I tell my wife about my fascination with women peeing


Several months ago, I posted the story of how I first became exposed to women who hold their urine on purpose for sexual gratification and who like to pee in naughty places as a way of a sexual release. Prior to this year, I had no idea some women liked this and, more importantly, I had no idea this turned me on so much.

It is a paralegal in my law office, Stacey, who enjoys doing that. My friend and law partner, John, showed me a digital recording of Stacey peeing in front of him. At the end of my other story, I hinted that I approached my wife with my new fascination with women who pee and spray in places as a sexual release. This is Labor Day Monday as I write this. Things culminated this last Saturday night to the point I had to get everything down on paper again.

Heather works as a deputy district attorney in a nearby county. We met in law school over sixteen years ago and have been married fourteen years. Like most married couples, our sex life has its ups-and-downs. Generally good, I would not classify our sex as kinky or too crazy, but Heather does let me play with her firm round ass whenever I want.

After watching Stacey’s video and seeing how naughty and sexy she was just from peeing, I began to fantasize about Heather doing something similar. About a week after watching the video, I sent a text to Heather while I drove to work on a Monday morning. I decided that if she found it too weird or strange, I would just play off my text as being silly. I texted the following to her.

“Have you ever thought about peeing while you had your clit rubbed?”

I had a few second thoughts after sending it thinking it might not come across very well. Five minutes passed without any response and then my phone rang. It was Heather calling. I answered with as casual a “hello” as I could muster after texting my wife of fourteen years about peeing.

She paused for a second and then asked, “What’s with the peeing?” Her voice did not sound mad but I could tell from her tone that she was confused.

I chuckled in an effort to keep the conversation light.

“Well,” I said, “I didn’t text you about peeing per se, but if you think you could pee while getting your clit rubbed.”

“Where is this coming from?” Heather asked.

“Nothing. I just had a crazy sex dream last night and you were getting your clit licked and you peed while doing it. You really liked it in my dream and I woke up really aroused. That’s all.”

“Okay,” she said. That seemed to satisfy her. “I don’t know if I’d like it or not. I’ll have to think about it, I guess,” Heather said.

We ended our conversation and I felt like I had at least planted a seed. I found out over the next few days that my seed took a deep hold.

The next day when I came home from work when Heather was out shopping. I logged into our home computer and soon discovered that the Internet browser history included some public pee sites. Intrigued, I realized Heather must have looked at these sites earlier in the day. I looked at her sites; they showed women peeing in public places and peeing through their panties and even pants. The pictures turned me on.

When Heather got home, I left one of the sites up, which focused on girls peeing through their panties and pants while masturbating themselves. She wondered over the computer and saw the screen.

“You caught me, I see,” Heather said with a wicked grin on her face.

I was smiling, too. “What made you look at stuff like this?” I asked.

“Your comment the other day made me think about it. I then got more curious and did some searches. The sites were different than I thought.”

“Do you like it?”

“These, I do. I saw some where guys just peed on women, which seemed gross. But, the sites of the girls peeing and touching themselves seems . . . a little sexy and naughty.”

I felt my cock get hard as I heard my wife say this.

“Do you want to give this a try?” I asked.

“I think so but I want to think about it a little more. This is all so different I want to make sure I know what I like.”

I smiled and nodded, wondering what was in store.

A few days later, I got a text from Heather in the afternoon on a Thursday. “Come home when you can and let me know when you’re about ten minutes from home.”

I left as soon as I could. I texted her as requested about ten minutes away. When I got home, it was dark and quiet. I made my way to the back of the house and saw lights on in our master bedroom. When I entered, Heather was standing in front of the bed. We have a nice polished cement floor in the bedroom and we use area rugs to change the look and feel from time-to-time. The rugs were gone and Heather stood wearing high heels, white cotton panties and glasses. Nothing else.

Her legs were spread slightly and her hand was rubbing her pussy over her panties. Her mouth was open slightly and she just looked at me without saying a word.

