Subject: Ian Hits A Home Run – C7 Preface: This is the continuation of a love story between an adult and gay youngsters. There are detailed descriptions of consensual sex so the usual warnings apply. I love to hear from my readers. Please send your comments and suggestions to ail. Please remember it’s donations to Nifty that keep this wonderful site free and available to all. Enjoy! Chapter 7 As I raced down the hall to meet Ian at the elevator door a thousand questions crowded my head. Chief among them was how the hell did Ian end up in this predicament? I anxiously fidgeted watching the floor lights blink one by one as the elevator slowly climbed. Finally arriving the doors opened to reveal a sight that shocked me to the core. Ian stood there holding his blue racer. He was shaking badly and his teeth were chattering. He wore nothing but a thin t shirt, a pair of shorts and running shoes. No coat, no boots, no hat, in fact nothing at all to help protect him from the elements. Of course he was totally drenched. Drops of water were falling from his nose and the bottom of his chin. The look on his face was one of fear mixed with resignation. “I m..m..made it!” he chattered. He left a puddle behind as he exited the elevator. I took the bicycle from him and told him to come with me. He sloshed his way down the hall beside me. Explanations would have to wait. My first concern was his well being. He lifted his arms as I peeled off his shirt. His shorts, underpants and shoes followed. I wrapped him in the largest fluffiest towel I could find and lovingly patted him dry. I used a much smaller towel to rub his curly locks. Only when I attempted to dry his face did I realize how hard he was crying. “It’s okay Ian,” I reassured him, “You’re safe now.” “Let me hug you,” he responded. His chest heaved with convulsions as he held on for dear life. For a second time I postponed my interrogation. Ian was making it clear that for the moment he needed all the love and support I could muster. I carried him to the couch and we lay there silently listening to the storm outside continue its onslaught. Moments later an almighty flash and an instant boom assaulted our senses. The apartment was plunged into darkness. I could feel Ian shake. “Relax Ian, the storm can’t get you here.” Reassured, he settled down and the sobs slowly subsided. Despite the large towel and my hugs he said he was still a bit cold. “Well, we can fix that in one of two ways. I can run a nice warm bath and let you soak in it for a while or we can both get naked slip under a couple of blankets and I can warm you with my body. He bent his head up, stared at me with a weak smile and stated, “You know which one I want.” I pulled out a thick blanket I usually save for winter and covered my bed. Naked we crawled into our nest. Placing a hand on each ass cheek I drew him in as close as possible until his hardness was jammed against my stomach. The storm continued unabated but Ian was relaxed now. He knew the love I had for him was greater than any threats the storm could throw at us. “I love you so much,” he whispered. “Of all the beautiful boys that inhabit this earth I was the lucky one who found the most beautiful boy of all.” “Oh stop it,” Ian grinned, “You’re making me cry again.” I strengthened my hug and kissed him gently. We both faded to black. It was three in the morning when I opened my eyes again. I kissed Ian on the forehead before extricating myself from his grip. I took a pee before returning to the bedroom. The power was still out but at least the storm had vanished. I crawled back under the covers and renewed my grip on Ian. “MMMM,” Ian purred. He gave me a quick peck and whispered, “I love you,” before falling back to sleep. I don’t usually remember my dreams but that night I experienced a procession of vivid nightmares. Ian and I were being chased or persecuted in one way or another. I awoke with a start. The sun was striving hard to break free from the horizon. In stark contrast to the events of the previous evening it appeared a fine day lay ahead. I shook my head to clear the last cobwebs of sleep. Naked, I arose and headed for the kitchen. Our lights were back on and I was able to make my morning brew. While the pot was still perking I picked up all of Ian’s wet togs and put them in the dryer. I was still sipping my coffee when my prince charming entered stage left. He had a good excuse for his nakedness this time. Until the dryer completed its cycle he had no clothes. He quietly kissed me and then sat opposite me staring downwards. We both sat there in silence for a while. The tension was palatable. We both knew it was time to hear what happened. escort bayan “You know,” I said breaking the spell, “Whatever you have to tell me, you have nothing to fear here. I love you too much!” He slowly raised his head to reveal reddened eyes and falling tears. “I ……….. I got thrown out!” Grim faced I said nothing. I waited for him to continue. “She screamed at me coach. She called me a queer, a bloody fagot and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was horrible!’ The tears were flowing freely now. I took a soft cloth and wiped some of them away. “Go on Ian, I need to know everything.” “She pushed me. She kept pushing me towards the door. She was screaming ‘Get out! Get out! I never want to see your face in this house again’.” The telling of the events was becoming an ordeal for him. He asked if he could sit in my lap and hug me. I obliged. I allowed him time to recompose himself. “So why didn’t you get a coat?” “She wouldn’t let me! She was all red in the face and I figured she was going to hit me. She just kept pushing and screaming at me.” “Let’s go back to the beginning Ian. What caused her to explode like that?” I knew exactly what I was about to hear. It wasn’t difficult to figure out. However I had to hear it from Ian. “John and me, we were playing in the bedroom you know. We wuz both naked. John asked me to give him a blow job like the one you done to him. I had his cock in my mouth when she walked in. She didn’t knock or nothin.” Ian had to take another break. We kissed and out tears intermingled. Pulling away slightly Ian continued. “She said I raped John!” he wailed. “Was she mad at John too?” I asked. “Not at all coach. She said I was to blame for everything.” “Did she give you a chance to explain yourself?” “Nope. She never stopped screaming at me. She was still screaming as I rode away,” he added. “Had the storm begun by then?” “It was raining really really hard but I didn’t care. I just wanted to get out of there.” “Didn’t the storm scare you Ian?” “Yup, it scared me real bad. There was tons of lightning all over the place and it was raining so hard I could hardly keep my eyes open.” I shook my head slowly from side to side. “But why didn’t you seek shelter Ian? You could easily have gone into a store or something.” “Nope. All I could think about was you. I knew you would protect me. I just had to reach you you know. Every time there was another big flash I just put my head down and kept pushing. Several times I had to steer around a big tree in the road and, oh yeah, another time I had to go around a bunch of wires that were flashing, That was way scary.” I grasped him again and murmured through my tears, “Well you are safe now!” He hugged me right back and said,”Please never leave me coach.” My response was automatic. Without putting my brain in gear first. I replied, “You never have to worry about that Ian. In fact I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure you never have to go back there again. Okay?” Ian bent his head back so that he could meet me eye to eye. “Really?” “Absolutely!” I confirmed. Ian hugged me so hard I had trouble finding my breath. But what did I just say? I realized I had just made an irrevocable promise. If Ian wasn’t going back that meant he would be staying here. Permanently! What am I getting myself in for? What do I do now? How do I start? I mulled over the idea. Hmmm, an instant dad! Wow! I began to get giddy with nervous excitement. “Would you like to live with me Ian?” I whispered. He looked up again, the tears streaming down his face, “Oh yes. Yes, YES. PLEASE!!” He continued to stare at me waiting for a response. I had to be honest with him. “Look Ian, as much as I want you I can’t guarantee it. Your aunt is still your legal guardian and we have no choice but to go through her.” “But she don’t want me.” “I know but she could always change her mind.” “She won’t. I know she won’t. Besides you’re smarter than her. You’ll think of a way. I know you will!” I wish I had as much faith in myself as Ian had in me. I poured Ian some OJ and returned to my brew. I had some deep thinking to do. It was time to set the wheels in motion! First off I figured I needed someone with a bigger brain than my own. I called Jonathan my gay lawyer. I left a message that I had an emergency and needed to see him on Monday. Next I told Ian to get dressed. We were going to the mall. “Cool!” Ian replied. The drive to the mall was interesting. Some of the streets were so badly littered that detour signs had been posted. Flashing yellow lights were everywhere. Some crews were kocaeli escort bayan busy cutting up fallen trees. Others were putting wires