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Subject: Ian Hits A Home Run – Chapter 2 Preface: This is the continuation of a love story between an adult and gay youngsters. Again there are detailed descriptions of consentual sex between the characters so the usual warnings apply. If you enjoy my writing look me up in the authors section. I also love to hear from my readers. The response I received from the first chapter was terrific! I hope it continues, but remember I like criticism too. It keeps me on my toes and helps me to improve. Send comments and questions ail. Let’s guarantee this story will continue by making a donation to Nifty. Enjoy! Chapter 2 Thank goodness the next day was a Sunday. I permitted myself the luxury of a badly needed sleep in. When I finally stirred my head was full of thoughts, most of them sexual. I jerked off no less than three times in the next couple of hours, twice in my bed and once in the shower. When you add the two times I climaxed the previous evening it made five times in less that twelve hours. I hadn’t done that since I was a young teenager. Four times I had fantasized about Ian. The fifth one I saved for Chris Davies. While I chewed on a lazy breakfast I began to formulate the direction I wanted to go. I had a respected position in the community and I wanted to keep it. I concluded that what I had done on the Wentwood trip was, by law, very wrong. I had to revert back to the way things were prior to that trip. The Wentwood ‘affair’ had to be swept under the carpet. In order to accomplish this goal I knew a very strict message had to be given to Ian. I resolved to move forward and began to formulate what I would say to him. I kept my new resolution too. At least I did for all the rest of Sunday as well as Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday was game day and I had reviewed my Ian speech a hundred times already. By the time I strode into the park every word was memorized. I arrived at the park early but as usual Ian had beaten me there. The moment he saw me he raced across the field and wrapped two arms around me. “Whoa,” I declared, “What’s this about then?” Still gripping me Ian bent his head back and looked up at me. His eyes were watery and I sensed a pleading in his voice. “I’ve missed you coach.” I placed a soft hand on his back and replied, “Missed me? How could you miss me? We just spent all day Saturday together!” “Yeah, but I haven’t seen you for four whole days have I.” His grip became harder. His response perplexed me. Add to that the fact that his hug wasn’t ending any time soon. I realized that Ian was showing me in the only way he knew how that he loved me. I was overwhelmed. Further, I had just spent four days working on my resolution. Ian had smashed it into a thousand pieces in less than two minutes! I reached down and gently kissed his forehead. It was my way of showing my affection for him. “I’ll tell you what Ian. I will give you my phone number. You can call me any time at all. I have an answering machine so if I’m not there you can leave a message. I promise to return your call as soon as I get in.” His face lit up with his famous Ian smile. “That would be way cool coach,” he grinned. I continued, “For now Ian we have a ball game to play. Let’s get ready!” Ian kept looking up before releasing me. “I’m going to play my best game of the year coach. You’ll see!” “That will be hard to do Ian. You have played a lot of darn good games.” “You’ll see,” he repeated. Ian was true to his word. In the very first inning an opponent sent a screaming line drive to Ian’s right. He was off in a flash. Reaching as far as he could he left his feet and snagged the ball as it was heading for the outfield. He quickly rose to his feet, spun, and threw the ball to first base beating the runner by a step. The play was so outstanding that even the opponents clapped his efforts. The boys soon ran off the field ready for their first at bats. As I strode out to my position in the third base coaching box I noticed a boy on a bicycle enter the park. Normally my focus is entirely on the game but this boy stood out like a beacon on a dark foggy night. His blond hair was perfectly parted (Have I told you I’m a sucker for blonds?) and his angelic face featured over sized almond eyes and ruddy cheeks. Impeccably dressed he wore a designer shirt buttoned to the top and even his pants appeared to be perfectly creased. “Play ball!” yelled the umpire. I took one last peek at the boy expecting he would ride right past the diamond and out of my life forever. Instead he stopped, parked his bike and took a seat in the stands right behind our dugout. The inning began innocently enough. The first batter walked and the second