I love you, sis PRT1

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I love you, sis PRT1The alarm screeched out its wake-up call, its piercing tone destroying the early morning silence. It continued to wail until a hand reached out from under the covers of the king-sized bed and slammed down on top of it, activating the snooze feature and silencing it for 10 minutes. This allowed Charles to go back to his dream, one in which he was very familiar. He and his wife Jessica were locked in a heated embrace, both naked, laying tightly next to each other on the bed, kissing as if it was their first time. Charles ran his left hand slowly down his beautiful wife’s back, eliciting a deep moan as their tongues continued to dance with each other while they kissed. Gradually, his hand extended to the roundness of her ass, his fingers now kneading the flesh of her right globe, teasing as they approached the cleft her luscious ass crack provided. Jessica shifted her weight, allowing her to roll onto her back, spreading her legs, causing Charles to move his hand around to her thigh, where he continued his teasing. Between kisses, Jessica breathlessly called out in anticipation of Charles’ hand reaching her pussy, which was clearly wet and ready to be pleasured. Charles obliged, first teasing around her outer lips, before plunging a finger deep within the steamy canal, causing Jessica to gasp in both surprise and pleasure. Charles’ growing cock began to cause him discomfort, trapped as it was next to Jessica’s left leg as she lay on her back. He shifted and rolled up to his hands and knees, continuing to assault Jessica’s steaming pussy with now two fingers, while moving his mouth down to her left breast, finding its nipple taut and erect, beckoning his mouth to taste it, nibble on it, all of which caused Jessica to moan even more. His cock now free, it hung obscenely below him, sliding over Jessica’s thigh, leaving a trail of pre-cum in its wake. He added another finger to his exploration of Jessica’s pussy, reaching farther inside than before, and she bucked her hips to let him know that he had found her interior pleasure center. Knowing that she had started up the climb to her orgasm, Charles released her left nipple and moved his mouth over to her right, treating it in the same manner. He didn’t ignore her left side, but instead brought his right hand up and rolled the still erect nipple between his thumb and finger, glancing in amazement as the pink bud stretched under his manipulation. As he lavished both breasts, he kept up his fingers plunged deep into her pussy, finding more than enough moisture to continue rubbing on her G spot. At the same time, he brought the heel of his hand down and brushed it over her swollen clit. He knew, from the years of giving his wife pleasure, that she wouldn’t be able to hold out long, and once again, she didn’t disappoint. Jessica was twisting and lunging on the bed, panting as she muttered “O god, O god, O god…” over and over, until she stopped, held her breath, and finally let loose with a loud squeal, signaling that she had made it to the top of the hill. Her pussy began to spasm, clamping itself around Charles’ fingers as it flooded her interior. Her body shuddered, and her breathing became rapid, and she cried out “YES, YES, YES!!” over and over, until Charles released her nipple and drew his now soaked fingers out of her throbbing pussy, allowing her to start her descent back down the orgasmic mountain. She closed her eyes and turned her head away, breathing deeply as the fingers of electricity her orgasm unleashed throughout her body began to subside.Turning her head back to Charles, she slowly opened her eyes to find him smiling down at her, elated that he still knew the tricks to drive her insane. He bent down to kiss Jessica deeply, knowing that in spite of her orgasm, their play time had only just begun. Jessica’s breathing returned to near normal, enough that as they broke their kiss and looked deeply into each other’s eyes, she softly muttered, “Fuck me….fuck me right now!” Only happy to oblige, Charles moved completely between her outstretched legs and brought his cock up to the entrance of her still tingling pussy, slowly inserting it inside as he began to make love to the only woman he had ever slept with in his entire life…….And then the alarm screeched again, the snooze cycle complete, awakening him from this erotic dream. He shut if off properly this time, stretched out his arms, and reached over to feel his wife in bed next to him……Except that she wasn’t there, and the cold, hard reality of her absence rushed back into his soul like an oppressive gray cloud, blocking the sunshine out of his life. The erotic dreams he would have of he and Jessica only served to remind him of what life was before – completely loving each other, pledging themselves to each other, and knowing what each other craved in their sexual desires. It was a perfect life – in fact, many people had told them just how jealous they were of what Charles and Jessica shared with each other.Charles had grown up in a small town – not a small town of several thousand, but a REALLY small town in the Midwest of less than 1,000. His family was very close – it was his parents and a sister who was two years younger than he was. Everybody knew everybody else in this small town. Parents would look after other k**s just as they looked after their own. His parents owned a combination hardware/furniture store. It was never easy, but at the same time, the town was so small that they didn’t have to worry about one of the big national chain stores building any time soon. On the first day of his freshman year in high school, Charles’ life would change forever. In a high school of less than 100 students, it was a big deal when a new student joined their class. That first day, Charles saw Jessica for the first time, and fell in love immediately. Her family had moved into town just the week before school started. In a move