Subject: I Want You To Meet My Son: Chapter 10 I Want You To Meet My Son Chapter 10 “Thanks for coming in, Mike…” greeted the Coach. “I’ve been giving young Davey here a few massages to help his muscles cool down after training. I thought it was about time that I showed you the technique so that you can continue the work at home.” “No problem, Coach…” nodded Mike Snowden, ruffling his fingers through his son Davey’s hair. “Davey says that your massages are the best, so I’m keen to learn from the master. “Hop up onto the massage table, kiddo…” instructed the Coach. Familiar with the Coach’s massage technique, Davey quickly stripped off his soccer kit and climbed up onto the massage table. “Um, is he always naked when you massage him?” asked Mike. “This technique involves a lot of massage oil…” nodded the Coach. “You could probably leave his jockstrap on if you wanted to, but Davey says that he feels more comfortable when he’s naked.” “Is that right, son?” asked Mike. “I didn’t realise that you were a bit of a nudist?” “Uh huh…” nodded Davey. “It’s fun being naked with the Coach.” “Okay, so let me show you a few of the basic techniques…” began the Coach, oiling up his hands. “Then, I’ll get you to have a go and we can make sure that you’re on the right track.” “Sure…” nodded Mike. “Sounds good.” “Now, because Davey has been running around the soccer pitch, most of our focus is going to be on his legs – his hamstrings, his quads, and his glutes…” explained the coach, smearing massage oil up and down the boy’s legs. “The key to avoiding injuries is to ensure that there’s no tightness anywhere in these muscle groups.” “That makes sense…” nodded Mike, watching closely as the Coach’s hands were sliding up and down Davey’s oiled up legs. “With young Davey here, the main tightness tends to be up here – where the quads connect through to the glutes…” continued the coach, beginning to push his strong fingers into the muscles at the base of the boy’s butt. “His butt is so small…” observed Mike. “I wouldn’t have imagined that a massage like this could prevent injury.” “His butt is perfect, isn’t it?” grinned the Coach. “Here, put your fingers here just where I’m massaging and you’ll see what I’m talking about.” “Oh, right…” nodded Mike, as he began to gently massage his son near the base of the boy’s ass. “Yes, I think I see what you mean.” “Now, all of these muscles are interconnected…” continued the Coach, adding more massage oil to Davey’s body. “As you’re working on his muscles, you really gaziantep escort just need to let your hands follow the tension. Here – let me demonstrate.” “You, um, you do seem to be going quite deep between his legs there…” observed Mike. “Are you sure that’s necessary?” “Like I said…” replied the Coach. “You’ve got to let your hands follow the tension. Your turn – I’ll add some more oil so that there’s no resistance.” “Ungh…” moaned Davey, as his father’s fingers made contact with his hairless boy-hole. “Sorry, son…” apologised Mike. “It’s just all quite slippery. Is this helping to ease the tension in your legs? Is this making you feel better?” “Uh huh…” nodded Davey. “It feels really good – just like when the Coach does it.” “Keep going…” urged the Coach. “If that tension is drawing you into the kid’s butt-crack, then get your fingers in there and really work it out.” “I’m just worried that I might hurt him…” mumbled Mike, his fingers now insistently bumping up against his son’s tight boy-hole. “That’s what the oil is for…” smiled the Coach. “Ungh…” moaned Davey, as his father’s fingers pushed inside his cunt. That’s it…” urged the Coach. “I think we’re making real progress.” The intensity of the moment was suddenly broken by someone knocking on the Coach’s office door. “Sorry to interrupt…” said Sergeant Hastings, opening the door and entering the office. “I just need a private word with Coach Ferguson. We’ve had some complaints about his unorthodox coaching methods.” “Um, that’s alright…” mumbled Mike, quickly withdrawing his fingers from his son’s ass. “Come on, Davey – get dressed now, we’d better be heading home.” “Good work tonight, Mike…” said the Coach, as the father and son hurried out of the office. “I’ll see you at next training.” “How are you, Uncle?” asked Hastings, once the door had closed and they were alone in the office. “You used to call me Daddy…” replied the Coach. “That was when you were whoring me out to your perv party buddies…” winked Hastings. “I knew what they wanted to hear.” “How did you find me?” asked the Coach. “It wasn’t hard…” shrugged Hastings. “You weren’t being very discreet. It was almost as if you wanted to be found.” “What do you want, Steve?” asked the Coach. “If it’s me that you’re after, why are you threatening these other dudes?” “The neighbourhood pervs that you’ve been recruiting?” grinned Hastings. “I don’t know, I just wanted to fuck things up a bit – cause a bit of chaos. There’s something about being in suriyeli escort a uniform that makes me super-horny.” “I get that…” nodded the Coach. “The uniform suits you – you’re looking