My cock immediately became hard.

The nipples on her full breasts were large and erect. Then Heather started to pee. A dark stain erupted across her panties and a stream of piss began to run through her panties and splattered on the cement floor.

My cock began to throb.

Heather rubbed herself faster now and moaned a little. She put her hand down inside her panties and continued to press against her clit as the stream of hot urine gathered in force and poured from her body. My legs felt weak, I was so turned on.

The piss stream slowly sputtered to a trickle and then ended. A huge puddle of piss sat under her body.

I stumbled towards my wife desperate to fuck her. I had no idea she could be such a naughty girl.

Heather took her hand from her panties. I put my hand across her wet crotch and rubbed the piss across her pussy. She moaned and pressed her hips against my hand.

“Do you like being naughty like that?” I asked her, my voice low and filled with desire.


“Get on your knees.”

She obeyed and as she lowered herself I turned her so she knelt before her piss puddle.

“Put your ass up for me and get your tits down into that nasty puddle you made,” I hissed.

Heather moaned and lowered her chest down into her pee. She thrust her ass up towards me.

Her white panties were stained from her piss up her ass crack and partially across both cheeks. My mouth watered. I ran my hand over her wet butt and slapped her ass.

“Get your tits covered in that piss,” I ordered her.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my throbbing cock out. I pulled her panties to the side, exposing her full pussy lips that were still glistening from her own pee. I straddled her and thrust into her, putting my cock deep into her hot cunt.

Heather grunted as I began to thrust, her chest still down into her puddle.

I put my hands down around her body and reached wildly for her tits. Heather lifted her chest slightly so I could grasp her tits as I fucked her. I could feel the puddle of piss against my knuckles, it was cool to the touch now, as my fingers pinched and pulled on her nipples. Heather’s tits bounced in rhythm to the pounding I gave her. Her tits were slick with her own piss and I milked her nipples, squeezing and rubbing the pee from them as I fucked her.

“Are you a naughty piss slut?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she moaned.

“Do you like to get fucked while you rub your tits in your own puddle?”

“God, yes,” she groaned.

“Good. Get your tits back down in that puddle while I fuck my naughty girl.”

I pushed her down again and she lowered herself even more into her piss. This time, she rubbed her tits in her piss, pushing the liquid around while I slammed her cunt.

Seeing that was too much for me. I shot a huge load up her pussy as I stared at my wife wiggling in a pool of piss, trying to get as much of the liquid on her breasts as possible.

I stood. “On the bed,” I told her.

Heather rose slowly and I put a towel down on the bed. She lay on it on her back and pulled her legs back. I put my mouth to her crotch and licked over the front of her wet panties. The sharp taste of her pee combined with her sex juice was intoxicating. I began to eat her pussy, working her clit and making her moan as my tongue flicked escort bayan her hard little bud. In no time she was panting and gasping as I sucked her clit. Heather orgasmed a few minutes later, yelling as my tongue continued to work her hard button. We feel asleep in a heap.

The next morning, we woke around six in the morning. I had a court appearance at nine so I had to get moving. Heather rolled over and smiled at me.

“I have a secret to tell you,” she said.

I smiled back.

“What is it?”

“Well, last night wasn’t the first time I’ve peed during sex.” Heather looked at me closely. I could tell she was judging my reaction. At that point, I was so turned on I was dying to hear her story.

I smiled again.

“Tell me,” I said.

Heather stretched for a second and then rolled closer to me. I could feel the heat pulsing from her body as she pressed in against me.

“I was in college at a beach party and I had too much to drink. Cheap beer and I had to pee so bad but we were too far from the public restrooms. So, a girlfriend and I decided to go behind some bushes behind a sand dune just away from the party.”

I started to trace my fingers across her warm and exposed back as I listened.

“So, we both went very drunk and found a spot and dropped our shorts and squatted down. We both went in the bushes laughing. We gushed forever. The girl who was with me, I think her name was Karen–isn’t it awful how fast we forget people’s names? Anyway, Karen, or whoever she was, said, ‘We don’t have any paper’ and that’s when we heard the click of a camera.

