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Karl got up and went over to his dresser and threw a pair of sleep pants and a robe at me. “We had better get out there before Bobbie has a fit. Dad won’t let a single thing be opened until we are all together.” “And why do I have a feeling there is no wrath like Bobbie kept waiting?” “Because you have experienced it before,now move it.” I pulled up the sleep pants and made damn sure they were secured around my waist and then pulled on the robe. Karl and I then made our way out to where the Christmas tree was. The haul I had brought in seemed to have tripled overnight. “Geez I wonder if anybodyelse got anything?” “Ok Bobbie you know the routine. You’re the youngest so start passing things out one at a time.” The first thing that Bobbie grabbed was the bottle of wine for Gert and Stan. When they opened it Stans eyes went wide. “Dennis you should never have spent this kind of money.” “I thought it was very reasonable.” “$500 a bottle is not reasonable.” “I wouldn’t have thought so,but it was no where near that,not even erdemli escort in the neighborhood.” “Then somebody made one huge mistake,or I’m reading this label wrong,or remembering incorrectly.” Stan got up and went out of the room and we all sat there and waited. He came back with a book a few minutes later. He picked up the bottle and compared it to the book. “I am not mistaken. This bottle should have been at least $500 according to this expert.” “One heck of a sale?” “I’m doubting it. I hope you saved the reciept.” “They’re all at the house. Must be an ingrianed habit,but it seems I always save the reciepts.” “You got that one from your dad.” “You’ll have to take me back to that store tomorrow Dennis. This can’t be allowed to stand. Somebody is out quite a bit of money and that isn’t fair.” “It may well not be fair Stan,but I’ll stand to the difference. It is afterall my gift to you and Gert regardless. Agreed?” “Well I don’t see where I have a whole lot of grounds to argue with you.” “Good then let’s get on with this or we’ll be here all day.” “Nothing wrong with that.” “Bobbie!” “Awww mom.” “Get to it young man.” “Yes sir. Dennis this one is for you from me.” I opened the box and there were several tubes of an aftershave lotion inside. “Karl helped me get it so I know it is the kind you like.” “Yes it is Bobbie thank you very much.” Bobbie would then pass out a box to Karl and I knew that it was the shirt I had gotten for him. “Den, I love it.” “And the color suits you so well too.” “I thought it did Gert,it’s why I got it for him.” Bobbie and Alice thanked me for the clothes that I had gotten them and the presents,and the wrapping paper,just kept piling up. We went on this way for well over an hour until we were down to small packages. Bobbie pulled out one for Karl and I knew it was the watch I had picked up for him. “Den! tarsus escort It’s gorgeous! You damn well shouldn’t have.” “Karl,I damn well should have. I may not remember many people,but I do know that not many of them would have stuck by me the way you have these last couple of weeks. That is for special occassions.” “Here’s another small one for you Karl.” “Dare I open it?” “You dare.” It was the cufflink and tie bar. “And just when will I have the need to wear something like this?” “The first time I take you to some corporate meeting,or when…. well just when for now.” Bobbie would find his video game next. “Oh wow!” “May I see that please Bobbie?” “Aww dad you aren’t going to take it way from me are you?” “I was warned,it is rated “T”.” “Well then I guess you can keep it.” Bobbie would be in my face with his arms wrapped around me in a strangle hold. “Thanks Den.” “Just wait until later to play it ok?” “Yeah.” “There’s just this little square one left and it looks like it is for me.” Alices eyes would get very large when she saw the pearls. “Dennis!” “May I?” “Oh mother they are just the most nicest pearls!” “Yes I can see that.” The look I was getting would have melted stone. “The guy tried to talk me into diamonds.” Gert would just roll her eyes. “Well they are at least tasteful for someone of Alices age.” Alice would be all smiles as she came to give me a hug. “Well then, Who is for the IHOP for breakfast?” A chorus of “Me” would greet the ears,and I have to admit mine was right there with the rest. “Then it is clothing for everyone as quickly as you please!” It was back to Karls room and a quick scrub up in his half bath. “I’m hoping I have some clothes here?” “Of course you do.” He would pull out a drawer of his dresser and there would be a few pair of slacks and a couple of shirts along with socks and underwear. Soon enough akdeniz escort we were all dressed and assembled in the living room once again. “Very good then. Everyone to the van!” Again we would all pile into the van and we were on our way to the IHOP. For Christmas morning the place was suprisingly busy,but we didn’t have to wait. Our order was taken and quickly delivered. With all of the food just as quickly consumed we were on our way back to Karls house. I saw a person walking along the sidewalk kind of slumped over,but I still recognized him. “Stan pull over where you can please.” “Dennis I know it’s Christmas,but there is only so much that you can do.” “I know him Stan,please.” “Den is that…” “Yes it’s Peter and I don’t like the looks of this.” Stan pulled over and I got out of the van and waited for Peter to catch up to us. He had his head down and was barely looking where he was going and damn near ran into me. “Uhh sorry.” I put a hand out to his shoulder. “Pete hold on. What the hell has happened?” He looked up and drew his hand back like he was going to hit me,but realized who I was and stopped. “Dennis…why the hell should you care?” His face,now that it could be seen,was pretty well beat up. “Your dad?” He heaved a sigh. “Yeah,he was drunker than I have ever seen him and he went after mom. I got between them but I couldn’t bring myself to hit him back. For better or worse he is my dad,ya know? Well he finally ran down and went somewhere and passed out. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I left.” “Do you have anywhere to stay?” “Not really.” “Yes you do. Your coming home with me at least for tonight. You’re 18 right?” “Yeah,but Dennis…. you’re….you’re gay.” “Yes Pete, I’m gay not out of control and you have made your feelings plain. I have the room and you need a place. Just that simple.” “I’d take that offer if I were you young man. I think it is the best you are going to get.” “Mr Holtz, I didn’t know you were there.” “Peter the whole family is here. Why don’t you get in the van and come with us at least for the rest of the day. Then you can decide if you want to go back home.” “I’m never going back there! Not as long as he is there.”

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