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When the phone alarm went off at 5:30, I damn near threw the thing across the room. “I suppose we need to get up and do this.” “Slave driver.” We did get up and got our acts together and headed over and got our laps done. Back to the frat for a shower and change and then back over to the cafe for breakfast. Karl and I walked for a bit before we headed over to the rec center. The apparatus room was open so we changed up and Karl spotted me as I worked all of the stations this morning. I wasn’t a closed practice so I stuck to the doubles. Karl and I hit the pool for a few laps and then into the whirlpool and showers. By the time we were done it was close to noon. “We better grab something at the student union and get our butts over to the game Den.” We ducked into the union and grabbed something and ate on the run towards the stadium. It looked like the place was going to be fairly full today. We did hook up with Pete and Susan and the 4 of us found a place to sit. “What are our chances Pete?” “From what I’ve heard pretty good.” “Looks like damn near the whole school turned out for this game. Is it something special?” “Yeah kinda like the basketball game in January. These guys have been going at it tooth and nail since State opened its doors.” “Sounds like we’re in for a good game. I hope to hell Randy is up for it.” “I happened to run into him yesterday and I can tell you he’s as ready for this as anybody could be Den.” The opposing team took the field and there was a pretty good noise raised for them. When our team took the field well the place went crazy as you might expect. We won the erdemli escort toss and elected to recieve. We advanced the ball to the our 45 yard line before the reciever got taken down. From then on it was a fight for every yard until we finaly got it across the goal line and made the extra point to boot. By the time the first half was over we were ahead by a touchdown. The cheerleaders, along with a marching band that I didn’t even know we had, came out and gave us a bit of a show before the second half of the game. When the second half started it was pretty obvious that the other guys were trying to get to Randy. Late in the fourth quarter that is exactly what happened. They sacked him good. Once everybody else was up off the ground, Randy still laid there. Damn near everybody on the sideline rushed the field. It wasn’t long before the ambulance came on the field and Randy was loaded on a stretcher and taken away. “Pete, what’s the worst?” “Worst case scenario, is that they broke his back,not likely but it could happen. More likely it’s an arm or leg or maybe some cracked or broken ribs.” “Are we staying or heading to the hospital?” “I don’t know about you guys but I’m staying. Having been on the field, I wouldn’t miss the rest of the quarter for love nor money. If we were determined to win before, well I wouldn’t want to be the opposing team right now. It’s not that I ain’t concerned for Randy, but I don’t want to miss this.” So we stayed. It wasn’t likely that we would be allowed into see Randy anyway. To say that our guys rolled over the opposing team would be an understatement. We ended up winning the game by a sizeable margin. The four of us ended up piling into my car and headed for the hospital, along with about half the school it seemed. “There’s no way we’ll be getting through that crowd today Den.” “Probably not. As long as we’re out who is for an early supper?” “Why not. We ain’t that far from Rons.” So we headed for Rons. When we got there the place was pretty busy. I did find a place to park, but we had to wait for a booth. I think that was the first time since we had been coming to Rons that had happened. Eventually we got seated and Gladys was there with our water. “Good to see you guys again. Specials gone for today so just the regular menu.” “In which case you know what Karl and I are having, but make mine with a coke tonight.” “Yeah mine too please.” It ended up that we all got the bacon cheeseburgers tarsus escort tonight. By the time our food arrived we heard several different rumors as to Randy’s condition, rangeing from broken ribs to a broken back. “Den?” “Yes Pete, we’ll try again on the way back.” Karl grabbed the bill tonight and it was back out to my car. I gave it the quick once over and we headed back to the hospital. The crowd had disapated by this time but we still weren’t allowed in to see Randy. “I’m his cousin, can you at least tell me how he is?” “Several ribs were injured and there was trauma to his back. He is still unconcious at this time. He is expected to make a full recovery but it might take some time.” “Any idea when I might be able to see him?” “Not until he regains conciousness at the earliest.” “So there’s nothing for it but to head back to campus Pete.” “I could damn happy well sit here until he regains conciouness Den.” “You could, but we now from experience that could be days Pete.” “I suppose you’re right. Can I at least be notified when that happens?” “Yes sir just give me your number.” Pete gave the nurse his number and we went back to the car. None of us were in a particualrly talkative mood for the ride back to campus. I dropped Pete and Susan off at the dorms and Karl and I headed back to the frat for the evening. The conversation there was of course all about the game and Randy. We at least provided real information on his condition to end the speculation there. We crashed out for the night and soon enough the damn alarm went off and we were up and out again. Cam and Paul were out there with us as usual. “Dad said to tell you that everything should be ready when you guys come over for supper tonight.” “Then we’ll hold off until then. Any further reports on the damages?” “Nothing other than your monitors of yours that he has seen. Looks like they didn’t get any further into the place than the kitchen and living room. Dad’s gotten the new tv in and they destroyed the futon so there’s a new one of those, and a new microwave.” “Great I was just getting used to the old one.” “Same model Karl so no worry.” We completed the rest of our laps and Karl and I went on back to the frat to shower and change. Then it was over to the cafeteria for breakfast. “So what are we going to do to kill time until we can head back over to the apartment?” “Hell if I know Karl. I suppose I could always go to the rec center and train.” “Are akdeniz escort you sure the room is even open on a Sunday?” “I’m betting it is. The weekend is when most of the guys have time to train afterall.” So after a little walk to have breakfast settle, we made our way over to the rec center. Sure enough the room was open and there were other guys in the getting their time in. Greg and Josh were there and were hard at it. Neither one of them broke routine to speak with us which was just as it should be. Karl and I got changed up and he went to the weight room while I went to the apparatus room. Plenty of guys were around so there wasn’t a problem finding somebody to spot me. I worked all of the pieces and stayed to the double dismounts except for the high bar. Hopefully the other triples were still a secret. When I finished I went and got into my bathing suit and hit the pool. Karl was already there. “Good workout?” “Yeah I’m satisfied, of course coach might have other ideas.” “You’d have heard about it by now if he did lover.” “Yeah probably. We still have a while before we can head over to the apartment, so what are we up to?” “Check in with Pete and see if he’s heard anything on Randy?” “I suppose we should.” We went and got our time in the whirlpool and then showered up and got dressed. We walked on over to the Cochran hall and on up to Pete’s room. There weren’t any hearts on the easel so I knocked. The door opened but it wasn’t Pete. “Can I help you?” “We were looking for Pete.” “I’m betting you’re Dennis and Karl right?” “Guilty as charged, and you are?” “Nolan.” Nice to meet you. Pete?” “He took off to see Susan about 15 minutes ago.” “Has he said anything about his cousin Randy today?” “Not a word to me.” “Ok thanks Nolan.” We left at that point and I pulled out my cellphone and dialed Pete.” “Hey Den. Just now got word that Randy is awake. Headed for the hospital.” “You want us there, even if just for moral support?” “I won’t say no Den.” “We’ll be there shortly.” It was back to the car and on our way to the hospital. Once we got to the floor, it seemed there were a number of people at Randys room. Karl and I made our way down in that direction. It appeared that the majority of these folks were Randys extended family. It also looked like Pete had been the first one to get here as he was in the room. I hadn’t noticed when we walked up, but a fair number of the people had either an envelope or folder in their hands. One of the folks had pushed their way into the room. “Randy, I need you to sign this power of attorney so I can look after things for you.” “Whatever uncle Jack.” “I wouldn’t if I were you Randy.” “Dennis is that you?” “Yeah.” “Why not?” “You said it yourself. Your family is a bunch of sharks.”

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