I Love Women in Panties Ch. 08

Big Ass

This story revisits four characters twenty years after an amazing evening celebrating Mike’s Birthday. I believe it will make more sense if you have read the previous chapters about these guys. This is by no means a purely incestual story but does contain some, so if this offends, please do not read on, however it does continue with my joy and pleasure of panties (The clue’s in the title I guess!) I hope you enjoy it, and will take the time to leave some feedback, positive or constructively negative. It is disappointing sometimes to make an effort to write and then get very little feedback.


Twenty years on from an incredible night of Birthday celebrations my with my sister Sally and her friends Diane and Julie, a plan was in place for us to have a long weekend away in a cottage on Dartmoor in Devon. The reason for the weekend was a joint celebration of the girls fortieth birthdays, each had had their own revelries involving their circle of friends and family but had decided to have their own smaller more personal event. Sally and I had remained inseparable over the years. However, by no means in each other’s pockets.

Let’s take a chance to catch up on our lives of the last twenty years, I am Mike, now 38 years old and have just come out of a long-term relationship. I have a small but thriving business as an architect in the south coast town of Eastbourne where I have always lived. I have a son of twelve living with his mum after our relationship seemed to die a natural death, and we separated after ten years. Diane and I did attempt a relationship which was going well until her father was offered a position in Italy, and the whole family moved with him to Milan. Despite optimistic efforts at a long-distance relationship, it didn’t work out, and she ended up marrying an Italian businessman. Unfortunately, she’s currently going through a divorce, and there’s her ten-year-old daughter to consider, so not a good batting average for long-term relationships so far!

My sister Sally works in PR and events management and has skipped from one relationship to another with ease showing no real desire to settle down. Her lifestyle of travel and un-social hours doesn’t really lend itself to a settled domestic bliss, which even at forty seemed to suit her just fine. Julie surprised us all when out of nowhere she took up nursing and following her three-year training went to work in a London teaching hospital where she met Greg, a trainee doctor whom she married and has two children, a boy of ten and a girl of eight. So far as I was aware, all was well in this relationship so one up for relationships.

The plan for our long weekend was that Sally and I would drive down in my car on Thursday with Diane and Julie taking the train and joining us later that evening. It was mid-July, and unusually for England, we were experiencing a sustained period of hot, dry weather, so plenty of relaxing in the garden with lazy lunches and suppers in the gardens of country pubs was on the agenda.

Sally and I set off for Devon early to beat the traffic although it still took us well over four hours despite this, in truth though it didn’t really matter. I hadn’t seen Sally for a couple of months, so we had plenty to catch up on including her latest tryst with the married owner of a PR company.

“What an absolute tosser he was,” she huffed. “A huge cock that he was incapable of keeping up for more than a minute!”

“His wife must love that?” I said with some irony.

“Oh that frigid bitch wouldn’t give a toss, that’s why he was playing the field, it saved her going to the trouble of opening her legs and spoiling her makeup!”

“So you obliged on her behalf then?” I sniggered.

“Well someone had to! I mean everyone knew he was hung like a donkey the fact that he couldn’t keep it up wasn’t such common knowledge! God, what a waste!”

“Never mind, look on the bright side, you did get a couple of weeks cruising the Mediterranean on his yacht.”

“True, and the engineer was super cute!” She giggled.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, Sally, when did you become such a tart!” I laughed.

“Life’s too short brother dear, far too short, all I do is enjoy life.”

“No sign of settling down then?” I asked rhetorically.

Looking across at Sally as I drove, I had to admit that if I didn’t know, I would never have guessed her age as forty. She never seemed to put an ounce of weight on and in her white t-shirt and denim mini skirt with long tanned legs, she was a vision of youthful loveliness.

“It has to be said Sally, you are looking good despite your depraved lifestyle!”

“Why, thank you, brother dearest,” she said, smiling mischievously. Are you trying to hit on your sister by any chance?”

“No, I’m not, as you well know, Sally,” I laughed. “The events of twenty years ago was a one-off as we agreed at the time. Can you believe it’s twenty years since that night of my birthday? That was a heck of a present you girls gave me!”

“Yeah, we knew you’d like it although, to kilis escort be honest, I’m not sure we expected things to turn out quite the way they did!”