back where they belonged. We passed a row of houses that had yards of canvas draped over their roofs. “It looks like we might have had a small tornado go through this area,” I remarked. “Yup.” Ian agreed, “Sure glad I didn’t have to ride through these streets.” It was later confirmed that the town had indeed experienced a small twister. There had been a couple of injuries. The radio constantly blasted out information regarding the storm damage. It was advising motorists to avoid some ares completely. Breakfast in the mall was great. We both ordered English muffins buried under a poached egg, bacon and tons of rich cheese sauce. In Ian’s words it was scrumptious. Breakfast over we made a beeline for the Sears outlet. Ian had a grand time selecting a new wardrobe. I pointed out some underwear I felt he should buy. Ian screwed up his face. “You want me to buy Superman underwear?” “No, no, no. The ‘S’ stands for Superboy!” I laughed. That got me a big hug and a peck on the cheek. We exited the store carrying two large shopping bags. Besides the underwear the bags contained socks, shorts, a pair of jeans, a sweater, T shirts featuring Ian’s favorite musical groups (ugh!), and finally a waterproofed windbreaker. I did some more thinking on the drive home. I decided to call Aunt Dorothy that afternoon to test the water so to speak. Besides, perhaps if we were lucky she would quickly agree to turn Ian over to me with no fuss. For some reason I felt a foreboding. I was not optimistic. On the elevator Ian apologized for wrecking the original plans for the weekend. “I wish John was with us,” he added. “Never mind Ian. I’ve still got you. You’re my second choice.” The comment earned me a solid punch in the arm. He pouted and exclaimed. “I better be your first choice!” I laughed and immediately told him I was kidding. Ian could be so sensitive sometimes. As we entered the apartment I told Ian to put his purchases away in his room. “My room?” he said. “I don’t have a room.” “You do now,” I smiled, “The old guest room is now officially named ‘Ian’s room’ in honour of my number one boy!” “Oh wow,” he laughed. “Can I put all my stuff in there if I want?” “Of course.” “Can I put posters on the walls and that?” “Yes, yes yes and yes,” I chuckled. “You can do anything you want. It’s your room!” “YES!” Ian spent the next twenty minutes or so putting his clothes away and just puttering about. He came back at me with one final question. “Coach I don’t have to sleep in my room do I?” “Only at night,” I deadpanned. Ian caught on to my humor this time and replied, “Yeah, right.” Before I went any further I gave myself a reality check. Ian wasn’t mine yet. I had some work to do. I thought carefully about what I was going to say to Ian’s aunt. I knew I was on the high ground. I had no intention of putting up with her nonsense. For the first time I was going to stand up to her. I felt empowered. I stared at the phone for a while mulling over the thoughts I wanted to express. I finally had all the points I wanted to make organized in my head. I swallowed hard and took the plunge. She answered on the second ring. “Good afternoon.” I began. “It seems we have a major crisis on our hands.” “We most certainly do,” she agreed, “That no good nephew of mine committed a vile indecent act on my son right under my own roof no less! That boy is absolutely disgusting. He deserves a good whipping if any boy ever did! I’m still so mad I can’t see straight.” I didn’t expect so much venom so quickly. I was pushed back on my heels. I thought it best to avoid Ian’s name for the moment. “Er…..Is John all right?” “He is traumatized of course. Who wouldn’t be? My big concern right now is his mental well being. We’re taking him to a psychiatrist this week to find out whether that monster has turned my son into a homosexual. If he has I don’t know what I’ll do but I’ll tell you this. I will do something about Ian. That’s for sure!” She made it clear that she wasn’t concerned about Ian’s well being. She hadn’t even bothered to confirm that I had him. “So you pushed him out did you?” “Of course I pushed him out. Did you really think I was going to put up with his despicable acts any longer than I had to, did you?” “Into the storm?” There was a pause before she continued. “It was only raining a little bit when I pushed him out. A little rain wasn’t going to hurt him.” “So you want me to take him then?” “Until I make other kocaeli escort arrangements, yes.” I cringed. “Other arrangements? What do you mean?” “Look I’ve decided I want Ian as far away from here as possible I don’t want him near my John ever again. I’m calling the authorities