I, Titman Ch. 02


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I, Titman: Prelude

I, Titman: Chapter 1

This is I, Titman: Chapter 2

Well damn, that was a fun time. I had never once penetrated anything but Tammy’s mouth, and I got to bury my cock between a hot little pair of tits for an hour. And now we were walking out and chatting like an old couple, still totally energized and completely ready to keep the night going. But it was really late.

I couldn’t believe it when we walked out of the florist shop chatting away, that Andie was out there waiting for us. She looked pissed. But she still looked good. Her nubs were totally poking through that terry cloth top and I could see the bumps on her nipples clearly. It’s almost too bad I hooked up with Tammy, but who was I to complain?

Andie told me that my buddies were looking for me and left when they figured I could handle myself. I can, but damn I got no vehicle. Tammy said she and Andie would get me back to the Campus… In good time…

So Andie jiggled a set of keys and got into a big Florist Van. I sat in middle of front and Tammy rode shotgun. It was silence as Andie drove, and Tammy idly teased my leg in the car.

“Bitch,” Andie said.

“Back at ya.” Tammy said.


“Why don’t you guys get in the back?” Andie said. She pulled over. Man she was pissed.

Or was she?

O man, what a surprise. I had expected dirt and water and other assorted flower potting mess and blah blah blah. Well, think of a wedding reception kind of impression, but with florist supplies. The walls were bordered by 2 shelves that closed and had additional bungees keeping them closed. A wheeled cart was chocked down in front of the drivers side wheelwell. The cart was stuffed with little assorted cutesy pillows. Behind the driver side windowed partition bungeed down cart with linens stuffed all in it. Then there were bigger pillows in a loose pile in front of the passenger side wheel well.

I got in and sat on the loose pile of pillows. Tammy jumped on me and said “Are you gonna fuck me now?” I gave her a huge deep French kiss and drew her to me. I had had an amazing amount of sex that day, so I was gonna have to build up to a good woody in a bit.

She would have nothing of it. I suppose that she figured I would be a slow start, as much as I resisted her and Andie in the bar earlier. So she started to untie my shoes. “I ain’t Escort bayan having anything take you out of stride. I want you totally naked 5 minutes ago.” She said.

Well I was taking off my shirt faster than… Well, U get it. I told her “Keep on the blouse, buttoned up to just racy cleavage.” And we each rushed our own clothes off.

I look up and O man is she a vision. The shirttail fully covered her ass and the shirt hid her bush in front. She sorta played her hair up and said “This many buttons?”

It was like something in a dream. When she played her hair up her shirt teased a nice look at her tits and definitely exposed her bush. I dove down and got to nibbling her thigh and working my way up to her pussy, which I hadn’t even seen before this. She grabbed my hair and said “Don’t bother.”

Then she bent over one of the chocked down carts, parted her legs, turned her head and offered her stuff to me. She looked back at me and sorta hummed. Well, remember that I am 5’10” and we are in a moving van. No goddamn way was that going to work. So I grabbed her like a six pack and started rubbing my fingers together through her ass/snatch wall inside her. She was almost squealing for me to stuff her.

SO I did, one fell swoop. Well she was so slick that I buried it to the hilt. She was older, but she was nicely tight. She was screaming out and I was driving into her doggie style and she dropped to her elbows to give me more leverage. I start the “slow strong strokes” rhythm and it pisses her off. She flings her hair back, snarls and slams her ass against my belly.

I slapped her ass and said, “Hard and fast as I can, right?” All she did was nod and squeal. I don’t think, in the next 20 minutes, a word came out of her mouth. But o man the sounds were extremely erotic. She was sort of wheezing on each thrust and I was digging the motion of her boobs under her half-unbuttoned shirt. I was in the best shape of my life, and I had almost had enough. This was no stylish erotic lovemaking that we were trying to prolong.

This was a hard fuck that only ended when I was done. Hell, she wasn’t even making any noise now as I fucked her upturned snatch. I think she passed out, but I promised hard and fast so I didn’t let up. I started pounding her almost lifeless body until I was actually concerned for her well being. I pulled out, she groaned and I thought, “She’s alive. Good enough Bayan Escort for me” and I put it back in.

