I Start on your Shoulders


I start on your shoulders. My expert hands, strong and agile, kneading your muscles back and forth. Knots roll beneath my hands begging to be worked on, screaming to be torn apart. But that is not my intention and they must wait for relief. Pain has no place in what I have intended for you. I let my hands drift down your back, thumbs tracing your spine, fingers dragging into the long, hard muscles of your back. They too scream for relief and I give them brief respite. Brief. I work towards the center of the small of you back. Here I dig my thumbs in and let my finger splay to your sides, waiting for your moan that is sure to come. I don’t have to wait long, it escapes from you lips coming from the back of your throat, as if you don’ t want to admit how I make you feel. I smile. I let me hands start to roam over you body, expertly working on the muscles. Drawing you to a heightened relaxation that you desperately desire. I include your arms, and run my finger tips through your hair, using palms, and nails and fingers as I drag you into my spell. I have many tools in my toolbox to make you want me.

I pause letting you catch your breath. I sit straddled naked on you. Already wet, but this is about you, so I do nothing to appease my desire. I wait. Anticipation my next tool. You lie there wondering, breathing in the smell of what is to come. Escort bayan I shift forward, hands braced on the bed, slowly bringing my face closer to you, to your body, to your desire. You can feel my breath on your skin blowing my heart into yours. My lips touch the back of your, tender to the touch. I can’t help myself, I start licking and nibbling, and my hands soon join in. I devour you, parts of you not thought to be erotic scream for more. The bites and licks and teases are too much, you have to shift your hips to adjust for your rising heat and hardening cock. I find spots with my tongue under your shoulder blade that make you gasp. I draw with my tongue to the small of your back and you shift again. I smile a smile that you can’t see, but can feel as I run my finger nails up your sides on the verge of tickling you but more erotic that you thought it could be.

I grip your hips and start to turn you over. My thighs on your thighs. My lips tracing a line from the center of your back along to your hips. As you roll, your cock is finally released from the weight of your body. You lie on your back, arms behind your head, looking down the length of you body, wondering, waiting. I place my hands firmly on the bed. I lift my head, my eyes seeking yours in the darkness. Anticipation hangs between us thick and heavy, like the sweat Bayan Escort our love making will soon create. My eyes find yours behind heavy lids. The look smolders with desire, we breathe in the toxic anticipation, unaware of what waits for us but not willing to go back. Your chest is rising and falling in rhythm with my heart. I start to quiver, drawing out at much anticipation as possible. I can’t wait anymore, I see it in your eyes you are at your breaking point too. I break the spell with a simple movement. I open my mouth. I can’t help myself, I reach for your cock with my tongue. You inhale, your cock shakes. I reach out and draw the tip of my tongue up your shaft, a movement accompanied with a long drawn out moan from somewhere deep inside you.

When I reach the head of your cock I let the tip of my tongue linger and run circles around you, feeling your cock move back and forth. Knowing that this may just be as good as it gets, but hoping I am wrong. Abruptly, I sit up, hands on your hips, my ass rests on your thighs. My juices dripping on your legs. We smile as each other, an inside joke shared between lovers. You make me so wet, and you don’t even have to touch me. I rub my hands up your thighs, tracing my thumbs up the inside of your thighs to gently brush up against your balls just to end on the crease between hip and Escort thighs that is so tender to the touch. I start to lean down again only to tease you by moving to the side at the last moment. My intent is not your cock, but rather that crease. That sweet spot that I know will make you quiver even more. As I lick one side my finger traces the same pattern on the other and you shake.

“Please” escapes from your lips. Breathless in the sound, desperation in your voice. It echoes my thoughts and I too can’t wait any longer. I expertly take your hard cock in my mouth, one hand wrapping around your shaft the other finding you balls. Your moan excites me and urges me on to take you deeper and deeper. Using my tongue and hands to bring you to the edge. It doesn’t take long, anticipation is a strong aphrodisiac. One I know how to use well. You reach out and place your hands on the back of my head guiding me with every ounce of your being. You are heading for that place of release, I can feel it in my hands, in my mouth, taste it on my tongue.

“Damn girl!” you yell as you explode in my mouth. Your cum is sweet to the taste, and fills my mouth completely. Your quivers and shakes become an earthquake under my hands and between my legs. Your body rockets to another space, held only to earth by my mouth still wrapped around your cock. You take a deep breath, hands slowly stroking the back of my head.

I swallow and am jerked awake abruptly. My eyes peel open and I see the expanse of your back lying before me. I smile, and straddle your naked body.

I start on your shoulders.

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