I Seem To Always Do the Wrong Thing…conclusion


I Seem To Always Do the Wrong Thing…conclusionI stopped and cried as Daniel guide his enormous member to my buttocks. His huge cock head sliding roughly up the crack of my butt. Pressing viciously against my leaking tender butt hole. I begged ‘Daniel, please, my butt is sore. Don’t do this’. Daniel snickered and said to Bruce ‘you done fuck the bitch raw or you just tickled this ass/pussy’.Bruce and Daniel both laughed as Daniel pressed his cock head against my extremely tender anal opening. I cried out in pain ‘oooowwwwhhhhuuuhhhnnnnnhhhuunnn, please take it easy’. Daniel’s huge penile glans probed my tender opening till it started to part. I could not help it, as Daniel’s cock head pushed farther into my rectum the pain intensified.It felt like he was splitting my butt apart as he slowly inched more and more of his cock into me. Daniel’s cock was at least twelve inches long and his cock head was the largest cock I had ever seen. And even though Daniel had entered me once it was only after Bruce and Daniel both had sexed my butt against my will. Daniel’s enormous penile glans was huge but his penile ridge made his cock some what larger.As soon as Daniel’s penile ridge had passed my outer anal sphincter muscle ring it closed tightly around the neck of Daniel’s penile shaft. Daniel groaned ‘damn, this pussy is too tight, it’s like a vise gripping my dick’.I was gasping taking extremely short breaths ikonbet giriş as he moved his mid section back and forth. I reached back and dug my fingers into his thigh and gritted my teeth as hard as I could to keep from yelling. Daniel didn’t pull out, maybe cause he couldn’t or he just didn’t want to the grip of my anal ring on his cock.My bung hole ached, with each throb of Daniel huge cock my anal membrane shuddered in pain. Daniel breathing heavy behind me spoke in an hushed, but, exciting voice. ‘David your pussies so tight, I might not be able to hold out long’. ‘Breathlessly I cried ‘please come, get it over’, Daniel answered ‘no I don’t want to come just yet, pussy this tight has to be enjoyed’.My tears were flowing freely as Daniel’s gigantic cock slid back and forth in my neither region. Bruce was urging Daniel on saying to him ‘make that bitch whimper for more dick’. Daniel’s right hand held my stomach firm, his left hand had hold of my throat. With a powerful thrust, Daniel slid two to three inches more of his wicked fuck tool into mu innards.My body was convulsing almost out of control, from the pain oozing from my anal opening. Daniel placed his right leg over my thighs and pushed me to my stomach. Panicking I tried to prevent him from completing his maneuver, I was too weak to stop him.I cried out ‘NNNOOO, DOOOOON”T,’ Daniel paid no mind to my wants and soon was straddle ikonbet yeni giriş my prostate body. The next thing still gives me shudders, Daniel raised his upper body, placing his hands on the back of my shoulders to hold me down. Daniel grind more of his massive cock into my bowels.I gripped the sheets in my fist and bit down into the mattress as Daniel’s cock slid further up my anal canal. In my mind I just knew he was ripping my rectum apart. Daniel stiffen briefly and I felt a a warm fluid flood my rectum. Either I was bleeding or Daniel had shot a load of his baby making juices into my rectum.Daniel’s cock answered my question as I felt his obscenely huge cock throb deep in my anal canal, I was some what relieved. to my horror Daniel’s cock did not go soft nor shrink. He laid still for a few minutes telling Bruce ‘pussies better than last time I hit.’ Bruce said to him ‘why don’t you get your tired ass up if you done shot your load.’ Daniel’s reply scared me, Daniel said to Bruce ‘I’m just catching my breath, I’m going to bred this bitch like I should’ve the first time.’Daniel readjusted himself till he had positioned his body so he could move more freely. Daniel slid his massively thick cock out of my butt just enough to give him leverage. Than he started to slam into my butt like he was trying to beat me through the mattress.’AAAAAIIIIEEEEEEEHHHHHUUUNNNNNUUUHHHHUUHHHH’I ikonbet güvenilirmi screamed as Daniel paid no attention to my plight. With each powerful thrust Daniel drove more and more of his cock up into my rectum. I was nothing more than a quivering mass under his lust crazed body. Daniel slammed into me with such determination, I thought he wanted to injure me.After twenty or thirty more of his punishing movement he drove most of his shaft as deep as he could. My head raised up, I tried to scream, holler, yell or anything, my voice had failed me from all my crying and yelling.I could do nothing but violently shake my head from side to side. Daniel’s cock squirted and throbbed up in my bowels. My entire body shuddered and shake as Daniel’s cock throbbed in my butt.Daniel laid on me for maybe ten minutes his huge cock still solid. As Daniel pulled his cock from my butt, it felt like he was pulling a baseball bat from my butt.The air rushed into my butt, Bruce mounted and as his smaller cock entered my bung hole the air escaped making such and obscene sound. Bruce said to Daniel ‘man that’s way I never like going after you. You always stretch the hole too big.’ Bruce pulled out and turned me to my back, I was too weak to resist or put up any good fight.Like a rag doll, Bruce turned and positioned me as he wanted. Lifting my legs till my feet was resting on his hips and slipping his hands under my buttocks. Bruce started to work his cock around in my semen filled butt hole.That is were I began under Bruce, his penis lodged deep in my butt again. My knees gripping his side as he worked his rigid cock in and out of my puckering bung hole. The whole thing makes no sense.

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