I was Turned Out!PB PT2


I was Turned Out!PB PT2″At least its private and no one will ever know I was turned out” I tried to console myself after Gabe had made me suck him and a couple of his friends and let them all fuck my ass till their cum ran out my gapped open ass and down my legs.After about a week had passed I thought this fleeting hope of mine might really be true. However, this daydream about my nightmare was not to be. After the episode with Gabe and a couple of his friends making me suck them and letting them fuck me till I could hardly walk I never heard any thing for about a week, but just before I got off from work the next Friday Gabe came by my desk.”Be at Deb’s at 6 this evening,” he gruffly told me as he dropped a brown envelope on my desk.With trembling fingers I opened the envelope. There were a video, several 8X10 pictures, and a note in the envelope. The note simply said, “Do you want these given to the boss and posted all over town? If not – BE AT DEB’S TONIGHT!!” The pictures were all of me sucking cock and being fucked in the ass. The faces of the men were blocked out but not mine. In one picture I had a big cock in my ass and a big smile on my face as I held onto a cock just inches from my lips. I quickly shoved the pictures back into the envelope and just as quickly left the office.When I arrived home I flipped the TV on and put the video in the VCR. When the picture came on, there I was being fucked in the ass and sucking a big cock. Soon the cock I was sucking filled my mouth with cum to over flowing. The next scene I was on my back with my legs spread wide and a man’s big cock was pounding away at my ass as I begged for more. With cum still running over my lips, I could be heard begging, “Please fuck me…please fuck me harder.” Then as the camera came in for a close-up of my ass being thoroughly fucked, it showed my own cock rock hard and leaking pre-cum. Every time the cock banked into my ass, my cock would jump and leak more cum and I could be heard begging to be fucked harder. A voice, Gabe’s, could be heard saying, “I be damned! I think the little cocksucker loves having his ass pounded!” “He sure loves having his cock sucked,” answered Ed, as he engulfed my whole cock in one swoop.”Here you fucking little whore,” said Gabe as he jammed his cock into my mouth.As I watched I could not believe it. It sure looked as if I was enjoying being fucked in the ass and mouth while I got my cock sucked. But even more damning was in just a little while the man fucking my ass (I learned later he was a friend of Gabe’s and his name was Bart), shouted, “I’m Cumming…””OH FUCK! ME TOO,” roared Gabe as he filled my mouth with more cum. I could tell from the way I was bucking on the screen, I too was about to cum. I was dumb founded as I heard myself plead, “Don’t stop…ohhhhh fuck me harder…please fuck meeee…ohhh shit I’m Cumming.” Surely I must have thought I was fucking a woman (and at that time I did, but it sure hell looked like I was enjoying the cock fucking I was getting). Yes, there I was humping my ass up against Bart as he poured his load of cum into my ass. Ed had taken my load of cum and pulled back for a close look as I wrapped my arms and legs around Bart and begged to be fucked harder. “I was d**gged,” I mumbled to myself. But that did not explain the raging hard on I now had from watching me being used like a street walking whore – “Was I?” Shaking my head as if to rid it of these thoughts I turned the video off and went to take a shower. Coming out of the shower I paused to look at my body. I was of medium build, with a little hair on my chest. My chest hair, as my head was blond. But I was rather proud of the hair around my cock because it was dark and made ‘look’ manly. My cock was about seven inches and hung over a nice ball sac. Outwardly I looked like any straight man, but burning inside me was the knowledge I had sucked cocks and had had my ass fucked till the cum ran down my legs. I also knew that this would probably happen to me again tonight when I got to Deb’s to meet Gabe. This thought caused my cock to throb. “Dam it,” I thought, “I’m not gay! What the fuck is going on with me responding to the video like I did and now my cock jumping at the though of my ass being fucked again.” Angrily I grabbed the cut-offs and shirt I had been instructed to wear and put them on.Arriving at Deb’s I found that Deb and Dot were gone shopping and only Gabe and Ed were there. When Gabe opened the door he was wearing nothing but a big smile. “Come in we have been waiting on you.” Looking past Gabe I saw Ed and all he too was wearing was a big smile. Both men had gigantic hard ons that were pointed straight at me. I