I told her! part 2


Molly couldn’t believe she just fucked a complete stranger in the back of his patrol car. She had just wanted to make some money so she could stay in her momma’s house. After momma had made daddy leave the only income they had was the little bit that momma made working at the club. After paying the bills a stripper’s pay doesn’t leave much. Last week momma had told Molly she would have to get a job or find somewhere else to live so she tried begging in the busy parking lots. It worked pretty well for awhile then she started running into security in the best spots.

Then yesterday a girl she met downtown told her she could make 10 times what she was getting if she would sell her body. At 18 she looked a lot younger due to her small size and little girl looks. She only stood 5’1” with straight blonde hair half way down her back. She had crystal blue eyes and a dazzling smile when she used it. She had perky little titties that had bright red nipples that always poked out. She had a tiny waist which made her butt stand out more. She had to face the fact that she had a body that men would be willing to pay for so she had decided to try hooking. Leave it to her luck she gets caught by security before she can even make any money.


Steve knew he was insane for fucking this little hooker but he just couldn’t help himself. After living with a frigid wife for 10 years it was getting harder to control his lustful ways. Sure a little ‘manual stimulation’ helped but it wasn’t the same thing. At 45 he still had urges that porn wasn’t satisfying anymore. He figured that at 6’1”, 250 pounds with dark brown hair (just a touch of grey) and mustache, hazel eyes he wouldn’t have a hard time getting laid once in a while but it seemed like all he did was work anymore. It seemed lately the only thing that satisfied his lust was stories and videos about older guys with younger girls and along comes this hot little piece of ass!


As Molly rested on Steve’s chest they told each other their names and started talking about their lives, well Molly did. Steve didn’t tell her much more than his name. He wasn’t sure he should trust this little girl yet.

“So what’s the deal with you calling me daddy?” asked Steve.

“Well momma kicked daddy out because she thought he was fucking me” replied Holly.

“Was he?”

“Well he popped my cherry 3 years ago but that was the only time I let him.”

“Is he the one that taught you to give head and to love cum on your skin?”

“No that’s was my ex-boyfriend. He was a good lover but he wouldn’t leave his wife so I cut him loose.”

“Wife, how old was he?”

“Oh he was 40.”

Steve looked at his watch and realized it was going on midnight. “Shit! I gotta get home.” He lifted her up so he could get out of the car and get dressed. He looked at her sitting there naked and remembered her clothes were lying on the ground by the back of the car. He got her clothes and she took them and started getting dressed.

“You never answered my question.” She said

“What question was that Molly?”

“I asked you if I come back would you punish me again.” As she asked she looked down shyly with a lil grin.

“I guess that depends on which night you come. I work 5 days on, 2 days off. I’m off for the next 2 days so you better stay away from here. The other guy might not treat you so nice” he said with a smile.
“Ok, I’ll wait until you come back then.”


When Steve came back to work he was really tired but he felt better than he had in years. He had finally had it out with his wife and moved out to a small cheep apartment close to work. The only furniture he had was an old recliner and a bed set that was he left from his daughter after she left for college but figured he could get a little bit more stuff every month if he watched his money.

He had been patrolling the parking lots as usual when around 9:30 he saw Molly get out of a car by the pet store. She wasn’t alone either. With her was a young Asian girl no bigger than her. He thought to himself “What the hell is she doing bringing some one along?” He had to keep busy for another 30 minutes before he could go see what was up with Molly and the other girl.

When it was time to get off work Steve took the patrol car back to the shed he parked it in and got his old pick-up truck and drove over to find Molly. They weren’t by the pet store so he drove around the back. When he got to where he had parked with Molly the other night he found them sitting against the building making out. As the lights hit them the Asian girl jumped away from Molly pulling her hand out from under Molly’s shirt. Steve pulled up next to them and parked the truck. Molly saw him and squealed and ran over to the truck.

“Hi daddy I missed you.” She said as she tried to crawl thru the window.

“Whoa girl, slow down. Who’s your friend?”

Molly opened the door and practically pulled Steve’s arm off trying to get him out. “She’s my best friend Kim. She lives downstairs from me.”

