I love my mother (continued)


I love my mother (continued)The story posted on June 11 2012 ended when my mother got married and emigrated. I did not continue because I needed to think about what else I could reveal without identifying my family.I was 43 years old when my mother returned to England after the death of my stepfather. She had a large insurance payout with which she bought a five bedroom house with several acres of ground. After my divorce I was living in one room in a multi-occupied house and she asked me to go and live with her and my two half-sisters aged 20 and 19.I moved in and on the very first night, after my sisters had gone to bed, we sat reminiscing. She sat opposite me with her skirt hitched up to her knees and I could she was not wearing panties.She told me her new husband had not satisfied her sexually and that she missed me fucking her. She came over and knelt between my legs and, rubbing my crotch, said she wanted to carry on where we had left off 20 years ago.A had to admit that I had missed her. My erection grew as she massaged my cock through my trousers. Unzipping me she took me in her mouth. It was like when I was 19. I just couldn’t control myself and in a short time I gushed cum into the back of her throat.Although she smacked her lips in enjoyment she mariobet güvenilirmi obviously felt cheated as she told me: “You haven’t changed, your going to have to do a lot better than that. Your going to fuck my brains out before you go to sleep tonight.”She stood and began to slowly undress. She took her shirt and bra off and I could see that her breasts were as pert as ever. Her pink nipples hardened as she pinched them. The she dropped her skirt to the floor. There was a lot of grey among the brown hairs of her massive bush.She came to me, took my hand and thrust it between her legs. I pushed my fingers into her wet slit and rubbed them against her slit. She began to moan and move her pelvis in a swaying motion. I bunched my hand into a fist and thrust it past my wrist into her hole”Oh god, I love it” she gasped. “But its no substitute for your cock.”I stood, undressing quickly, as she massaged my erection. When I was naked she lay in front of the fire with her legs wide open and her arms stretched out towards me.I knelt between her legs, sucking her clit and sliding my tongue deep into her vagina. Finally, with an urgency in her voice, she said: “I need you cum deep in my belly”I quickly obliged, sliding my throbbing cock slowly mariobet yeni giriş into her. She groaned and I increased the tempo. She began to make sobbing noises as she stuffed her clenched fist into her mouth. Suddenly she began to convulsively thrust her hips upwards as we both climaxed. We lay together and I nibbled at her nipples, caressing her vagina and whispering into her ear.That night, in bed, we repeated all the positions that we had enjoyed regularly in the past.Life settled into a routine. I grew attached to the older half-sister, who was mostly confined to a weelchair but could take small walks with the aid of sticks. Each evening, before going to my mother’s bedroom, I would spend an hour or two chatting with my sister in her bedroom until she was tired enough to sleep.One evening I asked her if she ever thought of going back to North America. She said she wouldn’t as everyone there knew what had happened. I asked for an explanation and she told me that a farewell party had been arranged for her at the house of a friend. Late in the evening when everyone was comfortably drunk, one of the young men she had always admired pushed her in her wheelcahir to the pool room. They kissed and fondled. Eventually, with her consent, he mariobet giriş removed her clothes and lay her face down on the foor. He then penetrated her from bhind. She said she loved the feel of his length inside her, his stomach slapping against her buttocks. He shot his cum into her before she was satisfied. Withdrawing, he stood and got dressed.When she asked him to help her get dressed, he laughed and call out: “your turn now.” The door to the pool room opened and a guy walked in with his engorged cock in his hand. He roughly turned her over and thrust his organ into her mouth.The first guy left and went back to the main party, where my sister’s friend overheard him encouraging a group of young men to ‘go and give her a goodbye present.’She told her three brothers who went and rescued my sister.I leaned over the bed, hugged my sister and kissed her on the cheek.”I’ve a special favour to ask you,” she said. “Anything,” I replied.”I really did enjoy the first part of my experience,” she explained. “I know you wouldn’t treat me badly. I’d like you to stick it into me and bring me to a climax.”So my sister and I also became lovers.The sting in the tale is that, shortly before she passed away, mother revealed that my sister was actually my daughter.She had, when we first began our sexual relationship, organised an insurance policy. Two weeks after she missed her first period she got the widower next door drunk, took him to bed, pretended that they had had sex and later told him she was pregant.He married her and they emgigrated.

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