knew then without a doubt, I was going to be fucked. But even as this fore gone knowledge penetrated my mind, another new sensation rushed through my body. It was almost as if my body wanted to be used as a sexual plaything for the two hard cocks my eyes were riveted on. This thought mesmerized me causing my ass to give an involuntary twitch at the thought of being filled with hard cock again. u*********sly I licked my dry lips as I watched the swaying cocks approach me. “Oh fuck,” I abolished myself, “This can’t be happening to me.”It was as if I was two people. One standing out side my body screaming, “No this is wrong…please let me go,” and my body smiling and wanting to see if it liked sucking cocks and being fucked in the ass by cock after cock, “Could it be as good as it looked on the video?” As these thoughts were warring inside of me, it was almost as if my body was giving out radar beams that were picked up by Gabe and Ed. “Why Ed, I do believe old Don can’t wait to get our cocks in him.”The “cocks in him” broke my daze causing me to blush and step back. “Please…” I begged. “Please don’t do this to me…I’m not gay.””Why Don,” answered Gabe as illegal bahis he started unbuttoning my shirt. “Liking sex doesn’t make you gay. I know a lot of married men who enjoy sucking cock and being fucked in the ass.””That’s right,” agreed Ed. “No one says they are gay. They just like a variety of sex,” continued Ed as he pulled my shorts down freeing my semi-hard cock.Ed slipped my cock into his mouth and with a few wet sloppy sucks had me rock hard. This brought an involuntary moan from my mouth, “Ohhh…please…” I will never know if it was a “Please keep sucking,” or a “Please stop…” kind of moan because Ed stopped and stood up. “Come on let’s get him ready,” he said to Gabe. Then Ed took me by my hard cock and led me into the next room.I was so wrapped up in wondering what “get him ready” meant that I never resisted as two naked men led me naked, in broad day light, through the house by my hard cock. I was hoping it would not be d**gs again. It would not be, but what it would be, would be worse. They were about to take away my man-hood and make me a “pussy-boy slut.”The next room was sort of like a home gym. It had some work out machines and a ‘rub-down’ table in it. They had me lay on the table on my back. Next they stared lathering up the hair around my cock and what little hair I had on my chest. “No please…DON’T!” I begged and tried to rise up, but Ed held me down as Gabe began to shave my ‘man’ hair off. “Better not move or you might lose more than just your cock hair,” warned Ed.Even though I was humiliated and shamed over being shaved, my cock remained hard in Gabe’s hand as he shaved around it. After also shaving my armpits they turned me over and made me get up on my knees. Ed held my ass cheeks apart as Gabe removed the last vestige of my manly hair from around my balls and ass. This caused my ass bud to twitch. “Don’t worry little pussy you will soon be filled,” laughed Gabe as he leaned over and planted a kiss on my now hairless ass bud.Next they led me into the bathroom and gave me an enema. They ‘washed’ me out twice and then reinserting the enema tube they put some sort of ‘lube’ into my washed and clean ass chute that made it tingle and feel a real sexy type of warmth. From there they put me into the shower where they washed me all over. Lost in my humiliation I held my eyes closed tightly as my ass, balls and cock were washed by two naked men whose hard cocks kept bumping me reminding me of what was soon going to happen to me. What was worse was my body was responding. My cock was rock hard and my nipples were standing out and tingling with sexual arousal from being pinched and pulled on as they were washed.After Gabe and Ed had dried me they had me lay on the massage table as they rubbed some sort of perfumed oil all over my body, first on my front and then turning me over they rubbed it all over my back and ass. It not only soothed my shaved skin, but also triggered an erotic stimulation. Then what my mind had been dreading started, but not as I thought it would be. I had figured they would both just ram their cocks into me and thoroughly fuck my ass and mouth. Gabe began by getting me on my knees so that my ass was up in the air. I would get fucked but before I did I would get the surprise of a lifetime. Gabe began to lick and kiss my puckered ass bud. I had never had this happen before, but I was sure soon lost in the bliss of being “rimmed.”Gabe’s kissing and licking soon relaxed my ass to the point he could force his tongue into me. He was literally fucking my ass with his tongue. Although an unwilling participant, my