“And what where you two doing when I got here? It seemed to me you were being naughty.”

“Oh come on Steve we were just making out a little bit while we waited for you.”

“You do this often, do you?” He said as he started checking out Kim. She was leaning back against the wall looking back at him with an odd look on her face. She was a little bit shorter than Molly wearing a Hollister shirt and loose jeans. You could tell she didn’t have a bra on with her nipples poking out from her small chest. She stood behind Molly looking shy and nervous.

“Is this that man you told me about, Molly” Asked Kim quietly.

“Yeah this is Steve”

Steve reached out to shake Kim’s escort bayan hand noticing how small and dainty her hand was in his big old paws. “Damm this girl is so small she would blow away in heavy wind!”

“It’s nice to meet you Kim.”

“Likewise sir.”

“Oh don’t call me that, please. I’m just plain old Steve.”

She kind of giggled into her hand and said “OK Steve.”

“So Molly what do you want to do tonight?” asked Steve.

“Well we could go back to your place and get drunk. How does that sound?”

Kim gasped, “Molly we aren’t old enough to drink!”

“It’s ok Kim. I won’t tell anyone, but I don’t drink so if you two want I can stop at the liquor store and get something. Maybe that stuff everyone’s drinking in the bars these days, Red Bull and vodka?”
“Oh that stuff is great! Gets you wasted and wired at the same time!” says Molly.

So everyone piled into the truck with Molly between the other two. As soon as Steve started driving Molly was stroking his dick thru his pants. He didn’t notice that her other hand was busy between Kim’s legs at the same time. When Steve came back from the liquor store he noticed Kim was breathing fast and blushing while Molly was just sitting there grinning. “This is gonna be an interesting evening” thought Steve as he turned into the apartment complex.

Kim noticed there was very few cars parked by the buildings and none at the building that Steve pulled up to. “Where are all the people at?” she wondered.

Steve got out and grabbed the bags out of the back of the truck while the girls got out the other side. “It’s the first door at the top of the stairs.” He told them. “Owner of the property gave me a good deal on this place as long as I patrol the grounds once in awhile. He’s having problems getting tenants in here so he needs the place watched.”

As the girls went ahead of him he watched two fine little asses bounce their way up the steps. He was already getting a hard on just watching them climb the steps. He was glad he had gone to the doctor yesterday and gotten that prescription for those little blue pills. When he got up the steps he unlocked the door and let them in.

Kim pulled on his sleeve and whispered to him “Can I use your restroom?”

“Go right ahead, it’s the only door that’s closed. Make your selves at home.”

“I’m gonna look around” said Molly.

“Not much to see, I just moved in here and aint got much yet.” He said as he went to the small kitchen and put the stuff away. As he did he noticed that he didn’t even have anything to eat in the place. “Guess I’ll have to get a pizza or something.” He thought.

An excited squeal came from the bedroom as Molly saw his bed. It was a four poster double bed with big cannon balls on the top of each post. “OMG I love this bed Steve!”

Kim rushed out of the bathroom still pulling up her jeans to see what Molly was so excited about. Steve didn’t think he saw any panties but she was a little too fast for him to be sure. They both went in and dove on the bed started bouncing on it like little girls. Steve’s cock got even bigger watching two sets of braless titties bounced around on his bed.

“I need to run down to the pizza place and get us some food. You two entertain each other for about a half hour.”

“Ok daddy,” says Molly as she pounces on Kim and starts tickling her.

Steve just shakes his head and grabs his keys and heads out to get the pizza.
As soon as the door closes Molly grabs Kim’s head and thrusts her tongue into her mouth. Kim moans into Molly’s mouth as they start rolling around the bed. Molly ends up on top of Kim and pins her down sucking on her tongue as Kim pushes her hips up trying to get Molly off her. Molly starts pushing Kim’s jeans down so she came get to the most wonder full pussy she has ever tasted(even better than her own). Kim melts in Molly’s skilled hands as her hips rise to let Molly slide her jeans down. Now her bare pussy is in full view. She sits up and pulls off her shirt then Molly’s.