struck out. Two hits followed and we were in business. I took a quick glance into the stands. Blondie was now standing and actually yelling encouragement to our team. Ian then strode to the plate and I heard Blondie call out his name. Then it struck me. Could Blondie be John? Noooooo. I couldn’t be so lucky. From what Ian had told me about all the work he did about the house I envisioned a boy in his late teens or perhaps even in his early twenties. This boy appeared to be thirteen, perhaps fourteen years of age at most. The facts however spoke for themselves. He had to be John! Ian stroked a clean single and the inning continued. This was the first place team and we hadn’t beaten them all year. It would be nice to beat them once before the playoffs. However first place teams are there for a reason and within a couple of innings they rallied and took the lead. Still down a run with an inning to go Ian batted for the third time. He already had two hits and it would have been unfair to expect him to do it again. By now John had become our loudest supporter and he was imploring Ian to come through . Ian did not disappoint him. On the third pitch he roped the ball high over the first baseman’s head into right field. I windmilled like crazy at third base urging the two base runners ahead of Ian escort bayan to score. The first runner scored easily but I could see it was going to be close for the second player. Thankfully the relay from the outfield was a little wide. The catcher had to reach for it and that allowed the runner to slide in safely. Ian ended up hugging third base. With a little luck and another fine play by Ian we hung on in the final inning. Home plate was a mob scene as the boys celebrated. Ian broke away from the mob and with arms up in victory he sought me out. “I told you coach! I told you!” I hugged him and cried,”You were outstanding Ian, just outstanding!” “You wait. I’m even going to play better in the playoffs!” After that performance how could I doubt him. Ian walked away but instead of rejoining the celebrants he headed for the stands. He literally grabbed John by the arm and dragged him out to me. “This here’s John, my cousin I told you about.” Ian looked at John and grinned as he added’ “He finally came out to see me play.” John was just simply adorable. I could feel myself rise to the occasion. I offered my hand as I gazed into those almond eyes. “It’s a pleasure to meet you John. Did you enjoy the game?” John nodded his head and stated emphatically, “I sure did! Normally I don’t like baseball and I thought I would be bored but I wasn’t. It was exciting!” “That’s nice to hear John. I hope that means you will keep coming out to our games.” “I sure will,” he declared and then added, “Ian is a very good player isn’t he coach.” “I’m proud of him,” I admitted. The celebration gradually subsided and the players began to trickle home. I was left with the usual job of cleaning up the team equipment. Without being asked John began collecting the bats and packing them in the team duffel bag. He was clearly a thoughtful and caring individual. “Say,” I suggested, “Why don’t we go to Vickys Ice Cream Parlor and celebrate?” “Yeah!” Ian chimed, “That’s a great idea. Let’s go John.” “I’d like to but I got my bicycle here,” John explained. “No problem,” I told him, “I’ll put your bike in the trunk.” Moments later the two boys jumped into the front seat. Ian of course claimed the seat closest to me. I was glad to find the opportunity to spend more quality time with Ian but I was also hoping to bond some with John. As I drove towards Vickys I began the conversation with what I felt was an innocent remark. “So John, Ian has told me all about you.” Ian immediately jumped in. “Yeah John, I told coach that we do sex stuff together!” I immediately looked at John. He looked shocked. “He poked Ian in the ribs and cried, “No don’t Ian. Not here!” Ian ignored him and turned his attention back to me. “I told John about what I done on the drive home. He said he wants to see your cock to see if it’s as big as I said it was.!” “Iaaaaaann!” wailed John. I glanced over at John again. He was slumping lower and lower in his seat in a futile effort to disappear. It was time to intervene. I cut no slack. “You’re being cruel Ian. You are making your cousin extremely uncomfortable.” John brightened up a little and muttered, “Yeah coach you got that right. Ian never stops! He tires me out!” Ian looked at me and then at John, a wide grin on his face. He shrugged his shoulders and explained, ” I can’t help it.” We were about to pull up to Vickys. I felt that at least in the store John and I would be safe from Ian’s antics. Wrong again! Vickys was an institution in our town. I remembered