body soon gave in to the erotic stimulation of Gabe’s tongue fucking. Low sexual moans began to emit from deep within my sexual being. A sexual being I never knew existed. My whole body felt like a new sexual organism completely estranged from any self-control or nature I used to have. I was on a sexual elevator and it was rapidly taking me to sexual heights unknown. Soon Gabe’s tongue was replaced with a lubed finger that popped right into my lubed ass. Because I had been thoroughly fucked before and because of Gabe’s rimming had loosen my ass, he was soon gleefully finger fucking me with two fingers. Without even pulling his fingers out of my ass they turned me over on my back. As Gabe finger fucked me Ed began rubbing my nipples. I love having my nipples played with and soon they were as hard as my cock. What I didn’t know was that Ed was a hair stylus and make up artist and he was applying makeup to my nipples. Then he clipped two earrings on to my nipples. I gasped with surprise and some pain. The pain was quickly replaced with a pleasurable feeling (I had had women do this before and found it sensual). So lost was I in being finger fucked and having my nipples manipulated that I was hardly aware that Ed was also putting bright red lipstick to my lips. My mind was really becoming a blur when Gabe engulfed my drooling cock with his hot wet mouth. I thought I was going to cum right on the spot. While Gabe sucked my cock Ed jerked my head around and pushed his wet cock against my lips.”That this Bitch. Let me fuck those pretty red lips,” said Ed as he pushed his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth to protest but never got the chance because Ed shoved his cock into my mouth and started fucking it. “Oh baby this cunt has sure got a hot mouth. Man look at those ruby reds eating my cock up!” exclaimed Ed as he held my head and pounded away at my mouth.I thought Gabe would probably start fucking my ass too, but they had other ideas. Gabe pulled his mouth off my cock and said, “Now lets show him how pretty he is…” Gabe then pulled his fingers out of my ass and shoved a medium sized butt-plug into my ass to keep it stretched. “That will keep this pussy open till I am ready to fuck it.”When they got me off the table they turned illegal bahis siteleri me towards a big mirror. I was so shocked at what I saw that Gabe had to grab me to keep me from falling. Leering at me from the mirror was a creature with all masculinity gone except for a hard cock with no hair. In the place of masculinity was the smooth look of femininity. The earrings on my made-up and stretched nipples were in the shape of small penises and coupled with the bright red lipstick I looked like a queer sissy boy. I tried to wrench free and flee but Gabe held me tightly.Grabbing me by the cock pulled me around and pointed to a video camera on the wall. “Want to see what you looked like on the bench Bitch?” With out waiting for an answer Ed switched on a TV and pressed Play. There stretched out on the massage table with Gabe rimming me and finger fucking my ass was me with a look of pure lust on my face. Even my audible moans of passion from having my ass rimmed and finger fucked were audible. Also in full view was my rock hard cock oozing pre-cum. Want your boss and the world to see your movies and how much you like cock?” asked Gabe. “Now you want to be our slut, don’t you?”Numbly I realized I had no choice and that they had power to destroy me, so I dazedly nodded my head yes. But this was not good enough for them.”Well? Speak up Bitch.,” demanded Gabe turning me back towards the camera. I managed to summon a weak “Yes…””Yes what?” further demanded Gabe.”Yes I…I…want to…” I stammered.Still not satisfied with my degradation, Gabe challenged, “Want to what?””Want to be yo…your…slut…” I answered completely humiliated and degraded.Still not satisfied with my humiliation, Gabe asked, “What do you want us to do to you?”In my mind I screamed, “Nothing…do nothing – LET ME GO!” but I knew this would only make Gabe more cruel so I answered, “I want you to fuck me and let me suck your cock. I…I want to be your slut…”Delighted with my response, Gabe pulled me close and kissed my painted lips. I knew better than to resist his kiss so I reluctantly put my arms around him and let him kiss me. The stimulation from his hard cock rubbing against mine caused a shudder to run through my body as I yielded to his tongue fucking my mouth as he ground his cock against mine. Then Gabe warned me what was about to happen and how I had better respond. “All right little Bitch, when we get out into the other room I am going have you show your newly shaved pussy to everyone and then I am going