I Was a Handyman


I Was a HandymanI was busy at work when I got a page for a phone call. When I answered, it was Kathleen saying, “Oh Trev, sorry to bother you at work but I need some help.” I aked her what the touble was, ans she said, “My damn garage door is stuck closed, and I need to to be downtown for an appointment – can you run over and rescue me?” I laughed and told her I would take my lunch break and be there in fifteen minutes. “Oh, thank you – you are a dear,” she said.I hadn’t had any female contact for some time, and as I drove to Kathleen’s, I couldn’t help thinking about her curvy body and her full heavy breasts, but I forced myself to think about the task at hand. When I pulled up in her driveway, she came out of the back door to greet me. She looked fantastic – wearing a black satin sleeveless top, a light gray pleated skirt, tan hosiery, and black high heels. The blouse was v-neck, and the way her bra held her breasts, she showed a nice amount of cleavage. The skirt was a lightweight summer fabric, and it stopped just above her knees. She gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek, saying, “Thank you so much for coming over – and I have really missed you.” Her perfume turned me on, as did the feel of her full breast against my chest. “Let me see what the problem is”, I said. We stepped into the garage, and I noticed the door had come off the track on one side. “Can you fix it?”, she asked. I told her I thought I could get it open, but it might take more time to repair later. I got a stepladder, pry bar, and screwdriver off the workbench, and asked her to hold them while I climbed up to get a better look. We chatted as I figured out how to rerail the dikmen escort rollers, and as I looked down at her, I could see down her blouse at the balck nylon bra she was wearing. I fought the erection I was getting, and in a few minutes, had the rollers back enough to open the door. She walked up behind me as I was puting the tools away, put her arms around my waist, and gave me another long tight hug. This time, her belly and thighs pressed agaist my ass, and my erection started to grow. “Come inside, wash up, and I’ll give you something to eat,” she said. As we walked to the house, I asked her if she hadn’t better get going, and she replied, “I’ll have plenty of time now.”I washed my hands, and told her I really wasn’t hungry. “Thirsty?”, she asked. “No, not at all,” I replied. She leaned up against the counter and with a sly lok asked, “Horny?” I realized the bulge in my jeans was very prominent, and said, “Yes Kathleen, I am.” She laughed and said, “What has made you horny, my poor handyman?” My heart was racing as I replied, “Thinking about the last time I saw you, and the outfit you’re wearing today.” She smiled and said, “I’m glad you like it. When we spoke earlier, I was standing in only my panty wondering what outfit to wear that might catch your eye.” Her gaze shifted from my eyes to my erection, and I could see she was breathing faster. We stood silently for a few seconds, when she said, “I would love nothing better than to take you up to my bed, have you undress me, and screw me, but I can’t be late for my appointment.” “I understand”, I told her. She thought for a few seconds, and said, “And I can’t eryaman escort let you leave here with that nice erection wasted, either.”She walked over to me, took my hand, and led me into the family room. “Sit on the sofa”, she said. I sat down, and she pulled an ottoman over and placed it in front of me. “Take your jeans off”, she said. As I was doing that, she stepped out her skirt, and pulled her blouse off, carefully placing them on a chair. She was wearing a very silky black half slip with lace trim along the bottom, and the black nylon bra I had noticed before. She put the ottoman between my legs, and sat on it facing me very closely between my spread legs. I watched in erotic excitement as she unsnapped the four hool bra and placed it with her blouse and skirt. “I’m going to take care of that erection for you this way”, she whispered. She gently wrapped her hand around my penis and began to stroke it slowly and lightly. “Will this help you?”, she asked. I nodded, and she bent down, taking my penis in her mouth. “Mmmmmm – I’ve missed this,”, she said. She resumed stroking me and said, “You can’t cum on my breasts – no time for me to shower – but maybe you’d like to cum all over my slip?” “You won’t have time to freshen up,” I said. “No worries, I’ll just change into another one when I get dressed,” she said, “Just try to miss my pantyhose.”I watched her large full breasts swaying as she moved her and up and down my penis, and listened as she told me how anxious she was to see me shoot my cum all over her slip. “I can’t wait to taste it,” she whispered. She could sense I was ready, and said, “This is the etimesgut escort slip Claire was wearing when you fucked her on the kitchen table.” At that instant, I exploded, and she said, “Yes – give me that thick hot cum and remember what it was like to be with Claire and me.” The first two ribbons shot up to the waist band of her slip, the next sprayed across her lap, and she said, “Mmmmm – yes, that’s right, pump it all out onto my slip.”She stood up, and carefully pushed the slip down her legs. “Good boy!”, she said, “Not a drop on my pantyhose.” I saw the black nylon panty she had told me about under her pantyhose, and pumped one more ribbon onto my leg. She took the slip, wiped me off, then sat on the ottoman again. “Wait here, I need to go upstairs to get another slip.” As I waited for her, I wondered how she knew about the secret sex I had with Claire the last time, but found it exciting. Kathleen returned wearing a light pink half slip, and a matching pink lace and nylon bra. “I like to have my lingerie match, and my other black slip is in the laundry.” I was about to get my jeans back on when she said, “Just a minute.” She handed me the black bra she had worn and said, “I want you to cum in it and let me watch.” She spread it out on the top of the ottoman, and told me to fill the cups as though I was covering her breasts. She sat in the chair across from me with her legs crossed and verbally encouraged me to finish. In seconds, I was ejaculating into her bra, and she took a fingertip of it, and placed it into her mouth. “Ah, yes”, she said, “I need more of this very soon.”She stood up, put on her blouse and skirt, and asked me to check that her slip didn’t show. “Come over tonight about eight – Claire will be here,” she said. I walked her out to her car, we kised and hugged, and I told her I would see her later.”Yes hon, but you mean you will see us later, don’t you?”, she asked with a chuckle. “Yes,” was my simple reply.

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