I made a woman glow ( in the dark)


I made a woman glow ( in the dark)At one time there were two adult book stores with view arcades in the city I live in. One was and still is a chain store. The other was privately owned and never part of a chain. I used to frequent both on a fairly regular basis. I had sex with several people in each one. Each person I ever had sex with was of legal age as I am. Men, women, couples, and even transgender. I left a lot of cum inside of the various people I had sex with and the men left a lot of cum inside both ends of me. I would also have solo jerk off fun too. I left a lot of cum in the various viewing booths.Over the years of frequenting these book stores I had heard rumors about certain things. Rumors about book stores are not unusual. Some are not true, but some are. I am the kind of person who when I hear a rumor that sounds interesting and that could benefit me, especially sexually, I go to the source of and directly ask. Nine times out of 10 I get a straight and honest answer and about half of the time the sex that happens as a result is incredible. The other half it is a simple no, that is not true. One example of great sex is at the chain book store I heard one of the female clerks and her husband liked threesomes. I asked her, she said yes and what resulted was years of great hook ups with them and also with just her and I.The privately owned adult book store has been closed for some time now. But it was this one where I had one of my memorable experiences with a woman that originated from a rumor.The store was owned and operated by a family. The guy, his wife, her sister owned and worked the store. The guy developed some major health problems so he had to step away from the business. His wife and her sister brought in some other help to operate the store.The booths in the back were different sizes. The smaller ones were for one person only with a comfortable chair. The double or larger booths had a futon in them which could easily accommodate 3 people.. There was also one booth with a bed in it for groups of people. The room with the bed had to be requested. The others could be reserved but only if a customer was viewing one movie and not viewing the multiple movies as part of the arcade price.The rule was if you were alone or were going to remain alone you used the single booths only. If you were with someone or met someone there you could go into a booth with a futon in it. And as I said larger groups, usually 4 or more were what the room with the bed in it is for.I was a regular and they both knew me. When I went in alone Sometimes I would go in alone, sometimes with a woman. When I went in with a woman they always gave me a futon room.The rumor I had heard is both the owners wife and her sister would have sex with patrons of the store, especially those that went a lot. I had to find if this was true or not, but I discovered I did not have to ask.They were both in their 60’s with the owners wife being the oldest. She dressed in revealing clothing. She wore very short skirts with no panties and shirts or tops that were too small or tight or open with no bra. I found out about the no panties when I would see her bend over to do something with a lower shelf of merchandise or when gaziemir escort she would sit on the stool behind the counter she would have her legs open. She had a nicely shaved pussy from what I could see. I would often make comments like I would love to have some of that. She would smile but not say anything to me. Her sister, who was younger, would tell me to take care of myself in the back or would tell me there are others back there would can help me get off. Her sister also dressed much more conservatively. Never wore a skirt, always jeans and t-shirts. Both of them had large tits but I could not tell how big her sisters tits were but I could tell she had a large, nice, round, plump ass from the jeans she wore.It was actually the sister I had sex with first. I was in their one night, by myself in a single booth having a nice solo jerk off session. Just as I was getting ready to cum from watching a hot scene of older women fucking younger men on the movie I was watching the video went out. I changed the channel but there was no video with that either. All of the other solo booths were occupied but none of the futon booths were. I went up to the front to tell the ladies what happened. The younger sister went back with me to try and get it working. She went to where the video players are located. While she was doing this she was on a ladder as the player was on a shelf above her. I was behind her and had a great view if he plump, jean covered ass. She lost her balance and started to fall backwards. I caught her and kept her from falling. I had to do so my putting my hands on her hips and ass. My thumbs unintentionally pushed into her ass crack and to where her pussy is. She said thank you and that felt good. Once I realized where my hands were I immediately let go. She stepped down off of of the step ladder and saw the look on my face. She smiled and said it is OK she was glad I kept her from falling.She could not get video player for my booth working so she put an out of order sign on the door working, had her sister transfer my credits to a booth with a futon in it. She took me to he futon booth and unlocked it for me. At that point I expected her to go back to the front. Instead she joined me in the room.I asked her what she was doing. She told me there has to be more than one person in this booth per the rules so she is going to stay with me and we are going to have fun.With that she started undressing. She took her shirt, shoes, and jeans off. Her bra kept her very large tits comfortably contained and her panties were conservative women’s briefs but they had a hard time hiding the pussy hairs that poked through the sides.I started taking my cloths off and when I was down to just my underwear she approached me and turned around, pulled her panties off and bent over and told me to fuck her. I still had my underwear on but was hard as a rock. I quickly took them off and plunged my cock deep into her pussy. We made our way to the futon where she got on all fours and I fucked her from behind. Her pussy was very hairy and incredibly tight. I did not last long and came deep inside her which gave her an explosive orgasm. When I was done she said thanks she needed gaziemir escort bayan that after my thumbs had been on her pussy earlier.We sat and relaxed on the futon. I started