I Love You, Mommy 3

I Love You, Mommy 3It took all the control I had not to jump up, throw my arms around him, and give him a big, long, wet, Happy Birthday kiss. He was 25-years-old, as of yesterday, and I’d be turning forty next month. I ought to be ashamed for what I was thinking, but I wasn’t. As his mother, I shouldn’t have these lustful thoughts for my son, but I did. What I did next even surprised me.From where he stood in the light and from where I was in the dark, the moonlight from the big bay window lit him up and I could clearly see what he was doing. Oblivious to my presence in the room, he was undressing. I watched him unbutton and take off his shirt. He kicked off his shoes, unbuckled and unzipped his pants, and nearly fell when he lifted his leg to pull them off. Then, he pulled off his socks and pitched them against the wall behind him. In just briefs and a tee shirt, I suddenly remembered him wearing his Star Wars underwear and his Spiderman pajamas. I watched him pull his tee shirt over his head and toss it on the floor, just as he used to do, as a boy growing up. With evidence of a pot belly just starting to form from drinking one too many beers, he still had a lean, hard body that showed he was fit. Lazy and spoiled by me in a feeble attempt to make up for the father he never had and would never have, he never picked up after himself. I was always there scolding him, but obviously by this drunken display of tossing his clothes around, he’d never change. I held my breath, while watching him remove his underwear. What felt as if it was a minute was but a brief second. It had been a while since I had seen his cock and there it was. I remembered that I had made the decision not to have him circumcised and it was all there in its natural, uncut, and intended splendor. He had a big, beautiful prick. Now, that I think about it, now that I have the clarity of this recent insight, now that his cock is there only a few feet from my hand, my pussy, and my mouth, he was always flashing me his cock. He must have gotten off by me seeing his cock and he must have masturbated to the fantasy of my touching, fucking, and sucking his cock. If he only knew how much I enjoyed seeing his cock, as much as he was exciting by having me see it. If only he knew how much I wanted his cock then, as I still do now.Just as I am now, I was so horny back then. Had he asked me to give him some sexual experience, a hand job, a blowjob, or have intercourse with me, I think I may have. After all these years, now, the light finally dawns. Now, I finally get it. Always attracted to my son, I’ve always wanted my son. Finally, I’m ready to take him up on his offer.”Fuck me, Joey. Turn on the light and look at me lying here on your couch with my housecoat raised to my waist and my pussy exposed to whatever is your delight,” I thought, while hoping and wishing he’d notice me there in the dark. Only, he didn’t see me. He didn’t know I was there enjoying his strip tease show.His cock was beautiful. It had been a while since I’ve even seen a cock and I was hungry for one and horny for him. Suddenly, the show was over. Suddenly, he was leaving the room, going to bed, no doubt. I was desperate. Never would I feel the confidence to do what I was about to do, again. It was now or never. Did I dare? Could I do it? I reached out and grabbed his ankle, as he walked by the couch on his way to bed. “Oh, sorry, baby, I didn’t know you sleeping there on the couch. I didn’t know you were still awake. I didn’t realize how late it was. Because it was my birthday, the guys kept buying me drinks and then when–” Without replying, without saying a single solitary word to let him know that I was his mother and not his wife, I reached up my hand and felt his cock with my fingertips. I cupped his balls, before gently and lovingly wrapping my fingers around his cock. He stopped talking when I did. He had nothing more to say, as soon as I touched him. With just a few gentle, slow strokes, he came alive in my hand and I came alive with all the possibilities of being intimate with my son and having my way with his cock. Instantly, he was so hard, so long, and so thick, just the way I remember his Dad was.With one hand stroking his cock, I used my other hand to unbutton my dressing gown. Without missing a stroke, I splayed open my housecoat in anticipation of his touch. Hoping he could see my body, I wanted him to touch me. I needed for him to feel me. I hoped he’d take the hint and caress my tits and finger my pussy. I so wanted him to kiss me before he mounted me to make love to me.I was naked underneath my dressing gown and the cool morning air from the open window felt good on my nipples. Suddenly, my nipples were erect and it felt so good to run my palm slowly across them. With my pussy already wet, I was already way ahead of him. I was so nervous. I was so excited. Short lived folly, I knew this moment wouldn’t last, but I was determined to take bahis şirketleri