Molly jumps off the bed and slips her sweat pants off and races out of the room telling Kim to stay there. She goes out to the living room and opens a box she saw earlier and grabs some silk ties. She runs back to the bed and jumps on Kim pinning her down giggling. She starts kissing Kim all over her face mauling her small A cup titties. Kim moans as Molly tweaks her nipples hard. All of a sudden Molly loops one of the ties over Kim’s left wrist and pushes her arm up to the post and ties the tie around it. Kim is so into the passion that she doesn’t even realize what’s going on until Molly pushes her right arm up to the post. She tries to stop Molly and finds her arms trapped as Molly finishes tying her right arm. Kim starts to struggle, “Molly this isn’t fair. I can’t reach you.” She whines.

Molly tells her “its ok baby, this is gonna be fun”. Molly moves down and starts running her tongue down Kim’s neck moving towards her perky nipples. She runs her tongue around the tight points and sucks it into her mouth as Kim moans and tries to push her tit further into Molly’s mouth. Molly runs her hand down Kim’s tummy and plays with the wispy hairs at the top of her mound. Kim pulls her feet up to her ass and thrusts her hips upward, impatient to have Molly’s fingers in her. Molly smiles around the nipple as she loops a tie around first one ankle then the other. She slides down the bed and gets between Kim’s legs, sliding her hands under Kim’s ass lifting her to her mouth.

Kim lets out a deep moan as Molly’s tongue slowly runs from her ass hole to her clit. Molly gently licks at Kim’s juicy lips and pushes her tongue between them dipping at the sweet juices that are flowing from the heated opening. kocaeli escort bayan The juices ran down between her cheeks to her asshole so Molly started wiggling her thumb into Kim’s rose bud. Kim started bucking her hips at Molly’s face as the thumb slid deeper into her ass.

“OMG, that feels SO good Molly. You keep that up I’m gonna cum all over you!”

“I’m just getting started lover” Molly says as she tries to get her other thumb into Kim’s tight ass.

“Oh fuck Molly what are you doing? That is starting to hurt.”

“OK baby we will save that for later” as she pulls her thumbs away from Kim’s ass, “but I want this juicy pussy now!” She wraps her arms around Kim’s legs and reaches her clit and starts pinching the little mini cock as she jams her tongue deep into Kim’s sopping gash and latches her lips around her quivering hole and starts to suck.

Kim starts to moan out louder as her orgasm gets closer. She loves the way Molly sucks on her pussy, it gets better each time. Her climax hits her so hard it causes her to tense up almost suffocating Molly as her legs snap against her head. She lets out a long drawn out squeal as she squirts juices into Molly’s waiting mouth. Molly pulls back a little bit to lick her outer lips and gets more juices sprayed into her face. Kim drops back onto the bed quivering and panting.

Molly strokes Kim’s thighs as she recovers. Molly gently straightens Kim’s legs as she moves the tie to the post at the foot of the bed and by the time Kim has regained her senses Molly has finished getting Kim tied to the four post spread eagle.

Kim pulls at the restraints and asks “Molly what are you doing to me?”

Steve opens the front door and carries the boxes of pizza and the sodas into the apartment, puts the stuff in the kitchen and calls out “I’m back girls. Got pizzas with pepperoni and sausage.”

Molly comes running out of the bedroom, buck naked with Kim’s juices all over her face. She jumps into Steve’s arms and lays a huge wet kiss on his lips. “I’ve got a surprise for you, daddy” she whispers in his ear as she hugs him tight.

“What’s that and where’s Kim?”

Molly jumps down with a smile and drags Steve to the bedroom. Steve just stares at the erotic sight in front of him. Kim is tied to the bed, struggling to get away. She is covered with sweat and her legs are soaked from her massive orgasm. “Molly please let me up! I’m all icky and wet.”