“Can’t say I had any complaints, I have always been a little disappointed that Diane and I didn’t last, I always felt we had a special spark.”

“I know for a fact that Diane felt the same and Julie and I thought you two were great together.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing her again, it’s been a few years now, I somehow managed to miss both her previous visits back to the UK. In fact, I’ve not seen her since before Elena was born! Shit, that’s eight years now! You’ve seen her recently, how is she, is the divorce messy?”

“It’s all fairly amicable at the moment, there may be a sticking point to come when the decision is made about whether Diane is going to stay in Italy. They have agreed that Elena will stay with Diane so access may become an issue if she moves back to the UK.”

“is that a possibility?”

“Yeah definitely, she’s ready to come home, although I think she’s nuts, it’s gorgeous where she lives, and has nearly all-year-round sun.”

“So Julie and I are going to look decidedly pasty up against you two then? Have you girls been planning anything specific to do for the weekend or are we just going to play it by ear?”

“Largely play it by ear, but we have one or two thoughts for our birthday treats.” Sally had turned in her seat and looking straight at me as she said this with a mischievous grin on her face.

“What are you up to sis? I don’t trust you when you have that look on your face!”

“Don’t you worry about a thing little brother, just keep your eyes on the road and get us there safely.”

The rest of the journey was uneventful apart from the heavy traffic, and we arrived at the cottage in the early afternoon. The cottage was secluded, but on the edge of a small village with a pub close by. Sally had made all the arrangements, so I hadn’t seen any pictures, it was larger than I was expecting, but then it would need four bedrooms. The front door opened directly into the lounge which had a Large inglenook fireplace, two sofas either side and a couple of occasional chairs. Off to the left was a dining room with a large farmhouse kitchen behind that.

We got our bags from the car, and I followed Sally upstairs, where there were only two bedrooms! They were both enormous with en-suite bathrooms and vast four-poster beds

“Err, aren’t we a bit short of sleeping, space Sis?” I asked.

“Oh come on Mike, you and I can share a room for a weekend, and Diane and Julie can share the other, the advantages of this place far outweigh the bedroom problem!”

“Good job I brought my pyjamas then isn’t it?” I sighed.

“Unless you get lucky, of course!” Sally said, dancing a little jig around me and wagging her finger at me.

“Ha Ha, very funny, I don’t think there’s any chance of that! So, what time do we have to pick the girls up?”

“They’re due in at Newton Abbot at four-thirty, so we’ll need to leave in about an hour to make sure we’re there in good time.”

Sally and I spent the hour sorting ourselves out and putting away all the necessary provisions we had brought with us, then set off for the station.

I must confess to having felt somewhat excited about seeing Diane again, and wondered if she’d changed much over the last eight years. We were a little early as it happened and were sitting outside the station in good time and it soon became too hot to stay in the car so, we both got out and waited with our backs leaning on the car. When the train arrived, people soon started to file out of the front of the station until both Diane and Julie appeared pulling their weekend case behind them.

“Oh my God Sally!” I exclaimed, “Is that really, Diane?”

“Yes, of course, it is, why?”

“Because look at her! She’s a goddess, she’s stunningly beautiful!” I stammered,

“She’s always been gorgeous Mike, you know that?”

“Yeah, but when did she become Countess Diane, the angel of Italy?” I asked but got no answer as Julie spotted us and came running over.

“Hey, Mikey, Sally, you two, ready for a fun weekend?” Julie said.

Julie looked relaxed and summery in a yellow polo top and denim shorts and showing no signs of having had two kids, her compact, shapely figure alluring as ever. Diane, on the other hand, left me breathless, statuesque, with a deep tan accentuated by the white flowing dress that swirled around her as she glided across the car park towards us. A wide gold belt at her waist emphasised her hourglass figure, time stood still as I took in the exquisite vision of womanhood that approached us.

Julie jumped into Sally’s arms and gave her a hug while Diane stood in front of me as I gawped.

“Cat got your tongue?” Diane purred, her dark eyes penetrating my soul.

“No, he’s just found a huge saucer of cream,” I laughed. “My god Diane you’re simply beautiful,” I whispered.

“Hey, Mikey, what about me, I’m kıbrıs escort here too!” Julie said, standing with her hands on her hips and pouting.

