Subject: Ian’s Weekend with Stepdad 4 DISCLAIMER: This story and any/all others in this series are purely fictional and for entertainment purposes only. It depicts acts of a homosexual nature and includes frank descriptions of raunchy sexual behavior. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are under age or offended by this type of behavior, please do not read any further. To keep stories like these cumming, consider a contribution to fty/donate.html **************************************************************************** Ian didn’t dare move as Angelo’s muscular body pressed closer to his own. The ticking clock on the nightstand mocked him with every passing second. He knew he had little control over the situation and just wanted to get through it without seeming too na�ve or embarrassingly awkward. Thirteen is a tender age of self-awareness and Ian had never been more self-aware than right now! Stepdad Angelo, on the other hand, knew exactly what he wanted and needed. His balls were boiling again minutes after he’d shot his load down his stepson’s throat earlier that day. Soon, they’d need to release again. If his stepson’s mouth had felt so remarkable, Angelo couldn’t help wondering just how good the young man’s tight, virgin asshole must feel. Watching Ian drink piss at the bar in front of the other dads had given Angelo a chubby all evening. Only one thing could give him the relief and release he desperately needed. Ian didn’t dare breath for fear his stepdad would know he was still awake. Even though the heat from Angelo’s body seared into the boy’s back, he lay frozen. And while neither of them had moved in several minutes, Ian could feel something slowly pressing harder and harder against the crack of his ass. A trail of wetness followed the pressure as it slid along his crack. It didn’t take Ian long to realize it was Angelo’s thickening rod leaking against his bubble butt. Ian continued to face the wall for fear of making eye contact with his horny stepdad. But, he jumped when he heard the man spit. Angelo slowly pulled his cock away replacing it with his hand on the boy’s perky ass mounds. His manly, rough hand was big enough to separate Ian’s cheeks while also extending his wet, spit-glazed middle finger into the crevice. He repeatedly grazed the young şişli travesti man’s hyper-sensitive boy hole smearing fresh spit around his rectum. Unlike his virgin stepson, Angelo was no stranger to the joys of anal sex. He knew his patience would be rewarded as he massaged and prepped the frightened boy’s tight pucker with his spit, slowly pressing his digit further and further into the forbidden hole. Ian flinched every time Angelo’s thick, hairy finger forced its way deeper into his butt. While somewhat painful, he was surprised how quickly the pain subsided into pleasure. He couldn’t believe what was happening and he knew this was only the beginning. Although a virgin, he knew about the mechanics of sex. And while he’d never put two and two together, he was suddenly aware that, depending on the circumstance, an asshole might work just as well as a pussy. In this case, it appeared like his turd hole was the intended target. The truth of it was Ian had been equally excited by the attention he was receiving, both now, and earlier in the day. He liked the idea of being his stepdad’s object of sexual domination, hoping for once that he wouldn’t be a disappointment. Ian must have drifted into some kind of sexual trance. For, at the very moment Angelo’s middle finger hit the boy’s prostate, he shuddered with orgasmic force. He was fully impaled on the man’s large finger. Without realizing, he had been grinding around on it. Back to the situation at hand (pun intended), the young man accepted the fact, he was about to lose his virginity. After a few more finger jabs at the young man’s prostate, Angelo slowly removed his finger from the violated hole which was only inches away from his rigid member. The smell of freshly violated ass filled the space between the two men. Without any sort of prep, the young man’s hole wasn’t “clean” to say the least. But that didn’t slow things a bit. Whiffs of the young man’s natural cunt seemed to urge Angelo along the path of no return. Holding his finger around to let the lad smell the fresh stink from his hole, a new, much larger visitor arrived at Ian’s greasy hole. Angelo whispered, “Take a deep breath, boy” as he pushed the tip of his engorged glans into the loosened hole. Shudders of pain and pleasure shook Ian’s body again as his stepfather slowly impaled beylikdüzü travesti him on his huge member. Ian felt what his mom must feel every time Angelo mounted her. With every inch