“She’s a virgin daddy. I brought her for you. We can share her. She has the most luscious pussy. I told her what a fantastic fuck you are. Do you want me to untie her? ”

Steve walked over to the bed as if he was in a daze. Seeing Kim tied up like this was several of his fantasies rolled together. He reaches out to touch her almost as if it’s all a dream. As he runs his fingers up her leg Kim twitches and whimpers. He sees how red and plump her pussy looks and can’t wait to taste it. Molly comes over and pulls at Steve’s belt as he pulls off his shirt. When she gets his pants undone she pushes them down letting his dick spring up right in front of Kim’s face. Molly drops down to engulf his throbbing dick as Kim watches. Steve reaches down with one hand and grabs the back of Molly’s head and with other he reaches Kim’s small tit and starts squeezing it and pinching the eraser sized nipple causing her to moan and squirm.
Kim finds it hard to take her eyes off Steve’s 7”, after all she’s never seen one this close before and porno movies don’t count. She can’t believe Molly was deep throating this guy while she was tied up here. Kim didn’t know what was gonna happen tonight but it sure was hot so far.

Steve feels his cum rushing from his balls and pulls away from Molly’s talented mouth and aims at Kim’s tits. The first rope of sticky cum shoots across her chest almost nipple to nipple. The second he aims at Kim’s mouth catching her with her mouth open. Most goes all over but some goes into her surprised mouth. She turns her head before any more can hit her and the last bit runs down her neck.

Molly jumps up on the bed and starts to rub the cum into Kim’s tits with her own as she tries to kiss Kim. She tries to avoid Molly’s hungry lips at first then gives in and shares the load of cum in her mouth. Molly moans into Kim’s mouth as she savors the taste of Steve’s seed. She moves down to lick the sticky treat on her friend’s tiny treasures. Steve moves up on to the bed behind Molly and thrusts his still hard cock into her wet pussy. He pushes into her so hard she is forced back up Kim’s body. As her pussy gets to the same level as Kim’s Steve decides that its twofer time. He pulls out and tries to force his way in to Kim’s tight little pussy.
Kim starts buck and trashing around, “No, it hurts! Stop, please!”

Steve rams into her not even hearing her pleads. All he can hear is the blood rushing in his ears from his elevated heart beat. He feels his dick tear thru Kim’s hymen as she screams in pain. Molly tries to sooth her down and let her know the pain will go away. Molly starts squeezing Kim’s taught little nipples to take her mind away from her pain. Steve stops thrusting to let Kim get use to the feeling of a dick in her little pussy. The pains eases and Kim starts to move under Molly.

“There you go Kim, enjoy it” says Molly.

Molly starts kissing Kim deep as Steve starts to slowly move in and out of the tightest cunt he’s ever been in. Kim’s moans are getting louder and louder as Steve picks up the tempo. Just as Kim is starting to cum he pulls out and slams back into Molly’s wet pussy.

Kim moans out in frustration as she feels him pull out. She had just got over the pain and was so close to a huge orgasm. Steve gave kocaeli escort Molly a few deep thrusts and moved back to Kim’s tight little twat. Molly being frustrated moved up to plant her soaking pussy on Kim’s open mouth. She reached over and untied Kim’s hands so she could use her talented fingers as well.

At first Kim was so into Steve’s massive feeling dick in her quivering cunt that she didn’t see Molly’s moist pussy descending on her face. When she felt her hands free she pushed Molly back and screamed out to Steve, “Oh my god you feel so huge inside me. Please don’t stop! I want to feel you sliding your cock in and out of my tight little hole.” She pulled Molly’s soaked pussy back to her mouth.

Steve held her hips tightly, gave a firm steady push against her and his cock slid all the way in until his balls were resting against her vulva. The heat and wetness he felt was so intense, it was like a sauna inside her pussy. As he felt Kim’s pussy start to twitch and tingle, he start pumping his cock in and out of her. With each stroke he felt her shudder and shiver beneath him as her body came closer and closer to having that earth shattering orgasm he wanted her to have. As her tight little pussy got wetter and wetter he could pump his cock faster and harder into her. With each thrust he shoved his cock to its maximum depth and Kim’s mouth was shoved harder against Molly’s pussy.