We turned and caught two guys from the party watching us and laughing. One had a camera.

We pulled our pants up and yelled at them but we weren’t really upset. I was so drunk I wasn’t even embarrassed to be caught peeing like that. So, we ended up all laughing.

The guy with the camera said something like, ‘I heard you don’t have any paper. If you need to get cleaned up, we could lick you.”

My hand stopped moving across Heather’s back as I let those words sink in. Heather sighed deeply and pressed closer to me, her warm breath falling on my chest as she spoke.

I swallowed hard before asking.

“What happened next?”

“I think we were both stunned that he said that too us. Even drunk, it was very forward and I felt awkward for a second but then Karen said, ‘You’re going to lick us clean’? and both guys nodded. I won’t lie, I felt myself get wet at that point.”

My cock started to get hard hearing my wife confess to me about something like this years before I even knew her.

My mouth felt dry.

“Did they eat you?”

Heather was breathing heavier now.

“Yes,” she whispered. “I haven’t thought about this for a very long time but they came up to us and the next thing I know I was lying on the sand with my legs open and the other guy had his mouth on me, eating me. It happened so fast. My head was spinning and I kept thinking over and over that I had just peed and I wondered what it tasted like.”

I slide my hand down Heather’s back and gave her bare ass a little spanking.

“You are bad. You made him eat your piss soaked pussy in the sand.” The words were hard to get out; my throat was dry and the words felt thick.

“Did you let him fuck you, too?” I asked.

I slapped Heather’s ass again, harder this time, as I felt my cock begin to reach full hardness.

Heather reached down and took hold of my rod in her hand and began to stroke it, sliding it under her hands until she reached one hand down and began to play with my balls, too.

“Yes,” she whispered. “They took turns fucking us both on the sand.”

I was so hard by now that my cock was burning. “Turn over,” I ordered. “Get your ass up for me.” My cock was raging at the thought of a younger Heather being taken like that. I climbed off the bed and stared hungrily at my wife, who got to her knees and thrust her butt up.

I smacked her ass again, harder than before, and I saw a red patch form where my skin made contact. Heather moaned. I slapped her other check even harder and a longer moan escaped her mouth.

I stood over her and slid my hard rod back into her wet cunt. I grabbed her hips and began thrusting deep into her, milking my shaft and pumping as hard into her slit as I could. I raised a hand and brought it down hard on her ass check, which brought out a prolonged groan from Heather, who met my thrusts with her own animalistic jerking at my cock.

I licked my right index finger and rubbed it over her asshole.

“You are a bad girl,” I said. “Very bad girls are taken care of, but I have to leave now to get to court.” I suddenly pulled away from her, my cock still raging hard.

“No,” Heather said. “I want you to fuck me.”

“I will but I can’t now.”

It took tremendous will power to leave her that morning, but I had to make the court appointment and I was already running late.

After that, we started to incorporate piss play into our sex lives. I encouraged Heather to play with herself when at work and let her bladder fill longer than she normally would. Heather readily agreed and reported that she liked it. She confessed that she was starting to touch her clit a little whenever she peed at work, something she found very naughty and arousing. Of course, these confessions only drove me crazier with lust.

I also let it slip with John Hopper, my mentor and a close friend, that we had “expanded our sex lives” after he gave me the digital recording about his “punishment” of Stacey. John smiled and immediately set a dinner date for the four of us on the Saturday night for the Labor Day weekend. I raised an eyebrow and gave him a look that said “no funny business” because I did not want him to do something that would upset Heather. John just smiled and promised that nothing would happen.

I was a bit surprised when I told Heather about the dinner plans and she seemed excited. I know Heather likes John, but she finds some of his habits annoying, like bringing a different woman out to meet us each time.

“Who is it this time?” she asked me, frowning.

I told her he was going to bring Stacey, a paralegal at the office.