going there as a youngster myself and who knew how many years it had been there before that. The parlor was tastefully decorated in the 50’s style complete with a juke box, old coke signs and paintings of Elvis Presley. The menu was listed on a board above the milkshake machines. John and I ordered regular sundaes but Ian insisted on having a Dolly Parton. “What in the world is a Dolly Parton?” I inquired. “I have no idea coach but it’s up there on the board and I’m going to find out.” You can imagine our surprise when the waitress returned with a bowl containing two enormous, and I mean enormous, mounds of ice cream. The mounds were smothered in strawberry sauce and a single maraschino cherry was perched on the top of each mound. Ian began to giggle. Seeing the humor in it John and I followed. The giggles became loud guffaws and quicker than it takes to tell it everyone else within earshot joined in the fun. Never one to miss an opportunity, Ian inquired in a loud voice, “Which titty do I nibble on first?” More raucous laughter ensued. It took a while but we finally made our way to a back booth to enjoy the treats. Ian meanwhile had plucked one of the cherries and had placed it in his mouth. “MMMM,” he purred, I love sucking cherries.” We all laughed over again. Ian was showing us that he loved being the centre of attention. As we began to demolish our treats I restarted my conversation with John. I kept it light but I did learn a few things about him. He was fourteen and in the eighth grade, an honour student no less. He said he liked sports but was none too good at any of them. John and Ian were living proof that opposites do attract. John was somewhat reserved but extremely polite and well mannered. I couldn’t help but notice his long blond eyelashes that seemed to accentuate his deep green eyes. The fuzz on his upper lip and his deepening voice told me he was well into puberty. Ian in the meantime was being ignored. But Ian, being Ian, decided it was time to show me he was still around. I felt a small hand take firm grip through the cloth of my pants on my flaccid organ. I gave him a withered stare hoping that was enough to release me without anyone understanding what was happening in our booth. Ian just smiled with a look that said, ‘Who me? I’m not doing anything wrong’. John snickered. “Ian’s feeling you up isn’t he coach!” “How did kocaeli escort bayan you know that?” I remarked. “I know cuz he does it to me all the time. One time he was doing it to me while we were sitting on a park bench. This old guy comes along. He must have been at least forty. He smiles at us and then stands and watches. I was so embarrassed!” By now I was steel hard and Ian was still gripping. “You should feel it John,” Ian giggled, “It’s as big as a banana!” John turned his head away from Ian, He appeared to be studying the wall. I wanted to scream at Ian but I figured had I done so management would have investigated. They would have added two and two together and gotten seven. I could see myself heading to jail. So instead I used a quiet threat. “Ian if you don’t release me this instant we are leaving Vickys and we will never ever return here!” Ian knew I meant it and he complied.\ “It’s a school night guys and I’ve probably kept you out too long already.” We climbed out of the booth and headed for the exit. Ian directed me to his home. It was a small white wood frame house set well back from the sidewalk. It had seen better days but it appeared to be well maintained. A white picket fence surrounded the front yard, the grass was freshly mowed and two rows of petunias braced the front walk. “I just live down the street,” John explained, “I can ride home from here.” As I was getting the bike out of the trunk Ian said his goodbyes. He was half way to the front door when he suddenly turned and raced back. “I almost forgot to tell you coach, grandpa wants to see you tomorrow night about seven o’clock. Okay?” “That’s just fine.” I said. “I shall look forward to meeting him.” “Great. I’ll see you then.” and he turned towards the front door. On the way home my mind drifted to thinking about my ongoing affair with Ian. From just a few hours ago the parameters had completely changed. Ian was the boy of my dreams. He was a delightful imp, exciting, adventurous and attractive beyond words. On top of all that he loved me! How lucky could I be? I had no idea how it would play itself out but I knew at that moment I was prepared to begin a long term relationship. I was filled with trepidation as I approached Ian’s residence the next evening. It was the fear of the unknown in meeting someone for the first time, especially someone you felt was bound to play a large role in your life. My first ring was