of penetration, Ian’s hole widened to accommodate the intrusion. After what seemed like forever, Ian felt Angelo’s hairy pelvis press against his butt cheeks and knew the man’s prodigious cock was completely inside his hole. With his cock completely engulfed in the virgin, boy pussy, Angelo relaxed into the sensation and let the remaining blood flood to his cock stretching the boy’s cunt even further. Ian took another deep breath as Angelo slowly pulled out, only to slide all the way back in, faster this time. Again & again, with each thrust, the man violated his stepson’s ass. He couldn’t worry about the damage he might be doing. The biological imperative to breed had replaced any sign of rational thinking. He needed to nut and the boy’s butt had to take it from him. After only a few full pumps into the whimpering boy’s ass, Angelo knew he wouldn’t last long if he didn’t slow things down. The tight, virgin ass was milking his dong faster than any pussy ever had. Angelo stopped pounding and relaxed to postpone blowing his load. As his assault slowed, young Ian was able to relax more too. He wasn’t sure what was happening. Maybe it was over already. Yet, Angelo’s motionless cock, remained buried balls deep in his perky ass. It seemed like forever waiting for the next move. Gradually, Ian became aware a strange warm sensation filling his ass. Angelo exhaled with, “Ahhhhh,” as he released the contents of his swollen bladder into the boy’s bowels. Ian quickly figured out that his stepfather was pissing up his ass. The young man remembered how much piss he’d seen the man unleash earlier that day. He tried to relax more wondering just how far into his body the piss could possibly go. The fullness in his butt overwhelmed his stretched hole’s ability to keep it all in. Ian felt his stepdad’s warm piss start leaking around the dick buried in his ass. Angelo whispered, “Push”, as the leak grew bigger. The warm wetness soaked the sheets between them as the smell of strong piss and ass juices filled the air. After squirting what felt like a pint of the bladder brew up his stepson’s cunt, Angelo slid out allowing istanbul travesti the boy to void his sewered hole. Ian couldn’t help but think, pissing out his asshole made him somehow feel more like a girl than even being fucked. He could feel the steady stream of piss escaping his fucked hole and loved it. As the stream from the young man’s piss-douched hole slowed, Angelo rolled the boy over on his back and pulled his skinny, teen legs over his shoulders. With some more spit and steady push, the man buried his cock making the boy gasp when he felt Angelo’s balls and bush rest against his smell cheeks. Angelo paced himself but there was no denying this wasn’t going to be his best, longest fuck on record. With every faster thrust into the young cunt, the man’s balls screamed for release. Angelo leaned forward delivering the full weight of his body into every thrust. Staring into Ian’s face, Angelo swore he could see the tip of his cockhead winking back at him from inside the young boy’s dark pupils. Within seconds, he was going to give the boy what he’d wanted to for a long time. Leaning forward, he sealed his lips over the boy’s rosy lips and struggled to maintain contact as his body convulsed in primal pleasure. Ian thought he’d pass out as Angelo’s full 225 pounds pushed the man’s cock to its limit. Somehow being impaled from one end made it harder to breath from the other. Ian waited, expecting another flood of piss which never came. As Angelo’s cock softened, Ian felt his hole closing smaller. At the same time, Ian could feel the man’s spent member slowly extracting itself from his swollen, loaded hole. With a plop, the head fell from the lad’s stinky hole. Ian felt the warmth of the man’s load bubble out of his butthole and down is crack toward the small of his back. Without a word, Angelo rolled off the boy and toward the other side of the bed. As with most guy things, there was no need to talk about or analyze what had just happened. Ian had never felt more accepted by his stepfather than he did right now. He knew their secret was sacred and he vowed, to himself, to keep the man’s confidence. Ian’s hole was still leaking as he heard the familiar, soft rumbles of Angelo’s snoring. Exhausted, but curious, the boy reached down to feel his asshole. It seemed swollen and clearly pouting from the recent fuck. He slid one of his own fingers an inch or two back inside his cummy hole and decided he liked the sensation. He hoped tonight wouldn’t be the last time. From the contended sounds coming from across the bed, he knew it wouldn’t be.

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