“He’s fucking the help now, is he?” Heather asked.

“I guess they are spending some time together. They don’t advertise at work so I don’t really know,” I said, which was the truth. However, I did not tell Heather about John making Stacey pee for him, or for her obvious fetish for peeing in naughty places, or how all of that made me introduce this to my wife. I just decided to stay quiet and let things build as the would. Besides, Heather was obviously learning to like this new naughty side of sex and I wanted her to find her own path without rushing things.

As we got ready for dinner that night, I could tell Heather was in a sexy and fun mood. She wore a shorter skirt than usual, showing off a good portion of her sexy thighs. She also had a few glasses of wine before dinner while she dressed and put on her makeup. The best part was when she showed me her white laced panties that she was planning on wearing.

At this point, her face was a little flushed from the wine and she smiled wickedly as she slide them up her legs and over her pussy.

“I wore these last week at work and I played with myself in the bathroom during lunch before I peed. I thought of you,” she said.

I came over and ran my hands over her shoulders, across the soft blouse that she wore, and then slapped her ass playfully.

“You’re becoming a naughty pee babe, aren’t you?” I asked.

She smiled and made a little moan before we kissed.

Tonight was going to be fun.

Dinner was also fun. Stacey looked stunning in a short skirt and blouse. I couldn’t tell if Stacey and John were just having sex or if they had something deeper between them. They seemed very comfortable with each other but not like they were in love. Still, you could tell by the occasional stroke of a hand or a look that they had hot chemistry.

We had some drinks before dinner and more during. John and I actually didn’t drink as much since we were going to drive but the girls got to work and made up the difference. Heather and Stacey, especially after the drinks loosened kocaeli escort bayan them up, seemed to get along and they chatted and laughed like old friends.

It was getting late as the dinner wound down. I knew Heather would be in for some sex at home so I was interested in moving. John was looking at his watch, too, when Stacey stood and said she needed to visit the ladies room. Stacey asked Heather if she needed to go, too, and Heather stood and they headed off together.

In the interim, John and I got the bill and paid up. The girls were gone a while, something like fifteen minutes, before I saw them heading back. As they came back, I saw Stacey stop and talk to the maitre d’ for a moment, pointing at the bathroom with a stern look on her face. Heather was first back at our table and she sat next to me. Her face was very flushed, more so than just from the wine, and she was breathing a little heavily. I leaned in to ask her if she was fine but she cut me off with a smile.

Stacey came over and we all rose and said our goodbyes and left.

Once in the car, Heather was quiet for a few minutes. I finally asked her if she was okay.

“Yes,” she said, but she took a deep breath and was still acting funny.

“Are you really drunk or getting sick?” I asked.

“No, I’m really aroused,” she said.

I didn’t see that one coming. I glanced at her and looked closely. I could see the same flush on her face, more than just the wine, it was her flush of sex across her cheeks, and I saw that her nipples were erect and pressing against her blouse. This was going to be a fun night.

“What got you going?” I asked.

“Oh my God,” Heather said. “The bathroom.”

“What? Just now?”

“Yes.” Heather’s voice was low and she was breathing harder.

“What happened?”

“Stacey and I peed on the floor.”

I wasn’t sure if I heard her correctly or not.

“You both peed on the floor in the bathroom? Just now? Together?”

Heather just nodded, staring straight ahead and breathing deeply.

My cock gave a jump and I had to grip the steering wheel tight.

I wasn’t sure if I believed her or not. But, my voice felt tight as I asked, “What happened?”

“We went in there and I had to pee really bad. I had been thinking about going into the bathroom earlier, by myself, and touching myself through my panties while I peed. That gets me turned on and I know how much you like to hear about that.”

I swallowed hard.

“Stacey surprised me because when we got into the bathroom, before the door even shut, she just asked me if I had ever peed through my panties before. I wasn’t sure what she meant, like maybe and accident, and so I laughed and said ‘accidents do happen’ or something like that.”

