I’m Easy


I’m EasyPart 1 Wife’s StoryI’ve been married only two years and we didn’t date long before taking the plunge. I was living at home where my stepfather was banging me every day. He just wasn’t very good at making me enjoy his plunging pecker, so when my boyfriend asked I said “yes”.We got married at the courthouse and honeymooned at Motel 8. We went across the street to McD’s for all of our meals.The problem started when my husband came home from work. I was naked in bed like I thought he expected. But he couldn’t just slip his dick in up to his balls on the first stroke and fuck like he had been used to. Now he had to get me ready for his pecker. You see, my stepfather, or my brother or both, had always fucked me and dumped a big load of cum in my twat before my boyfriend, now husband, got in there. I hardly ever got off with stepdad because he was so quick, so I was hot for boyfriend to finish me. But now nobody was getting in my pussy first.What is a girl to do? Finding a substitute cum source seemed like the beat idea. In the next trailer was a divorced guy who hired me to do his housekeeping. He was my stepfather’s age so I figured he’d like to fuck me. He sure did. I got a raise in my pay along with a raise in my crotch. His 18 year old son needed pussy too so my husband often got double lube and I got great bahis siteleri tips.Now sometimes I had to fake a climax with my husband because these other guys were pretty good. Sex was getting to be a lot more fun with men that knew more about what they were doing when they were sticking it to me. Hubby was happy with my wet cunt now.I asked my husband if his buddies thought I was hot. I have fairly small tits but wide hips and a hairy crotch so I wasn’t sure. He said they did. I said I didn’t believe him.One Saturday he had his two best buds over and they each brought a case of beer. I like beer even though it makes me piss a lot. Hubby likes to watch me piss and I like to hold his pecker when he does.We drank a lot of beer and I decided to hold every pissing pecker. They liked it too and I rubbed them a few extra times when they were done. The beer had really got to me so I took my clothes off and stood in the trailer bathtub and peed a whole bunch for them to watch. All the guys pissed on my titties and cunt for laughs. It tickled.Hubby was pretty smashed so I put him to bed and started playing with the buds. They gave me some good hard cock and came in me a few times each. The married guy wasn’t getting much at home so I felt real good about helping him out. He never got sucked like I could do either. The canlı bahis single bud was almost a virgin and he said he was in love with me. I got peed on again when they was too soft to fuck me. When hubby got awake enough the next morning to be hard, he said my pussy was “prime”. I told him I’d played around with his buds and he said, “Damn, I wished I could have watched, they did a good job on you.” I told him that I had fun and that next time we’d get down to fucking before he got too drunk to join in.My husband is what you would call “pussy whipped”. He will do whatever I ask just so he can put his pecker in me. It certainly isn’t the biggest or best that has ever filled my horny twat but he IS my husband so I take good care of him. I just have to make him feel real important when he shoots his stuff in me even if there is lots of other guys’ sperm already there. The next weekend we had a real sex party. He got real excited to see his buds’ peckers drilling my cunt and slid his dick in after each one came in me. He likes me slippery and I like it too. There’s nothing better than having a big hard cock sliding in and out of my always horny pussy. I like all sizes and the best part is when they swell up and squirt that hot white cream deep inside me. If another one is waiting to slip in right away that is güvenilir bahis the very best. That three cock party was just about right. I didn’t ever have to wait when I was wanting my cunt filled.My hubby’s father came to visit from out of town. I had him sleep in our bed with me because it was more comfortable. I sleep naked and he wore boxers to bed. I didn’t know if he still liked sex at his age but I sure found out that he did. He moved over by me and I felt a pecker bigger than my husband’s pressing against me. I helped him find the way into my cunt and he fucked the hell out of me. He said that his wife didn’t give him any anymore. I felt real good that I could help him out besides how good he made my body feel. After two fucks I went out and let my husband fuck me in his dad’s cum.Hubby’s brother visited a while later and he was pretty horny too. I guess Dad told him how nice I was. He fucked me before and after I went next door to work. Then again at bedtime. By the time I fucked hubby I’d had about eight loads in my twat. I was tired out. I go back and fuck my older brother once in a while cause Ma don’t give him much anymore. Did I forget to tell you he was the one that showed me all about peckers? My husband’s two buddies stop over at least once a week to give me something to do while hubby is at work and when I’m not housekeeping next door. So basically I fuck anybody I want to and my husband thinks I’m sexy because of it. I do wonder sometimes if I will ever have a baby. I ain’t never used any of that birth control stuff.END

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