Sucking while she licked up and down she was rewarded with a constant flow of fuck juices. The delicious cum flowed over her tongue, dribbled down to the back of her mouth and then slid down her throat. The more Kim sucked Molly’s cunt, the more she wanted to do it. Her tongue spiraled in, poking at the center of Molly’s cunt, Kim fastened her lips tightly around Molly’s clit and sucked. Her tongue got closer and closer, and then made contact. Molly lurched but Kim didn’t give the other girl time to settle in. Her mouth went to work, licking and sucking madly. She swirled her tongue around the swollen clit, treating the entire surface of the other girl’s clit to a wonderful tongue-massage. Then Kim started licking back and forth teasingly, dragging the length of her tongue across Molly’s clit. Then she pulled her tongue back.

Molly’s screams of lust made Kim glow in satisfaction. “Ohhh … ooohhh … fuck fuck, Kim ooohhh, it feels good, baby oh, yes oh, yesss! Do it … do it! Lick it out, suck my clit! Ohhh … yeahhh, baby, eat me out! Oh, goddamn, you eat pussy good, baby! Ohhh, oh … ohhh … oh!”

Feeling Molly cum and having Steve’s cock pierce her pussy in ever harder thrusts sent Kim over the edge. Her orgasm came hard while spraying his dick and balls with her honey sauce. When her orgasm subsided enough, Kim told Steve “Cum inside my pussy daddy, I want to feel your seed in me.”?

Steve asked about getting her pregnant, and she replied “Don’t worry about that, I’ve been on the pill for 2 months.”

With that statement, he let her have 3 more thrust of his cock, then buried it as deep into her sopping wet pussy as he could while he sent long thick streams of his seed into her little body. As he let loose with his seed deep into Kim’s formerly virgin pussy, Steve let out a primal yell from the intense electrifying sensations ripping through his body when he sent his load into Kim’s pussy. After his electrifying orgasm inside Kim’s pussy, he collapsed on the bed trying to catch his breath and watched as Kim continued to go at Molly’s pussy.

Kim worked her fingers between Molly’s ass cheeks while she hungrily sucked and licked. Spreading them apart, she pressed one finger against her asshole. She felt the asshole twitch once and then loosen as Molly sensed what she was going to do. Kim flicked her finger back and forth over the brown hole and then centered it and pushed. The soft asshole flesh gave way and with a long, slow motion, Kim firmly pushed her finger up Molly’s ass. Wet, sticky pussy cream gushed out of the girl’s pussy hole and into Kim’s mouth. Its smell was in Kim’s nostrils. Its taste filled her mouth. It cascaded all over her face, its warmth good to her lips and tongue. Excited by the taste and smell, Kim worked her tongue furiously on her friend’s clit. She sucked and licked for all she was worth until, with a giant heave, Molly’s body went slack. The girl was breathing hard, her face relaxed, her mind thoroughly blown. For a moment, she stayed in position over Kim’s face, her pussy licked clean inside out. Then she collapsed onto the bed beside her friend. She lay there, silently recovering with her eyes closed. Kim didn’t speak content to be there next to Molly. Her cheeks and chin and lips were gleaming with spent fuck juice. She licked up what she could reach with her tongue. Molly noticed and moved over to help. Sensuously, Molly kissed her girl friend, tasting her own pussy on Kim’s lips. Her tongue slithered into Kim’s mouth, and then began swirling around her lips. In ever-widening circles, Molly licked over Kim’s chin, and then cleaned up her cheeks. When she was finished, Kim’s face was sparkling clean. Glowing with satisfaction, Molly lay back down.

Steve looked at the two young lovers and said “Come on girls, let’s refuel and do some talking.” H grabbed a couple of t-shirt’s for the girls and shorts for himself and headed out to the kitchen. After they had warmed up the pizza and had a couple drinks Steve started to feel a bit more energized. Both girls had gotten into his lap after they had eaten and Kim was slowly drifting off to sleep while Molly chattered about her mom.

“Molly, do you wanna move out of your mom’s place?” asked Steve.

“Well it would be easier for her but I don’t know where to go. Kim said she would love to have me there but their apartment is small too.”

Steve took a deep breath….”You could stay here with me if you wanted.”

Molly just looked at him with big watery eyes………

To be continued.

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