to ask you what you want and your answer damn well better be, “I want to suck cock and be fucked!”This was my first inkling that there was others present who would soon see my shamed, shaved, body and see me be fucked by Gabe. They would know I had already sucked Ed because of my lipstick on his wet cock. “Please don’t do this to me,” I begged. “Please don’t let anyone see me like this.””Relax cunt, you’re going to be the hit of the evening. Here drink this, it’ll relax you,” said Ed handing me a shot of whiskey that I knew was probably laced with some d**g to keep me horney and submissive to being sexually used by them. I readily drank it and hoped it would blur what was about to happen to me.Then Gabe took my hand and led me out into the room. To my horror setting around the room was about 20 naked people, most of them men with hard cocks pointing straight at me. But as humiliating as this was, my degradation was only starting.Gabe ordered me to walk around the room and show every one my shaved cock and ass. With no choice I slowly started towards the first man as Gabe informed them all, “This is Don my new pussy-boy. He is going to be our entertainment tonight. Right now I want you to see up close his newly shaved body just for your pleasure. But right now you can touch, but not use, until I show you what a good fuck he is.” When I reached the first man he took hold my cock and leaned forward and gave it a few fast sucks. As shamed and embarrassed as I was, still my cock responded and started getting hard causing me further embarrassment. The man then had me lean over and show him my ass filled with the butt-plug. He jiggled the plug causing it to rub against my prostate and making my cock jump. This brought more lewd comments from the crowd.”Oh look! He really is a hot whore. Look at that cock respond,” laughed the man next to the man who was jiggling the butt plug in my ass. Another took it up, “Man I bet he can fuck like a mink!’ “Can’t wait to get my cock in that pretty mouth,” stated one. “I want to fuck that lovely ass,” stated another giving my ass a big pinch as I went by.By the time I had got completely around the room, my cock was rock hard and wet with pre-cum from being kissed and played with. My ass was tingling with sexual warmth. I didn’t know if it was from the butt-plug being played with or the drink. But my body was becoming sexually alive. It was as if my old self was far away and my new self was glorying in knowing it was soon to be sucking cock and being fucked in front of, and by every one.Gabe pulled me to him and holding me close gave me a big kiss as he ground his hard cock against my naked body. “What do you want, Bitch,” he asked.”I want to suck cock and be fucked in my ass,” I answered. But what was strange was that I was answering in this way not because Gabe had warned me I had to say that; but I was extremely turned on my all the sexual foreplay and now I was answering in anticipation of really wanting to suck cocks and be fucked in my ass. Somewhere among the happenings of today I had changed from Don the unwilling to Don the willing cock slut. “How do you want me to fuck you?” asked Gabe.”On my back like a whore. I want it long and hard,” I answered, shaking my ass at the clapping crowd.Sensing a change in me, Gabe had me lay back on a raised padded canlı bahis siteleri table (I found out was built only for fucking and sucking cocks). With my legs spread wide and pointing at the ceiling, Gabe pulled the butt-plug from my ass and rammed his lubed cock into my well lubed and excited ass.The emptiness from the removed plug was quickly replaced by the sudden invasion of Gabe’s cock. He went straight in till his big cum filled balls bounced off my shaved ass.”Ohhh…fuck…” I moaned, “Do it to me stud…fuck me nowwww,” I screamed, as Gabe began plowing my ass.The crowd quickly gathered around me as Gabe’s cock plunged in and out of my throbbing ass. “That a boy Gabe! Fuck that ass. Make that Bitch moan!! Man what a slut!” they chorused as Gabe really pounded it to me.Even Dot and Deb had come close to watch me beg Gabe to pound my ass. “Looks like he doesn’t love us any more,” they laughed. “Now he is a bigger pussy than we are.” (Dot would later fuck my ass with a gigantic ‘strap on’ cock.)Screaming for Gabe to, “Fuck me harder…deeper…” I wrapped my legs around him and humped my ass, giving Gabe’s cock a solid fucking ride. With my head hanging off the end of the table, Ed grabbed my head and plunged his cock into my open mouth. At the angle my throat was in, Ed’s cock slipped straight into my throat till his balls bounced off my forehead. Then in unison, Gabe and Ed began to fuck me at both ends. While they