I, Pornographer Ch. 08


A week later, we are shooting and it’s going great. Karen has moved in with us and has one of the bedroom suite. Penny and Karen have sex about twice a week. I haven’t fucked her yet but I do love to watch them doing each other. Penny has decided to go with ‘Golden Princess’ for a porn name and I’ve picked the porn name ‘Rock Hudson’.

For our first movie, we shoot the scenes with Mike and Mary first except the scene where the two couples fuck together. Penny and I start our scenes in the afternoon. Looking at the script, we’ve got seven full fuck scenes and one scene where Penny sucks me off. The first scene we film is one where Penny and I are on a date eating supper. As we walk out to the parking lot, I grab Penny’s hand and pull her behind the restaurant, bend her over, pull her thong down and fuck her right there. We actually had to film that scene behind a real restaurant. We both thought it was pretty hot. Karen is watching all the sex scenes with a lustful look on her face.

After nine days of shooting, we are ready for the last scene where both couples fuck in the same room. We have a dinner party and then start drinking wine. We’re talking and drinking on the long couch. Mike and Mary start to make out and we follow. Soon Mike and Mary are naked and Mike is pounding into Mary. I’m under Penny’s dress eating her pussy. I stand up, pull her up then strip her. I then go back to eating her for dessert. She cums fairly hard in four minutes as I suck her clit and finger-fuck that pussy. She reaches over and starts to play with Mary’s left nipple.

I then stand and strip. I slip into her juicy pussy without a condom. This is going to be a creampie. I fuck her for nearly ten minutes. She has three orgasms during that time and screams again with another orgasm when I start to cum in her pussy. Mike is also cumming but in Mary’s mouth. I’m kissing Penny and when Mike is done, Mary moves over and eats my cum out of Penny’s pussy. When she’s done, Penny and her kiss long and deep with plenty of tongue. It’s a hot scene and should make the movie.

This is a small production. There are only five people on the set. I’m the director. The scenes with Mike and Mary come out great. After we shoot the last scene, Penny and I shower then start to watch the scenes and put the film together. I just love watching the scenes between us and she does too. It takes us four days to finalize the movie mainly because we keep stopping and fucking each other because we keep getting turned on.

The costs for the film were pretty good. The entire thing only costs us just over $50,000 to make and that includes the script adapters salary, the art department and everyone on set. Mike received $900, Mary $1500, and I gave Penny $4000 even though she didn’t want to take it.

The film was sent into a distribution company and was scheduled into nearly 200 theaters across the country.

The premiere is in a month. It’s not a big deal but Penny and I are going as is Mary. Mike doesn’t care about seeing the movie and Karen said no.


The movie is a hit. It runs for 20 weeks. At the end of the run we grossed over $2 million. Penny is happy. We are both coming away with about a half a million dollars after we get all the theaters and other people involved paid off. Both the porn producers from California call and congratulate us both. They both want Penny but she just laughs and says “I’ve got everything I ever wanted with Slipstream Productions. I don’t want anything else.”

After it finishes it’s run in theaters, our first movie will be released on DVD.

The BDSM script is ready and Penny and I read it. It’s really fucking hot. After we are done reading it, Penny tells me she wants to be tied up and fucked in both holes. I grab her hand and we walk to the bedroom. We strip each other and she crawls up on the bed on her hands and knees. I get the rope out and tie her up. I crawl under her and begin to eat that pussy. I could stay here forever she’s so tasty. After five minutes, she starts to cum hard as I slip a finger into her ass and she screams in pleasure. She cums for almost two minutes and then begs me to stop and fuck her. I enter her juicy pussy and grab the lube to lube that asshole up. When I’m finished I start to pound her pussy good.

She starts to cum again in four minutes. I bring her to four more orgasms and when she finishes the fourth, I pull out and slip into her ass. She groans loudly. After I let her get use to it all the way inside her, I start to pound her ass. She’s moaning loudly. Four minutes later, she starts to cum again and I haven’t really started to rub her clit. I start to rub her clit and she almost immediately starts to scream in ecstasy. I’m getting very close because she so tight in that channel. As she has another orgasm and her anal muscles tighten around my hard-on and I lose it and begin to ejaculate. After four streams of cum are squirted into her bowels, Penny collapses Escort bayan with the ropes holding her up.