whatever I could from the experience. It was my turn to use my son in the way he had obviously used me for so many years, when he secretly and serendipitously viewed me in all manner of undress and even and eventually saw me naked so very many times.I hoped now that maybe he would go to sleep after I had my way with him. Maybe he would dream about me wondering if he had sex with me or with his wife. I imagined him sitting at the breakfast table, after discovering that I had spent the night, wondering if he had sex with Patty or with me. He was still drunk enough that he may not remember.Even though I knew this was as much of a mistake, as when I allowed his father to fuck me in the backseat of his car and get me pregnant, I couldn’t help myself. I was hot. I was horny. I was out of my mind with lustful desire for him. I wanted my son and I needed his cock.It was dark where I was lying and obviously his eyes still hadn’t adjusted to the darkness, just yet. He was probably too drunk to see me, even if they did adjust to the darkness and even if he could see me, but his cock was still working, so he wasn’t that drunk. I continued stroking his big prick, while watching it grow bigger and feeling it getting harder in my hand.So thick, so long, and so hard, it felt so good in my hand. Never having touched my son’s cock, since he was a baby, it had been a long while since I had even kissed a man, never mind given one a hand job. The thought that this man was my son, excited me even more. Along with gifted hands, I’ve been told that I have a gifted mouth and I couldn’t wait to take his big prick in my mouth and suck it.Would I take him in my mouth? Did I dare actually do that? Could I blow my own son? What the Hell? Giving him a hand job, I’ve already gone this far. I’m jerking him off, while lying on the couch practically naked, what’s a blowjob between mother and son? Tomorrow, he may never remember any of this anyway. He may think it was all a drunken dream. Immediately, I felt his hand feeling my breast. First he felt my left tit, squeezing it and caressing it, before reaching across my body to feel my right tit and duplicating the same movement with his hand on my right breast that he had just done to my left breast. Then, he started fingering my nipples, before pinching them between his thumb and index finger and pulling up on them. I needed for him to suck my tits. I needed to feel his mouth and tongue on my nipples. “Suck Mommy’s tits, Joey,” I wanted to say, but didn’t. “Mommy needs to cum.”My daughter-in-law and I have nearly identical bodies and I knew that even if he was sober, he couldn’t tell the difference between us, especially in the dark. It felt good to feel him finger my nipples before he reached down and fingered my pussy, and I let out a gasp when he did. I was so wet. His fingers were big, thick, and long, like his cock and it felt so good when he started fingering my clit before finger fucking Mommy’s pussy. “That’s a good boy, Joey,” I wanted to say, but just thought the words. “Finger fuck Mommy’s pussy until she cums.”If only he knew he was finally sexually touching and feeling up his mother. If only he knew his horny mother was giving her son a slow, loving hand job, while he caressed my tits, fingered my nipples, and finger fucked my pussy. If only he knew his mother was about to sit up and take his big, hard, thick prick in her mouth and suck his cock and continue sucking his cock, until he shot his warm gooey load of cum in her willing mouth and she swallowed all that he had to give. …And then, as soon as I thought it, I did it. I sat up, leaned forward, took his cock in my mouth and started sucking his big prick. I was blowing my son. I couldn’t believe it. Forget about crossing the line, I had jumped over the edge. I was still in the dark and I felt his big hand move to the back of my head. Now, he was fucking my mouth, really fucking my mouth and ramming his cock in and out, while I applied the correct amount of pressure to his prick with my lips and while cupping his balls with my other hand and taking turns to finger his ass with my finger”Fuck Mommy’s mouth Joey. Ram your cock in my mouth hard. Cum, Joey, cum. I need to taste you. I need to swallow all that you have to give me,” I thought but dared not verbalize my thoughts. I didn’t want him to stop. I didn’t want him to know it was me, his mother, and not Patty, his wife, blowing him.I needed him to finish. I really needed him to cum in my mouth. I needed to taste my son. Looking up at him, with his big, stiff cock impaled in my mouth, he had his head back with his eyes closed. He was oblivious to the fact that not only was I enjoying giving him a blowjob, as much as he was enjoying receiving a blowjob, but also that I was his mother. I was really sucking him and he was moaning just a little bit too loudly, when freebet veren siteler suddenly, he exploded his cum in my mouth and down my throat and I saw stars. As if it was last call at