panty getting called a good sluthis big fat cock served to my mouthmaking me look up has he served me his veiny dark cock to suck onmaking sure i look at him ass arched up mouth on his cock before i got flip on my back legs up my small cute panty removedthe black stranger getting between my legs”please not here””pleass mmmm”my own panty shoved in my mouthmaking sure i keep quietlegs up his cock getting in my tight pink hole he had fingered open to fuck mei was making myufled sounds bouncing on the grasstaking his fat daddy cock deep with each trust breaking me into a cock loving panty sissy slutfeeling owned and at his mercy looking at the sky on my back taking his cock he fuck me all he wantedmaking me loose controlmy little hole not mine anymore, but his wet bursa escort bayan pussygetting my panty of my mouth ”fucking hot, i love your pussy””cant we go inside ?””noo , my sis and mom are home””ahahah and you wear panty at night to het fuck, thats so fucking cute””take it slut, im cuming in you ”my world fall apart , him cum filled me making me so wet and open i squirt on myself moaning like a girlhe got out looking at me like i was a dollputting my panty uplifting me over his shoulder like a bagwalking to his pickupall naked but my pantydrop in his pickup box the tailgait lift back up and i looked up at the sky as he drived awayhidden in his pickup box staying downfull of cum and mouth still tasting cockthe next hour was humiliatingi was in the shower shaving as he look down making sure i get smooth and clean repeating over and over i am now a girl for him to fuckit got in my head deep and i coudnt argue after taking his cum cumming like a girl”you stop trying to pretend boy, you moan and cum getting fuck in that tight pussy””now you gonna shave and stay smooth , like a girl , and serve my black cock you love so much””ive been dying to meet a sissy boy , iam not gonna let you go,you are mine , im gonna fuck you into a cum loving slut”i kept listening to him degrade metelling me anywais no girl want my little white clit”you keep it in panty, i want you to remember you are here to take my cock, and cum getting fuck”he took pictures of me once all shaved , alwaus just in my little pink escort bursa pantywe got out the shower and sat on the couch in the living roomhis phone rang ,i look at him answer the fone infront of usfacetime screen on a black guy lookig at me driving his car it seems”oh wow Frank. this is real , iam there in 10 ””yes man, i found her walking in panty all alone wanting some black cock”the 2 guys talking as i kept sucking feeling proud of getting complimented by Frank rubbing on my head like a pet”look at her, she love to suck , tell him baby girl”mouth over the cock head replying i love to suck cock”ohhh my god shes so fucking cute , wait for me ill be there soon”i spend the next 10 minute watching the fone screen sucking the cock as more of frank called to see if i was realevery knew call looking at a new black daddy calling me a slut and getting in his carthe room was soon full of horny older black guy sharing my holes in turni lost count of how much cum i swallow and how many of them cum in meall i knew was how good it felt pleasing them allbeing so popular, being a good lil sissy gurl was way too much funthey made love to me all nightand i accepted my role without a doubt after cumming over and over my lil ass fucklistening all night to all of them calling me a white sexy slut made me horny and sexyi went from cocks leashed and giggling for more cum, in the middle of a room , daddies drinking beer watching porn and gang banging the new sissy slutone of em saying i moan like cindy the slut waitress at a cofee downtownall of them cheering about it starting to call me cindyas i moaned girlybetween guys spitroasting mecheering together , repeating to each other i was cindy before switching placesmilling evrytime one kissed me calling me cindy

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