She let out such a sexy “Oh yeah” that I thought I would come right there. But since my balls were already drained 5+ times today, and I really was getting tired, I knocked her elbows out so her chest was on the pillow pile. I grabbed her ass and turned it upward a bit, sorta lifting her up, as her muscles were damn near useless. Then I put my hands on her shoulders so her back was arched ever just so and began to attempt a little recovery on my part (Enough with harder and faster, I wanted to live through the morning) and just started to use her pussy in long slow deep strokes to the hilt.

And just as I started to get a little groove on and like 3 minutes of slow stroking recovery, I noticed something… We weren’t moving. I look up and Andie is staring through the window to the front and she was almost in tears. I don’t think she saw me notice her. I look down and Tammy is OUT. I figure she can nap while Andie drives me back to Campus, as I have no clue where we were.

I knocked on the window and motioned to Andie that I was getting out of the back and moving to the front. I settled Tammy into a nice bundle of pillows and covered her up with a few more. She still didn’t flinch. Damn, I rock. So I put on my clothes, fast and sloppy, get out the back with a still raging hard on tenting my dress slacks…

I open the door and uh oh. Guess it wouldn’t be too much of a drive home. We were in the dorm parking lot. There were like 20 dormies just standing around looking at me. Jay and Mike are out looking me over kind of odd. The others, I think (but don’t really know to this day) were wondering who in the world would be delivered flowers at 3 AM.

I was absolutely aghast. I run up to front, jump around to Andies window and she opens it. I begin to open my mouth and was cut off. She says, “I’ve been cruising around Campus slow and easy for the past hour waiting till you finish. I parked like 2 minutes ago. I am not going through that again. I am so humiliated.”

So I said, “No, you are a fine lady giving me a ride home. Tammy is passed out in back, and we can sort of figure like you drove me home. Hell, people will wonder why I came out of the back, but I’ll just tell them I was getting high.” She sort of bought it.

She stepped out and said, “Well, let’s make this Escort good.” And she reached around my neck (remember, this is a tall girl with big boobs braless in a velour shirt) and plants a small kiss on my lips. OMIGOD did they feel good smashed against me. Her juggs, I mean… Not her lips. Well, it’s not like I didn’t already have a wicked boner, but I could feel it all that much more.

So I pull her closer and my cock AGAIN is pressed against ANOTHER beautiful, sexy older gal with big juggs. She sort of jumps and smiles. She dragged her fingernails over my woody and whispered in my ear “Tammy was just using you for a lay, and I want it too. Call the Florist shop tomorrow.”

And I swear this hot blonde (If I were to estimate, I’d say 5’10” 140 lb., 40DD-25-38) was just trying to make me look good, cause as I looked away, she patted me on the ass and walked to the back of the van. I wasn’t sure if that was a “{See Ya” asspat or what, so I just followed her like the dork I am. She openned up the back and said “O Man she is out”

I said, “Don’t wake her, I don’t want anyone noticing I knocked a girl unconscious in the back of a van. Tell her I’ll try to hit the florist shop Saturday. It closes at 6 right?”

Got a nod and a wink and a nice goodbye. I walk across the courtyard towards my dorm and I hear “Hey Hotstuff!!!”

I turn around and Andie is leaning sideways over her door in a sexy profile for one last wave. She yelled “How about next week at Spankys?”

Well Duh. I threw a big thumbs up to her and waved goodbye. The fucking crowd went wild. All the guys (quite disrespectfully of Andie, I might add) cheered full up and went on like college boys do. Hell, I’da done it too, but I wonder if it made Andie feel like shit. I will have to make it up to her.

She got in and drove off. I was beat to death, and here come Jay and Andy to get “The Scoop”. Naturally I didn’t SAY I fucked any of the girls, or that anything really happened. I figured that this one time, the reality was grander than the fantasy, so I let their imaginations run wild.

Jay and Andy were both confident that I fucked both of those girls. I denied that flat out as we approached our hall. I admitted I had one hell of a good time and it really took my mind off Kathy.

Off who?

My gorgeous, titless blowjob wondergirl ex-girlfriend is standing in front of my door. And she’s totally shitfaced and smiling. Smiling hard.

Damn, this is gonna be complex.

I pushed right the hell thru her and said “Whatever the problem is, sleep on it, goddamn it. Get lost. I’m tired”

I closed the door and locked it.

To be continued.

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