Im pregnant with my boyfriends moms boyfriends bab


Im pregnant with my boyfriends moms boyfriends babWe returned from our vacation and back to our normal routines. Still dating my boyfriend and fucking when we can. Still hanging out with his family and fucking his step dad. Fast forwarding thru a year of the same crazy shenanigans. We are graduates, off to college and grow up. I decided to go to a college 4 hours from home and my boyfriend is going to a college an hour away from home and 6 hours away from me. LIFE!Our graduating gift was a trip to europe, I was excited and we had a blast took lots of pictures and it was time to return. I had a week to myself before I moved, i hung out with my parents and siblings hung out one day with the boyfriend and his parents, I even stayed over (my parents were aware) we played games and laughed so much then everyone was asleep, I had the guest bedroom downstairs, everyones bedrooms are upstairs. I was laying in the bed coming in and out of a light sleep. I heard someone walking,thought someones is thirsty in the kitchen. Until the bedroom knob turned I couldnt see anything it was so dark, I was laying on my back head slightly lifted arms holding me up & i just heard a soft shhhhh, I chuckled as they craweled into bed directly between my legs lifting my ass and removing my underwear and digging his face into my pussy, i was suprised and excited with every tongue motion my body would squirm and the sensation exploded into his mouth as he continue to suck my pussy dry, he lifted himself up slipped his cock inside me, something felt diferent it was really warm and i felt every ripple on his cock and he stroked in and out, i whispered wait… Condom? …anddd OH NOOOOOO the asshole busted inside me. He dropped on me and I shoved him aside and turned the lamp on. WTF were you thinking. As good as it felt his dad has had sex with me unprotected but I was on a pill and since I was going away I was changing it and got off it and was on my ovulating week. Us girls know this shit. He was like dont worry weve done this before because I was on a pill jerk. Now he sees where I was coming from. He said I can buy u the morning pill. I agreed. He was concerned if I was mad and I explained I am not mad, I am just getting ready to go to college and a baby would not be ideal and you have someone and thats when the conversation arose, would you ever leave her for me? As he danced around words without sounding like an asshole he said NO. Which I expected. He tried explaining why, I shut his conversation down. I said go to bed before she notices your not in bed. I kissed him knowing that would be the end of it. My last day friends came over my boyfriend came over and i said good bye my dad drove me to school. It was a long drive I slept 1/2 way there. When we arrived at college there was so much going on… A line here for this… A line there for that… But organized seniors helped freshmans with their stuff, i was on the 4th floor no elevators. My dad was gratefull for the senoirs. I choose my bed, it looks like ill have 2 room mates. But ill have the room to myself for a whole 3 weeks. My dad hugged me and left. I cried cuz Ill miss everyone. So, i was given an itinerary by one of the students nice eye candy… It says breakfast… Town meeting… Meet your RA… Lunch…welcome luau Party… I made a few acquaintances but lets talk about Ren the boy when handed he itenarary to me hes tall caramel complextion green eyes bright smile and a sweet southern accent. He was a junior in my co~ed building. I officially Met him at the luau we talked and had a nice connection. He walked me to my room, I invited him in & he was saying it sucks sharing a room with 2 other ppl he shares a room with his bestfriend on the 6th. Then he explained sometimes sharing with your best friend can be worst cuz they leave dikmen escort u locked out on the weekends when they are having fun. Sock on the door knob type of stuff. I said well if you ever run into that problem, you are welcome to squeeze into my twin with me or the comfy ole floor is yours, your choice.He smiled and said imma take you up on that one day. So, he climbed on my bed to demonstrate how cozy it would be and if I could handle that type of cozy and I cozied back. Ofcourse I said and I fell under his hypnotizing eyes, we kissed softly as he held my face and he moved his hands very slowly. I was in a movie or a dream of somesort, he lightly grazed my shoulder and gave me goose bumps and as I moved and gestured him to move a little I climbed on him and things got hot i removrd my shorts… He removed his sweats and my shirt and bra, we were just kissing and touching his cock so big, biggest Ive ever had and do hard we kissed and kissed and I just wanted the tip in I was so horny my hand in between our legs guiding the head of his cock inside my wet pussy stroking and kissing my hand still holding his cock and riding the head only felt so good and it slippery and wet and he said are u on birthcontrol… I said im not putting it all in we wont full blown fuck. He said ok, it got so intense I removed my hand