not finished when Ian opened the door. I managed to take one step forward before he grabbed me in another bear hug. He stared into my eyes and thanked me for coming. Taking me by the hand he ushered me into the front room. It was like going back in a time machine. All of the furniture appeared to be outdated by at least four decades. The only concession to modern times was a small TV set in one corner. Everything however appeared to be neat, clean and in its proper place. My attention was then averted to a wheelchair parked to the side of the room. An old man was slouched in the chair, his head bent to one side. His eyes were closed and a mask attached by a tube to an aluminum cylinder strapped to the side of the chair, covered most of his face. The man was breathing heavily and although asleep he appeared to be in some discomfort. Ian gently shook the old man’s shoulder. “Gramps, gramps, wake up. Coach is here to see you.” It took a second shaking by Ian before the old man stirred. “Wha…….Wha……….What the……..,” the old man slurred. “Wake up gramps,” Ian repeated. “Coach is here.’ The old man slowly opened his eyes, turned his head and peered at me as if looking through a fog bank. He then reached up and slowly tore off his mask allowing it to drop into his lap. “Damn mask,” he grumbled. “I hate it.” He turned back to me taking a deep slow breath grimacing as he did. “So,” he began, “You’re the world famous coach I’ve heard so much about.” I put out a hand in greeting and laughed, “I think the world famous is a bit much. If you just call me coach that will do just fine.” “You can call me gramps. Everyone else does. And no, the world famous is not a stretch, not according to Ian anyway.” He paused and took another deep breath. “Morning, noon and night I have to listen to Ian tell me how perfect you are. It’s the coach said this, and the coach did that all day long He thinks you are the second coming of Casey Stengel, the great Yankee manager.” I laughed out loud. “I’m just an ordinary guy trying to do the best for my team. Besides it’s a lot easier when you have players like Ian to manage.” Gramps ignored my comments and instead turned his attention to Ian. “Go and get John for me Ian.” He returned moments later with John in tow. John was wearing a kitchen apron and was still drying his hands on a cloth towel as he entered. Seeing me John cried out, “Oh, hi coach.” I silently acknowledged him with a nod of my head. Gramps asked John if he had seen some money on the kitchen table. “Sure did,” admitted John. “I need forty minutes of private time with coach here. Why don’t you take Ian and the money and go down to Browns Convenience store. I understand they have a brand new game console called Ms Pacman. Buy yourselves some soda and chocolate bars while you’re at it.” “Sure thing,” John politely replied. With that the boys were off and gramps and I were left alone. Gramps picked up the mask from his lap and placing it over his mouth he took in some deep breaths. It was a minute or two before he put the mask back in his lap. “There, that’s better,” he commented. He paused before continuing. “I won’t bore you with a list of all my ailments but suffice it to say I have the big C. Doc says I have zero to three months to live.” “Oh how awful,” I sympathized, “Can’t the doctors…………………?” Gramps stopped me in mid sentence by raising his arms. “I’m not looking for sympathy here. kocaeli escort Like most of us I’ve had my ups and downs but basically I’ve had a pretty decent life. If the Lord has chosen to take me now I’m ready to go. My big concern is for Ian, not me. He’s had a rough start in life and now he’s about to have another setback.” “Does Ian know how bad your condition is?” I inquired. Gramps rested a moment before continuing. “I’ve sure hinted enough times but no matter what I say Ian is convinced I will live forever. Part of the problem is that Ian lately is the happiest I’ve ever seen him and there’s no doubt you are the reason why. Frankly I enjoy the way he is and I don’t have the guts to destroy that happiness.” “I understand,” I said quietly. “Look, I asked him about a month ago if he had the choice of living with anyone in the world if I should die who would it be. His answer was you!” “I’m flattered,” I said humbly. “Dorothy, my oldest daughter has already stated she will take Ian in when I go. She’s blood and legally there is no choice in the matter. Ian will enjoy living with John but I’m not so sure his parents are a good fit. I see storm clouds on the horizon.” “I ……………..” “Let me finish,” gramps insisted. He took another deep breath and continued. “Look, Ian and I figured out a while back that you are gay and a boy lover. And that’s a good thing,” he quickly