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Once nature took its course we would get into a spoon and we wouldn’t wake up until the smell of bacon was rich in the air. We ducked into his bathroom and did a quick scrub up and went out to breakfast. Tradition had it that the family got together and watched the Rose Bowl Parade before lunch. Lunch itself was pretty basic as everyone got ready to watch the Rose Bowl football game afterwards. The game was no sooner over than Karl pulled me aside and gave me one hell of a kiss. “I’m sorry love. I hadn’t intended to leave until early tomorrow,but there’s a heck of a storm due to hit. I need to go back tonight to be sure I’m there in time to start my makeup tests.” I didn’t need my memory to know that I really did love Karl at that point. “When will you be home again?” “Probably not until Spring break. I don’t have any intentions of going anywhere this year.” March seemed like a lifetime away at that moment. I helped him erdemli escort load his car with what he was bringing back to school with him. Karl said goodbye to his family and then came out to the car where I was waiting. We embraced and kissed for I don’t know how long and we both had eyes full of unshed tears. I stood and watched as he drove away. Stan came out and put his hand on my shoulder. “It only feels like he will be away forever. Why don’t you come back inside?” “Thanks Stan but I don’t want to drag everybody down to the way I feel right now. I’ll just walk on home if it’s all the same to you.” “Have it your way Dannis,just know that we are here if you need us.” “Thanks Stan.” I took the long way home around the block instead of through the back yard. I needed the time to get myself under control. I must not have done a very good job of it. I walked through the front door and almost ran into Peter. “Damn man you look like somebody just ran over your dog.” “Karl had to leave to get back to school. I was kinda counting on having one more night with him.” I moved to get past Pete but was stopped by one massive arm and the other would envelop me from the other side in a gentle hug. I relaxed into that hug,hell I savored it, and then I realized it wasn’t Karl. “uummm Pete?” “You just looked like you needed that and it was the least I could do after all you’re doing for me and mom. Don’t go getting any funny ideas.” “Thanks I guess I did need that. So how are you and your mom getting along here? Finding everything ok?” “Yeah we’re good. That library in the office is kinda heavy on economics stuff. Couldn’t really find anything to read.” “I’ve got a lot of science fiction and fantasy in my room if you want to take a look in there.” Pete tarsus escort froze a little bit at the notion of going into my bedroom. “Damn Pete give it a rest. I’m not going to try and jump your bones. I mean do I look suicidal to you?” “No I guess not. Guess I still have some growing to do.” “I would have thought you realized by now that you never stop growing Peter.” We turned to see his mother coming out of the kitchen. “I suppose you’re right mom.” “I think I read it somewhere that once we stop growing we start dying.” “How very interesting you should say that Dennis. It was something my father once told me,and when I was just about your age I think.” “Which just goes to prove that wisdom can pass through the generations. Come on Pete let’s see if we can find you something to read.” Pete went with me,reluctantly,to my room. We got there and he looked around and got a look on is face. “What?” “Well, I guess I expected it to be…..different,but it looks like just about any other guys room.” “I told you before Pete,by and large gay guys aren’t all that much different than other guys except for who they love. A lot of people just can’t seem to get that through their heads.” “Yeah I’m slowly beginning to realize I guess. So,let’s see what you got here,or do you have a recommendation?” “Hey except for the one I’m reading right now,these are all unknowns to me.” “Damn here’s what looks like a whole series of books with dragons. Here’s another with something to do with wolves. I recognize a couple of these names,but have never heard of a lot of them.” “Guess I must have strange tastes in writers.” “Here’s one guy, looks like maybe a couple of dozen books. That ought to keep me busy for a while.” “Hey whatever floats your boat Pete,just help yourself akdeniz escort but remember where you got’em.” The doorbell rang at that point and I went to answer it. “Aaron What’s up?” “I saw Karl pull out a little while ago and thought you might be able to use some company. I forgot Peter was here.” “Hey Aaron. Den, I’ll be in my bedroom if you need me for anything.” Peter went to his room and not a word was said until we heard his door close. “How’s this working out?” “Just fine. Peter isn’t that bad of a guy,he just had some….. incorrectly based ideas,which he is slowly overcoming.” “I never would have thought it. So you handling this ok? Karl leaving I mean.” “I’m going to have to ain’t I?” “Yeah I suppose. We going running tomorrow?” “I’m doubting it. According to Karl there’s suppose to be a heck of a storm. It’s why he went back to school early.” “Bummer. Ok then I’ll see you the day after. You know where to reach me if you need anything.” “Sure thing Aaron. See you the day after.” I went to my room to read for a bit and later Pete,his mother and I have some leftovers for supper,sort of a smorgesborg. We settled down to watch a bit of tv for the evening. Pete’s mother excused herself rather early and Pete and I watched a made for tv movie and called it a night. We each went to our rooms and I read for a while,waiting for Karls usual text. 11 oclock came and went and no text. I figured that he had just gotten busy and it would come in shortly. 11:15 and still no text. 11:30 and nothing. Now I was getting worried. I had come to depend on that text when he wasn’t here with me. Should I call? What if he didn’t answer? What if he couldn’t answer? I sat up in bed and pulled my knees to my chest. What if something had happened to Karl? Surely his parents would have heard and called me wouldn’t they? Was I about to be left alone again? I didn’t think I could take that,not after these last weeks of rediscovering Karl. I reached for the phone more than once but was afriad to find out. 11:45 12:00 12:15 and I nearly fainted when my phone buzzed.

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