I looked over at Heather, whose mouth was open a little as she stared ahead, deep in her memory.

“Stacy then gave me a smile and said she wanted to show me something. She took my hand and pulled me into a stall before I could even say anything. She shut the door behind me, locked it, and then sat on the toilet. Not on the bowl, she put down the lid, but she stood on the bowl and actually sat on the back of the toilet up high and spread her legs.”

“She did not,” I said, still not sure if Heather was making this up or not just to get me hot. Even if this wasn’t the truth, her story was working; I was very hard and desperate to hear more.

“It happened so fast I didn’t have time to think. She spread her legs so I could see her panties and she reached down and started to rub her pussy. She pushed her feet against the sides of the bowl and pushed her hips forward, rubbing herself. And then she started peeing.”

Heather’s voice was very low as she finished that last sentence. Her breathing now shallow and fast.

“What did you do?”

“I just watched.”

“What happened?”

“She peed everywhere. A huge puddle ran onto the bowl between her feet and then spilled onto the floor.”

“What were you doing?”

“I just stared at her.”

It was obvious John had told Stacey that we were doing this after I watched the digital recording. Why else would a woman who barely knew my wife do something like this in front of her?

My cock was throbbing thinking about Stacey spraying her panties in the restroom of the restaurant we were just visiting. And, to think my wife watched it only a few feet away. My head was almost spinning.

“Did you like it?” I asked, having trouble getting the words out.

“It happened so fast I was just so shocked,” Heather said.

“What happened next? You guys were in there a while.”

“Stacey finished and hopped down and told me to give it a try.”

“You didn’t.”

“I did.”

“You pissed on the floor in that restroom? Just now?”

“Yes.” Heather said quietly.

Jesus. “Tell me,” I hissed.

“I didn’t sit on the toilet like Stacey, I just walked over the bowl and straddled it and then peed.”

“Slow down. Tell me more details. Did you piss through your panties?”

Heather swallowed hard. “Yes.”

“Did you touch yourself while you did it?”

“Yes. I rubbed my clit and then peed.”

“Through those white panties?”


“Oh my God, you’re turning me on so much,” I said.

We were only about five minutes from home at this point and my head was spinning. I was desperate to get my wife into the house and fuck her hard. I had no idea she could be this naughty in front of someone else, a stranger, really.

“Tell me more,” I begged.

“I finished peeing and turned around and saw Stacey watching me. She was rubbing her pussy through her panties. That shocked me some. I just looked at her and then she smiled and said ‘that was hot’ or something like that. I then felt a little embarrassed thinking about the mess we made and that I just did that in front of her. I guess I was more drunk than I realized.”

“Did you like pissing in front of her like that?” I asked.

“Yes,” Heather whispered.

“Did you get turned on?”


“Are you wet now?” I asked.


“Touch your clit and rub yourself,” I ordered.

Heather’s hand went between her legs and she started to rub.

“Are your panties still wet?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Heather answered.

“Why don’t you know?” I asked.

“Because I’m wearing Stacey’s panties,” Heather whispered, as she increased her rubbing.

I swallowed hard and let the words sink into my spinning brain.

“You’re wearing her panties?” I asked.

“Uh, huh.”

“Where are yours?”

“She’s wearing them.”

“You exchanged your panties before you left?” I asked.

Heather just nodded.

“How the hell did that happen?” My voice was pleading, desperate to hear more.

“When I turned and saw her touching herself I felt myself get wet. I mean really wet. It felt so naughty to be there with her and I suddenly realized she was turned on. Knowing she was aroused by what we just did just turned me on something fierce. We stood there for a few minutes just looking at each other rubbing our own clits. I told her I thought her panties looked very sexy and she told me mine were hot. Then she said we needed to get back but she wanted a souvenir of the evening. I wasn’t sure what she meant at first and then I realized she wanted my panties. That seemed like the perfect way to end it so I pulled mine off and she pulled hers off. She told me to dry off so we would really feel the panties once on so we took some toilet paper and wiped ourselves and then exchanged panties.”