to play with her tits which were still in her bra. She took it off so I could suck her tits. her nipples were very responsive and she started moaning. Her hand was jerking my cock, which was rock hard again and my hand was rubbing her pussy which was still leaking my cum. I shoved two fingers in her pussy and brought them to her mouth which she greedily sucked them clean. We then got into a 69 position I ate my cum out of her pussy while she deep throated my cock. Once I was ready I turned her over on her back, spread her legs wide and fucked her fast and hard again. I decided to make it last a while despite how tight and desperate she was to be cummed in again. I started edging myself and her. When I got myself close and her as well I back off. A few times I even had to pull out. This drove her crazy to the point of her locking her feet behind my back and saying no you don’t you cum in me and cum in me now. Because I was “locked” in I had no choice. I let myself cum and filled her tight pussy with more cum than the first time I came her a littler earlier. She had a very explosive orgasm and stated to squirt.We got dressed and went back to the front. As I was leaving the older sister asked if we got things working in the booth. I with a big grin on my face said oh yes we got things working very well and I would love to work things out with you next time. I looked at the sister I just fucked, said thanks for a great time and left. She was blushing like crazy.I went back a week later with a woman friend of mine. My friend had never been in an adult book store before but I convinced her to try it and she how she likes it. We went into a futon booth and started making out and having sex. She was not comfortable and called it quits and left before we finished. As I was walking her out I saw the older sister looking at me and smiling. When I walked back in to change to a single booth the older sister said we are going to go into the room with the bed.I had no illusions why. I fucked her younger sister and now she wanted me to fuck her. I did ask her why the room with the bed. She said it is because her and her sister compete and she has to “one up” her by having sex with me in the room with the bed. We stripped each other and started making out. I had already seen her pussy and her tits because of the way she dressed so little was left to the imagination. But what I did not know is how thick and meaty her pussy lips were. Her younger sisters pussy lips were smaller and thin. But not the older sister. But even with thick meaty pussy lips her pussy hole was very snug and tight like the younger sister.We kissed, I sucked her tits, we then 69’d for a long time. She would edge my cock with her deep throat skills then back off. I had her cumming her juices in my face from eating her out.She then wanted me to fuck her pussy and said she wanted me to cum in her pussy 3 times. We started out with me on top. Because of the edging she did to me it did not take me long to cum deep in side her escort gaziemir pussy with her legs in the air and wide open.She then sucked my cock again, but did not want me to eat her out. She softly sucked me to get me ready for her pussy again. When I was finally ready she had me fuck her from behind. I did not notice before because I was so horny to cum, but she was really tight. I do not mean she would tighten and loosen her pussy to try and edge me, but she was really tight. Tighter than her sister. I made a comment about it to her. She said a lot of men have noticed that. For her it is natural ,despite giving birth to k**s and having a lot of cock fuck her her pussy stays tight. I told her it feels like I am fucking an 18 year old who has not been fucked a lot. I started fucking her harder from behind, her large tits flailing out to the sides. I reach around and grabbed them and used them as leverage while I plunged my cock into her tight pussy. When I was ready to cum I squeezes and pinched her nipples hard, she yelled out in pleasure and had a massive orgasm as I unloaded my cum in her pussy.We then laid back and relaxed on the bed. She then started to suck my cock again. She also massaged it with her tits. She would tit fuck me, then suck, tit fuck then swallow my cock down her throat. This went on for at least a half an hour.When I was ready again she mounted me on top and started to ride my cock. Her huge tits were flopping around. I The were so big I easily grabbed them and was able to suck them. As if it were possible I could wear I felt her tight pussy get even tighter on my cock from me sucking her tits. I knew I was not going to lass t much longer.All of a sudden she starting having a massive orgasm and I could not hold back any longer and filled her tight pussy full of cum again.When it was over she collapsed onto me and I held her there for a while until she could sit up. She rolled off of me and we lay there for a bit recovering some more.We then got up, freshened up, got dressed and walked out. I was walking behind her and started giggling and laughing.She turned and asked me what was so funny. I pointed at the floor and her legs. My cum and her pussy juices were running down her legs and dripping onto the floor and was glowing in the dark. It turns out In the corridor between the booths there were ultraviolet, or UV, also know as black lights in the light fixtures in the ceiling. Fluids such as cum and pussy juices glow in the dark when exposed to the UV light. She was leaving a trail of our juices from the bedroom door to the front as she walked. I though she had wiped her self clean as the room we fucked in has a bathroom.We walked to the front, I smile and waived at her younger sister with a big smile, I turned and gave the older sister a kiss, which she returned put my hand up her skirt and squeezed her ass and then left. Her younger sister had a look of awe on her face.The fact she didn’t wipe our juices off told me she liked it so much she wanted to continue to feel it run down her legs and also possibly make her younger sister, who was at the front of the store jealous.I continued to have sex with both until the store closed. It was always fun but not as much fun as the first time with each one. I do not know who I ended with having sex with more, the younger or older sister. I do know however I did have sex with the younger sister and another woman at the same time which I never did with the older sister but I do know the older sister was also bi.

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