good.” “So, they’re letting you coach a kid’s soccer team?” asked Hastings. “Have you told them that you’re a registered sex offender or are you keeping that bit of information on the down-low?” “The guys that know don’t seem to care…” shrugged the Coach. “Is that you’re here for? To expose me? To bring me down?” “I’ve thought about it…” nodded Hastings. “For a long time, I’ve thought about some kind of pay-back that would make you suffer. I guess I was just angry – angry that you didn’t come looking for me.” “I couldn’t come looking for you…” said the Coach. “It was one of the conditions of my parole. It fucking broke me when they took you away from me. Getting nicked was bad enough, but the worst part was knowing that I’d let you down – seeing them grab you and take you into care. When I got out, I just had to try and make a fresh start.” “A fresh start?” laughed Hastings. “How long was it before you were sticking your perv cock into some fresh boy-cunt?” “I’m a simple man with simple needs…” shrugged the Coach. “Needs that we seem to still share – you’ve certainly been impressing the neighbourhood pervs.” “Yeah, I like showing them how a real man fucks…” grinned Hastings. “Makes me laugh how readily that they’ll hand over their sons to me the moment that there’s any suggestion that they may face some consequences for their perv behaviour.” “You are one twisted fucker…” laughed the Coach. “I’ve learned from the best…” winked Hastings. “So, you’re planning on sticking around?” asked the Coach. “Yeah…” nodded Hastings. “Yeah, I think I will. I’ve actually moved in with one of your guys – Kevin Foster? “You’re dating that faggot?” asked the Coach. “Dating is probably over-stating it…” replied Hastings. “I got a taste of his son Bradley’s sweet cunt when I paid a visit to that teacher perv, Roxburgh. I made a house-call to Kevin and his son for a second helping. Turned out, we’ve got a fair bit in common. He really gets off on watching me use his son.” “Yeah, he’s a first-class perv…” nodded the Coach. “It’s a sweet deal…” replied Hastings. “Kevin has got a nice place, a pool, and a cute little cunt-boy that I can fuck like a fleshlight. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I watch Kevin slurping my load from his son’s stretched cunt.” “Fuck yeah…” growled the Coach. rus escort “Fuck I’ve missed you, kid.” “I’ve missed you too, old man…” said Hastings. “You fucked me up but it was exactly what I needed. No one else has been able to push my buttons like you do.” “Want to jack off together?” suggested the Coach, rubbing his hard cock that was clearly evident in his grey sweatpants. “Fuck yeah…” nodded Hastings. “Check out this vid on my phone – I filmed it yesterday while I was on patrol. I had a tip-off from Murphy – the perv priest – that one of his congregation was confessing to son-fucker fantasies. I waited until the guy went for a drive with his kid, pulled him over and then started fucking with his head.” “Fuck, that kid is sucking your cock…” growled the Coach as he watched the action unfolding in the video. “You should have seen the guy’s face when I shoved my hard cock in his kid’s mouth…” grinned Hastings. “It was like all of his fantasies coming true at once.” “That’s my boy…” growled the Coach, moving behind Hastings and reaching around to unbutton his blue shirt. “Look at this next bit…” siad Hastings, unzipping his trousers and pulling out his thick cock. “I pull the kid’s shorts down and force my cock in him.” “Fuck that’s hot…” growled the Coach, rubbing his hands down Hastings’ hairy muscular chest. “Still got your nipples pierced, huh?” “Yeah…” nodded Hastings, jacking his cock while focusing on the video on his phone. “The piercings were one of the few things that I had to remind me of you.” “That’s my boy…” growled the Coach, chewing on Hasting’s ear while they both watched the fuck action on the phone screen. “Jack that fucking cock. You look so fucking awesome fucking that kid – you look like a fucking god.” “That’s what it feels like…” nodded Hastings, sliding his generous foreskin backwards and forwards. “Every time these pervs offer me their sons, I feel like a fucking god. They want me to use their boys, they watch me and worship me while I fuck their sons. I spit in their face and they eat my cum and they beg for more.” “That’s it, boy…” urged the Coach, twisting Hastings’ pierced nipples. “Jack that fucking cock. You’re the god that these pervs have been waiting for. We’re going to have these pervs queuing up to offer their sons to you, begging you to rape their boys, to breed their cunts with your god-like cock.” “Ungh!” grunted Hastings, as the cum began to erupt from his hard cock “Fuck! Ungh!”Ahhh! I’ve missed you, Daddy.” “I’ve missed you too, son…” growled the Coach, bringing their mouths together for a deep, hungry kiss. “I didn’t realise just how much I’ve missed you, how much I need you. I’m so proud of the man that you’ve grown into – of the god that you’ve become.” Follow the author on Twitter @GTV_AfterDark

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