that was unlike his usual quiet and shy demeanor, he went straight over to her and introduced himself, and the rest, as they say, was history. Charles and Jessica’s relationship began as friends, proceeded on to close friends, then moved to going “steady,” and eventually blossomed into what could only be described as teen love. While their other friends would date people, then break up, then find someone new, Charles and Jessica stayed with each other, all the way through high school. In their senior yearbook, they were voted the couple most likely to still be a couple in 50 years. It was a lead pipe cinch – from that first day of their freshman year, Charles and Jessica would never look for anyone else again.They graduated from high school together (Jessica was the valedictorian, and Charles was the salutatorian), then headed to the state university a couple of hours away from home. They had always promised each other that they would wait until they got married before they officially consummated their relationship. By the second year of college, they couldn’t wait anymore, and Charles proposed to Jessica. They planned the wedding for the first weekend in June after their second year of college had concluded. It was the social event of the year in their small town – nearly everybody turned out to witness their vows and congratulate them on making official what everyone knew was always destined to happen.Their first night as husband and wife was perfect. They had chosen a quaint little inn that featured separate, private cottages, located just a few hours south of their small town, as the place where they would finally give themselves completely to each other. Jessica came out of the bathroom of their cottage wearing a very sheer white gown, immediately catching Charles’ attention. It perfectly displayed her small but firm breasts, her nipples upturned and pointing to the ceiling as they tried to poke their way through her gown. He could see that she hadn’t bothered putting on panties, instead choosing to suggestively display her dark pubic patch beneath the gauzy material. Charles breathed in deeply, then smiled and moved to her, taking her in his arms and locking into their most sensual kiss yet. As they kissed, Jessica began unbuttoning his shirt, sliding it off of his shoulders, then reached for his belt, and finally finding and unbuttoning his pants. As he stepped out of his shoes and pants, he was left with only his underwear on, but they weren’t hiding the fact that he was completely ready for what was about to happen. They had had many conversations about this night prior to their wedding day, so without any talking, they began to turn those conversations into reality. That first night of consummation set the standard by which they would strive to reach in all other of their future times together. As hard as it had been to wait until their wedding night to make love, they always believed it had been worth the denial they had practiced before. They learned each other’s likes and dislikes, discovered the places on each other’s bodies that made their sexual adventures even stronger, and fell farther in love with each other each time they kissed and looked deeply into each other’s eyes.Charles and Jessica had moved back to their hometown following college – he using the business degree he acquired to begin working in his parents’ store, with the assumed purpose of taking it over when his parents were ready to retire, and she finding an elementary teaching position in the school district. Soon they had two daughters, born two years apart, and their All-American family was taking shape. Life wasn’t extravagant by any means, but what they didn’t have in wealth, they had in love.Charles enjoyed working in his parents’ store, but he couldn’t help but think something bigger was out there, waiting to be discovered. That turned out to be the infancy of cellular technology. As the big companies began to build cell empires in large cities, small towns like theirs were getting passed over. Charles saw an opportunity to bring cell service to his town, and proceeded to start his own little company. It was tough in the beginning – in fact, Jessica had quit teaching to be his full time bookkeeper and accounts receivable department, often working without pay as they struggled in the first couple of years. Eventually they learned from their mistakes and got a solid little cell company going. Charles and Jessica expanded to other small towns in the region that were also being passed over by the big companies, and pretty soon they had a large regional cellular network that began to attract the attention of the national cell phone carriers. Eventually they sold their little company for several million dollars, and Charles was offered a six-figure salary to work for them as a regional manager.By the time they had sold their company, their girls had gone to college, found mates, gotten married, and moved to different parts of the country. Charles’ new job with the national cell carrier required that they move out of their small town and into a city about four hours away. They had purchased a river walk condominium in a new development in a southern suburb, where they enjoyed city life with each other. Life continued to be perfect, and they continued to fall deeper and deeper in love with each other.But perfection isn’t guaranteed to last forever, and Charles and Jessica found this out in the most devastating manner possible. Jessica was diagnosed with an aggressive type of ovarian cancer. From the date of her original diagnosis, and despite the most advanced treatment possible, Jessica died two months later. Of course Charles was inconsolable. His best friend, his lover, his soulmate, had been taken from him far too early. Charles began to undergo a withdrawal process. The days surrounding Jessica’s funeral were hazy at best for him. family and friends tried to console him, but found little success. He spent a week at each of his daughter’s