the bar and the lights go on to make you realize that the beautiful woman you’ve been desperately trying to convince to go home with you, is an old, ugly broad, there I was with my son’s cock still in my mouth. The overhead light not only lit up the room but also it lit up the perverseness that a mother had for her son.I remember wondering who turned on the light? Did Joey do that? Just as the light went on, just as Joey looked down and realized I was blowing him, his mother was sucking his dick and not his wife, Patty, when he pulled his cock from my mouth, he exploded a second load of cum across my face, in my hair and eyes, and that dripped down from my nose on my tits. I had cum everywhere, even in my ear. There was so much cum. He and Patty must not have had sex in months.In retrospect, I’m sure my daughter-in-law doesn’t give her husband, my son, the blowjob that I, his mother, had just given him. I had sucked a few more cocks in my day, but the real difference between me and my daughter-in-law is that I truly enjoy sucking a man’s cock, and I loved sucking my son’s cock the best. Then all Hell broke loose. “Joey! Elizabeth! Jesus Christ! I don’t believe this.”Patty looked at us as if we were from another planet. Joey had already removed his cock from my mouth, just as she turned on the light, but for that brief second after that light came on, she saw me blowing my son. She saw me sucking his cock. It didn’t matter, the evidence of his lust for me was already dripping from my face. Joey still stood before me as naked as the day he was born and his cock was sticking straight out, as if an index finger pointing the guilty blame to me. I was guilty alright. I was guilty of being in love with my son and of wanting him.”Mom! Patty!” Joey looked down at me with a look of shocked disbelief, but I saw a glimmer of excitement cross his face. “Mom, what are you doing? How could you not know it was me you were blowing? Who did you think it was?” He looked up at his wife with an incredulous look on his face. “I thought it was you. I thought you were blowing me, Patty. Honest, I did.””I knew it was you, Joey,” I said, suddenly not feeling the shame I should.”Get out! Get out of my house,” screamed Patty. “You two are sick, sick sick! I want you out of my house now. Get your things and just go.””Patty, wait, you don’t understand,” said Joey looking from her to me and showing me a face full of shocked excitement, while trying not to reveal how he truly felt about me to his wife, before looking back at her again.”I do understand” she said looking at Joey. “Now, I know why you’re a drunk and can’t keep a job. You’ve been pining over leaving your mother. You love Mommy more than me, your wife. Now, I know why you married me, a young copy of your sick fuck of a mother. You really wanted her and not me. Now, that I know, I don’t want you anymore. Get out! Get out! Get out!””What about the k**s, surely, you can’t—””The k**s? The c***dren aren’t even your k**s, you moron. You were never sober enough to fuck me long enough or penetrate me deep enough to father those k**s.””Not mine? Then, whose k**s are they?””My old boyfriend from high school fucked me, whenever you were out drunk. You were always leaving me for your bar friends. I was lonely. I was horny. I needed a man, a real man and not a drunken pervert who’d rather have sex with his Mommy than with his wife. Now you two can go back to living together. I’m replacing you with him, just as you can’t wait to replace me with her,” she said spitting at me. Yet, just as her words fell short of their intended target, even her spit did. Joey was happy to leave her. Even though he’d miss the k**s, the fact that she admitted they weren’t his k**s, ended his obligation to care anymore about them, especially once her old boyfriend moved in with her.I got up from the couch and grabbed her by her hair. In one quick pull of her nightgown, she was naked. Then, I slapped her. I slapped her for calling me a sick fuck. I slapped her for spitting at me. I slapped her for disrespecting my son and I slapped her for cheating on Joey with another man. I did what Joey couldn’t do. I slapped his wife silly.I helped Joey pack his things. He didn’t have much. I brought him home with me, where I could care for him and make him better. Patty wasn’t much of a cook. At least with me, he’d get three square meals a day, and at least with me, he’d be with someone who loved him and who wouldn’t cheat on him. At least with me, I’d give him sex whenever he wanted it.It was difficult in the beginning, he insisted on sleeping in his old room. Gone were all the games he used to play with him trying to see me naked by opening my bedroom door, as I was putting on or deneme bonusu veren siteler taking off my nightgown. Every time I took a shower, just as I opened the curtain and emerged from the tub, I expected, hoped, that he’d burst in bathroom on the pretense he had to pee. I imagined him whipping out his cock and