I Love Cum


I Love CumI love cum. I’ve been eating it since I was 18. These stories I’m only now sharing are part of my life. I never realized that there were others like me. I’m hot just thinking about others enjoying their bodies the way I do. I got home early from work one afternoon and I knew I’d have the house to myself for at least an hour until my girlfriend got home. I was going to whip up a nice hot load so I stripped and lay on the bed and started to stroke my rapidly swelling cock. It felt so good and it wasn’t long before I sprayed a load over my fingers. It was hot and I quickly raised my hand to my mouth for a lick. I suddenly looked up with my tongue full of cum to see my girlfriend staring at my show. I started to hide my hand, when she said, “Please don’t stop.” She kneeled next to the bed and grabbed my hand and placed it next to my mouth. I stared at her as I licked my hand cleandeletedsavoring every precious drop of my cream. She shook as I finished my treat. She loves cum also and she said she couldn’t believe I did. No other man in her life would even think of tasting their own juice. Now she knew why I would always thrust my tongue into her mouth after she sucked me off. She said there were now thousands of fantasies to explore in our sex life. A sex life to be filled with hot cum. She became obsessed with my hunger for cum. Every time we had sex for the next few months, it revolved around me eating sperm. illegal bahis I had always been afraid to let her know my deepest kinkiest desires. Now, I could be my cum eating self and really let go. She had me spray my wad on every part of her body and then lick every sweet strand off while she fingered herself to her own sweet orgasm. This was truly heaven, the best of both worlds. My bi-curious side was quickly being fulfilled even if I was the only man involved. She would suck me off only to snowball me, spitting the entire wonderful load into my mouth. I would jerk off all over her face, as we both love, and then lick her clean. She had me jerk off a huge load onto a dinner plate. I placed it on the floor and she watched as I got on all fours and licked it up like a cat. I ate more cum in six months than in the past six years. One time after riding my hot pole and letting me fill her vagina with millions of dancing sperm, she popped off of me cupping her hand over her slit and climbed up over my face. She planted her wet snatch on my mouth and pulled her hand away allowing my load to flow over my tongue and down my throat. Oh god this was wonderful. As I lay in the bed with her one night, my lips still wet with cum, she asked me If I had ever tried to suck my own dick. She had read that some men could. I got into the best position I could, but could only get within two inches. Every night we tried to get my mouth illegal bahis siteleri closer, but no luck. Very few men are lucky enough to have been built for this ultimate treat. She really wanted to see me shoot my load directly into my mouth. I knew exactly how to fulfill her fantasy, and had been doing it in secret for years. I promised to give her the show of her dreams that next weekend. It was driving her crazy. She couldn’t imagine how I was going to shoot my cum down my throat. I began, that evening by stroking my stiff veined cock for much longer than usual. She fingered herself silly while I worked my miracle. I wanted my balls to be bursting when the time came. She was squealing as we both neared orgasm. She finished herself off and screamed at me to do the same. I asked for her help in getting my legs over my head. As my hips rose to a position over my face, she smiled and figured out what I was doing. I locked my feet under the headboard rail and stared up at the most wonderful sight in this world. A purple, swollen cock just waiting to burst. I can only imagine what its like to feel a cock deep down my throat and have it explode in my mouth. Maybe one day, but this is as close as I can get for now. She wanted the best view and decided to look straight down at my face with her head between my legs. I really wanted a mouthful of sperm so I licked my hand and wrapped it around my shaft and began canlı bahis siteleri to coax a creamy load from my deep in my body. She knows me so well and watched intently as my balls tightened up to my body, almost disappearing inside. She knew I was on the edge of that orgasmic cliff and about to jump. She sucked what was left of my ball sack into her mouth and stared deeply into my eyes with an intensity I’ve never seen. I wanted this to be so good for her and I fisted my cock to heaven. That wonderful warm feeling came over me. You all know it, like nothing else in the world matters, and nothing can keep us from our hot sperm explosion. I opened my mouth wide and just before the first jet of cum shot out, she shoved her middle finger deep into my ass and pressed hard against my prostate. She really knew her men. A hot white wonderful load burst forth and splashed straight into my mouth. Two, three, four powerful strands followed and filled my mouth. A million sperm were tingling every crevice of my mouth. I was especially sweet tonight. She screamed and almost bit my sac off as she watched my tongue play in the pool of cum that was my mouth. She let my legs down and kissed me as I swallowed my treat. I have never seen her so hot. The next weekend she said that the only thing that could possibly be hotter than my show would be if she could see me suck off another man. She somehow knew that loving sperm as much as I do, straight in orientation or not, I couldn’t possibly resist the temptation and go a lifetime without taking another mans cock in mouth and feeling unspoiled sperm shoot down my throat. She was right. Maybe I’ll be able to add this story to my life.

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