I reluctantly tore my eyes away from Diane and looked at Julie, “Hey gorgeous, how could I miss you? You’re still the sexiest nurse I know.” I said, taking her in my arms and giving her a hug and a kiss.

Diane and Sally were embracing as I grabbed Julie’s case and popped the boot of the car to put it in.

“Don’t I get a hug? Diane asked as she joined me at the back of the car with her case.

“Try and stop me,” I smiled, I opened my arms for her, as she walked into the, moulding her body to mine. I wanted to kiss her and let my hands wander all over, but sadly, this was neither the time or the place.

“You’re looking good Mike, it’s so good to see everyone again, it’s been way too long since just the four of us had had a good time! We will have a ball, won’t we guys? I’m in the mood to let my hair down and forget about the world out there.”

“Damn right we will now let’s get your gear up to the cottage, the pub awaits!” Sally laughed.

When we got back to the cottage, Sally took Julie and Diane straight in while I got the cases out of the boot and took them upstairs to the bedroom. I left one either side of the bed and was on my way out as the girls came into the room.

“Did you check our cases for panties Mike?” Julie giggled. “Do you remember when we sent you to look through our bags on your birthday? I really can’t believe that it was twenty years ago.”

I laughed, “How could I ever forget! But you’re a respectable married woman now Julie, with two kids as well! I wouldn’t dream of rifling through your case.”

“Oh, that’s a shame I thought this weekend was going to be fun,” Julie sighed as she flopped on to the bed.

What on earth is going on here, I thought to myself, surely Julie wasn’t thinking of having that sort of fun, was she? I had heard absolutely nothing about any problems with her marriage unless of course, she had one of these open marriages, but I very much doubted that!

“Don’t you worry Julie, this weekend’s going to be plenty of fun,” Sally said, jumping on the bed alongside Julie.

Discarding all her previous decorum, Diane also flopped face down on the bed. “So, what’s the plan, Sally? You’re the professional event’s organiser, so it’s over to you for the next few days.”

“Get yourself settled in and freshened up, then it’s off down to the pub for a few drinks and something to eat,” Sally said as She pushed herself off the bed and started to leave the room. I followed behind, but Just as we got to the door, Sally turned around, oh, and by the way, girls, if you want your panties put away I’m sure Mike will be more than happy to oblige.”

I would have been absolutely delighted to help Diane and Julie with their panties, but I said nothing, turned and walked out the room pushing Sally ahead of me.

“Thanks for that Sally, I see you haven’t lost your ability to embarrass your brother.”

“Oh come on, Mike, how can you be embarrassed? twenty years ago you shagged all three of us, you wore a pair of Diane’s panties, you know we all know how much you love them, so really come on bro.”

“Exactly Sally it was twenty years ago a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then.”

“Ah, so now you’re saying that you don’t like panties anymore?” Sally prodded.

“I never said anything of the sort Sally, what on earth are you up to?”

“I’m not up to anything Mikey, whatever makes you think I am? Still, just to be sure you do still like panties.

“No comment!” I laughed

“I’ll take that as a yes then, just needed to be sure.” She said, looking over her shoulder as she went into the bedroom.”

“Why exactly why do you need to know sister dearest? You must be up to something?”

“I’m not, I’m just teasing you and having a bit of fun, we all need a laugh at the moment, and we fully intend to have some.”

“There’ll be no argument from me on that score, let the fun times begin!”

I followed Sally into the bedroom as I intended to have a quick shower and change before we went out.

“I’m going to jump in the shower if that’s alright with you?” Sally asked. “Just a quick freshener, I won’t take long.”

“Yeah, that’s fine. I was going to do the same, do you want me to wait downstairs till you’ve finished?” I asked.

Despite everything that had happened twenty years ago, I hadn’t been around Sally when she was naked or in her underwear for many years now. We had been more discreet around each other since our dalliance on my birthday.

“No, of course, I don’t Mike, I’ve not got anything you’ve not seen before, for heaven’s sake!”

“I know that Sally, but I just thought…”

“Stop thinking and put Mr prude away for the weekend, chillax Mike!”