I soon pull out and we French kiss. She thanks me for the orgasms. I untie her and help her to the shower.

Later that night, Penny asks me why I haven’t wanted to fuck Karen yet. I tell her that she’s enough for me. She smiles and French kisses me. She says, “Would you do it for me? I think after watching that first movie, Karen would really like to make this setup a true threesome relationship.

I’m surprised but say okay. Penny is thrilled and says she will set it up.

The next day we start to cast the parts for the next movie. John Boner will play the billionaire and Eve will be a maid he hired. There are a half dozen BDSM scenes. In half of them, Eve will get that huge cock in her ass. Eve will make something like $15,000 for this movie based on the per scene fucks, anal scenes and whippings. Several of the BDSM scenes have Eve getting whipped with a whip, a crop and then a flogger. I decided to pay her a lump sum so I made her an offer of $20,000 and she jumped at it. We’ll have minor parts also for Stan Lumpkin and June Jones. June will play Eve’s friend. Stan is her love interest. They have two straight fuck scenes. Stan has chosen the porn name ‘The Man’. John Boner is ‘The Weapon’.

The art department takes a month to get the sets adapted and a new set, the dungeon, then we are ready to shoot. This time is a little different because I’m not in the movie. I think it was easier when I was acting in the movie and directing. The first scene is really hot. The maid trips and spills coffee on a Persian rug. The billionaire yells at her and then grabs by her hair and pulls her down into the dungeon. He orders her to strip naked and she complies. He then grabs her when she’s naked and puts her over the spanking bench and ties her down. The maid is begging him to forgive her but he’s hellbent on punishing her. He spanks her hard then grabs the flogger and flogs her entire back. Then the crop is used on her ass. Her ass is really dark when he’s done.

He then pulls her head up and slams his huge cock into her mouth. She sucks him until he’s rock hard and then he walks around, slams into her hard and fucks her hard for a good ten minutes. He then pulls out and pulls her head up with her hair and cums on her face.

I thought it was really hot and so did Penny. Karen later tells Penny she wants Penny to do that to her. She says I can fuck her when she’s tied down too.

This movie is going to take a while because Eve needs three to four days to recover from the whippings after each fuck scene. The billionaire makes Eve his submissive and beats her ass regularly. We three are amazed that Eve can take John Boner into her ass like she does. She’s amazing.

In three weeks, we’ve got a quarter of the movie shot and three BDSM scenes which were all really hot. Eve told me she really loved to do bondage with spanking.

Eve’s body is taking up to five days to heal between whippings and beatings. We get the two scenes with Stan and June shot without a hitch. That June is a little firecracker. She makes the two scenes pop. In the last scene with those two, Pixie sits on The Man’s cock and really begins to slam it into herself. She does a great job and is even pinching her own nipples for a while. She fucks him for ten minutes and then gets off and strokes him to an orgasm that splashes onto Pixie’s face. Damn hot scene and Stan The Man does a great job of lasting for a great scene.

The movie is finished shooting in 75 days. Penny and I start to do the editing then. It goes pretty well and in two weeks we have finished it. Before we send it out, we call John, Eve, Stan, June and Karen to see if they’d like to attend a viewing party / dinner. They all say they’d love that.

They all arrive at my apartment one Friday night at 7 pm. They are all dressed up nicely. We break out the champagne and then eat dinner. Afterward we start the movie. Everyone gets hot and horny watching it and drinking champagne. Before long, everyone is naked and going at it. Before the end of the night, June is finished with Stan and she come over to Penny and I and ask if she can join us. I look at Penny for her permission and she says ‘yes’. Karen was with us but she likes Stan and has moved over to him.

June wastes no time as she’s on Penny in no time and they get into a ’69’. Since June is on top of Penny, I slip a condom on and slip into her. I look over, John and Stan are giving Eve a double penetration with that big cock in her ass. I’m fucking the hell out of June and soon she starts to cum which sets off Penny. Karen is just watching the DP. After a while, they break up the DP and Stan moves to Karen. It’s a really fun night.

