I let her try a BBC now she can’t stop


I let her try a BBC now she can’t stopSexy in Seattle. It was about end of November 2010 when I allowed her the first opportunity to have a taste of her first BBC. She hooked up with a Craigslist encounter and I was able to be in the room and record their sex. As excited as she was she was very nervous. She downed a couple of drinks and pretty soon he was there at the hotel room door. He came in and he was shorter than expected but had a very nice hard body and after a few drinks and some short conversation they began to kiss and touch each other. Pretty soon off came the clothes. My wife was so excited to lay her eyes on her first real bbc. She touched it in awe. She was so anxious to put the bbc inside her that it looked as if they were going to skip the condom but he put the condom on and then in went the bbc into her wet *****. I could tell that she was instantly starting to enjoy it. She began to moan in pure pleasure. I was recording every move of their sex. He ****** her so good. He pumped away so nice and hard and long and hard. It was very sexy to watch. She made so much noise it was ectasy to my ears. He did various positions from doggy style to missionary. from the legs on the legs on the shoulders to the side action. It was apparent that the kaçak iddaa best position was doggy style and he went deep inside her virgin bbc *****. After about 45 minutes of sex he cummed inside her. It was a very sexy and erotic site to see. After this very first encounter it was obvious that she enjoyed bbc and was hungry for more. It didn’t take her long before she was back on the hunt for some more bbc. This time she was looking for someone that was even bigger, thicker, and was taller. Low and behold she found him. He was a 6-4 tall black man and he was 10 inches thick. He had his own place and she made arrangements to see him. After arriving at her house, he began to ask questions and after awhile she asked if I could come over and just watch no camera. It didn’t take me long to come over. She was already a few drinks deep and she had her pants off sitting sipping her drink in her g-string. After meeting Mr. P-10 (she called him P10 because he was a perfect 10). She gave him the best head I ever saw any woman give. Mr. P-10 was enjoying her oral skills. After watching him get the best head of his life. It didnt take long before they were headed to the bed room. She was anxious and excited to have him enter her *****. She had her legs spread so easily illegal bahis and anticipating his large **** to enter her. He wasted no time and went straight to work. He was kissing her lips her neck and licking her ear lobes while he took long patient strokes. It was the best sex of her life and the biggest **** she has ever had. She kept whispering in him about how much she loved his big ****. He was ******* her so good. It was so sexy to watch. I was in the door way just watching as they ****** for so long. After a long pumping and excessive moaning, P-10 finally took a water break. She laid their her ***** all beat up from a huge 10 inch thick black ****. She had her legs spread and I was so horny. After he took a break I asked permission if I could hit it up. He gave me permission to **** my wife. It was so sexy. I entered her with my **** and I could feel what a huge difference there was with her stretched out *****. She was soaked with her own *** and so sexy wet. My **** entered hers and there was so much room. After his short water break and after I ****** her and cummed all inside her. It was time for his turn to take back and dominate her *****. He ****** her for four hours. It was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Her ***** was rode so hard bahis siteleri and ****** by both of us all night for four hours straight she could barely walk. I took her to the nearest 7-11 and bought something to eat and drink. My wife needed ice since her ***** was abused by both of our ***** that night. After one day of rest she was ready for more. It was so sexy and I wish I would have recorded this with her. After p-10 she wanted to try another bbc that she had been talking to over craigslist. I allowed her to leave our relationship out of it and get this encounter on her own. Then she met Big….we will call him Mr. Big. He was a 6-6 bbc with 10 inches and even thicker than Mr. P10. She had one night with him and had a great time. She went only about 6 weeks before she had to start sexting him. After a few weeks of steady hot and heavy sexting, she met up with him……that was five months ago. She has been seeing him every week since then sometimes twice a week. She has got a hotel room every week. She is addicted to his ****. She can’t stop seeing him or ******* him. She loves to go to bars and then get a room and they **** into the wee hours. I see their sexting and texting. It is crazy she texts and sexts him every day. He is in love with her and loves to **** her. My wife has an amazing wet ***** and really does get into the sex and has the best moaning of your best **** stars. Now that I have allowed her to have this bbc. I don’t know how to stop.

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