allowing me to see the full length of it before turning away to do his business. If he wasn’t going to accept our living arrangements, then I would motivate him to embrace them. I started walking around my house in my bra and panty. The look on his face told me that he still thought of me and wanted me. Then, in a bold move, whenever I could pull it off without looking as if I was doing in purposefully, I started walking around naked, pretending I forgot something in the bathroom or forgot to close my bedroom door. I was teasing him into feeling that wicked desire for me again and it was working.Yet, things didn’t get better, easier, until when I convinced him to sleep with me in my bed.”I promise I won’t attack you, Joey. Let me take care of you,” I said while lying in bed wearing my nightgown with my arms open to show him that he was loved. “We don’t even have to do anything. You can just hold me or I can hold and comfort you and then spoon me later before we fall asleep.””Okay, but we sleep with our clothes on and not naked. Right?””Of course,” I said.Finally, he agreed and we slept like that holding one another and spooning without being sexual. I loved feeling the warmth of his body. I loved feeling his big arm around my waist and his big hand poised on my hip. It felt good to lean back into him and know that I felt protected by the love of my son. Then, one night, while he spooned me, I felt his cock up against my ass. He was asleep, but his cock was poking me and pulsating against my body. He was hard. He had an erection. He must have been having a sexy dream. Without waking him, I gently turned over. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the dimness of the night light, I looked down and could see his beautiful bulge tenting his pajama bottoms. I reached my fingers down and touched him, while watching his face. He was still sleeping. I took all of him in my hand through his pajamas and he still slept without stirring. It wasn’t until I reached inside his pajamas and pulled his cock out through his pee hole that he finally stirred.”Mom,” he said in his sleep.He let out a quiet moan when my fingers engulfed his cock and my hand gently stroked his magnificent prick. It felt so good to touch him, again. He was still so very hard. It felt so good to stroke him to an even harder erection. Gently without waking him, I sat up in bed and removed my nightgown. If he awakened, this is the sight that I wanted him to see. I wanted him to see me, his mother, naked. If he was to awaken, I’d snap on the light so that he could feast his eyes on my tits, my ass, and my pussy. I knew he couldn’t resist me. I knew he’d fuck and lick me. Slowly, silently, without shaking the mattress or making my movements known to him, I eased my body down half the length of the bed, until my mouth was poised in front of his cock.I flicked out my tongue and licked it before swirling my entire tongue around his sweet cock. Then, I took it in my mouth. It felt glorious to suck my son. It felt comforting for me to know that I still had the same level of control over him now that I had over him when he was a baby. I loved the feeling of having his cock in my mouth.I didn’t want to awaken, but I was aroused to finish what I had started. I decided that this was better, him not knowing that I had been blowing him, but just as I was about to slide back up to where I was and slip my nightgown back over my head, he started slowly humping my mouth with his hips. He was fucking my mouth. My son was fucking my face with his cock. Then, as soon as the humping grew more forceful, I felt his big hand to the back of my head. Now, he was humping me as much as I was sucking him. Then, it happened, he ejaculated. My son came in my mouth. I felt the warm slimy feeling of his cum explode in my mouth and coat my tongue, before sliding down my throat. He gave me a feeling of power that I could get him aroused enough to cum, and boy did he ever. He gave me quite the load and I thought I had drained him, but as soon as I allowed his cock to fall from my mouth, he exploded again with another violent burst of cum that caught me by surprised. I had his cum everywhere, in my hair, my eyes, and even up my nose.I wiped the cum off me with the tissues I had by my bedside. He looked like he was still sleeping. How could he sleep through that. Maybe, he was embarrassed that I had blown him and that he had cum in my mouth. He had to be awake enough to fuck my face and put a hand to the back of my head. Maybe he was dreaming.I snuggled in beside him again. His body was so warm and it felt so good. I took his hand and moved it to the side of my hip before moving it up to my breast. Still naked and cold, not bothering to put my nightgown back on, it didn’t take him long to start fingering my nipples. Immediately, I could feel a moist wetness between my thighs and all that I could think of was his cock deep inside my pussy.

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