I set her up.

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I set her up.Dawn and i have been married for 27 years and our sex life is like 99% of the country’s, normal. we have done most things to improve it but its like all things once you have done it that’s it, so i said lets try something new and what ever it is we go with it so i put some suggestions on paper scrunched them up into a bowl and i told Dawn to pick one out and what ever it was we do it, but the thing was i had wrote all the same things down, i had wrote down fuck have sex with 3 men in a hotel room.Dawn picked 1 out and she read it out, she looked at me and said shit, what! what is it, i have to take 3 men. well the bowl said do it so we do it, Dawn was like no way can’t do it, look i said lets think about it for a while watch some porn with 3 men in it. Ok but i don’t think i can you know. for weeks we watched porn and spoke about it, whilst having sex we talked about it and i was imagine this but with more cocks. Dawn was turned on when watching the porn and she started to talk more about it herself and she was like maybe, the most porn we were watching was with black men and their big cocks, Dawn was like Jesus look at them they are huge imagine that. i was like deffo, it would be class.again weeks passed and nothing but Dawn was getting more into the idea she had even bought a black dildo about 10 inches long, we were having sex and Dawn kept saying use the dildo on me and the more i used it on her the more she came so she must have been thinking of the cocks what would be fucking her, i had to set it up some how. i looked on websites and i found Craig’s list so i searched for black men. i found a guy in London and i started to talk to him about what i had done and i wanted her to fuck 3 men and have them ravage her, he was like deffo mate leave it with me i will talk to my friends and i will get back to you.i kept checking karşıyaka escort my emails, nothing. then one day he replied hi Ste this is Kev and i have sorted 2 more of my mates who i can trust and we can finally set this up for you, i told him there would rules and if she said stop we stop, sound he said it will be fun. i never told Dawn about this i just booked a hotel in London and said we were going for the weekend as i had business on the Friday down there and we can stop over, Dawn was like great that will be a nice break. i kept in touch with Kev and we traded pictures of ourselves and he loved Dawn, Dawn is a big girl she has everything in a woman and its all big. i bought her some new sexy gear for the trip and put it in my bag to surprise her. the Friday had come and we travelled down to the hotel i told Dawn to get herself ready for the night out whilst i did my business, all i was doing was meeting Kev and his 2 mates to go through what i was doing.we sat and had a few drinks and i said this is what i am going to do with Dawn and how the night will go and what time to come to the hotel. i gave him my mobile and i said i will text you when to come up. Ok Ste that’s sound its going to be 1 class night. i went back and showered and told Dawn we were going out now, i took her shopping for a few things and i treat her to a slap up meal and we supped champagne all day and Dawn was loving it, she said this is great what are you after you never spoil me like this, i told her it’s cos i love her and she deserves it, Aw thanks Ste, Love you too.it was about 9ish and Dawn was tipsy seen as we had been out a while and she is not used to drinking that much, she was all giddy and i was putting things in her head saying imagine if we had met some men out and we took them back and you could fuck them, her escort karşıyaka face was like ohh yes imagine it would have been fun i am in the mood now as well seen as i’m full of drink. i told her that i had bought her some new sexy underwear it was full see through tights suit? and something special for the bedroom! what! you will see when you go up. i told Dawn that the underwear was in the bathroom ready for her when she goes up, but 1st we sat in the hotel bar as i ordered a bottle of white to take up i told Dawn to go to the room and i would be up soon, as she left i text Kev, its on. i took the wine up and i opened it up poured her a glass and said are you ready Dawn have you got the sexy stuff on. Dawn walked out and i was like Wow. you are 1 stunning wife, thanks. she looked good enough to eat!! Dawn and i clinked our glasses together and i said here’s to a hell of a night, Dawns face was thinking what!.i told her to lay on the bed face down whilst i got the surprise, it was some straps for her hands and feet and a blindfold, Dawn was like this is exciting. i tied her to the bed and as i was doing that my phone went off, it was them, Dawn said who’s that i said just business. Dawn was ready. the door went and she shit herself, who’s that. i replied room service, tell them to go. Ok. i opened the door and i put my finger to my lips, they crept in and i told her they had gone. Kev looked at me and gave me the thumbs up, he was like wow. Dawn was spread wide ready. i pointed to Kev to finger her pussy, he walked over and he touched her big box she jumped ohh Ste. Kev was poking her open pussy and he was rubbing his big cock i know its big cos of the pics it was 10 inches or bigger and thick and cut. his mates Jack and Karl were about the same size in length but i noticed Jack’s was really fat. Kev karşıyaka escort bayan took his trousers down and he had no pants on he just stood there with his cock hanging. i was like fuck me! Dawn was still unaware it wasn’t me and we were all stood over her. i pointed to his cock and gestured inside her. he was wanking away like mad to get it hard and finally he was.God it was huge i am used to looking at mine and its 6 inches uncut and whiter than white. Kev stood above her he was about to enter her, still she didn’t know. she soon would. Kev held his cut cock and he was going in, soon as his head went in she knew she was trying to look round and she seen me standing next to her she was like WTF, calm down love its all Ok i have done this for you. its been in the pipe line for ages. Kev was still on her back and half in i told him to continue as Dawn was still talking to me, i was face to face with her it only took about a minute till she felt him right inside her and he was in full motion and she was now loving it, told you i said, you will love it. i said Dawn this is Kev in you and his 2 mates Karl and Jack, fucking hell 2 more where, here. hi they said. Kev was pumping away and the lads were stripped and ready to go, i told Dawn i only tied her down cos i knew you wouldn’t go through with it unless. plus when we did the bowl thing i wrote all the same outcome and i put into your head about fucking black men, you twat she said, undo the straps now if I’m doing this i want freedom. i undid the straps and she was let loose.Dawn went to town on them lads and they went to town on her she took it in every hole and she was dripping with cum from her and them and when they were finally done with her i had a go and i stirred the porridge it felt so good fucking her with a pussy full of cum. Dawn laid flat out and she was gone, i told the lads if they wanted to they could come back tomorrow for 2nds if they wanted i looked at Dawn and said is that Ok, she said to right i need a round 2. so on the Saturday we went for it again but she knew what was CUMMING!! so this is our new thing and we both love it. on to the next BBC or 2..

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