After everyone goes home, Karen asks Penny if she can sleep with us. Penny asks me and I tell her it’s her decision. She kisses me and tells Karen yes. We three head for our bedroom and take a shower Bayan Escort in our bathroom. That is a lot of fun and Karen seems to like washing and playing with my cock. I look at Penny and she’s actually smiling. In bed, we don’t to anything tonight because we are all pretty much fucked out. Penny is in the middle with me and Karen cuddling her. In the morning, we have threesome sex. Karen and Penny go down on each other. Karen is on top so after her first orgasm, I put a condom on and slip into her. She squeals as she feels my cock slide into her. She’s really wet.

I fuck her until she cums two more times and then tell them to swap. I remove the condom, slip into Penny and she moans into Karen’s pussy. I pound Penny for nearly ten minutes and then cum in her pussy. As I pull out, I smile as Karen pulls Penny down and begins to eat my cum out of Penny’s pussy. Soon they both cum again and pull away from each other.

Penny is surprised Karen ate my cum but she grabs her and French kisses her to get a taste. She says, “I’m surprised you wanted to eat Brad’s cum, Karen.”

Karen smiles and says, “I kind of like his cum when he came in my mouth for my audition tape. It was really good mixed with your juices. A real treat. Penny French kisses her again and then I grab Karen and French kiss her too. She’s got a big smile on her face.

Karen thanks me for fucking her and tells me she wants more of that. Penny is smiling. I can’t believe this.


Because of the release in theaters of the BDSM film and the first movie doing so well on DVD, the number of people that want to have an interview has multiplied. I call in Jennifer Patterson and June Jones and ask if they are available to help cast everyone. I’m also now sharing female casting duties with Stan. Penny sits in most of the time as a lesbian tester. She enjoys that.

We test four of Stan’s friends and they are all going to work for us soon on the swinger movie. We’ve also got three more ladies on board. All the new people will be extras in the big orgy scene at the Swinger club.

The swinger script gets done. I’m going to give the script adapters a big bonus. They are doing great.

Penny and I have a casting session and assign parts to everyone on our cast listing. I give the story Karen found to the script adapters. I also tell them I’m giving them each a $10,000 bonus for the great work they are doing.

The art department has it’s work cut out for them. We need four different living room sets as well as a orgy room from a swingers club for this next movie.

Everyone we have on our actors list will be offered a part except Bruce who is permanently in California now. I’m really surprised that he is the only one the California producers wanted, well except Penny. Maybe they are a little pissed at me because I took Penny away from them and now we are turning out hits. They actually turned John Boner down too.

Eve finds a story and, after I read it, I tell her I love it. I buy it for only $3000 and give Eve another $1000. This one is great for her to star in. This story will be called The Captive. It’s a human trafficking story where she gets captured off the street, is taken to a training facility where a man breaks her with pain and pleasure. He eventually takes her to an auction to be sold as a sex slave to the highest bidder. They get to the auction location and the trainer can’t let her go. He smuggles her back out and they start their life on the run and in love. Should make a good movie.

Our first movie is selling well on DVD. We’re already up to a million copies sold. Penny is going to be rich and I’m adding to my wealth too.


The swinger movie has begun filming. Penny and I are having minor speaking parts. We star Jennifer Patterson (Red Passion) and Stan Lumpkin (The Man). Karen has picked the porn name KP Morgan. She will be in several scenes with Penny and I plus one scene with Red Passion and The Man. In that scene The Man will fuck both ladies and then use their assholes. Karen likes that idea. She really likes Stan. Too bad Stan is married.

Once again the scene with Penny, myself and June really pops. June is a really talented actress. She could be an actress in mainstream movies. Penny and I are fucking with her on top. We are really going at it with several couples fucking around us. June comes over and begins to lick Penny’s ass. This sends Penny over the moon quickly. She falls off of me slowly and June is on me in a flash. She starts to bounce up and down on me and soon is screaming her first orgasm. I’m playing with her little tits. She continues to fuck me and screams every time she cums. After five orgasms, Penny moves behind her and begins to rim her asshole. June’s back arches and she screams very loudly again in orgasm. That makes me cum inside of her and she screams again. As she finishes, she collapses onto my chest and Penny joins Escort us in a long cuddle. Soon Penny pulls her off of me, cleans my cock and then goes down on June to get my cum. That was hot.