houses, but canlı bahis felt lost and out of place as they tried to deal with their own grief and put their own lives back in order. He took an extended leave of absence from work, but found that he needed the regularity of his job in order to try to keep going. Soon his life consisted of going to work, going home to an empty condo, struggling to fall asleep, and waking up to the morning alarm, rousing him from his usual dreams of he and Jessica together, giving themselves to each other sexually and spiritually.That had been two years ago. Each successive day had grown darker without his beloved Jessica by his side. He had no interest in deviating from this reclusive routine into which he had fallen. He couldn’t imagine trying to break out of his void, because he knew in his heart he would never be able to find anyone to replace the love he and Jessica had for each other. Therefore, he knew it was worthless to even try.Charles swung his feet off the side of the bed and onto the cold floor. By now his daily routine had taken complete control over him – this morning would be no different. Shave…shower…suit and tie…out the door…same route to work…same parking space…same pass code to get into the building…straight to his office to begin his work. That particular day, the only interruption to his routine came when his assistant regional manager Stan knocked on his office door around 10:00. Of all the employees in his department, he was probably best friends with Stan. They were about the same age and had some common interests. It was Stan who took on most of the workload when Charles had missed time from work following Jessica’s death.Stan came into the office with a smile on his face – not exactly the way Charles was used to seeing him in come in. Stan shut the door behind him, pulled up a chair directly in front of Charles’ desk, and sat down and looked him straight in the eye.”Charles,” began Stan, “how was your weekend?”Charles flinched a little at this question. Stan knew exactly how his weekend was, just like every weekend for the past two years. To start his conversation in this way signaled to Charles that he had something else he wanted to discuss – something Charles was sure he didn’t want to hear.”It was fine,” Charles replied. “Nothing happened to make it stand out.”Stan looked away from Charles as if he was searching for the right words to say to keep this conversation going without Charles throwing him out. Finally, he blurted out, “What are you doing this coming weekend?”Again Charles flinched – he was exactly right, this conversation wasn’t what Charles wanted to hear on Monday morning.”No plans – probably just stay in the condo and see what games are on TV.”Stan hesitatingly pressed on. “What would you think about going out to dinner on Friday night?”Here we go, thought Charles. Stan and his wife Lori were nice people. Charles and Jessica had spent some time with Lori and Stan while Jessica was still alive, but Charles hadn’t seen her in the two years following Jessica’s death. He remembered her to be bubbly, nearly always smiling, the regular “life-of-the-party” kind of woman. Charles had no reason not to like her, but he knew that her personality would be unbearable for him to deal with in his current state.”I don’t know, Stan…I’m not sure I would be very much of a good dinner guest. I wouldn’t want to ruin you and Lori’s time together.”Stan took a deep breath, and continued, knowing that Charles would more than likely shut him down before he finished. “It’s not a dinner with Lori and I. It’s a dinner with you and a friend of Lori’s – kind of like a blind date. There would be no pressure for anything to come out of it, other than two people meeting and enjoying dinner together.”Charles groaned. He thought he was ready to handle Stan’s questions, but he had no idea Stan was trying to set him up on a blind date. He turned in his chair to look out the window of his office, and said, “No, Stan – that’s not going to happen. I’m not ready for something like that. Forget it!”Stan stood up and walked over behind Charles’ desk to address him directly. “Charles, listen. For two years now, you have had no life other than coming to work, and even when you are here, you don’t talk to anybody unless it involves the company. I know you’re hurting inside, and I respect that. But you have to keep on living, and right now, you’re not doing a very good job of it!”The words hit Charles like a sledgehammer. He knew Stan was right, but doing something about it was another thing.”Stan, I can’t – I miss Jessica so much that I don’t think I could ever be with someone else. I’m afraid all I will do is compare whomever it is to Jessica, knowing that there is nobody on the face of the earth that can match up to what Jessica was to me.””Charles, I’m not asking you to forget Jessica. And I’m certainly not asking you to make a new life commitment. It’s just a little blind date, with a woman whom Lori says is quiet like you, and dealing with some life issues as well.””I don’t know—””Before you say no, think about this. Wouldn’t Jessica want you to continue on with your life, and try to find at least a little happiness? If you had been the one who had gotten cancer, wouldn’t you have wanted Jessica to try to find some happiness after you had died?”Charles knew Stan was right. If Jessica was looking down on him from above, she would be pretty upset that he hadn’t tried to have at least a little fun. She would be telling him to go out, meet new people, and have a little fun, live your life again. He had been so selfish in his own grief that he hadn’t stopped to think of what Jessica would have wanted for him. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, but he started to think about the possibility of going on this ‘blind date’ his friends were trying to create for him.Still, there were plenty of reservations making themselves known in Charles’ mind. He needed to know more, if that was possible with a blind date. He looked at Stan and asked, “What can you tell me about this ‘friend’ of Lori’s? How does she know her? What kind of issues is she facing?””Her name is Karen, and Lori knows her from working out together at the same gym. I know she’s about your age, and that life has dealt her a couple of setbacks recently, but other than that, I don’t really know anything else. It sounds to me like she’s lonely – just like my friend Charles,” he said, looking at Charles and grinning.Charles’ mind was doing somersaults with all of the thoughts that were rolling around in his head. It had been a long time since he had been involved in any social activity. Yet his biggest fear still was that he would compare this Karen – and any other woman, for that matter – with his beloved Jessica, and he knew there was no way any other woman could hold up to that standard.Stan drew closer to Charles and put his hand on his shoulder. “Come on, Charles – you’re only 50, and you have a lot of life yet to live. You need to start living again! I’m not saying this one blind date will be the answer to your life, but it may be the one thing that will get you started out of your darkness and into the beautiful light of the world.””And I’ll make you a deal – if you promise to go on this one date on Friday night, and it doesn’t work out, I promise never to set you up again. Just give it this one shot, Charles! If it doesn’t work, we’ll at least know that you tried.”Charles looked at Stan and shook his head. “All right, Stan, just this one date, even if just to shut you up about this! Set it up, and give me the details. Let’s see how this plan of you and Lori’s works out.”Stan grinned, and told Charles that it was already all set up, that the last piece of the puzzle was his agreeing to it. He pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Charles. It had all of the details of where and when the date would be, including his instructions of finding Karen in the restaurant once he got there.The week dragged on for Charles. He still had his daily routine which continued to trap him – the alarm waking him from another sexy dream of he and Jessica, followed by getting ready for work, driving to and from, and his time in the office. Stan came to see him twice a day now that the blind date had been set up. He did everything in his power to encourage Charles to not back out of it. Now that he had agreed on the date, Stan was even more determined to make sure the date became a reality.At the end of the day on Friday, Stan and Charles walked to their cars together in the parking garage. Stan kept reminding Charles that it was just a date, and to not put anymore expectations than that on the evening. There was no reason to be nervous, according to Stan. Just go and have a nice time with a nice lady, he said. When they got to their cars, Stan pulled Charles into an awkward hug, and said, “I’m glad that you’re doing this, Charles. My old friend has been gone for two years, and I want to see if we can get him back again.”Charles drove home, pulling into his spot in the condo garage at about 5:30. He had decided that if he was going to go through with this, he would go all out – including shaving, taking a fresh shower and wearing a different suit. He looked at the instruction paper Stan had given him on Monday, and he chuckled to himself under his breath when he realized how good a job Stan and Lori had done setting this evening up. He and this mystery woman named Karen were meeting at a high-end bistro on the top floor of the new high rise office building that had opened within the past year. Charles knew they had selected this place on purpose – since it had just opened within the year, there would be no memories of he and Jessica dining there in the past, which might have made this night even more difficult than it already was. The drive back downtown seemed to Charles like it was taking longer than normal. He felt moisture on his palms as he gripped the wheel of his SUV, another holdover from when Jessica was still alive. Finally arriving at the parking garage of the building where the restaurant was located, Charles got out and headed towards the door leading into the building. The monotonous tempo of his shoes hitting the concrete floor of the garage was not helping to soothe the tensions that were beginning to build inside his mind and his heart. Neither did the long ride in the elevator to the 30th floor. When it finally arrived at its destination, Charles took a deep breath as the doors opened and he stepped inside.He had heard about the popularity of this restaurant, but had not had any desire to see for himself before tonight. He looked around and saw a busy dining area, and it looked as if there were no tables open. The hostess saw him and walked over to greet him with a big, wide smile that alerted him to her bubbly personality.”Welcome! My name is Staci!” she said, reaching out to grasp Charles’ hand. “Do you have a reservation?”Remembering the instructions Stan had given him, he cleared his throat and replied, “Uh…I’m here for dinner with Karen.””Ah yes, you must be Charles! Welcome – I think you’re going to have a terrific time! Follow me, please!”Staci swung around so hard that her pony tail struggled to keep up with her head turn. Too happy, Charles thought, as he watched her bouncy walk take him deep inside the crowded restaurant. Finally, Staci stopped at a table for two that had an empty chair. He could see the back of his date’s head – this was it. He hadn’t seriously entertained the idea of backing out of this arranged date, but it was always in the back of his mind. He stepped on up to the table, turned and looked at the woman who was waiting for him…Their eyes met, and they each one gasped, and then the comedy of the situation took over, and they both had to suppress giggles that were trying to come out. “Karen, I’d like you to meet Charles,” Staci said bahis siteleri as she introduced them to each other. “Charles, meet Karen!”Charles collected his thoughts, and reached out his hand to Karen. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve been looking forward to this night.”Karen grabbed his hand and shook it, and returned Charles’ greeting. “Hello, Charles. I have been looking forward to it as well. It seems our mutual friends Stan and Lori have done a good job of selecting a place for us to meet.”Staci the hostess guided Charles to his seat, then said, “You’re waiter tonight is Marcus. He will be with you shortly.” Then she leaned in a little closer, her smile even wider than before, and said, under her breath, “I think this is so neat! I hope you both have a wonderful time!” With that, she left, and Karen and Charles began their blind date together.For what seemed longer than what it actually was, Charles and Karen looked at each other without talking, instead choosing just to sit there and smile. Finally Charles spoke. “I didn’t know what I was going to find when I first met my date for tonight, but I certainly didn’t think it would be my sister!””I’m right there with you! You were certainly the last person I expected to see as well. Although….” She stopped talking, looked down at the table, and then continued. “I’m kind of glad that it happened this way.”Charles studied her face, trying to gauge her emotions as they continued with this awkward encounter. “Why is that?””Well…I was extremely nervous about this, because the dating scene is all new to me, and I’ve never in my life gone on a blind date. With the news flashes you sometimes see about women getting hurt meeting dates they’ve found on those dating web sites, I felt as though I should be worried about this. Meeting in a busy restaurant is probably a good thing. But knowing your “blind” date like I do removes that worry.”A thought suddenly came across Charles’ mind as he listened to Karen talk to him. “That brings up a good point! Why are you out in the dating world? Where is Roger?”Roger was Karen’s husband…or apparently, now her ex-husband. Charles was never a fan of Roger. He felt that he didn’t really treat Karen like she was someone special. You could tell with Roger that is was always his way, looking out for himself first before he considered Karen’s needs.Karen dropped her eyes down to the table again as she updated Charles with the details of her decision to kick Roger out six months ago. She had realized that she was tired of putting up with Roger’s treatment of her. He had never struck her, but the mental abuse finally became too much.”I should have listened to you all along about Roger,” Karen said. “I know you never liked him from the beginning.””Karen, why didn’t you call me and tell me? You shouldn’t have had to go through this all alone!”That question brought Karen’s eyes back up to look directly at Charles. “I tried! I tried for weeks! You’ve pretty much shut yourself off to the rest of the world after Jessica died. You apparently don’t use the cell phone number I had for you anymore. I left messages at your office, but that didn’t work either. I finally decided that I just had to move on by myself.”Charles cringed with guilt. He could not deny that nobody but a trusted few knew what his cell phone number was. And he vaguely remembered seeing phone messages at his office from Karen sometime before, but didn’t realize it had been six months. He remembered thinking that it was probably just another attempt by someone to bring him out of his despair, so he had ignored them.Karen continued. “In fact, that’s the main reason why I’m glad that it was you that walked in a few minutes ago. I really wasn’t sure I would ever see you again. I’ve missed my big brother!”Their waiter came and asked them if they were ready to order, but they asked him for a few more minutes. The pause in their conversation gave Charles a little time to collect his thoughts. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you kicked Roger out. I’m sorry you had to go through that. But the reason I wasn’t there was because I was being selfish with my own problem. And I can’t really tell you why. I know that what you say, and what so many other people have said to me about continuing with my life is the right answer, but I just haven’t been able to do that. I guess I’ve been afraid to move on, because I know that no matter how I end up, I know that it’s not going to be as good as when Jessica was alive.”Karen reached her hand across the table and put it on the back of Charles’ hand. She spoke in a soft tone as she looked Charles in the eyes. “I know the pain you feel, big brother. That’s one of the jobs of being a sister – to comfort you when things don’t go your way, just like a big brother comforts and protects his little sister when she needs help. We haven’t been there for each other, but I hope from this point on, you will let me be a part of your life and help you to see that even without Jessica, there is still much that life can give you.”Charles saw that as she spoke, a tear formed in the corner of her eye, and then started making its way down her cheek. He grabbed his napkin, reached over and dabbed it off her cheek. As he was doing this, he realized that something had been missing – in his grief over the death of his beloved Jessica, he had blocked out everyone, including those who loved him, those who wanted him to feel their love in return. He realized that that lack of love was a big part of the emptiness in his life. It wasn’t just Jessica’s love that was missing, but the love of others as well – family and friends especially.He turned his hand over so that now he and Karen were grasping each other. At this moment, he felt closer to his sister than he had in many, many years. He searched his mind for the right words to say, but realizing that his thought processes were now scrambled, he spoke from the heart instead.”I love you, s*s.” He realized he hadn’t called her that since they were both in school. “I’m afraid it’s going to take a long time, but I think I’m ready for you to help me. I know I can’t