“Jesus, I want to fuck you so bad,” I said. “You put on her panties then?”


“Wow. How did it feel?”

“Naughty. They were still damp a little from her pee and as I walked I could feel her dampness rubbing against me. It turned me on as I walked back to our table to you.”

“What do they look like?”

“You’ll see them in a moment,” Heather said. “But they’re a little cute thong, something I would never wear.”

It was a struggle to get out of the car, my cock was so hard. Getting into the house was a blur. I was slapping Heather’s ass and pulling off her clothes as we headed through the kitchen towards the master kocaeli escort bedroom.

“Wait,” Heather said, as we were standing in the kitchen. By this point, she was only wearing a bra, the thong and her heels. “I have to pee,” she said.

Heather turned to face me and spread her legs a little. Her hand went down to Stacey’s thong and she started to rub her clit through the fabric.

“You’re going to piss right here in the kitchen?” I hissed, rubbing my hard cock.

Heather said nothing and then a stream of pee erupted from her cunt, rushed through the thong and gushed down between her legs. Heather moaned and began rubbing faster as her water splashed on the kitchen tile and began to form a puddle. Heather looked at me with pure lust on her face. She finished peeing and immediately sat down in her puddle, right in the middle of her kitchen floor.

“Fuck me,” she begged, laying back on the tile with her ass in the middle of her puddle. Heather pulled her legs back and I could see Stacey’s thong dark with the piss stains from both Stacey and the fresh water from my wife.

My knees felt weak as I kneeled down between my wife’s legs and ran my tongue over the soaked fabric of the thong. Heather moaned as I pushed my mouth across her wet pussy and rubbed her clit, tasting the sharp flavor of my wife’s fresh pee and the remnants of Stacey’s previous stain. The combination was intoxicating from the pee of the two women along with Heather’s fresh pussy juice.

I pulled Stacey’s thong off my wife, who still kept her ass in her own puddle, and I roughly pushed my cock into her pussy, still slick on the outside with fresh piss. Heather grunted as I thrust in and I began to drive my cock into her cunt, hearing her puddle of piss slosh some as I rhythmically fucked her, slapping her ass against the floor and her puddle.

I reached up and yanked her bra off of then took her bouncing tits in my mouth, sucking one and then the other as I continued to drive into my naughty wife. Heather just kept her eyes shut and kept up a constant stream of moans and grunts as I pounded her.

After a few minutes I pulled out and ordered her onto her knees. Like before, and this time without saying anything, she put her tits into her puddle and put her ass up for me.

I slapped her butt, slick with the piss she just left.

“I haven’t played with your ass in a while,” I said. “Are you going to be a good girl and let me stretch your butt?”

In response, Heather just moaned and wiggled her ass.

“Do your tits feel good in your puddle of piss?” I asked her.

“Yes,” Heather said as she wiggled her chest in the now cold pee.

I slapped her ass again and then spread her cheeks with my hands. I put my face to the crack of her ass and licked her brown hole with a quick flick, tasting the remnants of her pee in her crack. Heather moaned as my tongue then pushed into her asshole a little, getting her ready for my fingers and cock.

I rose quickly and left the kitchen for a few moments and returned with lube. I greased up my fingers and slide my index finger across her asshole, just pressing against her anus a little.

“Rub your clit while I get your ass ready,” I ordered.

Heather obeyed and reached between her legs.

I slide my index finger into her tight asshole up to the second knuckle. Heather relaxed almost instantly and I felt her sphincter soften around my finger. I began to finger fuck her asshole as Heather rubbed herself. I could smell the puddle of piss she still lay in along with her sex juice. It was still all very intoxicating and made me want to fuck her like an animal.

I slide another finger into her asshole and then another, taking my time and feeling her relax and adjust to each new digit. I slapped her ass again and then put a fourth finger into her ass. I started to finger fuck her ass with the four fingers, keeping them all pushed together tightly. She was taking me up to the second knuckle, grunting and pushing her ass back at me.