and a full thrust went in without the whole cock inside me as I still stroke and he was muttering I cant stop and I said dont and we came hard and together is was amazing… I had sex with a stranger the first time I met him, there goes my college reputation & Im not on birthcontrol. What the heck is going thru my mind? I could already be pregnant with my boyfriends dad and if I wasnt, I could surely be now. We fell asleep and when I woke up he was gone and left me a note… Hi beautiful, the Itinerary for today is…meet me for lunch… Unless you wanna be lunch… Meet here… See you soon pretty gurl… PS stay away from these college boys, cuz your taken. :)Pss: i hope your on birthcontrol… Dinner tonight my room ok? Welltalk. I thought it was cute but I knew we had to talk, I didnt tell him I had a boyfriend back home. Do I lie about being on birth control? Later that night, I skipped lunch and met him in his room for dinner and his roomie mustve been out we were alone. We took the time to cross ask and answer questions. So main questions: do you have a girlfriend? Yes. Is it serious? Yes. Why am I here? I dont want to hurt you and didnt expexct for us to even be sexual it just happened so fast but I like you alot. I want to get to know u… Why? Ive never had such a strong compaitable connection with anyone. He asked is there someone waiting for you at home besides the obvious family? Yes i replied. He stated well then we are in the same page. Does she visit you? He said yes. Around when? When shes off.he asked would it bother you? I replied I dont know. Your a stranger & I just met u. He said oh so my cock which busted way into your pussy is still a stranger. I replied no silly. He asked are you on birthcontrol? I asked when was the last time you fucked? He replied answer my question: i said no. He looked worried and I said answer mine: last week he said. Do you use condoms? He said yes. i stressed always he said yes! I told you already with you i didnt expect us to carry on like we did and the connection was perfect. Now we are going to hope you arent prgenant. He asked would your boyfriend visit you? I said i dont know. I asked so how many girls on campis are you fucking? He hesitantly replied 3, and thats honest. I replied wow how he heck do they not know about one another. He said cuz Im smart and I replied no ur stupid. He kissed me and round 2 in his dorm was hot. I didnt like the fact that he was sexually active esat escort but at that momnet I knew that he was sexually satisfying even with a condom. I fell asleep, his room mate came in while we were sleeping at I got up grabbed my shirt shoes an skirt… Told his roomie tell him to call me. He said Can i call u too and i stuck my middle finger up and he said just like i like em fiesty. So 3 weeks went by so fast and Ren & I spent alot of time together in the open and behind closed doors. Move in day… All classman move in day it was like he 1st day I moved in 3 weeks ago. My room mates seem sweet a one brought all her shit from home. I hate clutter. A few months gone by, still seeing Ren on a regular or should I state fuck Ren on a regular in his dorm not mine. He kindly got rid of the 3 extra curriculars he was doing. Im still with the boyfriend we speak once a month. october we have a lil 4 day break and some pple go away and Others stay. One of my roomies left. The other had her Bf visit I stayed at Rens cuz his romie left too. The next morning my roommate texts me and tells me can you come to the room, I need your help with something and come alone, I tell ren Ill be back this girls needs me he said Ill join u I said no its cool it may be drama with her n her man. LOL Ill call u later and I kissed him. so he said ok see u when u ger back. I go to my dorm open the door and my roomie isnt to there but someone else is, I was completely surprised. My roomie wrote on the white board staying at a hotel with my bf rooms urs doll. It was my boyfriends step dad, he lied and said he was my boyfriend. I hugged him so tight and kissed him, i missed him. As we kissed heavy breathing up zipped his hoodie droped it and took my sneakers off and took his belt off and unbuttoning his pants and he unbuttons my jeans picks me up holds me up by my ass and lays me on the bed and pulls my jeans off, he now removes my panties and eats me softly, how i miss his mouth his touch and his pressence. Hes now kissing my mouth and while he slides his cock in he pumps my pussy softly and gently and whispered i miss u so much, i miss u too I replied. I didnt realize he didnt put a condom on because his mouth on my pussy and I was distracted when the warm cum drowned my ovaries I then new OH NO not again. As he layd on me, i said ur crazy. He said y cuz ur here. You keep cumming inside me your going to get me pregnnat thats for sure he said I figured ur on ur pills. Its been 4 months and ur not pregnant. I said i dont know I haven checked we leave go to walgreens and buy a test. We have dinner and he decides he wants me to pee on the stick in the restaurant bathroom. I said i would but will place it in the wrapper & give it