i’ll share my first time too!


i’ll share my first time too!i was in first year in college that time when i had my first sex.there was a girl older than me she’s 21 and i am 17 actually she’s the hottest girl in our block i mean in our section so i have a big crush on her.i told her my feelings and guess what i’ve got? she said “you’re too young for me i guess it’s better if we just stay friends” damn! that’s what she said and i have nothing else to do but accept it as a man. days, weeks and months pass by im still at the friends zone with her. it’s hard because every day im with her, having lunch together and after digitalbahis yeni giriş class i am the one waiting for a cab for her while she’s having chit chat (conversation) with her girlfriends. i heard a rumor that she’s going to another country along with her parents. i asked her if that’s true and she said it is true. i was so sad for a minute then she said “i will have a party at my friends house later after class you should come i want you to be there” i was so glad that she invited me in a special way. after class we went to her friends house we digitalbahis giriş were cooking and organizing everthing.i saw a lot of liquors inside the fridge i am 17 that time am i allowed? hahaha. of course i am as long as my parents will not see me wasted. right?after diner we started drinking beers. vodka and brandy. arrrrrrrrrrgh! i was so drunk. guess what? thanks for those liquors i mentioned because of them the girl i was talking about suddenly kissed me infront of her friends! we kissed and we kissed i really had a hard on and i know she felt it. i started digitalbahis güvenilirmi touching her boobs and touching her body. it is my first time so dont blame if it’s not too exciting. after all of that she said ill just go upstairs to take a bath. after a few minutes of waiting she called me and she said to continue what we started downstairs. we kissed we touched and i started to undressed her. it was my first time to see her naked. damn! i licked every part of her body and she’s so wet and begging me to put my penis and put it on her pussy. if you had you’re first time you know how it feels. she asked me not to explode inside of her.after we had sex it was already morning. she just kissed me and said goodbye. after that i haven’t heard of her. i hope she’s doing great.i am 22 now and having great sex!!thanks for reading. if you like my story don’t hesitate to comment!

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