I was on to get married

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I was on to get marriedHave been talking to a man from India we got along very well he wanted me as his wife [[ my pictures you will see Y]]]] and he was going to buy everything my clothes underwear bra top and very short skirt I did not mind we was sending emails day /night he was ringing me at night about three weeks he sent me airplane tickets and invited me over with so I packed my suitcase and left four India he met me at the Airport and took me back to this great big house and he then took me around the house want a fantastic place then he took me to the bedroom and told me to dress in what was on the bed[ Indian dress] I went downstairs to the living room and we sat there kissing his hands could not stop wondering if we had some drinks and then tell me it’s time for bed so as we was going upstairs he could not leave me alone in the bedroom was just the same he started to undress me very strongly it wasn’t long before I was down to my underwear/ bra he lay me on the bed and he started to get undressed he has sent the pictures but in real life it was bigger and very nice bursa escort he got into the bed and we started to kiss, his tongue was down my throat this got me quite excited he took my bra off and started to suck my breast working very slowly up to my nipples I was getting so excited he spent quite some time playing with my breast and now he was working his way down it wasn’t long before he had my underwear off by this time I am gaging for it I just wanted him inside of me he was still plying licking sucking kiss everywhere he had my legs in every position finally he got inside of me it fell so good he was biting my neck squeezing my tits and my nipples it seemed like he was never going to cum I did not mind because he felt wonderful inside of me and finally I felt that very warm shooting running inside of me which sent me crazy we laid exhausted about 30 minutes and he started to play again not so much this time he just turned me over Face down and before I knew it he was fuck me the second time this time a little bit longer as he cum in me I was very wet we went to sleep bursa escort bayan when I got up in the morning put on my night dress and went downstairs to my horror as I went to the front room he grabbed hold of me and took me into the basement it had everything hanging from the ceiling on the wall it turned out he was into very hard bdsm for me this will be the first time I have on the watch it on videos well it wasn’t long before he put a collar round my neck and he started to try me to the ceiling spread eagle i could not move I was really scared what was coming next he left the room which seemed like forever when we come back he blindfolded me so here I am night dress blindfolded spread eagle cannot move what was coming next did not have to wait long as I heard voices I know someone was taking pictures I have not got a clue how many men were standing there but it wasn’t alone before I fell some hangs on my body they was ripping my night dress off me I was naked and I fell the 1st stroke it was very hard and another and more and more must have been more than escort bursa one man hiting me because it was coming too quick my nipples were being stretched my cock and boll had been tied up very tight and the beating was getting worse finally they got me down I could not stand I just collapsed if that was not enough the next thing was two men was pulling my legs wide open it wasn’t long before I fell someone trying to get inside of me [raw] well he take me and the pain was very bad he just use me shot his load thinking everyone has finished How wrong I was just as I started to relax someone else use me this went on for most of the day being used and abused for a whole day is very painful everybody has left and manage to get up the stairs to the bedroom and I got underneath the shower and stayed there for quite some time it was about midnight when I heard the man I come to see come into the bedroom he ask me if I was OK and would I like to do it again anyway the next morning I got on the first flight back to England is it me or does everybody share information about a person who have just be used I will have to be careful next time waiting for the next man to invite me over I do hope that he had made a good video of everything looking forward to seeing it on my next adventure I will let you know what happens

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