I needed to taste it again.


I needed to taste it again.As I sit here typing this, it is 01.29am, the 7th of October 2018, and my friend Peter from my previous two reports, has not long left my place. Here’s why.Earlier this evening, around 7ish, I was feeling particularly bored, nothing on TV, and no plans to go out. I cracked open a cheeky bottle of Rose wine, and started to watch a few vids on the Hamster. This inevitably led to a stirring in my shorts, which of course was checked by my hand.I could have quite happily stroked away, but then wondered if Peter was in tonight. Perhaps he would like to do it for me? It has been a couple of months since I have seen him, but I thought I would ring him all the same.For some reason I was nervous dialling his number, don’t know why, after all our last meeting at his was more than I could have hoped for.He was in and at a loose end, so said he would drive the couple of miles to mine, and join me for a bevvy, not a lot though he said, he was driving after all.So at about nine o’clock there’s a knock at the door, and there is Peter, with a wry smile on his face. I led him into the living room and handed him a beer. My laptop was on the coffee table, still on the porn page I had looked at earlier.’Have you been watching anything interesting?’ Peter asked.’I started on mature goths, but ended up looking at cock, like you do’. I laughed.’Wouldn’t you like the real thing John?’ With this, Peter undid the zip of his trousers, placed his hand inside, and after a little rummaging, pulled out his semi erect meat.My mouth started to water involuntarily. It was as I remembered. konak escort Big, hairless, and waiting for my mouth to savour.Peter held it in his right hand, and slowly pulled the foreskin back down the shaft, revealing the swollen head, shining in all its glory in the light of the corner lamp.I took a swig from my wine glass, and proceeded to kneel between Peters legs. I undid his belt, followed by the button, then slid his trousers, together with his boxer shorts, down his legs and off, taking his trainers with them.Peter opened his legs wide as I grasped his hardening shaft with my right hand, and his heavy balls with my left.I could hear a deep sigh as my tongue slowly licked from Peters balls to the head of his cock. I did this two or three times before licking the head of his meat, and engulfing it with my open mouth.I kept just the head in my mouth at first, using my tongue to lick it, and coat it in saliva as I gently sucked on it, but then slowly started to take more and more into my mouth, sucking Peters shaft in deeper and deeper.’Oh fuck, that is so nice!’ Peter exclaimed, his breathing getting louder.I placed my hands open and flat around the base of this now very impressively sized cock, and built up a nice gentle rhythm, sucking and licking, slurping around the head, feeling the hard yet soft shaft fill my mouth.I did this for around ten minutes, listening to Peters soft moans on every stroke of my tongue, before he asked for mine.’I want you to fuck my throat John! I want your cock!”That would be nice’ I said as I stood up, kicked off my trainers, konak escort bayan and dropped my jogging bottoms and boxer shorts to the ground. It felt strange with just my t-shirt on, so I peeled that over my shoulders too.I stood naked in front of Peter, my very hard cock pointing away at 45 degrees, throbbing as the blood coursed through the veins.Peter remained on the sofa, but turned and positioned himself with his legs up the back of it, with his head hanging over the edge.’In here’ Peter said as he opened his mouth and pointed to it with a finger.I stood over him, and lowered myself, half squatting over Peters mouth until his tongue was able to lick my shaved balls. I’ve never liked them being sucked fully, but I stood savouring the feeling of his tongue licking them, and his lips sucking on the skin.After a few moments of this I moved a little,  gripped my hard cock in my right hand, and fed it slowly into Peters wet willing mouth. I could feel his tongue working on it immediately.Just as I thought, that’s enough, I felt Peters hands on my arse cheeks, pulling me in deeper, until my balls were on his nose and my whole length was in his mouth and throat.I let out a loud long moan that I was sure would wake my neighbour, as Peter started to push and pull my body until I took over. I was literally fucking his throat. I could feel the back of his throat on the head of my own cock.It felt amazing.After a short time of squatting over Peter, I just had to kneel and give my legs a rest. At no time did his willing mouth become detached from my thrusting escort konak cock, his head just moved lower to accommodate the new angle of entry.Doing this did however allow me to lean forward and resume my own sucking, and I very happily slid Peters shaft back into my mouth. I do like a 69.This went on for a very good 15-20 minutes. I was giving Peter a very sloppy blowjob, only stopping to spit on his cock and stroke the shaft, twisting my hands on it as I did, then taking it in my mouth again, at the same time as I was thrusting gently into Peters mouth, assisted by his hands still on my arse cheeks. I could tell from the heightening moans, and the sweet salty taste of pre-cum, that Peter was going to fill my mouth with something creamy very soon. This in turn made me very excited. I wanted to return the favour, and knew I would be shooting soon too. We both knew it was close.We sucked and licked and sucked and squeezed and sucked some more. The tension was building, the volume of our moans was building, and in a moment of perfectly timed bliss, we began to share our hot cum with each other.I felt blast after hot blast of Peters cum fill my mouth, coating my tongue as I tried to swallow as much as I could, enjoying the feeling of Peters cock pulse in my mouth with every shot.At the very same time, Peter was sucking greedily on my own throbbing cock as I unloaded into his throat, I know it was his throat because he had pulled me fully into his mouth, and just wasn’t letting go until my balls were empty.We both spent the next couple of minutes squeezing the last drops from the head of each others softening cock, licking all around to make sure nothing was missed.All that was left was two very clean, very satisfied men.We both sat for a while on the sofa, drinking our drinks, saying not a lot, but still stroking each others penis.Very relaxing indeed.

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