added. “You see Ian knows he is gay too and who better to guide him through the trials and tribulations of a gay boy growing up in a straight world than someone who has experienced it himself.” It was clear to me now where this conversation was going. I had lots to say but I bit my tongue and allowed gramps to continue. “I admit I have been counseling Ian the last few weeks. I told him that if he likes you that much he should demonstrate how he feels about you.” The reason behind Ian’s somewhat provocative behavior was making more sense to me now. “Look I know Ian went too far with some of his sex moves and I apologize for that, but when I think about it, that turned out to be a good thing too. Had you been a monster you could easily have taken advantage of him, abusing him, even hurting him. Heaven knows, Ian wants to do more with you. He is a willing participant.” Gramps wheezed, grimacing as he did so. “I need a drink. Please go to the kitchen and get us both a beer.” I did his bidding and returned shortly with the requested liquid refreshment. Gramps took a long guzzle and then continued. “But you didn’t attack him. You acted impeccably and that pleases me to no end. I know I can trust you with Ian and I don’t believe you will ever harm him.” Gramps then leaned forward and stared deep into my eyes. “Do you love him coach?” That was a question I didn’t have to think about. “I love him with all of my heart. He is the most wonderful boy I have ever met.” Gramps took another gulp of his beer and smiled. “That’s terrific! I can honestly tell you there is no doubt that Ian loves and worships the ground you stand on!” We both went quiet for a moment, lost in our own thoughts. Gramps then leaned forward again and stated, “You would make an old dying man very happy if you would agree to be his protector, to be there for him when he needs you and even shelter him if necessary. Would you do that?” To this point I had worked hard to hold back the tears. His request opened the floodgates. I reached for a Kleenex in a futile attempt to stem the flow. Through misty eyes I responded, “Of course I will. Helping Ian in any way would be a pleasure beyond words.” Gramps smiled once more and added quietly, “Now I can die in peace.” The rest of the time was spent in small talk; most of it about adventures he’d had with Ian and their mutual love of baseball. He gave me a warning or two as well. “If you haven’t found out already, once Ian gets an idea in his head there is no changing it. He can be an obstinate little bugger.” I smiled and agreed with him. Our conversation was then interrupted by a noise at the front door. The boys had returned. Ian marched straight to his grandfather and said simply, “Well ………………..?” Gramps grinned broadly and replied, “The answer is yes!” Ian spun around and with a look of pure bliss and staring at me he cried, “I knew it!” He raced across the room and leaped into my arms. Had I not been sitting he would have bowled me over. He followed that up by wrapping his arms around me and placing a wet slobbery kiss right on my lips. I loved it. “Okay you two,” Gramps chuckled, “Get a room. Get a room. Don’t embarrass me here.” Then he added, “Ooooh, it hurts when I laugh.” All this time John had remained quietly on the sidelines. He knew what was going on and his face reflected the pleasure he felt in the matter. Then gramps suggested, “Look Ian, if coach agrees why don’t the two of you spend some time at his house this weekend? Perhaps you can stay overnight.” Inches from my face Ian demanded an immediate response. “Can I? Can I?” “It looks like I am going to have some company this weekend,” I smiled “Yes!” Ian shouted. “Can John come too?” “No Ian,” gramps interjected. “This should be a quiet time just for you and coach.” Ian grabbed me anew and we kissed passionately. At that moment I don’t think either of us cared who was watching or what they thought. It was the right time and the right place for both of us to vent our feelings for each other. It was getting late and it was another school night. Gramps told John to leave the dishes until tomorrow. Ian gave me one more hug and a kiss before I left. I shook gramp’s hand and promised him I would do my best. The phone was ringing as I entered my apartment. “Hi, it’s me,” said a small voice. “I forgot to tell you something before you left.” He paused and then added, “I love you.” “I love you twice as much!” I responded. “Sleep tight my angel. Sweet dreams! I”ll see you on Saturday. “I’m going to call you tomorrow for sure.” “Ian I shall look forward to it.” As I got ready for bed I could not recall the last time I had been so contented. ……………….to be continued

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