I learned to love eating my own cum.

Cum Between

I learned to love eating my own cum.My woman is definitely a bbw. She has a great big ass and a great big sloppy pussy. I know that sounds like trash talk but I love her and find her incredibly sexy. My only problem is, she’s not very enthusiastic about sex.Her pussy smells a little bit but I love to eat it. She used to keep it shaved, which is fine but she’d get irritation from sex so she let it get hairy. I found I prefer it that way and now I want it big hairy and nasty all the time.In the course of our sex life, we’ve bumped heads a lot about what she will, and will not do. For instance, I tried to get her to sit on my face and really let me get my tongue in her asshole, but she says shes way too uncomfortable in that position, which is a shame as I really enjoy getting smothered by a great big set of asscheeks. She doesn’t suck dick. I know, for most guys that would be a deal breaker. Most women in my experience aren’t that good at giving head anyway, and since I started to focus on her great big ass and pussy, it didn’t really bother me. I’ve had a running joke in my head that I’ve sucked more dick than she has. She mostly only wants missionary position, or on top, but because erzurum escort of her size, she tires too easily. Forget anal. I love getting fucked in the ass. If you’ve read any of my blogs, you’ll see that strapons and gay anal really turn me on. No way, she says.So if I’m fine with getting her turned on, climbing on top of her, futilly thrusting away for 10 minutes, and still managing to cum, I figured everything was ok, but I really get bored with that fast. She worn sexy outfits, or at least what she considers sexy, a few times but it just wasn’t enough. The best way for me to trip my switch while fucking her, was to imagine another man in bed with us, feeding her his cock while I hammered away. I even fantasized about her and I sharing it while we fucked, not that she would ever go for a mmf threeway or sissy cuck situation. That’s when I accidently found a solution. I had been in a really horny mood all week, thinking about sex and masterbating two to four times a day, and then saved my load for a couple days after that. I went through the normal motions to turn her on, kissing, necking, and licking up and down her body, you know, the usual. erzincan escort When I got on top of her and stuck my dick in her, I found it felt fairly tight and wet. I’m not really a two pump chump by any means, but I came almost immediately after getting my dick in her. In my incredibly fired up state I thought I was being cheated since my pleasure during the entire encounter was all of about 15 seconds. I had thought about how hot it would be to eat another mans load out of her pussy before so I thought, why not? As I went down to lick her cunt, she asked me what was wrong. I told her I just wanted to lick it for a second to get it wetter. She commented that to her it felt plenty wet already but let me go ahead.It tasted so good! With our juices mixed together and knowing there was man cum mixed in there made my dick raging hard. I licked up the mess around her hairy pussy lips and then dove right in her hole with my tongue trying to get every last bit. She enjoyed my oral attention quite a bit and as she shuddered and spasmed she even inadvertently pushed out the remaining cum. I was in heaven and when her pussy farted a little bit my face çeşme escort was splattered with cum from us both.I was so ready to lose my mind at that point. I climbed back on top of her, grabbed her ankles, and just started fucking the hell out of her. Since I had already cum once, I was able to really keep pounding, and she was so wet there was practically zero friction.I kept getting that familiar cum taste and smell, and that kept turning me on more. I finally got down close to her and when I stuck my tongue in her mouth to share the taste with her, I had a mind blowing orgasm and filled her already sloppy cunt with another fresh load. I’m sure there was a lot more this time because it felt like my dick was pumping for almost a minute. I was feeling so high on this newfound kink that I was ready to go down and eat my cum again, but, alas, that’s when she stopped me so she could go pee and recover.At that point I would’ve been glad to eat her yet again with piss and cum on her pussy but she was definitely finished.Now that I’m more familiar with this particular kink, I’ve experimented with various ways to shoot my cum in her without giving away my orgasm so I can go back down and lick my cum out of her three or more times and I love it. I could care less if she thought it was gross or thought I was gay for wanting to eat cum, I just don’t want her to realize I’ve already got mine and think we should stop. I’m so much more happy now that I’ve learned to love eating my own cum.

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