keep going on like this forever.”Karen’s face lit up with a huge smile as she jumped up out of her seat and crossed over to wrap her arms around her big brother. They held each other for several moments, before sitting back down. Both of them felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off of their shoulders as they looked at each other still smiling.Finally Charles broke the silence. “Shall we continue on with this date? It kind of seems awkward now that our “blind” date turns out to be someone we’ve known all our lives.”Karen responded quickly, “Why not? It’s paid for, after all. Stan and Lori wanted to make sure nothing stood in the way of our having a good time. I say that we are going to do better than just a good time – I think it’s going to be great!”Marcus the waiter came back and took their order. For the rest of the evening, they enjoyed the great food (it was apparent why the restaurant was so popular!) and caught up on each other’s lives. They also talked about the awkwardness of being hooked up together by two people whom they both knew, but obviously didn’t realize Charles and Karen were brother and sister. Charles thought about it for a moment, the realized why Stan and Lori hadn’t put that together. He remembered that the week of Jessica’s funeral, Stan and Lori were scheduled to go on a second honeymoon cruise, and although they were willing to cancel it so that they could attend the funeral, Charles wouldn’t allow it, and they didn’t get a chance to meet Karen.When their meal was finished, they stood up to leave. Walking together, Karen reached out and gently clutched Charles’ hand, and in return, he squeezed hers, letting her know how much he appreciated it. They passed by Staci on their way out, and seeing that they held hands as they left, she called out in her bubbly voice, “Thanks for coming – I hope you had a great time!” Karen looked back over her shoulder and called back, “Thanks – it was amazing!”They continued to hold hands down the long elevator ride to the parking garage. They both laughed as they approached their cars – they had unknowingly parked next to each other! They stepped in between the two vehicles, each leaning against their own, and held both hands together as they looked at each other, their smiles still continuing to shine.It was Karen who broke the silence. “Charles, this is the best time I’ve had in years, and I’m not ready for it to end. I know I’m breaking the safe blind date protocol here, but I think you won’t be too much of a risk. Would you mind coming out to my apartment for a while? I’m hoping that since it’s Friday night, you won’t have to get up early to go to work tomorrow, so maybe we could just relax together and find out more about each other.””I would love too – but are you sure you can trust me? After all,” he smirked, “this is the first date. How do you know I’m not a psycho…wait, don’t answer that,” he interjected, knowing that in his state of mind the last two years, it might not be too much of a stretch.”I know you’re not a psycho,” responded Karen quickly. “I just know that you were madly, passionately in love with your perfect soul mate, so I understand why you feel like you do. But it’s time to start living again,” and she pulled Charles into another hug.They decided that they would leave Charles’ SUV in the garage, and he took off his suit jacket and tie and left them in his vehicle before locking it. Karen would drive him to her apartment in her car. Another cringe of guilt came over Charles when he realized that he and his sister lived in the same city, and he had no clue she was there. As they were driving, he asked her about her move.”When I left Roger, I didn’t have any reason to stay where we were. I knew I needed to get a new job, and I felt there was a better possibility of finding employment in the bigger city. So I cleaned out our joint savings before Roger could get to it, found an apartment on the north side, brought just a very few pieces of furniture, and started my life over again.”Karen pulled her car into the apartment complex. Charles saw that it wasn’t fancy. It looked to be about six or eight buildings, each building holding about 10 apartments. Karen led him into the inside of the complex, up a flight of steps, and into her second floor apartment. She opened the door and turned on the light, leading Charles in by holding his hand. As he looked around, he could see that she wasn’t k**ding. A single couch and an old wooden rocking chair faced a small TV on a stand in the front room. Charles could see that it was a one bedroom apartment with a small kitchenette to the side.Karen set her purse down on the kitchen counter, then hurriedly walked back over to Charles and pulled him into a hug once again. Charles responded, running his hands over her back as they embraced. For the first time in a long time, he realized how much he missed the softness of a woman’s embrace, and he began to think about his sister as something more.”s*s, you have no idea how good that feels,” he blurted out. Karen released the hug, and looked up lovingly into his eyes. As he looked back down at her, he saw that for the first time in the evening, he recognized that she was a beautiful woman. The last time he had seen her at the funeral, she had been a little overweight, which he had just chalked up to the fact that she wasn’t young as he remembered her while they were in high school.He kept the conversation going. “You look great, s*s – you’re a beautiful woman. Why aren’t the guys flocking to try to win your attention?Karen laughed. “Thanks for the compliment, but guys your age usually aren’t looking for women my age. They’re still trying to make it with women 10 or 20 years or more younger than themselves. Plus I’m a little like you – I’m not exactly out in the market bahis şirketleri yet. This date tonight is my first official date since I’ve moved here. And don’t let anybody tell you that regular visits to the gym don’t work. With a great workout