“You’re going to get DP’d,” I hissed.

Keeping my fingers in her ass, I brought my cock to her cunt and pushed my rock hard dick into her pussy. Heather gasped as I adjusted the angle of my hand so that I could keep the fingers up her ass while my cock slide into her pussy up to my balls. As my cock entered, I could feel my fingers stroking my own hard rod with just a thin membrane separating her two slick passages.

I began to rhythmically fuck her holes. First my cock in deep and hard and as my dick came out I’d push my fingers up her wide asshole. Her wet holes soon began to make slurping sounds as I milked her body for both of our pleasure.

After a minute or two I pulled my fingers out of her ass suddenly so that I made her asshole gape indecently. At that moment, I could not believe I had my wife on her knees on our kitchen floor in her own puddle of piss while she wiggled her gaping asshole at me.

I slapped her ass hard, making a red mark on her tight skin.

“Again,” Heather hissed.

I did it again on the other cheek, making her ass jiggle under the sharp sting.

I put more lube on my hand and pulled my cock out of her cunt.

“I want to see how much you can take up your ass tonight,” I said. “If it hurts, say ‘red’ and I’ll stop.”

“Okay,” Heather said. Her voice was quiet.

I pushed my four fingers back into her nasty backdoor and worked them up to the second knuckle again. Heather stopped rubbing her clit and just remained motionless on her knees, taking my hand into her ass. Keeping my fingers together as tightly as possible, I pulled them out a little to make room for my thumb, and then I gently began to push all of my fingers back inside my nasty wife’s butt.

Heather grunted as all of the fingers went in to the second knuckle. I paused for a second, my head spinning with animal lust. I pushed my hand deeper into her ass and she whispered ‘red’ so I pulled back some.

I took my cock and slide it back into her pussy. Turning my hand so that my wrist faced upwards towards me allowed me to continue fucking her cunt with my cock while my fingers sodomized her now loose and gaping asshole.

I pulled my hand out of her ass and marveled at how wide her asshole was, how nasty it looked and hot my wife made me feel.

I pulled my cock out of her snatch and drove it into her ass. Heather was so loose and wet in her butt that she took my cock without any problem. Heather began to pant and moan as I started driving my rod deep up her asshole, banging her butt as I heard her tits slap against the piss still puddled under her chest.

I reached around and grabbed at her bouncing tits, feeling her hard nipples slick with piss as they jiggled through the puddle in time with my hip thrusts.

The orgasm happened so intensely that I just had time to pull out of her ass to shoot three or four huge loads across Heather’s back and shoulders.

I helped Heather to her feet and took her to the bedroom. I got a towel and spread it over the bed. I put Heather on the towel and put my face between her legs. She eagerly pulled her legs back for me, exposing her slick cunt. Her tiny patch of pubic hair was still wet from her piss and cunt juice. I ran my tongue over her slit and then started working on her engorged clit. I flicked the tip of my tongue over her bud, milking her, and then I sucked on her clit, pulling the blood into it even more and making it rise up.

Heather just moaned and put her hands on the back of my head. I stayed on her clit for a few minutes, flicking and driving her nub with my tongue until she was panting. I could feel her orgasm build as the tension in her thigh muscles grew around my head until she exploded in my mouth, gasping and begging as the orgasms racked her body.

We feel asleep quickly that Saturday night. The next morning I washed the kitchen floor clean.

As I write these words on the following Monday, I am still in shock what has happened. My wife has become a very naughty girl who likes to pee in public and wet her panties.

I’m just wondering if she’ll return the thong back to Stacey and get her own panties back. I know I’m going to suggest that we meet for dinner again soon with John and Stacey and tell Heather to wear Stacey’s thong and tell John to pass on a similar message to Stacey. I know John will go for it. If that happens, and if the girls do anything sexy or naughty, I’ll get that down on paper when I can.

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