were fucking me others were pulling on my tits. I could feel wet dripping cocks rubbing on my face and on my body. Gabe was wrong about one thing though, I was not the entertainment for the night, they were. I was surrounded my hard cocks and I was going to enjoy it to the max…I was going to be one thoroughly fucked pussy-boy and enjoy every inch of cock jammed into my fuck holes.”OHhh Fuccckkk,” moaned Gabe, I’m going to cummmm…take it bitch! Take it deep!”Just as I felt Gabe’s cock spray my love tunnel with his cum, Ed unloaded his load into my slurping mouth and at the same time I filled the mouth of who ever was sucking my cock with my cum.”Ohhh” I moaned as Gabe slid his spent cock out of my well fucked ass (But not as well as it would be fucked before the night was over). When Gabe’s cock plopped out I could feel his warm cum running out and down my ass. Gabe then ordered the men beside him to hold my legs back a minute. Gabe then took a red marker and wrote on my ass cheeks, “Fucked first By Gabe” with an arrow pointing to my cum oozing ass bud. Ed pulled his cock from my over flowing mouth and rubbing his cock in the cum on my Lips he let me lick his cock clean. He then took the marker and wrote on my face, “Face fucked first by ED!” with an arrow pointing at my mouth.A guy named Bill was the next to slide his cock into my willing ass. Putting my legs on his shoulders his big 8 incher lubed by the cum running out my ass easily slid in till I felt his balls against my cum soaked ass.Although I had just been fucked, Bill’s cock was still a tight fit and gave me that wonderful full feeling. Moaning, “Fuck me stud!” I began humping my ass to meet Bill’s powerful thrusts enjoying the tightness of my ass tunnel rubbing against Bill’s throbbing cock.”Damn!’ exclaimed Bill, “This slut sure can fuck!! Take it Bitch. Take Ole Bill’s cock till it drowns you in cum.”At the same time another new cock was pounding my mouth trying to drown me in its cum. As the two cocks pounded my ass and mouth I had a hold of two other cocks and was rubbing them on my nipples. I was out of control and no longer had any power over my sexual lust. I was lost in a sexual utopia with hard cocks in me, on me, and all around me – I was a willing cock slut! For the next fantastic hours, cock after cock systematically fucked my ass and mouth. I was fucked in every position imaginable.One hot, hung, stud with a 9” cock made me kneel on the coffee table so he could fuck me dog fashion. Everyone gathered around to watch my ass really be stretched.Holding on to my ass he rammed that monster all the way home. It was like having my cherry popped again. “Ohhhhh…what a cock! Fuck me stud…ohhhh yeaaaaa, fuck me like the bitch dog I am,” I cried over and over as I fucked my ass back hard against his ass pleasing fuck tool. Man this was what you call really having your ass plowed.”YEA!! Take it you Bitch. I’m going to give you a fucking you’ll never forget” (and I never have).”Ohhh look at his cock hungry ass eat that tool up,” cried onr of the onlooker as he plunged his cock into my mouth. Boy talk about having both ends pounded – those too cocks put a unforgettable fucking on me, or I should say “in me.”When they were done another man led me back to the table “with cum running down my legs). Laying me up on the table in front of the mirror he informed me, “I like my Bitches flat on their backs with legs pointing to the ceiling.” With legs spread wide and legs pointed to the ceiling my ass welcomed yet another cock.Looking sideways into the wall mirror I hardly recognized the face and body of the image I saw. I saw a face with smeared lipstick on two puffed lips with cum running down the sides of a smiling mouth just inches away from a hard cock. Looking down the body in the mirror I saw the “GOOD FUCK! THANK YOU! WHAT A PUSSY!!” notes scrawled on my used body by those who had ecstatically fucked my mouth and ass. Both my well sucked and hard pinched nipples stood out from my body like two miniature cocks. They were stretched out and fleshy from all the erotic attention they had received. They too had scrawled notes from satisfied users. I saw my legs wrapped a round the ass of the man giving me the umpteenth fucking of the night. I watched as my ass with a life of its own humped up and down in time with the big cock plunging in and out of it as all the while my body screamed “MORE! MORE COCK!!!”I had been turned out publicly and my body had sluttish-ly responded like a willing whore as cock after cock filled my mouth and ass with their love nectar. I was shamed beyond repair, what more humiliation could be heaped upon me?

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