partner like Lori, I have been able to get back into shape, although that didn’t seem to impress my ass of a husband any.”Charles chuckled to himself as he thought about the improbability of being hooked up on a blind date with his sister in a town of a million people. He drew Karen back to him and gave her a hug again, this time putting his hand on the back of her head and gently massaged her scalp. A slight moan escaped from Karen’s lips. “Charles,” she whispered, “that feels so good, that you are either going to have to stop right now, or continue it for about 30 more minutes.” He didn’t stop, but instead applied just a bit more pressure as he stroked through her dark brunette hair. As he did that, he bent down and kissed her lightly on the forehead. “I just wanted to say thanks for what you have done for me tonight,” he said as he continued his massage. “I was hesitant before the date started, but now I know that it’s the best thing to happen to me in a long time.”He bent down to kiss her forehead again, but as he did, Karen tipped her head up, and the kiss landed softly on her lips. The charge that went through Charles was intense. As they broke the quick kiss, he felt a stirring in his groin, something that hadn’t happened in quite some time. Karen initiated the next kiss – a little more firm this time, and yet neither was in a hurry to break it. When they finally did, Charles groaned and pulled Karen closer to him, feeling her breasts push into his chest from beneath her blouse and bra.”Charles……big brother….” whispered Karen. She shifted her weight so that her legs fig snuggly between his as they stood there in her front room. Charles’ penis continued to spring into action, and he was sure she could feel the pressure it was creating against her leg. Between kisses, Charles pulled back a little bit and looked directly at his sister. “Karen, what are we doing? I can’t believe I’m being this forward with you.””Charles, do you love me?” Karen asked”Of course I do. You’re my sister, but I’m afraid we are going beyond brother and sister here.””Listen, big brother – I love you as well, and I would do anything to help you out of your darkness – anything,” she said, before kissing him softly again. “And don’t forget, I’m not just helping you. You don’t know how much better I feel about myself after this wonderful date with you. If we love each other as much as I think we do, and this is what we can do to help each other out, then I think it’s the most natural thing in the world.”Charles thought about her words. He knew how intense his feelings were right now, holding his sister tightly, becoming even more aroused at the feel of her breasts still pressed tightly against his chest. He was afraid of the “morning-after” guilt feelings that might be waiting to haunt him if they carried this on any further. He had just discovered his sister again, and he really wanted to continue making her a part of his life. He just didn’t expect the possibility of REALLY making her a part of his life existed.Still, he could not deny the arousal he continued to feel. He was about three-quarters erect now, and he knew that she could feel what was happening. One more time, he bent over to kiss her, finding her lips slightly open this time, and then feeling her tongue slip first between her lips and then his. When he felt this, his guard dropped, and as his erection grew to full mast, he moaned deeply around her tongue and pulled her even tighter than before.The kiss seemed to last forever. Finally they broke it, and Karen grabbed Charles’ hand and led him down the short hall to her bedroom. They didn’t bother turning on the light. Instead, they embraced again and locked into another kiss, only this time, he reached out to run his hands over her left breast, while she reached to caress his hard cock through his pants. They broke their kiss once again, and Charles didn’t wait for permission as he began unbuttoning her blouse from the top down. As he got closer to her waist, Karen reached down and pulled the tail of her blouse out from her skirt, just in time for him to find the last button. He took his hands back up to her shoulder area and slowly pushed the blouse backwards and off her arms. Because they hadn’t turned on a light in the bedroom, it was too dark to see much, so Charles began seeing with his fingers instead. He reached out once again and felt the lace fabric of her bra as he came in contact with her breasts. As if to encourage him even farther, she reached back behind to unclasp the bra, and it fell forward to the ground between them. For the first time, Charles felt the swell of her naked breasts as he slid his hands from the top to the bottom on both of them, pausing when he got to her nipples. They were already erect, waiting for attention, which he gave them by slightly pinching each one between his fingers. As he was doing that, Karen reached behind once again to unzip her skirt and let if fall to the ground. She was standing there in only her panties – also lacy, since they were a matched set to her bra. She then felt for Charles’ front, again caressing his engorged cock through his pants, before moving up a bit to find and undo his belt and his pants. Realizing what was happening, Charles kicked off his shoes and waited for Karen to get his zipper down. When she did, his pants fell softly around his hips and down to the ground, where he stepped out of them. He kissed her one more time, then moved his kisses down until he reached her left nipple and gently enveloped it with his lips, swirling his tongue and lightly sucking as the same time.Karen gasped, and her heart rate increased significantly. As he was assaulting her nipple, she was able to start on the buttons of his shirt, finally finding the last one and pulling his shirt off and discarding it. Charles moved over to her other breasts and began to attack that nipple. He slid his free hand down the front of her taut stomach and then lower, finding the top of the lacy