I heard laughing and giggling coming from Diane and Julie’s room as I closed our door behind me and thought, what the heck, it was definitely kırıkkale escort time to chill out and go with the flow. Turning back into the room Sally had already taken her top off and was undoing the zip on her skirt, I tried not to notice, but in truth, I was fascinated to see Sally undressing as was my cock that was gently stirring. Oh shit, not again, not Sally I can’t be turned on by my sister! It’s not right. I sat on the bed to make sure I could hide any potential embarrassing bulges as Sally slipped her skirt off. She was oblivious to me as she padded into the bathroom in her bra and panties I heard her turn the shower on before she came back out and took her bra off, grabbed her toilet bag and went back into the bathroom. It had to be said my sister still had a splendid arse which looked great in the simple panties that enclosed it. I thought that in fact, Sally was still an outstanding figure of a woman, when she leaned around the door and tossed her panties into the room. “Do something with those for me, will you!” she said, roaring with laughter, “Oh, this is going to be sooo much fun!”

I should have left them on the floor where they landed, but I couldn’t resist a quick investigation, getting off the bed I picked the still warm panties off the floor and held them up to my face revelling in the warmth and musky aroma fresh from Sally’s pussy. That’s enough, I thought to myself and decided to drop the panties back where they had landed on the floor and get back on the bed.

A few minutes later, Sally emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, she stopped and looked down at her panties and then up to me before bending down to pick them up.

“I thought I asked you to do something with these for me? She said as the panties hung from her finger.

“Oh, come on, Sal! What did you expect me to do with them?”

“Pick them up for a start!” She was climbing up on to the bed as she said this, “surely you’re not embarrassed by my panties after all these years, are you, Mike?

“No Sally, I’m not embarrassed, I’m just not sure what is going on? Neither of us had any regrets about what happened twenty years ago, and I still don’t, but we both agreed it was a one-off never to be repeated experience. So, I wasn’t expecting you to be teasing me with your panties, that’s all?”

Sally huffed and pouted and sat next to me on the bed, twirling her panties around her finger.

“The thing is Mike, I’m forty years old now, I’ve had a lot of fun, and I see no longterm relationships on the horizon, I’m simply feeling life’s too short for hang-ups. We four were always tight and had no secrets, Jesus, when I think back to that night of your birthday and what we three girls used to get up to together, I just can’t see where the harm is in having a bit of fun? I’m not asking you to shag me, Mikey, I just want to feel like we could turn the clock back a few years, and be those fun-loving friends we used to be.”

“And where do Julie and Diane fit into your plans? Or have the three of you been scheming behind my back?

“We’ve not been scheming Mikey, we’re at a huge milestone in our lives, forty years is a big deal to us, so, whatever happens this weekend will happen without hang-ups or conscience, and anyway whatever happens on tour stays on tour! Just relax and go with the flow Mike, now hurry up and get your arse in the shower, the pub awaits.”

“Okay,” I said, getting off the bed and starting to get undressed.

I didn’t feel remotely self-conscious as I got naked in front of Sally. However, I did feel conflicted about what Sally had just said. Did she have an ulterior motive that included something happening between us, or was she simply saying that whatever may or may not occur over the next few days shouldn’t be taken too seriously? Only time and events would tell…!

“Cheers!” I said, raising my glass of beer as I sat down after delivering the girl’s drinks to our table and getting mine. “Here’s to a fun weekend as the fab four rides again!”

“Oh, and who might you be riding this weekend?” Giggled Julie, as we all clinked our glasses together.

“That’s not what I was saying Julie, and you know it!” I Laughed.

“Twenty years! Can you believe it, twenty fucking years! Where the hell did that go? We’re forty for fuck’s sake!” Sally said with a huge sigh.

“Speak for yourselves! I’m not forty just yet if you don’t mind!” I laughed. “And anyway isn’t life supposed to start at forty? You’re like three Grand Crus wines, maturing and getting more beautiful with age.”

“Yeah well, I’m feeling a bit corked! Sally said, draining her wine glass. “anyone for another?

We all said yes and Sally walked to the bar. She didn’t look like a forty-year-old woman in her denim mini skirt and white chemise. I noticed several guys in the pub watching her as she sauntered her way over to the bar.

“Hey, you okay sis?” I asked as I joined her at the bar to help carry the drinks. “There were a lot of eyes cast in your direction as you came up to the bar, you have several admirers in this place let me assure you.”

“Yeah, and they’re all with their wives and girlfriends! Don’t worry bro I’m fine, forty is a big thing for a woman and, just occasionally I wonder if I should have achieved more?”

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