The first year of Slipstream Production operations is celebrated and we have a big party with all the people that work for us. The party turns into an orgy and even the technical people and script adapters are getting involved. Penny and I turn down offers to fuck others at that party. It was a really wild party. Because of that party, I ask one of the script adapters if he’d like to be in front of the camera as well as adapt stories. He’s a skinny guy but is packing ten inches. He tells he’d love to be in a movie. Penny and I watched him fuck Jennifer Patterson and that coupling was really hot. Jeff had Jennifer screaming numerous times.

I ask Penny again if she would like to marry me. She says “Yes. Let’s set a date.”

We are married a month later with both our families there and most of the people that work for us. Penny has a separate bank account which has over 4 million dollars in it. She’s set for life if something happens to me. I’ve got over $12 million in my account so I move a million over into a joint account for the household. Karen has found several stories that I’ve bought so I double her pay. She is still living with us after the marriage because we both love her. I rarely have sex with her though because I am only interested in Penny. The only time I do is when Penny begs me to fuck Karen.

We decide to buy a large mansion which just went on sale. We are going to adapt a good portion of the mansion to movie sets. It’s also got a lot of land plus a lake which we can use to shoot scenes.


As the second year of operations ends, Penny’s bank account is approaching $10 million and I’m approaching $20 million. Slipstream Productions has become a major producer of porn movies. We are cranking out a porn movie a month. The California producers both offer to buy Slipstream. One offers $50 million and the other $55 million. Their offers including buying the mansion plus the two large warehouses we’ve converted to movie production. Since I paid a total of $7 million for it all, that’s a good profit. Plus they will keep all our current employees employed.

Penny and I talk it over for a couple days and I finally convince her that we should take the offer and retire. My father died twelve years ago and my mother is in ill health so soon I’m going to be worth nearly a billion dollars.

Penny asks, “Brad, wasn’t your dream to be a porn producer?”

“Yeah, it was until I met and fell in love with you. Now I only want to spend my life with you and make you cum hard. That’s my current dream. Porn producer, been there done that. I’m sick of having to audition the women. I’m happy with you only, baby.” Penny smiles and give me a long French kiss.

Penny says, “But what about Karen?”

“Okay, Karen too but not too much. I’d much rather have you than anyone else in this whole wide world.”

She latches on to me again and gives me another kiss with lots of tongue.

I tell Penny that I want to buy a house in Europe, probably Italy and also a home in the Fiji Islands. Soon my parents two properties in the US will be ours also. I want to buy a personal jet so we can go all over the world and party.

Penny tells me she would like to have a couple of kids. I’m not so sure about that but after I think about it for a while, I tell her to get off the pill. We are both very happy together especially sexually. Penny wants to make sure we keep Karen with us and I have no problems with that. She says that she still needs a woman to have sex with once in a while and I don’t mind fucking Karen one in a while either.

We talk to Karen about the probability that we are going to sell Slipstream Productions and retire. We tell her we want her always with us and we’ll continue to pay her to be our personal assistant and sex partner. I offer her $100,000 a year and she happily accepts with one caveat. She wants me to fuck her more often. I don’t really care about having sex with Karen a lot as I’m very happy with Penny. However, Penny asks me to treat Karen like an equal in this relationship. I reluctantly agree and Karen gets a big smile on her face. We’re an official threesome now.

We tell the Beverly Hills producer that offered $55 million that the production company is his. He asks us to work for him but we decline. He says no problem. He’ll turn it over to his son.

We are soon retired and we move into one of the houses that my parents own. That house is in West Palm Beach, Florida and is worth somewhere in the 2 million dollar range. Penny loves it. Karen is living with us and we are in a permanent menage a trois. Well, permanent until Karen finds someone to marry.

The sale has gone through. Penny has over $37 million in her account and I’m approaching fifty. Penny is now pregnant and Mom is thrilled. She’s hoping she will be able to see her grandchild before she dies. She has emphysema bad though and doesn’t look good. She was a heavy smoker in her first 40 years.

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