on Monday. I want him placed in a foster home and then put up for adoption in a place far, far away as possible.” A pang of fear mixed with desperation coursed through my body. “Pardon me?” I said weakly. “You heard me,” she responded. “The decision is final!” Enough is enough I told myself. It’s time to attack. “Have you forgotten the pact I made with your dying father to look after Ian and even take him in if I have to no matter what? I am prepared to take him from you right now if that is what you want.” “It’s not what I want and you know it. Don’t bother trying to change my mind. I have twice the common sense than you will ever have! And as far as any pact you had with my father the well being of my family is far more important and if you had any sense you would know that,” I felt like screaming at her. But I knew if I lost my cool it would be difficult to discuss the issues. I took a deep breath to steady my nerves It was time to go for the jugular. “I’ve listened to your story and all of what you had to say. Now you listen to me! You admitted to me you pushed Ian out into that storm. You wantonly endangered the life of a minor that you were legally responsible for. That was one of the worst storms this town has ever endured. To reach me Ian had to avoid fallen trees, live electrical wires and a tornado. You should feel fortunate that he wasn’t hurt or even killed. Instead you didn’t even ask if he was all right. Do you realize at all the severity of what you did?” I waited for a response. I could hear heavy breathing but she said nothing. I knew I had scored some points. For a change she was the one set back on her heels. God it felt good! “I’m waiting for an answer,” I reminded her. Convinced she had nothing to say at this point I moved forward. I felt emboldened. “You will not call the Childrens Services on Monday for if you do I will call the police immediately. I can assure you they will not look kindly on your actions. You and your husband will be arrested and charged. Do I make myself clear?” I heard a voice immediately but it wasn’t Dorothys. “YES!” Ian shouted. Still holding the phone I turned to find Ian behind me. I didn’t know how much of the conversation he had heard. He was grinning broadly. I turned my attention back to the phone and waited ….. patiently. Finally a weak but nevertheless determined voice declared, “You wouldn’t dare!” “TRY ME!” I screamed and I slammed the phone down. Ian was beside himself with excitement. He devoured me with kisses. “That was great!” he beamed. Of course at that point Ian had only heard one side of the conversation. I assumed he knew nothing of the threat Dorothy had made. I had to be honest and tell him everything. I expected him to be traumatized. Instead he was quite nonchalant. “I ain’t worried. She won’t want to go to jail. Besides if they stuck me in a foster home I’d run away the first night. I don’t care how far I’d have to come either. If they put me back I’d do it again until they give up and let me live with you!” It was my turn to dole out the affection. I was crying again. It was getting to be a habit for the both of us. I knew the matter was far from being resolved. It wouldn’t be until I had legal custody. I had to keep pressing the attack. “Hopefully I will have an appointment with my lawyer lawyer tomorrow Ian. I want you to come with me. Okay?” “Why do I have to come?” “Well if we have to lay charges the lawyer will want to ask you every little detail of what happened. He is sure to ask you questions about things I haven’t thought of. Okay?” “Sure that sounds cool. Coach if she goes to jail can we visit her?” “Sure. I guess. But why would you want to do that?” I asked. “I want to push down my pants and stick my ass out at her,” he grinned. As rude as his comment was, I couldn’t help but laugh. It would have been hilarious to watch Dorothy’s reaction! Ian disappeared into his room for a moment and came back starkers, his erection proudly leading the way. “This is to show you how happy I am with what you done today coach!” Lust began to control my actions. With outstretched arms I invited him to sit on my lap. Just before he made contact I placed a hand there face up. The hand was promptly filled with delectable soft buttock. Ian looked back and smiled. “Ooh, I like that coach.” “I like it too!” I admitted. Leaving my hand to support his buttocks I carefully lifted him up and carried him to the bedroom…………….. To be continued…………….. I’m not sure when the next chapter will appear. I’m having health issues again. I will try my best to finish the story.

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