Subject: Rowing Club Tales: Ian’s Version This story includes explicit details of sexual activity between males. Anyone likely to be offended by such material should quit this site at once. Remember to donate to Nifty which relies on donations for continued free access to its stories. IAN’S VERSION Just another First Year boy, I was one of maybe three putting our names forward to be cox of the school’s rowing team. The team captain of our time made each of us report to the boathouse one at a time. He asked me why I wanted to be cox. Then he had me take all my clothes off except for my underpants, getting me to stand on a little weighing-machine and making a note of my weight. Once he’d done that, he asked me to take off my underpants with my back to him and get on the weighing-machine again, then pull them up again. That was all. Two days after that, he told me that I was chosen to be cox. Only later, talking to my two other classmates who’d applied, both of them wouldn’t take their underpants off, even with their backs to the team captain. That was maybe because they felt their cocks going stiff. I’d felt mine starting to stiffen a bit when I’d been asked to take my underpants off, but I’d just ignored it. I think the real reason for being asked to take our underpants off was to see who was like shy of being seen naked. Did I enjoy being cox? Sure. Right from the start, the others in the team were friendly. I put up with quite a lot of teasing about my small cock when we were getting changed. It didn’t bother me. I thought mine was big enough for a boy who was just over 12. When our team beat another in a match and sometimes even when they came a close second, I got thrown into the water. I could swim pretty well and the team always helped me out of the water quickly. When I started bursa escort as cox, we wore long sleeved T-shirts and shorts as our rowing kit. The shorts were white, thicker than our PE shorts and quite loose. The rest of the team all wore jockstraps underneath but the cox wasn’t thought old enough to need one. When I got thrown into the water, the soaked shorts would stick to the crack of my backside and my balls. Once inside the boathouse, hurrying to get out of them, I often got a few playful slaps on the backside, never hard enough to leave any mark. To be honest about it, another reason I enjoyed being cox was having the chance to have a look at plenty of big cocks & balls whenever we were getting changed or after rowing when everyone was towelling themselves. I was careful never to stare, even when I was close up to one of the older members of the crew. Even boys who were only a couple of years older than me had a lot of hair above their cocks, one or two of them with cocks that were nothing short of huge. Patrick? He was already in the team when I became cox. He was in Second Year, so he would have been near enough 15 when I first got friendly with him. One afternoon, when the rest of the team had got dressed and disappeared, that left only Patrick and me in the boathouse. He had everything off except his jockstrap. I don’t know why, but I asked him to let me try his on, pleased when he took it off and handed it to me. Of course it was too loose on me, so I took it off. Patrick was naked, about to get his underpants on. I’d never seen such a big cock. His was only a bit hard, just from drying himself. When I asked if I could touch it and he stood there, beckoning to me, I took hold of it. He put a hand on my shoulder and I went on feeling it as it stiffened. I never forgot bursa escort bayan how warm & hard it got so quickly, with his skin going all the way back so easily. When the two of us were standing close together naked like that, I just knew that I wanted him to do me and when he smeared something on his cock and between my legs, I held on to the back of a chair while he started with his cock feeling about for the way in. Did he hurt me? Yes, a lot when he was beginning to get it into me. Can’t remember anything that hurt so bad. He wasn’t hurrying, just holding me with both hands on my hips and pushing slowly further in. That didn’t feel so bad but I couldn’t keep from making some noise. Remember how he put a hand over my mouth and me licking his fingers, then both his arms were tight round my waist and I felt his cock throbbing & like jerking inside me. I stood there with it in me. When he pulled it slowly out, believe it or not, it was like a relief but I missed having it in me. Some drips were falling on the floor. I watched him squeeze his cock gently, reaching for some tissues to wipe it. Did he say anything? Yes, just asked if I was OK and said how good it had been for him. He had me stand with my legs wide apart, wiping where his cock had been in me and the underside of my balls. Then both of us got dressed and he let me go first. I got on my bike, heading for home. That’s when I felt something wet in my underpants and when I got into my bedroom and took them off, they were really messed up & smelly. I knew it was from what Patrick had left inside me. More of it came out when I sat on the lav, feeling much better once I’d had a shower and had another feel of myself. The muscles of my hole had closed up again like nothing had ever been in there. I found myself the escort bursa only other clean pair of Y-fronts I had for school next day. Needing to let Patrick know what had happened, I got him to meet me in the lavs, showing him the stained underpants. I know he’d been worrying about having hurt me and scared I might have said something at home, relieved to hear I wasn’t sore and of course I’d said nothing. That’s when he agreed to buy me a pair of underpants. He was definitely surprised when I also asked him to give me a wank as part of the bargain. About the wank? In the boathouse again. He had me lie on some towels on the table, with everything off except the T-shirt I had on under my shirt. What can I say? It was amazing, not just because I’d never had anyone else’s hand on my cock, but the way Patrick did it, sometimes rubbing my balls. When my spunk came, it was something like jerks of electric shock going all through me and the feeling of the warm spunk landing on me. My head was going round & round and my mouth had gone dry. While I was lying there gasping to get my breath back, he brought me a drink of water, wiping it off me with more tissues from his pocket, then helping me off the table, watching while I got dressed. What if he’d ever asked to do me again? Answer’s yes. I liked him and would have agreed, but probably only if he used a condom. I didn’t mind getting his spunk in me, but I didn’t want any more messed-up underpants. So, that’s how I remember Patrick. I went on being cox for something like another three months, never saying anything to him or anyone else about what was between us. If ever we came face to face in school, I just grinned & winked. Did I ever get done by anyone else? No. In my Second Year, a classmate kept on at me to let him do me. We knew each other well enough but I didn’t much like him. After being bored with him asking, I gave him a wank, doing it as fast as I could for him in one of the lav cubicles, not letting him touch my cock. That seemed to get rid of him. (End)

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