to him to open when we return to the dorm. I returned from he bathroom handed the wrapped stick with tissue wrapped around it and he placed it in his pocket. We talked at the table shared dessert. When we go back to the dorm Ren is outside waiting, my heart was racing I swiftly introduced them boyfriend / friend. Ren is a great actor he asked for one of my roomies I replied dunno and he said goodbye and left. I felt so bad I dont wanna hurt or lose him. I know selfish me. So… We talked about my boyfriend and his mom and how shes pregnant and I was upset. i asked him why are you doing this? Why visit me? There is no purpose. Leave her for me… He said he cant not right now. Give me time. I replied time for what? Just go… Go back to you family early. Forget me… GOOOO he said your upset calm down listen to me. GO!So he left… I was crying. I heard a soft knock shortly after, I was hoping it was him coming back saying hes sorry but it wasnthim it was Ren he saw him leave and decide to check on me. I was crying ren hugged me and kept saying itll eryaman escort be ok baby and we cuddled all night. Next 3 days I spent it with Ren, in his dorm. Best way to occupy my mind and time. He is truly such a nice guy… On the last night I went to my dorm and had 300 missed calls from my bf step dad & 30 text msgs. I didnt listen to any voicemails deleted all of them. I read one text call me we need to talk I LOVE YOU. Those I deleted too. Tehanksgiving time came around I went home for 2 days saw my boyfriend and he still wants to be a couple, he wanted to fuck i told him I have my period & its heavy. I lied I went to see my doctor and I am 5 months, I wanted visit his parents but I went back to school. Xmas break… My parents scheduled vacay which i cant travel since im prego I was gonna stay at the dorms. Instead Ren asked me, do u want to spend xmas with me, I said no mainly cuz Im pregnant and i know it cant be his it it was his aid me 4 1/2 months anyways I asked him what about your girlfriend and he said, itll be ok. She fucked up and has beeing trying to make it up since then. We arent together i told u that. Shes hoping when I graduate I return home and then settle down with her. Ohhh ok Ill go but we gotta talk. He said well talk on the road. He said my mom will love you. Drove to his town 8 hours and his family is so warm, he introduced me to his family as girlfriend. Sweet.Xmas eve I helped his mom cook & she asked a few questions the norm where i am from? Why am I not with family? My major? She also said how far along are u? i looked at her like what? She said i know when someone is withc***d in her southern accent. I said a few months. She stated does my boy know? I said no and its ok. So, she came over to me rubbed my belly and said its a girl. I laughed. Later that night dinner and dessert and sharing stories and the little k**s want to open gifts. So his mom allowed 1 gift to each k**. She, had me open a gift. It was thoughtful of her. I un wrapped it it was an ornament (boy&girl)1st xmas together and the year. I looked at Ren that was random. Why would she have a gift for me. I talk about u always. Awww he looked at me and said Im in love with u. I replied love u too babes. He said listen yall I wanna give my girl her gift, i insisted he didnt have to. We can exchange tomorrow. He grabbed a really BIG box… Got on his knee which was not noticeable. I opened the box it was a sexy night gown with a note on it, note says:i want to wake up beside u, with u in this everyday.. And another box took the lid off and edible undies with a note… Says:since u love sexy underwear and I love u without them heres a happy medium. His mom was like ren! The next box bunch of my favorite things like: candy, shot glasses, sketch book, pencils, oeganizer, frames, disposibale Camera. Note states: heres to making memories and hoping Im in each one… The crowd said awwww The next box: the 1st itenerrry of the summer on the back he wrote: it only takes a minute to crush on someone, an hour to like them and a day to fall in love. But a lifetime to forget them. That day with u was amazing. The next box: gift card to babies r us. Note: Cant wait to meet the little peanut. (Everyone was like wait… What?) Ren is saying shhhhhh The last one: ring pops. With a note : un wrap ring pop..look on the back of note (will you marry me?) I was crying. I said yes ofcourse. & everyone was happy and asking how far along.I asked him how did you know he said because having sex feels diferent and Ive been having sex with u sisnce the summer. How far along are you baby? I said 6 months going on 7. He said tell my family you just turned 6months. i was a bit nervous I dont wanna lie. He said I am marrying u regardless I dont want them to get negative if they know 1st hand that it may not be mine. As I see it (THE BABY & U are MINE). We went to their town hall and got all the paper work. Ren wanted to make it official and his family did too… We had a christmas day wedding since everyone in his family was there and it was beautiful. Stay tuned …..

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