panties. He stroked a little lower still, reaching between her legs to run his fingers over the very damp lace that separated his fingers from her tingling pussy. “Oh, hell!” Karen exclaimed, and stepped back, reached down, and quickly pulled her lacy panties to her feet, where she kicked them away. She then stepped back and grabbed Charles’ underwear and pulled it down, then waited as he stepped out of his so she could toss them aside as well. She took Charles’ hand again and purposely placed it on her pussy, while at the same time she grabbed his cock, which was freed for the first time. With her other hand, she guided his head back down so he could put his mouth back to her breast, and moaned out loud as his tongue once again worked on her nipple, and his fingers started rubbing along her engorged pussy lips.There was no stopping now. They continue to stroke each other, with Charles becoming more aggressive with each passing second. As he sucked on her nipple and stroked his fingers through the wetness of her pussy, he kept pressure on her with his body, causing her to back up against her bed. Realizing in the darkness where they were, Charles swept down and picked Karen up into his arms, then gently rotated and laid her on her back on her bed, before climbing in on top of her.They both desperately wanted this, so there would be no more messing around. Knowing how wet Karen’s pussy was from his finger explorations, he knew she was ready for more. Karen opened her legs as she felt his rock-hard cock near the entrance to her pussy. She reached down and grabbed the head of his cock and gently rubbed it against her inner lips, getting it slickened with her juices and ready for its first plunge. Satisfied that she had done her task well, she lined it up to her canal as she whispered “Fuck me, big brother!” into his ear, and waited for him to do just that.The wait wasn’t long. Charles gradually began to drive his rock hard cock into only his second woman in his life. Karen gasped as she felt her pussy adjusting to the increasing pressure his throbbing cock was now beginning to create inside her. He wasn’t porn star big, she thought to herself, but she knew it was going to be more than enough to reach every inch deep inside. Her breathing became more rapid as he continued, slowly but surely, finally reaching the point where his ball were resting against her ass below her pussy.Charles held that position for a little bit, before withdrawing and then plunging back in again. He quickly picked up a rhythm, which encouraged Karen to join in. This was not going to be soft, romantic lovemaking. Instead, they both fucked with a determination, knowing that their fucking was considered to be taboo in today’s standards, but also knowing that both of them needed this as they began to try to separate themselves from the events in their lives that had held them both back for so long.Karen began to lose control of her ability to think coherently. As she raised her hips in unison with Charles’ stroking inside her pussy, her clit was colliding with his pubic bone on each thrust, and she began to moan in earnest. In time with the rhythm of their fucking, she began to call out “yes, yes, yes,” increasing in volume and pitch with each thrust. Soon she screamed in his ear, as her body was awash in the most powerful orgasm she had experienced ever. Charles didn’t slow down at all – he continued his torrid pace of fucking, sweat now building up on his forehead and dripping down into her hair. Karen continued her screaming…”fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK…” was all she could say, as she waited for Charles to slow down so she could get her breath back. But Charles wasn’t slowing down – instead, if possible, it seemed as though he was plunging faster and harder. As he continued to hammer his cock into her still convulsing pussy, she could tell that he had begun to sob on top of her. Realizing what was happening, Karen caught her breath long enough to whisper into his ear, “It’s ok, Charles, let me hear it – yell it out so I can hear!”Charles had been given the permission he didn’t realize he needed. He plunged harder, grunting now with each stroke, until he finally felt the once-familiar tingle deep within his balls, and just before he unloaded his creamy cum into his sister’s fiery cunt, he cried out at the top of his lungs, “JESSICAAAAAAAA….”Gradually the intensity of the moment started to fade, and their heartrates began to return to near normal speeds. Charles rolled off of Karen, and their bodies responded to the cool air that rushed over the sweaty sheen on both of their skin. Charles put his hands up on his forehead, almost as if in a manner of disgust, catching Karen’s attention.”What’s the matter, big brother? Didn’t that feel good to you? If it gets any better for me, I’m afraid it would disable me for a long time!””It’s not that, Karen,” Charles replied. “You know what I’m talking about. I can’t believe I cried out…”Karen stopped him with a kiss. When they parted, she brought her index finger up and put it to his lips, as if to tell him to be quiet. Then she pulled closer to him, throwing her leg over his as she lay on her side, and softly explained to him, “I knew what you needed, and I gave you permission. I told you, big brother, that I love you, and I would do whatever I could to help you.”Charles began to tear up with emotion. He knew that Jessica would always be the most important love of his life, but he realized now that deep inside, there was room for more, and Karen was the one that showed him that love was possible again.”I love you, s*s,” he said as he kissed her again, soft and slow this time. She reached out and gently grabbed his now flaccid cock, still slimy from their combined juices, and right before he drifted off to sleep, she said to him, “I love you too, big brother. This time was for Jessica. Next time, you fuck me for me.”End of Part 1 😉

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